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Thankful Tuesday

Thank you donationI want to thank each and every donor during 2021, and especially during our matching gift campaign.  Your generosity in this tough year has bowled me over.  Our matching gift program launched with a large donation of cryptocurrency that opened a new revenue stream for us. Individual donations poured in throughout November and we blew away our goal with a final tally just over $11,000 PLUS Laura Hayes $5,000 matching gift. This means we enter our 15th year of publication going strong. Last Spring, I was very close to shutting us down as of January, 2022. AofA seemed superfluous. Then I realized, no way. We're needed now more than ever as kids age out into adulthood and COVID affects the globe with the architects we've been writing about for years. And we are, a family. One that I'll never divorce.  (Wink, wink.)  So THANK YOU!

It's giving Tuesday. If you would like to donate, please use our DONATE button (scroll down to the orange button) - it goes through Bank of America and is secure.  Send a check to Autism Age, PO Box 110546 Trumbull CT 06611. We can also accept Crypto through Coinbase, and other methods of capital gains, just email me, Kim Rossi at [email protected]

Kim, Mia, Gianna and Isabella



Don't ever shut down. Keep it going. As long as there is any kid anywhere who can be helped. Any parent who can be warned. Any life to be saved. Good work to you Kim, and everyone else who contributes.

PS: You're on my daily read list (I open a group of tabs once a day, and AofA is the first on this list of about 10).

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