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“Neurodiversity is the new normal”

Happy Sensory Ladies
Suzanne Marino For The Current

Note: Mission accomplished. The world is happy to be autistic. Our children were early adopters. We could all use a padded cell - I mean, "sensory room."

By Anne Dachel

Stories from the past week present two views of the decline of children everywhere in the world as posted on my site, Loss of Brain Trust.

First of all, there’s the nothing-is-really-wrong with kids who can’t talk, behave or learn like children have always been expected to. They are the new normal of the enlightened 21st century.

We can see this positive attitude in stories about neurodiversity and in the promotion of “sensory rooms” in schools, also known as “calming rooms,” for kids today who can’t handle stress.

A story from Northfield, NJ showed a colorful, toy-filled room with four smiling adults. We were told, “Studies have shown the rooms are useful for reducing and managing stress and aggression.”

A similar report from Woodstock, VA announced the benefits of a $5,000 room referred to as “Chillville” where students can “calm down for a few minutes if frustrated, angry or tired.”

In Talladega County, AL, the board of education has turned a retired school bus into a “sensory space” where “students with disabilities can escape when overwhelmed by the school day.”

“We wanted a mobile sensory room that we could bring to all 17 schools into our county,” Special Education Coordinator with TCBOE, Michelle Head said.

In addition there were stories reminding us that we need to “celebrate,” literally, all the neurologically impaired students flooding our schools.

Maldon, England’s Standard ran the story, Plume Academy celebrates 'superpowers' for ADHD Awareness Month.

A SCHOOL launched a project celebrating the “superpowers” of its neurodiverse students and those with disabilities. This year Maldon’s Plume Academy staff and students launched an exciting project in support of ADHD Awareness Month….

Hannah Wells, Plume's Deputy SENCO, said: "ADHD Awareness Month seeks to highlight the positives of neurodiversity - meaning that all of our brains function slightly differently, and this is what makes us brilliant and unique.

Those ‘superpowers’ include AUTISM.

"Neurodiversity encompasses lots of conditions, such as ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Autism and more….”

It is the ultimate absurdity to “celebrate” the conditions disabling a generation of children in the modern world, yet we’re routinely told we should.

On the English-speaking island of Malta in the Mediterranean, there was more positive news about neurodiversity.

We have been celebrating neurodiversity in all its shapes and sizes. Activities are taking place across our school to raise awareness about the strengths and challenges of neurodiverse individuals. …


Neurodiversity is the new normal, we ban the average and celebrate wondrous variety, in an inclusive school where everyone can fit in.


Instead of addressing what’s happening to millions of children around the world, we’re surrendering to it. We pretend nothing is wrong, or we actually embrace the nightmare and declare it’s something to be happy about.


Of course that’s nonsense. All these sick and disabled kids mean schools have to come up with costly support for them.

In the real world, especially in the U.K., there is another side to this. The financial impact of all the “neurodiversity” has resulted in mounting debt.

Devon is a county in southwest England where additional funding from the U.K. government simply isn’t enough to cover the COST of disabled students.

EXTRA money for schools in Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak’s budget on Wednesday last week has been welcomed by Devon County Council — albeit with the caveat that the extra funds are not enough to bring the county’s schools up to the same level as those elsewhere in the country….


The extra money for special needs education with more places for our most vulnerable children is also welcome but it doesn’t appear to address the continuing disparity in the funding we get and the increasing needs we have to satisfy. …

There was another story out of Devon about special education overspends that revealed really scary cost figures.

A further £36 million [$48M] expected to be added to the debt Leading Devon councillors are urging the government to clarify funding for special education after the county’s overspend on the service was projected to rise to £85 million [$114M].


They’ve come up with a debt “ARRANGEMENT” regarding SPED costs.

Councils have been told to put overspends for supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) into separate accounts for three years until April 2023. It means the shortfall doesn’t currently count towards Devon’s main revenue figures.

The county council entered this financial year with a total overspend of £49 million [$66M] in its ring-fenced SEND account. It expects to add a further £36 million [$48M] to the debt in 2021/22, according to the latest budget report. But it is still not known what will happen to the debt when the arrangement ends.

