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US gives final clearance to COVID-19 shots for kids 5 to 11

Purple orange
Pediatric vaccines will have an orange cap. Adult (12 +) will have purple.

Note: How many of you recall our old "friend" Mike Stobbe - an autism epidemic denier since we were launched. Anne Dachel Questions Mike Stobbe - 2007  We understand there are parents who are eager to get their kids as young as 5 vaccinated. Others would prefer to wait for data and still others will never want this vaccine.  Once the CDC greenlights a pediatric vaccine, it may be a quick route to a fait accomplit that it will be required to attend school. Then what? Stay tuned. According to Dr. Rochelle Walensky, it seems that the vaccine is being authorized not so much for health reasons as one would expect, but social reasons. See red highlight below.


U.S. health officials on Tuesday gave the final signoff to Pfizer’s kid-size COVID-19 shot, a milestone that opens a major expansion of the nation’s vaccination campaign to children as young as 5.

The Food and Drug Administration already authorized the shots for children ages 5 to 11 — doses just a third of the amount given to teens and adults. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention formally recommends who should receive FDA-cleared vaccines.

The announcement by CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky came only hours after an advisory panel unanimously decided Pfizer’s shots should be opened to the 28 million youngsters in that age group.

The decision marks the first opportunity for Americans under 12 to get the powerful protection of any COVID-19 vaccine.

“As a mom, I encourage parents with questions to talk to their pediatrician, school nurse or local pharmacist to learn more about the vaccine and the importance of getting their children vaccinated,” Walensky said Tuesday night, in a statement.

In remarks earlier in the day, she said while the risk of severe disease and death is lower in young children than adults, it is real — and that COVID-19 has had a profound social, mental health and educational impact on youngsters, including widening disparities in learning.   Read more at AP here.



I noticed another case of transverse myelitis in San Diego. Apparently this young lady went from hard working, active young adult to a wheelchair 30 days after Moderna's vaccine. Her mom describes it over tears. The researcher then describes how the same thing happened to his brother.

Moderna, FDA, and CDC issue the family a form letter in exchange for their lives.


Fauci sees red......


More from Robert Chen, 1996 :

"Reporting sensitivities of two passive surveillance systems for vaccine adverse events"

Adverse events following childhood vaccines (includes VAERS reporting)


"Viral Posts Misuse VAERS Data to Make False Claims About COVID-19 Vaccines"


Who is Robert Chen?

"Dr. Robert T Chen has been active in research of vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases for over 35 years, mostly at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He played key roles in modernizing the vaccine safety infrastructure in the U.S. and elsewhere, including the creation of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) project, the Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment (CISA) Network, the Brighton Collaboration, the Safety Injection Global Network (SIGN), and Vaccine Special Interest Group (VAXSIG) of the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology."


Consensus summary report for CEPI/BC March 12-13, 2020 meeting: Assessment of risk of disease enhancement with COVID-19 vaccines
Ralph Baric is a co-author.


Coronavirus study published in 2018....

Modeling pathogenesis of emergent and pre-emergent human coronaviruses in mice
Ralph Baric was an author.


Annie, Steve Kirsch has something good on the "kid-sized dose" over on Substack. He has been heroic in running the numbers and calling FDA out on the BS of this whole debacle.

Basically, he says that Pfizer has to get the BLA for children, so its product will (because it will be purchased through the federal Vaccines for Children program) automatically be added to VICP. They made the smaller dose so it would have a lower incidence of obvious adverse events. Efficacy in the study submitted for the EUA was based on playing games with numbers (19 cases total`! immunobridging with geometric mean titers!), so nobody has any idea whether it "works."


When U.S.-regime worshipping loud mouths like Serpentza and China Insights (I do not like nor glorify the CCP at all) talk about what a “flawless utopia” the catastrophically-declining U.S. is, perhaps AOA needs to team up and create a serious U.S. news channel about the declining and extremely pathetic state of health, happiness, proper development, education and learning abilities, trillions of $$$ in debt, junk food and toxic food, the nationwide loss of traditional and sprouted organic foods, horrific mass and school shootings and riots, extreme obesity, etc that plague North America on a regular basis.

