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The Really Big Lie Grows Bigger

The Virus Was Made in a Lab

Lab madeNote: We are proud to present a post that's sure to provide, "A bit of light chit chat for your Thanksgiving table."  Thank you as always to the fearless Dr. Moskowitz.

By Richard Moskowitz, MD

From the start of the outbreak, it was hard to ignore the possibility that the virus had been bioengineered in a lab, because Bill Gates and Tony Fauci had been warning of a coronavirus pandemic for years, and even staged the notorious "Event 201" to plan for it just 2 months before the first recorded case, to say nothing of the fact that the actual outbreak we're now living through corresponded almost too precisely to the scenario they had projected.  Soon the preponderance of asymptomatic cases made it seem quite likely that the outbreak had actually begun a few months earlier, in which case both Gates and Fauci might well have known about it.  Nor was it in the least implausible to imagine that they were already at work by then designing the Moderna vaccine in which they were both heavily invested.   

To be sure, these are all conspiracy speculations.  What we do know is that the CDC waited for two months without testing to locate and isolate asymptomatic cases, so that lockdown came to seem necessary to "flatten the curve," even though it would inevitably prolong the outbreak, and that it has continued to oppose and impede antiviral treatments that have nevertheless proved to be effective.  So again it is difficult to avoid the inference that they had committed themselves to the vaccine strategy from the start, especially since flattening the curve made natural herd immunity impossible, so that a universal vaccine mandate could be presented as the only practical solution. 

But to my mind the most compelling evidence that the virus was manufactured lies in the highly unusual nature of the COVID illness that has resulted from it.  Polio, measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, chickenpox, shingles, rotavirus, and other viral illnesses that we vaccinate against all follow an acute pattern, with high fever and a distinctive clinical picture that is easily recognizable in most cases and then burns itself out in a few weeks, with the important end result of expelling the virus from the body. 

The COVID-19 illness deviates from this pattern in several key respects.  First, it exhibits a clear preponderance of asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic cases who are not sick at all or require little or no medical attention.  Second, it narrowly targets certain specific enzymes and correlated physiological functions in many different organs and tissues, and thus produces a wide variety of symptom-pictures corresponding to them.  Third, it selectively targets, harms, and kills those already afflicted with chronic disease, especially the elderly, but also young people with pre-existing conditions, either latent or manifest.

These unusual characteristics are precisely similar to what I witnessed over and over again in my 50+ years of clinical experience caring for vaccinated children.  Here's a clear example: a girl of 18 going to college.  Plagued by bedwetting and OCD symptoms in elementary school, she recovered beautifully with homeopathic treatment and remained essentially symptom-free for over 10 years.  Her college insisted on an MMR booster for admission, and within a week her old symptoms returned with a vengeance.  But it could just as well have been ear infections, asthma, allergies, ADHD, autism, or any other chronic disease: once they became well for several months or more and no longer needed further treatment, they would invariably suffer a dramatic relapse within a week or two of their next vaccinations.  The effect was simply to aggravate whatever chronic diseases or tendencies were already present, whether exacerbating diseases that were active, or reactivating those that had receded, or precipitating those that were latent.   It happened often enough to be the rule, not the exception, no matter what diseases they suffered from, or which vaccines were given. 

In short, it seemed to be a minimum or baseline effect of all vaccines on everyone, of the vaccination process itself, indeed of the mechanism by which they accomplish whatever they're designed to accomplish, and thus no mere aberration, "side effect," or coincidence. Epidemiological research validated and strengthened these observations by demonstrating

1) that the risk of an adverse reaction had less to do with any particular vaccine than the total vaccine load, both given simultaneously at the same visit and accumulated over the patient's lifetime; and

2) that children who came down with and recovered from measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, and influenza were a lot less likely to develop chronic autoimmune diseases and cancer later in life than those merely vaccinated
against them.

When it turned out that most people dying with the COVID were elderly, in nursing homes, or at least with significant comorbidities, those experiences with vaccinated children inspired the realization that the SARS-CoV-2 virus seemed spookily vaccine-like in its effects, as well as unrecognizably different from the viruses I was familiar with, and thus confirmed my suspicion that it had been bioengineered in a laboratory for that purpose.