Moving the debt down the road three years doesn’t take into account the fact that there are going to be MORE SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS. There always are. It’s now a given.

This is what they’re seeing:.

…this year’s projected overspend on SEND of £36 million [$48M]had increased by almost £3 million [$4m] from the last update in September, due mainly to increasing demand in new requests for education and health care plans (EHCPs)….…

As a result of the extra demand,


I’m no economist, but this practice can’t possibly work in the long run.


Additional stories continue the scenario of decline and higher costs.

The press in Ipswich, a town in southeast England, put out a brief announcement of yet another new special school.

The Department for Education put forward the application in summer for a 60-place SEN school that would accommodate children between the ages of nine and 16. …

A pre-application found no objections from the county council amid an "urgent requirement" for SEN schools across the area. …

This would include increasing school places,…

The BBC reported that Ofsted, the office that oversees education al standards, told the council in Wolverhampton , a city of about 250,000 in the West Midlands of England, that they were failing “many families” with special needs kids.

The main concerns raised during the inspection included long waits for children's needs to be assessed, quality of education, health and care plans being "too variable" and transitions in a child's life not being well planned. …

Inspectors also said many families "do not know where to turn to for support" …

There are 200 children on waiting lists.

Another story from Ipswich featured an MP who called for making special ed “a priority in school inspections” and that ‘all mainstream schools should be SEN schools.’

The MP said: “I was pleased that the Secretary of State for Education agreed with me, that all mainstream schools should be SEN schools.”

Mr Hunt welcomed the Budget's announcement of £2.6billion [$3.5B] of new funding across the next three years for new school places for children with SEND.

From East Anglia there was a story about the mother of an autistic son who had been “rejected from eight different schools in Norfolk and Suffolk.”

This particular child is not alone.

According to the National Autistic Society's school report published in 2021, across the UK, three quarters of parents said their child's school place did not meet their child's needs, doubling since the previous education report was published in 2017.

Parents also reported facing huge battles trying to get help, with 57pc saying they had to wait more than a year for support and 26pc waiting over three years.

The mother in the story was quoted saying, ‘The system is broken, the government must act.’

This was the county’s response:

A spokesperson for Suffolk County Council said: “Through our capital programme, the council has created an additional 210 extra school places this year for children with high needs and will be providing a further 260 extra places next year.

Seriously, we need to stop the continuous increases and look for the root causes.

Why isn’t this ever talked about?

We’re seeing massive changes in the health and development of children, yet we do nothing to figure out why it’s happening.

In Wiltshire, in southern England, they’re planning for a $39M special school. The contractors are ‘delighted.’

Another special school is announced for Peterborough in eastern England, something that is pretty much routine in the news in the U.K.

The school itself would be limited to a maximum of 21 pupils, ranging from 9 to 19 years old…

Finally, in a bizarre letter to the editor in the Irish Times, a school principal in Mullah, Co Cavan, Ireland complained about the lack of special ed training mainstream teachers are given in college.

[T]eachers are not necessarily trained to work in special classes when they come out of college. This surely begs the question, why not?

Actually it begs the question: Why should mainstream teachers today have to be trained to work in special classes?

In schools today the reality is that regular ed is now special ed.

Principal Ronan MacNamara acknowledged that THERE ARE MORE DISABLED STUDENTS (but that’s not the problem, according to him).

[A]s the number of special classes soars, [there is] the very significant increase in pupils now accessing special class places….

Young, aspiring teachers now spend four years attending the colleges of education. It is imperative that their training prepares them for working in our 21st-century inclusive education system.

The “very significant increase” is not a real concern. In fact, Principal MacNamara called the explosion in special ed “a most welcome development in Irish education.”

I have to end with that. At the same time the numbers and costs are unstoppable, educators and news reporters see no real problem. This scenario can continue forever, it seems. Celebrating neurodiversity will make it all go away.