Serpentza, China Insights, and other high-income, highly privileged Chinese immigrants need to awaken and realize the “American Dream” has irreversibly and officially devolved into an Anglo Saxon CCP nightmare from hell, at large mostly not any better than the CCP, and it’s ultimate, glorified, long-silent tool of the trade is vaccines and severe, lifelong, nationwide vaccine repercussions and aluminum adjuvants.

How would ancient Chinese think of deep fried, processed, toxin and phytic acid and glyphosate loaded, vegetable-devoid “American food” and increasingly similar food worldwide, such as Japan’s highly processed snacks, massive production of plastics, and plastic ramen cups, and massive calorific katsudon bowls (not regular sized, I’m talking actual GIANT bowls served in some establishments).

Serpentza is too busy bragging how “wonderful” our mentally declining, nutritionally starving, and chronically ill nation is, shamelessly glorifying industrialized foods that would make Weston A. Price and other holistic nutritional heroes weep in their graves. Almost EVERY anti-CCP channel I’ve seen - China Insights, Serpentza, ADV China - mindlessly glorifies the USA at all costs without even mentioning anything about the horrific demise of our nation.

I don’t know if there will be any “paradise utopia” left. The world seems doomed to the consumerism, weapons, and fates of the CCP, Venezuela, Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, the radical left-wing Neurodiversity movement, the horrific Taliban, and declining USA.


"Congress made crucial change to vaccine definition weeks before COVID-19
The US government’s definition of ‘biological product’ up until December 2019 may have prohibited the mRNA COVID-19 products from being labeled as vaccines."


This man is fighting the good fight.....


"A mom-of-three who expressed wishes to vaccinate all of her children was humbled after her 14-year-old son was diagnosed with myocarditis, which set off a downward spiral of medical bills and doctors visits.

The mom’s entire transformation from pro-vax to pro-informed consent was documented publicly on Twitter, where she admitted she’s been criticized and blocked by pro-vaxxers despite her initial pro-vax stance."


I sent a comment to the NCSA (National Council on Severe Autism) warning about the atrociously high aluminum levels in deceased ASD brains, not mentioning vaccines (in fears NCSA would silence me for opposing all vaccines).

I told them that less than 1% of environmental aluminum and ingested aluminum is absorbed, thanks to the digestive system’s protective barriers and microbiota to protect against toxins. However, aluminum is extremely high in ASD brains because of bypassing the blood brain barrier via vaccines, the aluminum leads to Alzheimer’s like irratibility, deficits in learning, extreme anxiety, violence and aggression, self injury, speech and motor skill problems, loss of previously acquired skills, etc which is called “autism”.

We must popularize cilantro and bentonite clay baths to the masses, to help ease the suffering of so many autistic people with learning impairments, horrid gut issues, and violent behaviors. We must popularize WAPF and GAPS diet and their traditional and sprouted organic foods to the masses and eliminate and reduce toxic phytic acid, gross-tasting and harmful frankenmeats, glyphosate, toxins, and metals from our nationwide food supply.

We already popularized kombucha, bone broth, and organic foods, the next step is sprouted and fermented foods and sprouted nuts and seeds without lots of harmful phytic acid. We popularize Fiji Water (controversial for its treatment of Fiji’s water supply), it’s time to advance with cilantro, spirulina, bentonite clay baths, and chelation-rich alliums and sulfur - from our vast rich nation, to ease suffering of ASD peoples far and wide, without robbing Fiji’s limited resources.

Barry Stern

"...whenever you evaluate a treatment, you have to do it from three perspectives: Is it safe, does it work, is it necessary? Just because you can do a treatment does not mean you need it. There must be a medical necessity. But look at the CDC statistics, for children under 18 who are healthy. The survival rate is 99.998%. As Dr. Yeadon said, the flu virus is more dangerous to children than covid-19. He made an assessment that out of a million children, 100 will die from vaccination. I think the figure will be much higher, and I will tell you why. If there is a population group that is not at risk of dying from a disease, why inject them with a deadly poison?