Parenthetically, it already seemed questionable that these complicated nursing home deaths were attributed unequivocally to the virus, rather than their comorbidities;  but when the vaccine rollout began in early 2021, the true state of affairs became apparent when deaths occurring after vaccination were inconsistently written off to their comorbidities. 

In any case, the vaccine-like behavior of the SARS-CoV-2 "virus," if such it be, may yet teach us something we urgently need to know, about how vaccines and these bioengineered particles that resemble them actually alter, distort, and counterfeit the natural immune response and produce the brave new world of chronic diseases that have long since become the order of the day.



The saying is; people get the government they deserve because that government comes from the human beings raised up in that society.

I don't know where these evil guys are coming from though? Not really.
I see the American people in my region as a very decent, wonderful people.
My van broke down 300 miles from home and I had 300 more miles to go.
I was with my son that was having untreated and unrecognized by the medical establishment - seizures.

I found out there was a real problem with my van when I stopped to get breakfast at McDonalds for my son.
I was standing there aghast at my situation when two men walking into Mc Donalds, stopped and took the time to look at it. They knew it was beyond what they could do, so they directed me to a gas station across the street, and told me to ask where a repair shop was in this little town north of Indianapolis.
I did, and was meet by the sweetest young man, that was eager to help. He gave me very good directions and warned me that since it was Saturday, they closed at 12. I found it on the other side of town.
As I waited to see how bad off we were, I had to calm my son -- I could not afford to show any concern; the band was practicing, the foot ball players were practicing - not too far away at the high school foot ball field, like every where in the entire United States. .

The man was professional but nice. When he found out I was that far from home, he said that he would get his 16 year old boy to either drive us to a rental place half an hour away or to a motel, cause it would be a week before the van could be fixed. He had to order the part, but if it was a car rental then we had to hurry cause they close at 12.

We did, and the people at the car rental place were really nice. They did not over charge, they were concerned, and yes; I did have money and a credit card; but they were still kind and fair.

Where I live, all around me are great people, that in a time of crisis they would come to my aid, and give me the shirt off their back. They have had a hard time always it seems though. Their kids have had drug problems, learning problems, health problems, and they all have had to pinch their pennies.

So where are these people that are up there in Washington - the CIA - that all meet at the Bohemia Red woods and offering "although fake" child. sacrifices to some giant, weird ceremonial owl God?

What the heck?



Were your ancestors here (Western Hemisphere) prior to 1492?
Do you have their history?


I know that very many AOA readers live in the USA and are still praising/glorifying the USA and it’s continued existence, but when you read the book “The Real Anthony Fauci” before it gets banned, you’ll see the soft white underbelly of the “united” states and its actual history, not taught in schools of either political side.

Fauci is a murderer and criminal, who has for many decades, been rewarded, praised, and nominated by the colonial American “United” States government without any widespread public outcry until very recently.

The U.S. and it’s government has completely sold out to China, after decades of buying Chinese made goods with the dramatic rise in chronically sick, disabled, and unemployable U.S. youth who can’t manufacture even the most basic inedible products we have purchased from the communist colonial regime. The U.S. government is planning to donate billions of $$$ to the United Nations to “fix pollution” in highly polluted countries, also including China and India.

The U.S. still won’t fix the horrid conditions of its own areas, such as massive obesity and chronic illness in Native American reservations, poverty in general, Detroit’s toxic lead water, nationwide abandoned mine pollution, massive monoculture GMO glyphosate infested crops, nuclear plant waste, etc.

And the Biden Administration is rewarding drug addicted, violent Mexican illegal aliens with tons of money, forcing the eventual collapse of pro-humanity states such as Florida via mass migration of illegals and violent criminals into what very few decent U.S. states are left.

That’s not even the worst thing about the “united” states. The Trail of Tears, CIA, Agent Orange, and Anthony Fauci are only the very tip of the iceberg. We aren’t seeing underneath the tiny tip, we aren’t seeing the massive iceberg below the surface, because we as a “nation” (of fragmented, violent, starving, pharma owned nation states) have been for far too long blinded by nationalism, nationalist exceptionalism, colonialism, lies since 1491 and beyond. The colossal decline of the U.S. and the massive poverty, starvation, monolingualism, intentional and chronic and massive destruction of its native cultures and languages, wars, shootings, chronic illness, obesity, junk food and toxic food, pollution, prison like schools drowning in violent destructive special needs students, and loss of safe meaningful employment has reached such extreme and extraordinarily epic proportions, even liberals and Gen Z see it.