Diana and Bill,

If one vaccine can cause severe harm for life, is a Del Bigtree style “safer, smaller, delayed” vaccine schedule ideal? No. Del Bigtree also said he’d take vaccines for “a disease terrifying enough”.

Are violent autistic rages, property destruction, horrid gastrointestinal and sensory issues, mental hospitalization, and tragic child-to-parent murder cases worth a “safer, smaller, delayed” vaccine schedule?


Hi Diana,
I wish you well also, and am glad that so far you are enjoying good health.
The death of your friend from vaccine injuries is heart breaking. The CDc gives almost no exemptions for pre existing conditions, ( even myocarditis from the vaccine!! means they suggest you get another injection after it is temporarily ? resolved) The fact that the long term survival from recurrent myocarditis at 3- 5 years is somewhere between only 50!! and 83 %.
From this article, the survival rate is even worse for kids.
Children diagnosed with acute myocarditis have only a 60% likelihood of transplantation-free survival at 10 years.6 Myocarditis has been linked as the cause of sudden cardiac death in young adults in up to 12% of cases,
So the question for you, is, as Benedetta already pointed out; what happens if you or those you love react badly to your boosters? ( And currently, CNN is already writing articles stating that three vaccines are needed to be fully vaccinated, and Israel is already talking about booster number 4).

If this happens to you, ( and at least in the experience of those in the military with the anthrax vaccine, the odds of injury increased with every shot) will you think it fair to treat you the way the mandates require others with medical or religious exemptions to be treated? Fired? No unemployment benefits? Unable to eat in restaurants? In some places, unable to buy clothes in a store? And no compensation for your medical bills ( which can include ICU stays for severe myocarditis.)
In Minamata, where mercury poisoning started harming a village, some people turned on the injured and said they were making it up. As the mercury poisoning continued, later some of these folk joined the injured themselves. Always good to remember the golden rule of treating others the way you would wish to be treated. I hope you and everyone else stays healthy. But please also have some compassion for others who may not be as lucky.

susan welch

Diana, I would be grateful if you would read this article from Physicians for Informed Consent and then, maybe, let us have your thoughts.


How long ago did you have that last vaccine for covid?
Has it been a year yet? and if you make it a year and no reaction - there is them there ever six months boosters.

Do you feel lucky?

I use to, also, now a days; not so much. I am tired of your attitude - by the way. Probably much more than your hateful attitude for some one that you deem antivaxxers -- I am by the way a vaxxer that regrets - that makes us all here - a regretful vaxxer.
And by the way:
What kind of reaction are you looking for?
Are you expecting a quick, fast reaction -something like an allergic reaction to peanut butter or bee sting - smother close of lungs?
Oh to be that naive - again. LOL. However; that kind of reaction did make me become more aware.

To simple things like:
Does your feet hurt, your hands and legs tingle? Vasculitis is a bitch too. How is that thyroid? How is that period- heavy? Look out thyroid here it comes.

susan welch

Diana. I am pleased your friends and colleagues have not been affected by the vaccines. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for everybody.
As far as vaccines being the trigger for autism is concerned, many of us have seem an immediate reaction after multi, liability free shots, which led to regression and, ultimately, a diagnosis of autism. Your comment is not enough to convince us that we are wrong.



If you had no reaction at all-swollen arm, pain, fatigue- there is always the chance that you received a fake saline vaccine:

China arrests suspects in fake COVID-19 vaccine ring

"Chinese police have arrested more than 80 suspected members of a criminal group that was manufacturing and selling fake COVID-19 vaccines, including to other countries.

Police in Beijing and in Jiangsu and Shandong provinces broke up the group led by a suspect surnamed Kong that was producing the fake vaccines, which consisted of a simple saline solution, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

The vaccines were sold in China and to other countries, although it was unclear which ones."

Also, just because you haven't had a reaction to the first two doesn't mean that the booster is safe:

Pro-Jab Professor’s ‘Quick Death’ After COVID ‘Booster’ Shot
"Zealous COVID vaccine promoting professor who attacked anti-vaxxers as “selfish” dies after getting her third jab."