The “vaccine” is unnecessary, ineffective and very dangerous.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M.D.



Forgot to add:
As the mother of 14, 16, & 19 year olds, I can tell you that the messenger ribonucleic acid of a twelve year old is *way* heavier than the messenger ribonucleic acid of an eleven year old, so maybe there is something there?

If we can’t laugh we’ll all go crazy! ✌️&❤️VRA community! Thank you for all you do!

Angus Files

But why? why would you go and ask somebody who is financially dependent on pumping the poison into your kid 30 times by body weight more toxic than it is to a normal sized adult why?

"As a mom, I encourage parents with questions to talk to their pediatrician, school nurse or local pharmacist to learn more about the vaccine and the importance of getting their children vaccinated,” Walensky said Tuesday night, in a statement."

Pharma For Prison



Still hung up on this whole “children’s dose” thing. Remember Denzel Washington’s character’s line in the movie Philadelphia (to paraphrase) “…explain this to me like I’m a five year old”. Well, forgive my ignorance, but please explain this to me like I’m a five year old with a twelve year old sibling, that weighs less than my ten year old sibling. Why aren’t other vaccines “dosed” for children, or are they? Again, a talking point in the vaccine risk aware community has been “why does a 200lb adult get the same flu vaccine as a six month infant”. Was this always an ill-informed thing to say because the flu vaccines were different?

Finally while nothing is more egregious than the murdering & maiming of children for Pharma profits, stigmatizing unvaccinated children is not far behind, and I can’t believe we live in a society that sanctions doing that. Teachers, coaches, school nurses, even adult family members treating *children* unkindly also has a profound affect on their development and opportunities in life. Disgusting!


Going on to the article I see Dr. Helen Keipp Talbot of Vanderbilt University gave it to her kids.

Well put those kids on the tube, and let's see how they are, give us their school records to boot, so we can decide this is the way to go

Let us make this a real data gathering moment.
How high is their ANA test?
Do they have a lazy eye?
Are they able to sit still and not rock back and forth?
How do they compare with not their peers that are also messed up from other vaccinations - but with the Amish kids in behavior and reading.

How long ago did they get this vaccine? A day ago- a week ago==?

I have seen doctors - after their kids are grown dealing with drug and alcoholism -- that like mine had Kawasaki too, (DPT vaccine, but they seem to be clueless), as we sit in their office and compare hammer toes, with my vaccine injured - husband. Good Gosh man! They are not even aware of vaccine injuries recent or in the distant past.

Hans Litten

The unvaccinated control group must be eliminated at all costs.
How else can you cover up the greatest global geno.cide in all history (vaccin.ocide).
3bn they say so far . Ted Tur.ner must be jumping for joy.

NZs Jacintha Adhern has promised the unvaccinated will NEVER be denied food.


Four part series starting with Bill Gates in trouble for his computer company monopoly , in front of Congress trying to figure out what the word "concern" means.

In the middle of the series; it tells us about his very wealthy parents, and their influence on him.

How he has put money into all kinds of global health organizations - getting a huge return for his money as he claims it is all charity.

Part III goes on to discuss all the tracers - that have been invented -putting all your medical information on a chip, and they have done this already to all of India. So he does want power over the population.

and in the end - James Corbett again ask who is Bill Gates and returns to some information about what Bill Gates has said about reducing the population. This video makes it clear just what his relationship really was with Epstein. Did you know that Bill Gates was really proud of his high ACT test score in math - and he of course could not marry and breed with any woman that did not also make high on the math on the ACT.

Melinda still had to put up with a mistress which by the way this video as fact laden as it can be, did not mention.

And this is the person that helped bring this technology that we are going to use on our children.

Bob Moffit

"In remarks earlier in the day, she said while the risk of severe disease and death is lower in young children than adults, it is real —"



US military weighs penalties for those who refuse COVID vaccine

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