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Source: UK Guardian: Because of a shortage of places for children in alternative provision, there is a growing unregistered sector.

“The big question for me is: what’s happened out there?

“Have children suddenly got worse behaved?”

UK education official

By Anne Dachel - visit Loss of Brain Trust for thousands of reports on the demise of childhood.

Going over the stories published last week, one really stood out to me.

On November 5th the Guardian ran the story, Written off – at five’: children in England dumped in unfit ‘schools.’

This situation seems kind of inevitable as the special needs population continues to soar.

The Guardian reported that disabled children who have been expelled from regular special ed programs are being warehoused in substandard “schools” according to Ofsted officials.

(Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education in the UK)

Some vulnerable children excluded from mainstream schooling are being educated in unregulated and illegal schools based in caravans on farmland, and on industrial estates and business parks, Ofsted inspectors have told the Guardian in an attempt to lift the lid on a murky world.

…alternative provision (AP) for children who cannot be accommodated in mainstream education is complex and growing….

The landscape becomes even murkier when children who have been excluded are referred to over-subscribed pupil referral units. They may then be subcontracted to an unregistered setting. It means troubled and challenging children, some as young as five, are being sent to “schools” in unsuitable accommodation, with unqualified staff, and may be receiving little in the way of education….

There are people who see this situation as a money-making opportunity.

And a lot of money is changing hands. If a child has an education, health and care plan for severe special needs, large sums of money can follow that child, with annual fees of £30,000 [$40K] or even more being paid by local authorities to private providers.

“Why have we got ourselves into a situation where some of the most vulnerable children are being cared for or educated by people that probably aren’t as qualified as normal teachers?” said Shafiee.

“What’s going to happen to them? If at a very young age you end up in an illegal or unregistered AP, what are your chances?...

This makes the future look pretty bleak as schools struggle to accommodate more and more dysfunctional kids.

One part of this story will go unnoticed, I’m sure, but it’s really the heart of the problem.

One Ofsted official asked these seeming rhetorical questions:

“The big question for me is: what’s happened out there?

Have children suddenly got worse behaved?

What is it that’s fundamentally changed that means more children are going to APs, and primary kids are increasingly going to APs?

Because this area is so obscure we just don’t know.”

We seriously need to face these questions.

The truth is, yes, children have changed. That’s what happens when they’re exposed to brain-altering toxins at unprecedented levels, especially in unsafe, unchecked vaccines.

No one will admit this, of course, even though we can see the evidence everywhere.

Meanwhile, the decline makes the news.

San Francisco: Special education is causing a “huge budget deficit.”

That’s the word frequently used to describe the path San Francisco Unified School District must take to cure its huge budget deficit and avoid a state takeover.

And the pain will be especially intense for kids with special needs under a blueprint released by district staff this week….

The district must cut $125 million, about 10% of its budget, to balance its books for the next academic year.

Teachers are not happy about cuts.

“I am flabbergasted and terrified by the idea of cuts to special education,” said Chris Clauss, a special education teacher at George Washington High School, during public comment. “My colleagues are already overwhelmed as it is.”…

Statewide, special education costs have risen 28% to $13 billion between 2007 and 2017.

Green Bay, WI: An editorial slammed the practice of using regular ed money for special ed.

The recently approved Green Bay School District budget includes a transfer of more than $33 million from the general fund to cover special education costs.

Why this happens is inexcusable and must stop. …

To make up the gap, which is around $1 billion in Wisconsin, districts transfer funds for general education to cover special education.

This is how Green Bay will end up moving $63 million in two years.

Incredibly the number of students in Wisconsin schools is dropping at the same time there are MORE special needs kids.

You might think with a decrease in students in general, there would be a corresponding decrease in special education students.

You would be wrong.

As the total number of students dropped in Wisconsin over the past decade, the percentage of students with an IEP actually increased. This means a higher percentage of kids in public schools now require specialized services mandated by the federal government.

Green Bay saw an increase of 80 students in its special education program this year. …

In Bloomfield, Iowa, the district has hired “social and emotional specialists” to help teachers “who are overwhelmed with students’ needs while also trying to teach.”

Aurora, IL: Aurora University recently opened the Betty Parke Tucker Center for Neurodiversity “complete with a newly constructed, state-of-the-art dorm, to support college students on the autism spectrum.”

The BBC last week announced that only 22% of autistic adults are employed. 

In the same coverage readers were told:

An estimated one in seven people in the UK are neurodivergent, which includes people with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, the autism spectrum and other neurological functions….

This quiet acceptance of neurologically disabled people should frighten everyone. “Neurodivergent” is a red herring meant to downplay the severity of what’s happening and dissuade any of us expressing real concern over what’s happening.

UK: Warwickshire parents held a protest against the county council for failing to provide support for disabled students.

Tracy Winchester, who has repeatedly called for more support for children like her two sons, both of whom are autistic, led a group of parents to County Hall ahead of an inspection….

