New Anti-Vaxxer
Video Trailer for The Real Anthony Fauci New From Robert Kennedy Jr

November 8, 2021

Today is the tomorrow
"Distribution of pediatric vaccinations across the country started this week, with plans to scale up to full capacity starting the week of November 8th. Vaccines will be available at thousands of pediatric healthcare provider offices, pharmacies, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and more."  Source: CDC Recommends Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 5 to 11 Years

 Here is the statistical fact sheet on Youth and & Cardiovascular disease from the American Heart Association in 2013. A reference point we hope we don't have to review in the coming months and years.



The severe and international deterioration of proper childhood development continues.

But can’t possibly be vaccines or aluminum adjuvants, let alone our fake, industrialized, and toxic food supply… right? Just keep blaming it all on genetics and bad parenting?

Autism Mom

Guess what the definition of "infrastructure" is now, that the money is out of the purse....

But how will we handle all of the dead children? Don't worry we think these things through...


An informative interview with Dr. Zelenko:

Morag Lyons

We are not slaves or serfs ,we are free people .
Our gut instinct is not a pain in the neck, ! It is there to be a guide and a helper .
So if something looks wrong ,sounds wrong ,feels wrong, and smells wrong ?
What ye gonnie do with it? not think ? or perhaps just follow the crowd ?
Throw a coin and take a chance ? with no going back on your decision ? at all !
Or give the decision a big body swerve until you review all the available scientific information available !

We are so much more capable and competent rather than this totalitarian tosh!

Runrig -Running to the light - YouTube
Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster
The Crew Were Not Afraid !


HE has been seen!!!!
He is at a wedding of a billionaire's granddaughter that Poloski officiated. Getty - who ever.
HE was masked!
He had worked quietly out of his office for the past week and half at the capitol they said.
He could have made the trip to Scotland, to the Climate Change thing and back again with ease and still went to the wedding.

So not whole body paralyzed, but just maybe that masked face hiding Bell's Palsy.

That is if he even really got the vaccine.


The masks are also a problem...

"They Accidentally Admitted Masking Kids is Harmful to their Development"
Excellent video commentary.
Save Our Children!


Bob, you are a good man.
I need to have some self reflection for a couple of hours - cause I want him to be very sick. I am disappointed in myself , and in spite of that --- I am glad. Of course I am clear across the country and not witnessing his suffering. Once I saw his suffering; I might find my heart?

But why I beat myself up at my joy of him might being vaccine injured, I have not lost sight of the very real possibility that the chance of him getting the actually vaccine is like - very small; cause the reactions are so high that the whole industry could not possibly take a chance and give him a real one.
But perhaps -- perhaps some one in the chain of custody of a faux one did not get the message?

Bob Moffit

If rumors circulating that Gavin Newsome suffered a serious adverse reaction to his recent "booster" shot of covid vaccine .. some are saying it could be Gulliane Barr Syndrome (GBS) .. a well known possibility .. the seriousness of GBS varies from short term to life-long suffering I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Hopefully this rumor is wrong and Gavin remains as healthy as when he received the booster .. but … if it is true .. Gavin has a duty to report his injury to alert others the vaccine has potential SERIOUS RISKS to all receiving it … that warning would be greatly appreciated as Gavin has been extremely careless in advocating relentlessly that the BENEFITS OF THE VACCINE OUTWEIGH THE KNOWN RISKS.

Let's pray for Gavin's health … no one deserves suffering a SERIOUS ADVERSE EVENT TO A VACCINE.


Thank you, it sounds like he doesn't want anyone to see him or know of his condition, if he has a condition.

I became interested in Gulliane Barre when the Dallas Cowboys all pro center got it a couple years ago during flu shot season. Fortunately there are treatments like plasmapheresis, that seem to help. ivig, steroids. It's pretty hard to shut down an auto immune reaction though, if indeed, our Governor is having one.

I only became slightly interested in Newsom yesterday and in reading about him, I learned that he was dyslexic as child, found Plumpjack stores with his friend Gordon Getty, was mayor of SF, and had quite a well known extramarital affair with his secretary.

I hope after today, he bans vaccines in California, it should have been done a long time ago.

Laura Hayes

Regarding Newsom:


Excellent question

Where is Gavin Newsom ?