Let's just skip the "Xi" variant....on to the Omi(nous)cron variant!

The latest PharmaPhear "Omicron" variant is brought to you by the Botswana 4- FULLY VACCINATED FOR COVID-19.
See the document:

Here is What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About the Actual Origins of the Omicron Variant
The NY Times conveniently left that info out.


Mercola has Francis Boyle on that says the federal judicial is shut down.
Francis Boyle says to go locally, if we can form groups and start at our local people.

Here is
Story at-a-glance

 The Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 imposes fines and prison sentences on anyone who “knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, transfers, acquires, retains or possesses any biological agent, toxin or delivery system for use as a weapon”

 The problem we face today is that our federal government has been captured by forces that seek to destroy the U.S. from within. As such, we cannot trust the federal judiciary to prosecute and hold those responsible for the pandemic and the toxic COVID shots accountable

 To circumvent the corrupted federal judiciary, we need to focus on locally elected prosecutors instead. Depending on the state, they may go by titles such as district attorney, state attorney, prosecuting attorney or county attorney

 Organize locally to find people willing, as a group, to call on your local, elected district attorney to convene a grand jury and indict the individuals suspected of being involved in the creation of SARS-CoV-2, and those responsible for the COVID shots

 The charge that applies is “murder and conspiracy to commit murder.” For starters, 15 researchers listed on a key paper can be indicted, plus those who funded the research. Those to be indicted in relation to the COVID shots include the chief executive officers, chief operating officers and chief scientific officers of Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson


Robert F Kennedy Jr Full Speech | Milan, Italy November 13th 2021
"Here’s the important thing. In the vaccine group, 20 people died over 6 months from all causes — 20 people of the 22,000. In the control group, only 14 people died of 22,000. That means that if you take the vaccine you are 48% more likely to die over the next 6 months than if you don’t.

These are Pfizer’s numbers, not mine. Here’s how the people died. In the control group, one person died of a heart attack over the 6 months. In the vaccine group, 5 people died of heart attacks over the 6 months. That means if you get the vaccine, you have a 500% risk of a fatal heart attack within 6 months. It also means that for every one person who is saved from dying of COVID, the vaccine is killing 4 people from heart attacks."



Posted on November 26, 2021 by State of the Nation
Stu Peters interviews Dr. Martin. He wants the AGs to take criminal action.
He lays out the crimes committed.


So it may just be more than one little Wuhan lab, but perhaps labs? I suspect it maybe many.

And while they have an emergency in place and all that implies, now would be a good time for them to try out new and different adjuvants.

They know that we are finally on to them about aluminum salts, and they already tried squalene
in which the second time over to Iraq, the UK navy dumped the vials over board.

2020 Mar 13;8(1):128.
doi: 10.3390/vaccines8010128.
Better Adjuvants for Better Vaccines: Progress in Adjuvant Delivery Systems, Modifications, and Adjuvant-Antigen Codelivery

Zhi-Biao Wang 1 , Jing Xu 1

Affiliations Expand

PMID: 32183209
PMCID: PMC7157724
DOI: 10.3390/vaccines8010128
Free PMC article

Traditional aluminum adjuvants can trigger strong humoral immunity but weak cellular immunity, limiting their application in some vaccines. Currently, various immunomodulators and delivery carriers are used as adjuvants, and the mechanisms of action of some of these adjuvants are clear. However, customizing targets of adjuvant action (cellular or humoral immunity) and action intensity (enhancement or inhibition) according to different antigens selected is time-consuming. Here, we review the adjuvant effects of some delivery systems and immune stimulants. In addition, to improve the safety, effectiveness, and accessibility of adjuvants, new trends in adjuvant development and their modification strategies are discussed.


I know you all probably know, but graphene oxide as an adjuvant is all over the pubmed search engines. All you have to do is plug in graphen oxide, adjuvant , pub med and lots of stuff comes up.

Should we be surprised that they would try this as an adjuvant. They were looking for one back 20 years ago with the squalene.