"In some respects, things seem worse than in 2018, and the little improvements noted by some families seem to be completely overshadowed by the continued utter disregard of children’s needs in other cases….”

UK: Derbyshire residents face a 3 year wait for autism assessments.

Data published by the trust as part of the meeting shows that there are 1,312 people waiting for autistic spectrum disorder assessments.

UK: Kingston will have a new autism school by 2023.

This will allow 90 places for four to 19 year olds and be a special free school. The land will be available for 125 years for token rent.

UK: Kirklees Council will build two new special schools— one just for autistic students.

The council is building the new centres to boost the number of special school places in the borough and prevent children and young people having to be educated outside Kirklees at an average placement cost of £58,000 [$79K] – an annual cost of £8m a year.

It says demand for school places is expected to increase over the next two years from 63 to 132 at Joseph Norton Academy and from 12 to 179 at Woodley….

UK: Leeds has seen a ‘dramatic increase’ in demand for SPED plans, with numbers increasing from 2,041 at 2014, to 5,006 at the time of writing.

 “This increase is projected to continue…”

The charge has been made that “low-achieving children” are being forced into SPED so they won’t be part of the school’s “attainment figures.”

UK: North East received $270M in grant money for special ed.

UK: Wyre special school is expanding to second site.

The satellite provision to be created at Northfold will be run as part of Red Marsh, which is over-subscribed for its current 94 places.

The school caters for children and young people between the ages of two and 19 who have severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties and autism spectrum conditions.

Canada: British Columbia is overhauling its autism support and parents are concerned. One family cited spent 7 years trying to get help for their autistic son.

Ireland: Wicklow minister “welcomed” the addition of another SPED classroom.

Wicklow Minister Simon Harris has welcomed the news and says the school has already expanded its Special Education enrolment in advance of the extension.



It's just come to my attention that the Pfizer vaccine being peddled for children ages 5-11 has substituted for its prior buffering agent (phosphate-buffered saline solution) a drug called tromethamine, generally used to control blood acidity which, from what I hear, can have some very deleterious side effects including tissue necrosis if it should somehow leak from the vein into muscle tissue. , page 14, "Vaccine Formulation."

According to AP "fact checkers", this information is "misleading" because Pfizer is adding it to the formulation for all age groups, it's already in other vaccines, and above all, it's FDA approved. That should reassure everyone, right?


Jungtian INTP

You need mental help. Blacks are not inherently evil or violent people. The problem is BLM and gangster culture.

You sound like a paranoid schizophrenic, mixed with racism. Not normalizing serious ASD cases or the modern ND movement. Racism is never OK.

Jeanne J


Sooo, what was your concern for children with autism/vaccine-damage?????



For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
Romans 3:23
Our unity is through repentance.


JungianINTP says
NOVEMBER 10, 2021 AT 2:09 PM

Here is why children have been ( are! )
in CRISIS, in all Western democracies,
using America as the prime example :

Here’s why we are far beyond overhauling
the system—as America’s ending began
with Abraham Lincoln‘s correspondences
with Karl Marx!—and with his consulting
MEDIUMS, beginning in 1856 ! :

What defines “high culture” today, as compared with Whites’ pre-FORCED-integration culture of, say, 1954?—at what cost FORCED integration of Blacks and Whites; and what defines "high culture" in today's America?:

—Is it Leftism’s/Feminism’s broken families;

—is it the broken communities which Left-driven government has effected, through its FORCED racial integration of schools and neighborhoods, and which Marxian social-engineering scheme has badly damaged public education for all ethnic groups!, as standards keep being lowered and grades inflated to make hereditably unequal, low-performing ethnic groups appear to be more IQ-equal using grade-adjustments—to be “FAIR” to Blacks and Hispanics (( recall the Black state-legislator’s demand, that all Black students be given diplomas—no matter his/her performance in the classroom )).

—is it the massive importation (legal and illegal) of anti-White/anti-Western people of color, in order to racially diversify “too White” communities across the U.S. ( the largest population being anti-White Indians - a/k/a Hispanics - from Mexico, and Central and South America, which population’s “La Raza” leadership publicly professes its intention to rid North America of Europeans and their influence, and about which plan mainstream media mysteriously keep silent );

—is it the kids killing kids on the streets and in schools;

—is it the vulgar and violent Hollywood films and the African-based rap, gangsta-rap and hip-hop “music” glorifying the killings;

—is it the “dirty dancing” - simulated sex acts - on public schools’ dance floors;

—is it the teen-age girls and boys fornicating to spread diseases and have babies, with one out of five teen girls carrying a sexually transmitted disease;

—is it those teen-age black and brown boys name-calling White girls, “racist,” if they won’t “hook up”;

—is it teen girls' now-lawful acquisition of abortions ( babycides ! ) without parental knowledge or consent;

—is it the "partial birth" infanticides;

