The Transformation is Complete
Swim down! The Real Anthony Fauci Hits #1

Worldwide Walkouts Continue

Walkout-Email-Graphic-11.19.21-300x245This week many people are rolling up their sleeves, holding their noses and taking their first dose of the Covid vaccine against their better instinct and their wishes in order to keep their jobs. I know two personally. Children's Health Defense is continuing to organize WorldWide Walkouts - protests to say "Enough."


Worldwide Walkouts are demanding a return to freedom and democratic principles. Citizens around the globe are protesting illegal mandates and tyrannical government overreach. Every man, woman and child is important to this movement.

This grassroots initiative is ongoing as we organize and connect activists around the globe to execute coordinated acts of peaceful non-compliance and civil disobedience. Check back often for dates and events near you.

“No government in history has ever surrendered power in the absence of a demand. We need to tell these governments and their friends in the technocracy, the Silicon Valley billionaire boys club, the mainstream media, and the pharmaceutical industry that we will no longer tolerate their trampling of citizens’ rights.”
– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD Board Chair and Lead Counsel

Join us for upcoming Worldwide Walkouts!

Click HERE to see coming events and how to schedule your own WWW.


Angus Files

The Nuremberg Code consists of 10 principles, the first of which being that the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential in any experiment on humans.

Other principles include that the experiment should be for the good of society, that all unnecessary physical and mental suffering or injury should be avoided and no experiment should be conducted if there is good reason to believe it may result in death or a disabling injury.

Rightly Angry people

Seven hurt as Netherlands police fire on anti-lockdown rioters: Anger at Euro Covid restrictions turns increasingly violent as Austria makes vaccine MANDATORY and Germans face 'Christmas lockdown'
Police confirmed the injuries to the rioters, but did not clarify what type of ammunition was used against them
Police fired water canons as demonstrators lit fires and set off fireworks in Rotterdam's busy shopping district
Riot took place Friday night, with hundreds gathering to protest against the country's new Covid-19 measures
The Netherlands entered a partial lockdown on Saturday, sparking a furious backlash against the government
Police confirmed warning shots had been fired in clashes between rioters, likely resulting in some injuries
Meanwhile, Austria on Friday became first European country to reimpose a full lockdown this winter
Neighbouring Germany warned it may follow suit as cases continue to rise across Europe

Pharma For Prison


Morag Lyons

Long overdue ,raise the roof with the clear message that ordinary people will not tolerate suppurating science, that could not sit it's own hin-end the correct way round on a circular bed pan !
And But and So . The public are again sold a "Pig in a poke " sold on and dressed up as a lovely bag of juicy sweet lemons?
Word soup language swaps on the menu with no name "soup of the day" for starters !
Good example of same in article at ,
The Daily Sceptic
News Round Up 19 Nov 2021
Article "Just how rare are "Rare" vaccine injuries ?"
Apparently vaccines are not vaccines when they are gene or cell therapy .
Public spoon fed and wet nursed nothing more than a big dollop of cac-handed word soup on offer !

How to "Sludge - a - Nudge "
Good example of Boris Johnson explaining mask wearing criteria and guidelines .
See https//
Uk Column News 19 November 2021 .

It is enough to cause a rumpus and a riot in an empty NHS hospital canteen !
See Boris Johnson Cleaning a chair ,Sir David Attenborough's Hilarious voice over - YouTube


Where are the “Autism Walkouts” for aluminum damaged autistic peoples, no matter what vaccines, how many, how late or how early? DTAP, MMR, etc. Austitics with violent and extreme behaviors, extreme meltdowns? Eating the same food over and over?


Evangelist Franklin Graham develops pericarditis, undergoes heart surgery after aggressively pushing covid “vaccines” on Christians

"Preacher and evangelist Franklin Graham was recently hospitalized for pericarditis, an inflammatory heart condition commonly associated with Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination.”
Roughly eight months ago, Graham was pushing covid shots on his Facebook account, claiming that “if Jesus were physically walking the earth now,” he would “be an advocate for vaccines.”"

Here's what the Bible says about false prophets:

Bob Moffit

I think It odd that VACCINE MANDATES being imposed by tyrannical elected politicians have targeted career dedicated FRONT LINE RESPONDERS .. such as .. police, fire, emergency medical emt's .. supposedly to isolate the UNVACCINATED in order to protect the VACCINATED …. but … it appears only people who WORK are being punished for not vaccinating .. for example there are NO VACCINE MANDATES for people on WELFARE, FOOD STAMPS, HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS BEING INSTALLED IN CITIES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY? WHY IS THAT???

Forgive me .. that is a silly question .. we all know the political responses to this MANMADE PANDEMIC are to DIVIDE OUR COUNTRY, COMMUNITIES AND FAMILIES.

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