And every body is on to how dangerous aluminum is.

that is why - do you all think? they don't want to release the ingredients until 2076?


My daughter had what she thought was the flu a little bit before Christmas of Dec 2019. She went to Urgent Care and was tested for the flu and was negative. Yet, she said she felt like she had the flu.

She works in a dorm like drug rehab place as a nurse.

I am all over the place here,
That is because our federal agencies are such liars that we don't even have a starting point - of when the spike protein even got here.
There is a real spike protein though, right? That is real, right?
I got a dead 34 year old nephew that died from covid getting those ace receptors to his heart. He was already having trouble with his heart though.
I am making a factual statement here; His childhood vaccines caused his heart problems to begin with. Evidence was there in his strobilus eyes, to his depression to his hyper - hyper ADHD.


I found this easily enough : "After lungs, bile duct, and gallbladder have the highest number of ace 2 receptors. A high concentration of ace 2 receptors is conducive to the entry of the virus. ."


I was giving my own father during this time N acetyl cysteine from having bronchitis the year before. He never got any lung problems from then on out, even with a slight cold he came down with in January. .

But I am sure that the CDC, and WHO was on top of this pandemic right out of the Wuhan lab - and it did not get here till it hit New York and they then stopped teating any type of respiratory with the tried and true methods.


If what ever happened to my son in early was 2020 strep or covid or both?
It was exactly like returning to an earlier time back when he was at his worse as a child.

Vaccine load is exactly right too.
My husband took numerous DPT shots, until one fine day as he left work, and the health department was down in the lunch room giving out tetanus vaccines-- as we all know NOW, but not then was a full DPT vaccine.

How much of this vaccine load is transferred over from parent to child?

Does inflammation always involve the ACE 2 receptor?

Was Fauci watching the allergy side of infectious diseases and looking for this little gem of a virus, cause David Martin says it is on purpose, and patents he found proves it.

And geeh whiz' Daszak tried to sell a science study of releasing this virus on to the public - through DARPA in early 2019 or was it 2018 --

Last Thanksgiving I prayed that God would put Fauci in jail.
This Thanksgiving, I just did not pray at all but listened to my son and husband pray..
My son misses his grandfather that died this past August.
They both were sick at the same time. From Jan to May of 2020. One with neurological problems and the other his gall bladder.

Not that it proves anything but there is this and many other links about gall bladder.


In late Octorber or November of 2019 there was an article in the newspaper about a certain strain of strep in a neighboring town (large town) causing OCD in a large number of school children.

Has anyone ever heard of something like that.

There was a couple of doctors interviewed in this article and they were reporting OCD was really high in this particular strain of strep.

So my son was going to school at the time at a technical college that had a lot of people from that town. He came down with strep at the end in late November, or early December. He got antibiotics for it, we thought it was done. He still kept being sick and by the end of January something was terrible wrong with him OCD, anxiety, depression, and more -- more like maybe absentee seizures.

It took four more months for that to calm down, finally in May; a day after starting a really serious keto diet. .

Was it strep? Was it covid? Was it BOTH cause the truth is more than one person around this area has been lab tests and may have the flu and covid too

Example from early this year was a home health nurse, that saw my father. She said she was very, very sick with covid. But that additionally being tested positive for covid, she also tested positive for Flu A and Flu B.

We wondered so around June we had our son tested for covid, for covid antibodies to see if he had, had it. It was a quick one at urgent care and it came back negative. According to Dr. Peter McCollough those test are useless, and there are better ones.



Must see video!
I've never seen crowds this large.


Hero doctor persecuted after successfully treating 2000 Covid patients- NO hospitalizations.

"Houston Methodist doctor who resigned following suspension..."


Bully Gates ; why all the political finger pointing about what Conservatives ?
The unfairness of the statement, the lie.
It has been reported on Levin, the Next Revolution, The Ingraham Angle, Tucker Carlson for two years now. All conservative. Senator Rand Paul , and U.S. Representative Thomas Massie has spoken out and very familiar with Wuhan, Fauci's involvement, and mandated vaccines are unjust beyond measure. ,


Fauci is the head of NIAID National institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Perhaps "The Allergy" part has not been so ignored by Fauci as we thought?