—is it those human slaughterhouses built to remedy "accidents" from one-night stands and rampant hedonism;

—is it the AIDS-spreading gay bathhouses sanctioned by "civil" governments;

—is it the XXX pornography which has gone mainstream—in schools and homes and stores;

—is it the middle-schoolers having oral sex to avoid having "sex" ( thank hedonist Bill Clinton—as teen and pre-teen girls are contracting VD of the mouth and throat at an alarming rate, dying of HPV-generated cancer );

—is it the idea "consumership" supplanting the idea "citizenship," and "New World Order” supplanting "sovereignty";

—is it the ( Clintons’) White House orgies, and the "no big deal" attitude about it ( Libertine Left’s position );

—is it the vulgarities replacing honor and moral virtue in both citizenry and statesmen;

—is it homosexuality as normalcy and heterosexuality as "rape";

—is it the American Psychological Association trying to mainstream pedophilia, and increasing fatherless homes ( after having “normalized” homosexuality );

—is it the American Library Association trying to peddle pornography to children in public libraries, and shelved in public schools (a/k/a child-mind molesters);

—is it Leftists’ broken promise, that the Civil (special) Rights Act of 1964 won’t be used to discriminate against whites ( do you recall that Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson’s promised to eat his hat if that legislation were ever turned against White people? );

—is it Leftists’ broken promise that the 1965 Immigration Act would not be used to alter America’s racial mix from majority-White into minority-White ( recall Marxist/Senator Ted Kennedy’s stunning, lie-filled speech in support of that legislation, in which he claims that none of what has happened since its passage would ever occur—that Whites would never be subjected to massive importation of community-wrecking non-Whites );

—Is it Leftists’ broken promise that if Black children were allowed to be educated along with White children in schools, then the racial differences in test scores would be erased—arguing the LIE that those differences were culturally and environmentally induced, not product of hereditable differences in IQ-potential between those races;

—Is it . . . ?

And the list goes on and on, to prove how decadent America, and all other Western democracies, have become through Leftism’s Marxian Libertine Leftism ( also known as Applied-Cultural-Marxism ).

Left-controlled media LIE to keep the awful truth hidden behind Leftism’s political correctness ( PC ), such as the horrific results of F O R C E D integration of Blacks into White Civil Society—hidden from broad public exposure, else Leftists’ anti-White/anti-Western Libertinism might be confronted and stopped.

Even FBI crime statistics are falsified to conform to – to uphold ! – PC.

MSM refuse to report that fact! One article, from my files, shows Metro-Police administrators cooking the books on crime!—as, for example, Hispanic crime is recorded as Whites’ crime in the FBI records (( there exists a Website which posts dark-brown faces of Latino men - having been charged and convicted, but recorded as “CAUCASIAN” in FBI record-keeping ! )), in order to mitigate off-the-charts criminal behavior of our brown-skinned immigrant neighbors (( FBI records on black males’ crime statistics are tamped down through various book-cooking schemes, but not enough to hide the degree of the horror of Black-on-White crime, evident within actual FBI crime records )).


susan welch

Anne, thank you so much for this valuable information. It is depressing to read, but so important that it is recorded.


This reminds me of all those unregulated "Home schooling" agencies. Sure there are many legitimate online school but most of this is unregulated trash "education" run by semi christian cults. Now the UK has unregulated "brick and mortar" schools what is the world coming towards. Disabled children have the most to loose from this lack of over sight.


""There are people who see this situation as a money-making opportunity."
Gee .. do ya think? Same could be said for Covid and should surprise absolutely no one."

Pfizer sells $7.8 billion in Covid shots in the second quarter, raises 2021 guidance on vaccine sales
"It also raised its 2021 sales forecast for the vaccine to $33.5 billion from $26 billion."
The grand money transfer scheme. All we will be left with is digital debt currency on your vax passport cell phone.


I’m old enough to remember when Tony Blair wouldn’t answer when asked if his child had received the MMR. Still no word on whether or not Gavin Newsom’s
children have had the clot shot. If his children’s opposition to his wife and him missing Halloween kept him from attending a major international climate summit, do you think he would have gone if Richard Pan reminded him that his would be one of the scariest homes in the neighborhood?

Angus Files

Not trying to top you Ann but I had a heed-un, for education say to me yesterday "are there any normal parents around ?" well there are but not many I replied.

A great article thanks again.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

"There are people who see this situation as a money-making opportunity."

Gee .. do ya think? Same could be said for Covid and should surprise absolutely no one.

"We seriously need to face these questions."

What 'questions"? Any questions can be answered by AUTISM SPEAKS .. nothing to question here .. decades of ever increasing .. relentless increasing .. in SPECIAL NEEDS GROWTH IS DUE TO BETTER DIANOSING AND BROADER SPECTRUM .. and AUTISM SPEAKS answer is .. and has ALWAYS BEEN .. AWARENESS .. LIGHT IT UP BLUE!!!!


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