From Emma's link

The Mysterious Disappearance of Gavin Newsom…He Hasn’t Been Seen Publicly Since His Booster Shot Appearance
by Missy CraneNovember 6, 2021
The Mysterious Disappearance of Gavin Newsom…He Hasn’t Been Seen Publicly Since His Booster Shot Appearance

Many people are wondering if Gavin Newsom is okay. The governor of California, who recently survived a recall vote, hasn’t been seen in public since he got his COVID booster shot. And now, he’s nowhere to be found. But not just that, he abruptly canceled his attendance at the Climate Change summit in Europe, and we all know how deeply involved in the Climate Cult Gavin is. You’d think wild horses couldn’t drag him from that event. But he didn’t attend. Not even “virtually” as his spokesperson said he would."


Vaccine injury all year round, Native American restoration activism one month each year (November).

The USA is rapidly headed towards the same path as mainland China.

R.I.P. Scott Wyatt (Arizona father of two autistic unemployable individuals)

(Don’t trust the NeedToKnow article praising Kerri Rivera, autism is multi-faceted, and she is/was advertising MMS which is actually toxic BLEACH used as a magical “cure” for autism. MMS was condemned by numerous neurodiversity organizations - even though I do not support the ND movement, as it is propaganda normalizing violent and severe autism cases, and advocating for one-size-fits-all autism solutions).


Big Bird and Cookie Monster risk it all!


Angus Files

Sooooo!!! the first two trial vaccines never worked but the third will. Trust me I`m a pharma salesman..

Mr Johnson warns 'too many' double-jabbed Brits in hospital with Covid

Too many double-jabbed Britons are being hospitalised with Covid, Boris Johnson warned today as he urged people to come forward for booster doses.

Pharma For Prison



#AxeTheVax starts today



Proverbs 22:7. The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

Polly exposes what the elite are doing with all the Covid business debt they created. The rise of corporate fascism....

"WOKE CREDIT? Uh-oh. The Global Extortion Racket Just Got More Dangerous"


Big Bird and Rochelle Walenski are tweeting. I guess it’s true what’s they say some things really are for the birds.

I’ll show myself out.


Big Bird caves to Executive coercion!
Takes the clot shot!
Sesame Street to be cancelled soon due to muppet shortage?

BTW, where is Governor Newsom?

"The Mysterious Disappearance of Gavin Newsom…He Hasn’t Been Seen Publicly Since His Booster Shot Appearance"


Weeded out of positions of power if they test out as a socialpath, or some other dark mental illness.


Mercola had on the lawyer Meryl Nass - a video and it will be there for the next 14 hours.

She say that the recently licensed Comirnaty is unavailable because then they could be sued for injuries. So instead they are using the exact same vaccine -called by a different name all so it will still be under the emergency use Prep act. No one can sue under the emergency use. Well as long as there are no other treatments. That was what all that fight against horse medicine , Lupus medicine , and the Hydroxychloroquine overdose study in the Lancet was all about. They are all about not having to pay up on those blood clot victims; according to the Prep act.

Of course all of you here understood that forever ago.

But why have a licensed vaccine at all? .

It goes back to the childhood vaccine act of 86. I think I understand this right?

It has to be a licensed vaccine to begin with for adults, before it can be used on children and pregnant women. Only then - once it is used not toward adults, but toward children -- then the companies again cannot be sued, and it gets in the mandated vaccine schedule for children for all time; and the tax payer pays for injuries. .

But right now - does the emergency prep act protect pharma companies against injuries for children too, and babies?

If that is the case; they are just thinking long term booster shots, and for new babies for all time?

In the future if the human race is to survive; anyone in a position of power is going to have to be weeded out of those positions - by some kind of test or something.

Angus Files

The hospitals are full to bursting with illness which wasn't with us until after the COVID CLOGID JAB..wake up people its a bit more than hurting the feelings of Big Bird.

In coming for Big Bird from Sesame Street, the anti-vaxxers have finally pushed it too far

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

Not to worry … Public health career bureaucrats .. FDA, CDC. HHS, NIH, on and on … will continue to rely upon the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) to monitor and report ALL VACCINE REPORTS OF ADVERSE EVENTS .. the ONLY monitoring system ever installed .. known for decades for being absolutely UNRELIABLE .. reportedly capturing less than 2% of adverse vaccine events.

Worth repeating from Del Bigtree's presentation of Senate hearing featuring victims of vaccine injuries and revealing the absolutely reckless indifferent of VAERS to their suffering adverse events following vaccine .. such as .. one young girl in a wheelchair with breathing tubes visible .. whose mother testified for her because this young VICTIM could no longer communicate, walk, function anywhere near normal .. whose report to VAERS stated her adverse event was a "stomach ache".


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