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LFL-photoSo..... Robert Kennedy Jr's book The Real Anthony Fauci soared to #6 on Amazon this weekend.  We're hoping it might break the top five. But even if it does, you can be sure that it has been blacklisted by reviewers and might not even make the best sellers' publicized lists.  But we are nothing if not creative. If you have a Little Free Library in your town, place a copy inside. A little free thinking could go a long way.

What is a Little Free Library?



What about books to benefit ASD kids, teens, and adults? About social skills, healthy recipes, crafts, communication aids, PEC books, etc?

A wonderful company called FunSchooling makes disability-friendly books about social skills, life skills, cooking, crafts, special interest workbooks, reading, math, writing, even minecraft workbooks, especially for kids with autism and dyslexia.

Kids with ASD might potentially crave learning languages, but many ASD kids find them too difficult and end up quitting, unless higher functioning, it seems. I would recommend Glosbe (online dictionary), kids language books, picture dictionaries, and even Duolingo (free, with optional payments). Fluenz is too expensive and has very loud noises and videos of eye contact, which might both scare ASD kids.

and of course, regular exposure to their desired language (e.g. Japanese - NHK news, Duolingo, kids Japanese videos and JP language kids video games imported from Japan, etc, and Tuttle Publishing’s Japanese books and cookbooks).

I see Traditional Japanese and Traditional Chinese culture, cuisine, architecture, lifestyles, and values as key to solving America’s most dire, pervasive issues and crises.

Sadly, the U.S. government has sold itself out to vaccines, colonialism, violence, and the evil CCP, after decades of depending on Chinese labor for the simplest inedible products. The government cannot be trusted.


I have one in my front yard!

Bob Moffit

Odd that RFK hasn't received media coverage of his book? Alan Dershowitz is on shows constantly introduced by announcing his new book .. "The Case FOR mandated vaccines" ..and NONE of those shows ask Dershowitz what his argument for mandated vaccines are? STRANGE HOW MEDIA IGNORES OR PROMOTES BOOKS … been going on for my entire life .. corporate version of BOOK BURNING.


What a great idea!

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