November 8, 2021
The British Island of Misfit.... Children


Angus Files


San Quentin it is..

*Mr Congress man you cant understand"

Pharma For Prison


I won't forget Angus, it is a man-made virus.
Fauci and Albert Bourla created a 35 billion dollar market opportunity by manufacturing COVD in Wuhan for diabolical purposes.

I feel like they're should be some accountability here, like San Quentin for both of them.


The real Bourla....

"Pfizer CEO: Those spreading vaccine 'misinformation' are 'criminals' who are costing 'millions of lives'"


I heard on some (probably now deleted/taken down) YouTube videos that a U.S. college and the Wuhan CDC both created the virus together. In other words, both the USA and China created it, with Fauci, Bill Gates, Google (an American company), and college students.

If you don’t think the USA is a horrid totalitarian dictatorship, increasingly identical to the CCP every day, this will change your mind:


U.S. state governments scramble to protect themselves and regular citizens against vaccines, as the “United States” government shows how it truly plans to “unite” the colonial ruins of deceased, tortured and raped Native Americans and their burnt-down Indigenous towns and farms, and their demolished Indigenous nations.

The anti-indigenous assault never ended yet. It just got covered up very cleverly by U.S. nationalists in political power, and by decades of pro-U.S. propaganda by the White House. Navajo Nation (and most “Indian” reservations) have junk food deserts, high vaccination and chronic illness rates, unknown but growing autism and other serious disability rates, uranium mine contamination, and lack of water or they have polluted water leading to birth defects and cancer.

Healthy Native American restaurants, such as Owamni and the Ohlone Cafe, are still very rare and largely unheard of by the general American public, even in November.

To defend the CCP is to defend the decimation of Chinese people. To defend the USA is to also defend the decimation of American people. Minorities and majorities alike. No one is safe except the rich the liberals claim to “eat”.

The USA is united by vaccine injury, chronic illness, colonialism, and autism.

Angus Files

And if RFK is wrong sue him Fauci-you wont dare.

Many thanks RFK.

Today many people are protesting about being forced into vaccination New Zealand, 100000 NHS workers in the UK, America children, the list is huge. We stand together and refuse to support any backer of COVID just remember where it started labs in China financially supported by Fauci.

Pharmra For Prison



Thank you RFK jr. for getting this vital information out to the public!

This book will top my Christmas gift list. It is on the citizens to clean up our government. Our children's future depends on it!



Disney is not the only ones with an imagineerying degree!


I'll pass...

Maurine Meleck

The video trailer is just terrific. The only thing missing is Fauci reading it.

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