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Health Freedom Defense Fund Sues Los Angeles Unified School District Over Staff Vaccine Mandate

Parents Who Abdicate Responsibility? 112 VA Kids Overdosed with C Jab.

Child arrow appleVirginia Pharmacy Gave Wrong COVID Vaccine Dosage to Children 5-11

A pharmacy in Loudoun County, Virginia, gave the wrong COVID-19 vaccine dosage to some children, worrying parents and leading health officials to send out a warning to families Wednesday.

The number was 112 kids, not “some.” And I’d like to know if they even HAD the pediatric product.

Parents are going full "Jackass" over the 5-11` Covid vaccine, throwing any rational caution to the wind. 112 kids were overdosed in Virginia just days into the “shoot now ask no questions later” campaign.  There will be many more mistakes like this, by idiot pharma techs and interns (yes, pharma tech interns can dose) who don't seem to know that the ped dose has an orange cap and us 1/3 the adult dose. Adult begins at age 12. How many greedy pharmacies that think they can pull a fast one and use the wrong dose that’s in stock to save a buck?  The worst of it is the complete lack of parental responsibility.  Pathetic. There's no other word for it. Here are a few other dumb moves, can you add your own in the comments?

I let the amusement park worker help my 5 year old get into the ride and fasten the safety belt while I grab a cup soda and a hot dog.

I let my child go into the dressing room alone at Macy's to try on bathing suits.

My child logs onto the Internet and surfs any site he or she wants.

I leave the safety cap off the vitamins and medicines in our home to save time in the morning.

My child uses the airport bathroom by herself.

I let a pharma tech or intern OVERdose my child with an experimental vaccine that has a critical yet easily recognized visual difference from the adult dose. 




What does Walensky do to earn her paycheck?

'What Percent Of CDC Employees Are Vaccinated?': Cassidy Grills Walensky At Senate Hearing
Very important line of questioning!


Societies cannot survive if the bulk of their domestic populations are violent, autistic, and chronically ill.

The “you hurt muh feelings” Neurodiversity movement can kiss my arse. There are no unicorns nor rainbows in severe, aluminum induced, regressive, and violent autism, nor in barbaric psych wards or hellish childhood vaccine procedures.






The autism rates cannot be a mere 1 in 39. 80% of kids have disabilities?

80% of our young population is handicapped?


Unjabbed children are the key to our survival!

The children form an important NATURAL herd immunity line of defense for the global population. Replacing it with waning artificial jab immunity could be a disaster!



UNKNOWN RISK: Pfizer admits more studies are needed on myocarditis risk linked to COVID vaccines for kids

"The statement was buried in the briefing documents for Pfizer’s vaccine for kids under 12 years old. It reads: “The number of participants in the current clinical development program is too small to detect any potential risks of myocarditis associated with vaccination. Long-term safety of COVID-19 vaccine in participants 5 to <12 years of age will be studied in 5 post-authorization safety studies, including a 5-year follow-up study to evaluate long-term sequelae of post-vaccination myocarditis or pericarditis.”

In its overall risk-benefit conclusions, Pfizer stated that the number of participants in their current clinical development program is too small to detect any potential risks of myocarditis that is associated with vaccinations."


Thanksgiving Vaccine Clearance sale.....a real TURKEY!

The adult jabs are nearing the expiration date. Time to water them down and give them to the kiddies. If they could just get the dilution right.....

Again! Nearly 100 students get wrong dose of COVID vaccine at school

"For the second time in less than a week, dozens of children in the Washington, D.C., area were given the wrong dose of the Pfizer vaccine."

"Parents of 98 children were notified by phone of the mistake on Monday. To make up for the diluted amount, the kids who received the incorrect dosage will receive an additional shot this Wednesday."


Thank you very much for your kind words and advice. A young person, got both modernas, after not being able to take the isolation of living alone in a single apartment working from home and not seeing people. Seems to be doing a bit better right now. Yes, I agree autoimmune issues are imo a likely a potential side effect, along with already CDC acknowledged clotting, bleeding and heart issues. It horrifies me to see how many star athletes are collapsing with cardiac arrest already. Please God, protect our children and our loved ones.


Hera, I am sorry to hear about your relative. I wonder if she can connect with an immunologist/rheumatologist. She doesn't have to lead with "I got the coronavirus shots." Her symptoms are suggestive of lupus, so someone who specializes in autoimmune diseases ought to be interested in seeing her. Once she has an evaluation, testing, etc., she will have more information to use in finding treatment.

I interviewed a doctor a few months ago who thinks the virus and the shots provoke an autoimmune reaction in some people. I'm hopeful that his hypothesis will receive more attention and testing.


@Michael S.

I think Comet Pingpong Pizza would be perfect for a first date. LOL!

Michael S.

@Emmaphiladelphia "Bill Gates ditches the Mister Rogers look..... "

What a hoot! Thanks for sharing.

"Caligula?" Sure. Maybe a little Michael Caine?

Do you think he's looking for a new mate? Perhaps the woman who does the spirit cooking with the Podesta clan? He might like "walnut" salads.


Remember this?