Mercola had a video on of Dr. McCullough the other day. He said that the virus caused inflammation. That the Ebola caused inflammation too. That was what are the bleeding from the ears, eyes all of that was all about.

But as bad as the corona virus was in causing inflammation, the vaccines were much, much worse.

If the spike protein causes the inflammation, it is the spike protein that goes after the ACE 2 receptors, and the vaccine makes our body's make the spike protein?

What is with all thes mandates, why do they seem soooooo determine to make every one get a vaccine. I know the obvious answer is just the money ? Does that feel right? some thing does not feel right, seem right.

Angus Files

I think it was a joint effort between the US of Fauci, and China. I remember all the scientists getting fired from the US for stealing intellectual property from US labs . Over 80 percent were Asian males and 18 percent the NIH were un decided on at the time. China said Fort Detrick made released the virus which might be true, but if true I would say then taken over to China for tweaking and release on the good Chinese citizens. Gates and Fauci had been wasting money for fun for years on the lab in Wuhan amazing what psychopaths do to amuse themselves because they have boring meaningless life, because they can buy anything they want, earn it; is not in the psyche . There is nothing else to do but stop normal people having a life and enjoying themselves because they can’t born into a meaningless, boring, worthless life.Unlike this poor man who had everything worthwhile to live for.
Musician, 40, died after suffering a 'catastrophic' brain haemorrhage 'induced by his first dose of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine', inquest hears

Pharma For Prison


Bully Gates

U.S. billionaires and the CCP both created COVID19. They work together.

“conservative” and “free speech” media usually won’t accept FACTS exposing the horrors of colonial genocides and slavery, which challenges nationalism and jingoism.

The U.S.A. isn’t the only nation that continues to carry out these horrific acts (currently in the form of vaccinating “Indian Country” /Native Americans, massive poverty and obesity on “Indian” reservations, and junk food deserts). It’s worldwide.

South Africa is now even more violent and dangerous than Chicago, Germany wants all citizens jabbed with the vaccine, America is losing doctors and dentists to the jab, and hyperinflation is arising.


Does inflammation always involve ACE 2?


Bill keep up.
It is from a lab. We have been around and around with this for two years. We are now long past that it is a lab creature, unless you just hang out with MSNBC all the time, you would know that by now.

The whys it is from a lab is getting to be a very long list. I should take a bit and compile them all.

Now moving to the next question was it really a leak- or released on purpose? David Martin indicates that it was planned. Event 201, and Peter Daszac trying out it release through DARPA and on and on. The list is getting pretty long here as well.

When you trigger inflammation, does it always involve the ACE 2 enzyme? I am wondering on this one?


More Fauci obfuscations:



If the coronavirus was made in a lab is was made in one these countries: U---- S or I----- but the "free speech" loving and "conservative" media would hate you for those accusations.


I liked this paper too, since it begins to address accumulated vaccine load, acquired over a lifetime, and how this affects our ability to fight off diseases like COVID or HIV.

The COVID + cohort resembles the HIV+ cohort in that most of those infected present few symptoms and will likely live out their natural lives without pharmaceutical intervention.

For HIV, it's those who receive AZT who develop full blown AIDS and die.
For COVID, it appears remdesivir, ventilators, and vaccines provide a similar fatal outcome.

The common factor: Anthony Fauci MD

John Stone


Thanks for the great article. I mentioned this in passing in my ID 2020 piece

but Fauci was dropping arch hints about his intentions as early as October 29, 2019.


The virus was on its way!


I suppose when you are dealing with gangsters you are supposed to pretend it is not happening but they can’t stop showing off.


Bob Moffit

"1) that the risk of an adverse reaction had less to do with any particular vaccine than the total vaccine load, both given simultaneously at the same visit and accumulated over the patient's lifetime;"

I only recently heard the term "exhausted immune system" the result of our overly aggressive childhood vaccine policies .. somewhere around 17 different vaccines .. administered over 72 doses .. prior to the age of 18. Makes sense to me.

A friend was recently sought out by 'contact tracers" … having been in close contact with someone having Covid .. began showing symptoms and was immediately isolated .. was given PCR test results due in 72 hours .. sent home awaiting test results. FINALLY .. after a delayed result of PCR he was diagnosed with SWINE FLU? Didn't know SWINE FLU still circulating?

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