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Freedom from Fear

By Cathy Jameson

Growing up, I loved Sesame Street.  Blessed to receive a toy that was the actual Sesame Street street, it was a perfect Fisher Price toy that sparked playtime fun.  When I became a parent, my children also watched Sesame Street and also got to play with my old toys, to include playing with my Fisher Price Little People.  Treasured items of mine, I wanted my kids to have an opportunity to create similar memories that I had with characters that I once cherished. Fisher Price Sesmae Street

Some days I’d be grateful that a kids’ show like Sesame Street was on when my children were younger.  For the few minutes I’d let them watch TV by themselves, I could switch a load of laundry or catch up on phone calls or emails.  The show had gone from mostly education and entertaining to political by the time my kids started watching, though.  I didn’t wander off too far because of that.  I wanted to hear the conversations the Muppets and puppets were having. 

Some conversations were about typical-kid related things. 

Some were getting a too little edgy. 

Other kids’ shows, and books  I was discovering, were also getting too edgy.

With how quickly the television as well as paid pharmaceutical commercials were influencing my very young children, we knew we had to do something.  We immediately turned off the cable. 

We have no regrets that of pulling the plug.  We stream what we want to watch now, or we catch up on news and coverage of other events online.  I know we can’t screen every commercial or juvenile skit that my children may see when they’re on the internet.  But we can shield them from some of the propaganda and normalizing the media is advertising.  If I haven’t been able to do that, we talk about what they or we have recently seen and heard.  Looking at the ridiculousness of what the media has been allowed to do can spark quite a discussion!  It helps me know that they understand the manipulation that’s happening to today’s youth, and it gives me a chance to talk to my kids about what we as a family would like to support.  I can remind them of what we absolutely will not support in those conversations, too.  

The latest example we talked about was injecting make-believe characters on one of my favorite childhood shows and the commentary that followed it.  My older kids could see through the propaganda. “They’re making it look like it’s normal and safe.”  “I hate that word effective that they throw around with this sort of stuff.  It’s been so overused.”  My youngest immediately questioned the act itself, “Why would they do that?  They’re not real, and they’re not even people.”

If the media and our government didn’t advertise pharmaceutical products to children, I wouldn’t worry so much about what my kids and their peers are being exposed to.  The FDA clearly states the practice of advertising drugs to kids is not allowed.

So why are children’s characters on daytime television shows being vaccinated on air today? Because, technically, it might not be advertising. Craftily woven into part of the show’s dialogue, these types of segments are not paid commercials in the traditional sense. 

Does that make it ethical

I don’t think so. 

But the show, or the corporations that run and support it, get to promote liability-free pharmaceutical products anyway.  Just like adult celebrities endorsing the shots in the early stages of the roll out, younger Americans are now being influenced by their “celebs” to also get the COVID shot.

It’s too bad because Sesame Street has used their platform to talk about recoverable illnesses and natural remedies before.  Happily, with time, Oscar did go back to his normal, grouchy self after catching the Grouch Flu.

With rest and some support from friends, Big Bird didn’t need to be so anxious because he did get through the short-lived Birdy Pox.

While those episodes promoted a simpler path toward recovery, the show’s taken the opportunity to promote vaccines before, like when Elmo teamed up with the Surgeon General in 2015.

With that guest appearance, it really was no surprise that Elmo’s daddy and another Muppet would talk about getting the COVID jab on the show recently.   Even so, it’s disappointing that the children’s entertainment industry eagerly hawked products that can cause injury and death

While not mentioned by name, the adults in charge of the children watching the show know which specific vaccine the characters received, even if it’s a pretend one going in.  As for the real ones going into the arms of real children as young as 5-years old, (and soon to be 6-month olds) it should matter that both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, two of three COVID19 vaccine manufacturers, have faced legal action that resulted in massive fines.  It should matter that children’s companies, both non- and for-profit, are pushing a biased narrative.  It should matter that the narrative ignores that long-term studies of a still experimental vaccine have yet to be conducted.  And it does matter that gaining natural immunity post illness, something that used to be recognized and respected, doesn’t account for anything.  US Surgeon General Murthy recognizes and made a point to talk about antibodies in one of the older videos above.  He says that, “Antibodies are like superheroes.  They can spot the germs a mile away and take them out before they ever make you sick.”  But like other television doctors insist, antibodies only count if you get them from a vial.  