"New York Gov. Hochul tells (non-Catholic minority) Christian worshippers: 'God wants you to be vaccinated'"

Now, Governor Hochul is targeting the 5-11 year olds. She gave up on her "voice from God" thing. Now it's just coercing the parents:
"The school mask mandate in New York State can only be lifted after parents “do the right thing” and vaccinate their children..."


Money First! (Forget the kids)

All Florida School Districts Defying DeSantis Drop School Mask Mandates

"Every school district in Florida that attempted to defy Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) administration and faced subsequent consequences has dropped their mask requirements in schools."

"After months of battles, every school district defying the administration, ..... have dropped their mandatory masking requirement for students after the Florida Department of Education “voted to withhold funding from after they imposed strict mask mandates despite a state order prohibiting them,” "
Governor DeSantis for the win!
Other states should follow his successful policies.


Bill Gates ditches the Mister Rogers look.....

Now it's the "Caligula" :
(He also admits the vaccines don't work)



Why isn’t there a children’s dose of the flu vaccine? Also, can NJ’s Holly’s Law exempt children from their second (third) dose of Pfizer’s (it’s just the one brand right?) vaccine?

Finally, I always let my children drive blindfolded without seatbelts.


Why isn’t there a child’s dose of the flu vaccine? Also, does New Jersey’s Holly’s Law apply to New Jersey children seeking an exemption from their second (third…) dose of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine?

Also always let my children drive blindfolded without seatbelts.


I have a vaccinated family member ( moderna) who is now getting small blood hemorrhage marks ( petechaie) in fingers; healthy as a horse previously, and has no regular doctor. It seems like America frontline doctors are no longer giving appointments; hoped someone might know of affordable online doctors who help with possible vaccine injury? So scared for them...

Hope all those children are taken to a heart specialist and checked and treated at the pharmacies expense!


Groundwork for Operation Warp Speed laid on September 19, 2019

Executive Order 13887
"Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health"

Looks like my earlier post of "Thanksgiving Clearance Sale" was accurate....

"Dasha Hermosilla told News4 a pharmacist at Ted Pharmacy gave her daughter, 7-year-old Gryffin Fahle, a diluted dose of the vaccine for people 12 and older, which comes in a vial with a purple cap, not the orange cap of the vaccine meant for younger children.
She said the pharmacist told them it was OK."

Angus Files

I remember being told by the school not to walk in front of my son, effectively stopping him nearly every time from running out in front of cars lorries etc chasing feathers as I was "stopping his development" ..no kidding we were meant to let him get run over by a 16 ton lorry chasing feathers to teach him a lesson...oh and he never got his booster MMR even although we were told " he could get mumps and not be able to father any children" Now aged 24 years old with the mental age of 2 years at best.

That's us pesky parents sticking up for our child all day every day.

Pharma For Prison



Yesterday Internet host Alex Jones covered some of the same ground as Del Bigtree, with a thick stack of headlines from all over the world showing star athletes dead or incapacitated after taking the shot. He is well worth following, for that and many other reasons.

All this takes me back, painfully, to the day the teenage brother of one of my friends dropped dead while running track at his high school - 65 years ago. I hadn't heard of a single case since. The myocarditis that took his life was indeed rare, at the time.

not-paid-to-think Mom

When I am not letting my toddlers wander into other yards to pet pit bulls, I am dropping them off at the community pool for some alone time. I encourage older children teach my little ones games like limbo under the garage door while it is closing.

Maurine Meleck

There is no question that this will continue to happen with more little ones getting the vaccine. I have heard that infants to age 5 will start sometime in January. Was there ever any question this would come to pass? Feeling sick.


I trust the curricula taught in our public schools since it was set at the state level by top educators.

I don't bother to ask questions or research the curricula and I really don't care if their values replace our family values with respect to politics, race, religion, sexuality, health, or ethics.

Bob Moffit

I always used J&J talcum powder containing asbestos on my infant children and occasion I use it on myself.

Yesterday .. Del Bigtree had segment citing 75 incidents … many captured on film .. of healthy young athletes collapsing on field or courts … suffering heart-attacks … all of whom had NO HISTORY OF HEART PROBLEMS OR THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO COMPETE IN ORGANIZED SPORTS .. BUT .. ALL WERE RECENTLY VACCINATED.

It was terrifying watching these athletes suddenly drop to the ground and being immediately surrounded by team-mates .. these 75 are known due to collapsing during competition … happening all over the world … I wonder how many are NOT KNOWN because they happen off field or courts???

Wonder how many parents say I had my child vaccinated so he could compete in the sport he loves … no vaccination can't play ..

These experimental vaccines have been approved and NO KNOWS WHAT LIES AHEAD FOR THOSE VACCINATED. NO ONE .. NOT FDA, HHS, CDC, PHARMA .. NO ONE.

Gary Ogden

Mass murder of the elderly, followed by the middle-aged, young adults, and teens is not enough. Now targeting children? A life sentence at hard labor is too lenient for these vicious Satanic criminals, Fauci, Gates, Brandon, Wallensky, and all the rest.


I grab any old cough medicine at the drugstore and use a spoon from my kitchen to measure it for my toddler.

In all seriousness, vaccines and "vaccines" should be made fluorescent green. Because they're clear, people seem to be brainwashed into thinking they're practically inert.

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