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Yale Recommends Shame as Effective Compliance Tool

"Be a good sport, Tessie, we all took the same chance." 

We are living in Shirley Jackson's short story, "The Lottery," where a town has a yearly lottery, and one member is stoned to death by friends, neighbors and family in the public square, no questions asked. In this, the most strangely politically correct era in history, where bullying has been decried for years, where acceptance of everyone and inclusion is the battlecry - the plan is to shame and embarrass people who elect to say "no" to the Covid vaccine.

From Yale University, Dan Olmsted's alma mater: Appeals to community spirit, shame most likely to shift vaccine attitudes

The message combining community interest with an appeal to the embarrassment an unvaccinated person would feel about getting others sick proved most effective in both surveys in motivating people to advise others to get the shots. It increased that intention by 14% over the control group among participants in the second survey.

In terms of provoking negative judgments of those who decline the vaccine, the messages urging people to trust the science and stating that refusing the vaccine is not brave were most effective in the second survey.

Appeals to community spirit, shame most likely to shift vaccine attitudes




When science based vax shaming....BACKFIRES!


The cousins came down to see us; first time since August. They always love to come in the fall, they love to come for some sweet potatoes , this year there was some gifts of black walnuts too; good year for black walnuts, myabe some turnips and rutabagas sweet from the first few frost, and to watch the fall leaves swirling, and dancing on the back roads as we drive through the deep forest chatting with merriment to see them again.

They told me in August they had gotten the two shots, because their kids would not come to see them until they did.

This time though, oh this time; they are eat up with inflammation. Their bellies have swelled, One has descended into stage four renal failure, the other has huge swollen elbows the size of baseballs. They can hardly get in our van. Their son had covid early last year, yet still got the vaccines this year. Three weeks ago he almost died from a blood clot in the lung, and they found more blood clots in his legs. His kidneys are damaged and his heart is damaged from the clots. He is number four - that my cousins knows about that had blood clots up in Ohio, and he is the only one that lived.

Still my cousins tell us their kids thinks it is is the covid virus and not the vaccine. Even though it has two years ago or almost since they have had the virus.

Some times I forget just how unknowledgeable, how come they can't pay attention to what I have told and told and told them? If someone close to me and had told me-- I think I would have paid attention.


Another study from Yale that seriously misses the mark. Sometimes you have to realize that other people need to make their own choices without coercion particularly if they have to live with the consequences and you have no intention of helping them if it goes wrong. Shameful behavior on Yale's part.
Most of us here have already been bullied by those trying to shame us; you don't raise a special needs child and advocate for their needs without developing a thick skin.
And it is and always has been brave to stand up for what is right in the face of attempts to shame, financially coerce or isolate. What is amazing me now is how many people right now are showing the quiet courage of the ordinary man. Getting fired for refusing the shot, losing jobs with no unemployment before Christmas, moving their homes to different states, people fighting with lawsuits, or employers making a stand for others rights against mandates, regardless of their own vaccine status.
So proud of so many people.
Meanwhile, I am reading the obituaries and news articles of so many good people, known for doing kind and helpful deeds in the world, suddenly and unexpectedly dying in good health or at a young age. Most seem likely to be fully vaccinated. I don't knwo why some are vaccinated and seem ok, while others die suddenly, but I have no faith that the government or anyone else is tracking or caring about this.
My husbands' work, most of the workers are unvaccinated ; of the vaccinated, two severe cardiac/stroke ( Stroke is a clotting or hemorrhaging issue) both now severely disabled and out of the workforce, one having severe vision problems. I wonder if the huge increase in retiring people is because of this?

Federal Appeals Court Temporarily HALTS Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

"Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton celebrated the court ruling on Saturday.

“Yesterday, I sued the Biden Admin over its unlawful OSHA vax mandate. WE WON. Just this morning, citing ‘grave statutory and constitutional issues,’ the 5th Circuit stayed the mandate,” Paxton tweeted. “The fight is not over and I will never stop resisting this Admin’s unconstitutional overreach!”"


Effective NON-compliance tools....

‘Freedom Angels’ Teach How to Organize against and Defeat Mandatory Vaccines in Schools


"A new Digital Drivers License is currently in the works in Utah and other states. The program lists items that can be tracked or added later, and includes vaccine records, financial reports credit scores, travel records, taxes, spending, voting, sex offeder status, dietary preferences, licenses and permits, background checks, rewards programs and social credit scoring. This is the Chinese model for totalitarianism."


As an institute of higher learning, Yale lives up to one of its memes....,f_auto,q_auto:best/ap/f17ff412-e994-440d-8719-71e279e78d95.jpg
China opium money through the Russell family founded and funded it.

Angus Files

Most on here have had to deal with 2nd class status for decades for refusing vaccines health over wealth every time.

Nia Jax Released By WWE Due To Being Unvaccinated
It’s being reported that one reason former Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax was released by WWE is that she is unvaccinated.

Jax was one of the many names released today, and the New York Post writes:

A source with knowledge of WWE’s operations told The Post that one of the reasons Nia Jax, a former WWE Raw women’s champion, was released is that she is unvaccinated.

Andrew Zarian added that he’s actually been told four of the individuals released were possibly let go for the same reason.

Pharma For Prison


Morag Lyons

Ach for goodness sake!. Do the virtue signalling Nurse Ratchet, personality types, with a superimposed
tendency towards totalitarian control freak behaviours ? not realise that while they point one wagging finger at an unsuspecting public ,there are three fingers pointing straight back at their own silly wee selvies !

Compact Community Options .
"How to Fudge a Nudge sideways, in a community inclusive fashion ,without effort, or smudging any , his hers or theirs lip-gloss in the process !"

Learning The Gay Gordons --YouTube Ceilidh Dance [Fast or Slow, 4 Step Dance depending on age and abilities , also suitable for Scottish Country Dancing ,Wheelchair Dancing]
Perfect match for song ! "I will not comply "
See -- https//
America's Frontline Doctors
Video/Song -- Blind Joe Releases New Rallying Cry "I will not comply "


Today is Saturday so it's Emilio's turn to be his employer, Disney.

He was in The Breakfast Club. I saw that a couple times but hadn't seen The Lottery until today, quite a message in that short film.

Bob Moffit

When all else fails .. such as .. bulling, public shaming minus the stocks of old, intimidation, loss of income and jobs … do what the village idiot in NYC is doing … awarding every 5-12 year old vaccine victim ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS …

Del Bigtree showed Senate testimony of VICTIMS of vaccine INJURY .. all who testified suffered life-changing, life-threatening injuries .. but one particular mom testifying for her vaccine injured daughter sitting right next to her in a wheelchair with intravenous tubes attached ..reported her daughter no longer can stand or walk .. in constant pain with seizures ..was stunned to read official report of her daughter's massive injuries described to VAERS as suffering "stomach ache".




When THEY feel “shame” and a sense of “community spirit” over what happened to my kids and brother and so many others after vaccines, THEN they can come back to me and we can talk. Maybe.


That short film also made me think of people who are vaccine injured. Tessi says "it isn't fair" & the one woman says "we all took the same chance".
The whole if it didn't happy to me or my family than it didn't happen to anyone so it doesn't matter.And the victim becomes the persecuted in the vaccine injury lottery.
The collateral damage in the war on disease. The acceptable sacrificed. The lottery winners in the lottery no one wants to play. Many have no idea until it happens to them.

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