The Ups and Downs of Non-Verbal Autism
Mayor de Blasio Imposes Grinch-like Vaccine Mandates in New York City

12 Years A Counting

E3866FFE-F6C9-44D9-925F-A4E98B933D69 12 years ago, I lamented that 9 healthcare workers had been fired for not been flu shot compliant. Thank you Facebook for the reminder of why Age of Autism is still so needed. How many nurses are scratching their heads right now, wondering how to put food on the table, maybe gifts under the tree having been fired for not choosing a Covid vaccine? How many of them were taught to ridicule and demean vax choice? How many are even connecting the dots dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot? 

Think you have medical rights?  Are you pro-choice? Pro-life? Want to maintain responsibility and care for your own body?  That's changing.  Children's of Philly just fired 9 employees for not getting a flu vaccine.  Flu.  Meanwhile, stats show hand washing is pathetically low in hospitals among staff - and yet, no firings there. This is posturing but the hosp where Dr. Paul Offit is the leader. And the nation's vaccine cheerleader. (And millions richer from his own patent on RotaTeq.)




For the first, go to and look for a link there.
For the second, go to and look for the title link.

Morag Lyons

Thank you Age of Autism, Wow what a valuable resource service for the learning difficulty/learning disability sector . Such a lot of hard work and self determination evident in the daily reports .

Have you noticed any changes in people's personal presentation in your own "Compact Communities "
since the start of Covid -19.

Are usually "Nice " people presenting as " Naszties Wee Jobsworths !" and what does that behavioural presentation Look Like, Sound Like, Smell Like, and Act Like ?
See, Glasgow Kiss Rab C Nesbit You Tube Perfect example of same!

We are in the hands of the real" Dubh-ans dark soul one's" of more historical atrocities ." Personally, I do not consent. I will not comply!" .
"Wash Brain effect ! De-sensitised humans are the most putrid personality type there is . Think of Gas gangrene from untreated frost- bite on extremities . You will smell it, before you see it !

The Nazis Next Door . How America Became a Safe Haven For Hitler's Men YouTube
" Upset Alert Warning ! Expect a Dry Balk response - have a vomit bucket close at hand you will probably need one ?
Suitable viewing for 12 year olds expected to make an informed consent re any vaccination or Covid-19, gene therapy injections . Are 12 year olds " Gillick Competent" or not, to watch this lecture, or not?


28-Year-Old PhD Physical Therapist DEAD 2 Days After Being Injected with COVID Experimental mRNA Vaccine
Mother gives heart wrenching testimony:


Emma I can't get either one of those links. One said it was closing that program down to protect my computer and the second one is on Bit chute and of course they - do they ever finally come on?


Take a look at the new Pfizer building in New York City. With total assets of $ 179,000,000,000 I think they can afford it. They can pretty much afford anything that's for sale (or lease), buildings, regulatory agencies, politicians, doctors, newscasters, anything.
Problem is, they're destroying their future, Pfizer employees and their children are included in the covid holocaust. It's a bit odd since his mother was nearly killed by Nazi's during WWII. He must know of Dr. Mengele and the concentration camps...injecting Jewish children with experimental drugs, leading to their tragic death. Did he forget the lesson or perhaps he has become indifferent to human life. I think he liked animals at one point since he was a trained veterinarian before he found his home at Pfizer.


With no measurement taken of the number of people whom were boosted, whom had “breakthrough”/asymptomatic Covid infections in Israel, the third booster shot getting credit for natural immunity is next level frustration. It’s akin to vaccinating the placebo arm of your trial study and then claiming no longer term adverse events.

The world has gone mad.


You can diffuse Big Brother by using a Brother device, then you are Big Brother. I think the Speak Write was a Texas Instrument.


Are we doomed to be Cassandras?

"History of Vaccination
Vaccines were Safe and Effective from 429BC-1901
1901-2019 Vaccines become the Rockefeller Medical Foundations
Weapons of Mass Destruction "

Amazing Polly:

Angus Files

I think of the Great War the wars after and the brave soldiers that died so we could have the freedoms we have now we must not and we havent on here just let tyranny take it away.

Requiem: The Soldier

Down some cold field in a world outspoken
the young men are walking together, slim and tall,
and though they laugh to one another, silence is not broken;
there is no sound however clear they call.

They are speaking together of what they loved in vain here,
but the air is too thin to carry the things they say.
They were young and golden, but they came on pain here,
and their youth is age now, their gold is grey.

Yet their hearts are not changed, and they cry to one another,
'What have they done with the lives we laid aside?
Are they young with our youth, gold with our gold, my brother?
Do they smile in the face of death, because we died?'

Down some cold field in a world uncharted
the young seek each other with questioning eyes.
They question each other, the young, the golden hearted,
of the world that they were robbed of in their quiet paradise.

I do not ask God's purpose. He gave me the sword,
and though merely to wield it is itself the lie
against the light, at the bidding of my Lord,
where all the rest bear witness, I'll deny.
And I remember Peter's high reward,
and say of soldiers, when I hear cocks cry,
'As your dear lives ('twas all you might afford)
you laid aside, I lay my sainthood by.'
There are in heaven other archangels,
bright friends of God, who build where Michael destroys,
in music, or in beauty, lute players.
I wield the sword; and though I ask nought else
of God, I pray to Him: 'But these were boys,
and died. Be gentle, God, to soldiers.'

Humbert Wolfe

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

Kim … AoA community has been warning of vaccine tyranny for decades … but .. since it was only children that were REQUIRED to comply with public health approved and recommended vaccinations .. last count I believe 17 vaccines … in 72 doses .. administered prior to a child reaching 18 years of age … NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE. Over those decades AOA community watched helplessly as State after State removed all PHILOSOPHICAL, MEDICAL AND RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS .. again .. NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE. Our children have been the proverbial CANARIES IN THE COAL MINE .. their health is the poorest in history .. thanks to the corrupt VACCINE INDUSTRY.

The moral/ethically BANKRUPT public health agencies have been diligently working alongside their equally BANKRUPT vaccine manufacturers to institute ADULT VACCINE MANDATES … all they lacked was a PANDEMIC and lo & behold .. SURPRIS, SUPRISE .. they managed to activate one.

Gerardo Martinez

Spot on! If one does not remember their histories, then we are doomed to repeat them! So true and So Sad.
G. Martinez

Hans Litten

James Lyon Weiller, a person I used to trust, said on a podcast yesterday, he recommended face mask wearing. So I now have a question mark over him ?

Does oxygen deprivation promote cancer ?

Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine in 1931, ... Low levels of oxygen (or hypoxia) cause the protein to be ...

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