The Really Big Lie Grows Bigger
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tucker Carlson Interviews Skyhorse Publisher Tony Lyons About #1 Bestseller The Real Anthony Fauci

The video has issues.  Most will not play for than a few seconds.  Anne transcribed the show below.

Last night, Tucker Carlson interviewed Tony Lyons of Skyhorse Publishing about the number one best selling book the mainstream media has been told to IGNORE. The Real Anthony Fauci is close to 1000 pages (on the Kindle) of impeccably documented facts, science and expose on the catastrophic reign of the octogenarian who has shut down the world, devastated employment, shattered education and likely caused a generation of Americans with traumatic stress syndrome. Can you imagine ignoring the number 1 book on Amazon when it's about  the most important topic on the planet? That's what's happening. Someone, somewhere has issued marching orders. DO NOT TOUCH THIS BOOK WITH A TEN FOOT SYRINGE.  And lest you think Fox News is different - here is their recap of the show last night - do you see any mention of the book or interview?

Tucker Carlson Tonight - Tuesday, November 23

On today’s episode of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’, Tucker dismantles radical Democrat push to empty prisons following Wisconsin car rampage. Plus, new clip from Tucker's interview with Kyle Rittenhouse.

Amazon The Real Anthony Fauci


Tucker Carlson Tonight, Nov 23, 2021

Interview with publisher, Tony Lyons on The Real Anthony Fauci

Tucker Carlson: Bobby Kennedy, Jr. has written a remarkable, meticulously researched new book called, The Real Anthony Fauci—Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

It really is worth reading, so of course, big tech immediately decided to censor it.

YouTube shut down a videotape book signing because “it violated community guidelines and spread misinformation.”

Amazon limited advertising for the book. Many booksellers are just refusing to sell it.

Despite all of that, people are buying it. In fact the book is at the top of the Amazon list.

Tony Lyons is the president and publisher of Skyhorse which is bravely publishing this book. He joins us tonight.

Congratulations on being brave enough to put this book out and being rewarded by immense popular demand for it.

I’m interested in attempts to shut it down by big tech. Tell us what you’ve gone through.

Tony Lyons: There’s been a total media blackout of this book. It’s the bestselling book in America, and you won’t read about it in any newspaper.

If you try to advertise on any of the online platforms, they send you a notice saying that you can’t advertise it there. It’s just really crazy that this can happen in America.

There has to be room in this country for dialogue and debate.

Carlson: Yes, especially over this, which is a very serious book.

I’ve read it, and it’s not crazy in the slightest. It’s actually far less crazy than a lot of things I see on NBC News. And again, it’s meticulously researched.

Has it not been reviewed at all?  The New York Times hasn’t even acknowledged it, for example?

Lyons: It hasn’t been reviewed anywhere.

This is a book that has 2,194 citations. It was vetted by doctors and scientists and lawyers. It’s got a blurb by a Noble Prize Winning doctor.

Carlson: Amazing. Were you worried about publishing this book?

Lyons: I was worried about not publishing this book. I mean there are two sides to every story, and The Real Anthony Fauci is, like you said, a meticulously researched book.

Bobby Kennedy worked 16 hours a day,  seven days a week for nine months on this book. He gave his whole heart and soul to it.

This is a book that I’m proud to publish. I’m proud to be associated with Bobby Kennedy. I think he’s a hero, he’s a great man, he’s a fighter for justice.

He’s called anti-vaccine, but he’s really anti-corruption, and he’s pro-vaccine safety.

Carlson: Yes, and pro-democracy. I agree with your description of him whole-heartedly. He is all those things.

What’s crazy is that Anthony Fauci has immense power over the United States. He’s never been elected to anything, yet he wields this enormous power over people’s private lives.

What does it say that you’re not allowed to criticize him?

Lyons: I think it’s totally crazy that you can’t criticize him.

Here is a serious book claiming corruption at the highest levels of government, of government, of Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the most powerful government officials and you can’t even claim that he’s committed some wrongdoing.

There needs to be a congressional investigation.

We need to really look into the claims that are made in this book.  This is a 200,000 word book. Like I said, it has 2,194 citations and it’s being censored because of the title.

Carlson: It’s unbelievable. Thankfully people are reading it anyway, and I think that they should.

Again, I just applaud your bravery in doing this.

You’re the publisher we need in this country, someone who’s committed to free speech. 







I would like a link to the video. It’s not on YouTube and the link here says the video is not available


Lethal Injection; Frontline E.R. Doctor Gives Chilling Account of Unusual Vaccine-Induced Illness

Jeannette Bishop




Stew Peters is another one I found that gives the news, and is very angry that the vaccine companies and federal agencies are going after children now for the covid vaccines.

If you are missing his reports, you are missing a lot
I a unsure if his videos are hard to load up, or it is my really out dated computer that I use at my Mother's house

In Washington State one of a woman's son is trying to take away custody of her adult autistic daughter so he can then force the covid vaccine on her. This son is a mayor of a larger town and is using his position against her. The mother also has another son that may live with her too? I was unsure, but he is in the fight to really help his sister and of course they have tried to smear his reputation.

Maureen Fischer

When I think of what we and our loved ones have individually suffered it is an astounding realization that it is likely all on the head of one man and those whose ambitions and fears enabled him. Then I have to wrap my head around the harm that he has done in so many areas and to so many around the world. It is hard to believe that this book is not the talk of every media and internet outlet. Amazing work and courage by everyone who has brought this forth as a testimony to truth. I am so grateful for this on this Thanksgiving Day.


I remember the first time I saw Lyons on a U tube. His daughter had autism and he was a mad and hurt parent, but one that had steel in his spine and blood in his eyes; unlike me though he really did have something to bring to this fight.

He would publish any story about vaccines, or autism or both.

In the end of the interview when asked was he not afraid to publish this, he responded that he was afraid NOT to publish this.

Lyons is a man of integrity, he has resolve, controlled passion, all that is good in this world, that makes life worth living in this world. Glad for such people, after having watched so many others that would sell out their country, their own child, and other children for what they think will bring them riches, and power.

Anita Donnelly

I have read and listened to this book (I bought the audible as well.) This, like Olmsted’s Age of Autism, almost reads like a medical thriller—that you wish were made up.

Both books are not only well-documented but incredibly well written.

I pray that this gets to some in power who cannot ignore it. Maybe they didn’t care what happened to our families. But perhaps they can care about what might happen to their own.

Bob Moffit

There are some in our corrupt media and academia who have proposed making any public criticism of FAUCI be prosecuted as a "hate crime".

Hopefully RFK's book .. if nothing else .. will ENCOURAGE those few elected politicians with the best interests of the people they serve .. after the MID-TERM elections when Pelosi and Schumer can no longer cover for FAUCI .. Congress must conduct a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION of the entire cabal exposed by RFK ..


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