With that kind of misinformation being heavily promoted on all media sources and for all ages to see, children these days won’t learn to trust their own immune system as well as younger generations could.  They’ll find themselves trusting a false narrative or worse, trusting a false prophet.  I have a feeling that that’s going to cause some sticky situations, which could’ve been avoided, in the not so distant future. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.  



5-11 year old jab update:

10% of US kids ages 5 to 11 have started COVID-19 vaccine

"By the end of today 2.6 million American children ages 5 to 11 will have gotten their first shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, meaning 10% of that age-group will have started the two-dose series in the first 10 days the vaccines have been available."

"During a White House briefing today, Walensky said although unvaccinated Americans still make up most new hospitalizations, the CDC is seeing indictors of rising breakthrough infections, including increasing hospitalizations for those 65 and older who are fully vaccinated, and among residents in long-term care facilities."

"The CDC COVID Data Tracker shows that 58.9% of Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (two doses), 68.6% have received at least one dose of vaccine, and 15.7% of fully vaccinated Americans have received a booster dose."

"The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has scheduled a meeting to discuss booster efficacy and safety at the end of the week. Moderna is expected to ask the FDA to approve a booster dose of its vaccine in the coming days as well for people 18 and older."

"A conservative-leaning federal appeals court was selected yesterday to decide challenges to the Biden administration's vaccine requirement for companies with 100 or more employees, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday."

Let's keep an eye on these children. I still don't know how they can tell if the jab is "working" since they have zero Covid risk and the jab will not prevent transmission os Sars Cov 2.

Cathy Jameson

Donna L. and Gary...thank you. Your kindness is very much appreciated.
xo, Cat and Crew


To those of you who claim to care about the severely disabled this next story will make you throw up. Daily Mail a British news agency reports this case of murder of a disabled person from November 14 2021.
A man in his 60's with the last name Eisenman killed a 19 year old man with an autism like disability named Sorensen in Spokane,Washington. This murderer stabbed this disabled person 6 times and hid this man body in an abandoned car and then an arrest happened when evidence pointed to Eisenmen. This horrible excuse this bastard is making is that his daughter was being "sex trafficked" by this man named Sorensen who is disabled. Now it seems you can murder someone with a disability by claiming your abled bodied daughter was "sex trafficked" because you do not like your "child" dating a disabled person or whatever the motive was maybe insurance fraud and murder could be another motive. A jury may have bought the supposed sex trafficking claim true or false if the murdered man was not disabled and the body was not hidden but the facts of the case show this Sorensen person was disabled and his body hidden. Look up the names and case facts to get to the article I came across by chance I cannot cut and paste a link.


Do you think Jim Carrey could have written a better sketch? I do.

Gary Ogden

Donna L: Me, too. An impressive bunch. I think the parents may have something to do with it, but they themselves deserve the credit for utilizing the gifts they've been given to make this a better world.


Satire imitates real life......

"Playskool Unveils Vaccinate Me Elmo Doll
*booster shots sold separately"
The Babylon Bee


Is the U.S. government revitalizing its Bison Removal Act for 2021 and beyond? Is it really just “preserving vegetation”? If so, why aren’t they also targeting other NATIVE fauna, such as pronghorns and deer?


Bison is one of North America’s healthiest foods. High in protein, lower in fat, nutrient rich. It was - and is - the staff of life (along with the 3 sisters) to feed the Sioux and neighboring peoples.

Trying to “heal” a bloodthirsty corporation-controlled nation is far worse and less realistic than trying to fix the fictional character Humpty Dumpty, no matter how many kings’ horses and citizens you recruit.

Historical documents, scattered throughout the dark history of the U.S., provides evidence for the FACT that the USA tried to wipe all Native American cultures, histories, languages, and identities off the planet.

I wish I could tell myself “I love the USA” so I won’t be accused of being an extreme left commie wingnut, but truth be told - I don’t love a nation built on anti-Indigenous genocides, slavery, poor education, the CIA, Bill Gates, massive obesity, fast food, vaccines, mobility scooters, pollution, nationalism, and extreme dependence on foreign labor to manufacture the simplest items.

I oppose communism and I don’t dare glorify dictatorships such as Venezuela nor the CCP. But former U.S. supporters, U.S. nationalists, and U.S.-glorifying China Watchers (such as Laowhy, China Insights, NTD, ADV China, etc) must awake and see the ugly truths about “America” (stolen and demolished Indigenous lands seized by charlatans and extremist “Christians”) and that this disgusting fake, counterfeit, post-1491 “America” is not oh-so-much-better than the destitute CCP, nor are either nations a flawless land of unicorns and rainbows.

P.S. Now that I see left wingnut Gen Z peoples/Zoomers glorifying the U.S. flag in regards to our ruthless dictator and hypocrite Joe Biden, the U.S. should disgust you more than ever. I love America, not this demented colonial backwater with vaccines aplenty, food running out due to vaccine mandates.

Donna L.

Whenever I think there is no hope left at all for humanity, I think of the Jameson kids. And instantly, I feel better. :)



Too many jabs can turn you green and land you in the SWAMP.....chasing rainbows.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Cathy. Absolutely sickening what has happened to Sesame Street. This is the definition of pure evil, targeting children to make some new billionaires. Woe to our once-great nation. The values I grew up with, in the pre-Sesame Street era-taught at Sunday School and from our founding documents in school have vanished from the public space, to be replaced by greed. Thanks, also for the Norman Rockwell. The Four Freedoms paintings were a big hit when they toured the nation. Now they seem to have gone away, like Joe DiMaggio.

Bob Moffit

As bad as using Sesame Cartoon characters like Big Bird to spew vaccine propaganda to children .. Pharma is also advertising to children 5 and older that being vaccinated makes you a SUPERHEROE .. just like Superman and Spiderman ..protecting the world from covid.

Pharma drugs products ought not be given license to advertise their DANGEROUS PRODUCTS on main stream media … INCLUDING TELEVISION .. as history has proven many pharma products were eventually proven to CAUSE INJURY AND DEATH .. such as … VIOXX, OPIOIDS, TALCUM POWDER, THALIDOMIDE .. on and on .. resulting in THOUSANDS OF INJURIES REQUIRING MAJOR DRUG COMPANIES TO PAY MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS IN COMPENSATION TO THOSE INJURED. Indeed, there were more death and injuries over decades than were caused by TOBACCO .. making TOBACCO ADVERTISING ILLEGAL.

In my humble opinion .. pharma advertising is among the highest priorities of regaining our once well deserved reputation of HEALTHY CHILDREN .. at one time US was always in top three nations with HEALTHY CHILDREN … no longer do we deserve that ranking … today we are somewhere around 35 .. with 54% of children diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disorder … including autism at 1 in 35. IT MUST END .. WE OWE IT TO FUTURE GENERATIONS TO COME.


This is a great piece of work.
There are things that needs to be in the Chronicles of propaganda geared toward children.
How even a sweet little child's program was not over looked.


The massive amounts of advertising done on behalf of coronavirus shots has been OK with the FDA because it has been the government doing it, not the corporations. You smartly point out, Cathy, that the only shot EUA'd for little kids is the Pfizer one, but because it is not Pfizer sponsoring the ad (or the product placement on Sesame Street), it's not violating the terms of the EUA or other FDA regulations. The government can't break its own rules, right? hahaha...

One funny thing is that the animal coronavirus shots, developed by Zoetis, have faced much more careful scrutiny than the people ones. During background research for my work, I learned from the company that "Our vaccine is authorized for experimental use on a case by case basis by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the appropriate state veterinarians" and "The zoo veterinarians determine which animals they vaccinate based on their own risk assessments." Wouldn't it be nice if FDA were as careful about sticking humans as USDA is about sticking animals? Heck--they even admit that it's "experimental use" and do it only on a "case by case basis."

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