I wish you well. Just remember that you can still get Covid when it wears off after 6 months and you can still infect others with the virus.


Diana, why do you have such a relaxed view of autism?

You thinking autism is “genetic and hereditary” without any possible links to toxic adjuvants found in vaccines, such as aluminum?

Just keep draining public funds via absolutely massive SPED costs, ASD therapy costs, growing “professional”/government created adult autism services, and special school construction?

Do you have any respect for people with violent, chronically ill autistic children who need to attend expensive special services? Will never have complex jobs?

Bob Moffit

@ Diana

'Both my children had same vaccines at the same office visits and only one has autism. It is heredity and genes and nothing else."

Just curious .. if as you believe .. autism is due to "heredity and genes .. nothing else" .. why did only ONE of your precious children who have exactly the same "heredity and genes" become autistic? Shouldn't BOTH children have same diagnosis? As I said "just curious".


I and my friends are over 55 and I even have a autoimmune disorder and none of us had any reaction to both covid shots. I am so tired of anti-vaxers claiming i people die of the shots. I only know of one vaccinated person dying and she had other severe health problems. It is also ridiculous to claim your child became autistic from vaccines. Both my children had same vaccines at the same office visits and only one has autism. It is heredity and genes and nothing else.


RFK Jr's new book is no weak tea!


Just finished listening to RFK Jr & Dr Mercola’s discussion about the former’s Fauci book. The FOIA’d March Madness/Fantasy Football style infectious illness pandemic bracket drawing that Mr Kennedy published in the book is absolutely galling. As far as totalitarian control is concerned it’s apparent that Covid has definitely come out the winner. However, thus far, with regard to profit it’s bush league material compared to the chronic disease bracket. I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone here which disease Wall Street cashed in on over there. I say, thus far, because who knows what the future holds with the new FDA commissioner nomination? His ties to Pharma companies peddling anti- coagulants seems to hold a clue. I have a sinking feeling it’s going to be ka-ching for the blood clot industry in the not too distant future.

Ladies & Gentlemen place your bets.

Aliss Terpstra

Will we also be told that acquired chronic diarrhea and bowel infections, severe food allergies, malabsorption of essential nutrients, chronic jaundice, necessity for hypoallergenic parenteral tube feeds or jejunostomy pumps due to loss of ability to safely chew and swallow, were all along just benign "gastrodiversity"? Blindness or deafness or pica or extreme intolerances to temperature, sound, light, smell, fabric on skin are light-hearted "sensodiversity"? Need for diapers forever is mere "uridiversity"? Saves on loo paper! Loss of previously acquired speech, replaced by screams, grunts, moans and wails, is just a delightful quirk now called "linguadiversity"? Need for helmets with face guard and body protection for the self-harming and seizures? What kind of "diversity" should we call that? Accept, accept, accept, just put in more special ed at public expense, and do NOTHING to address root cause and prevent it happening to other children, other families?


Why are school system around the world wasting so much money and time in mainstreaming the seriously disabled students when it is cheaper and easier to reopen the special education schools. The parents of seriously and sometimes moderately disabled children fought the LAUSD a school district in Los Angeles countywhich is in California for decades to allow the special education schools to stay open and they finally lost around 2010. There is rarely an article to advocate for this point on Age of Autism.


This is a good article.
Most Americans think on it very little - and when they do - their thoughts on it, there have always been kids like this around.
Well maybe, but the numbers?

Mullah, Co Cavan, Ireland School Principle is right. In addition to the field of study a teacher has, in addition to the usual additional education classes, they need to take special education classes and behavioral classes, and even observe and help teach some of these classes during student teaching.

and now that there is getting to be so many of them.

Which is easier - do what the principle wants?
or stop the Hep B and the whooping cough vaccine.

Even after covid vaccine is found to kill more than it saved and leaves a lot of people injured, I now see that the public will blindly follow along.

My neighbor fell three weeks ago. He passed out while working on his battery. He broke his hip. He spent 8 days in the hospital before returning home. He says that his heart rate goes real high fast at times and they don't know why. Yes, he has had both of the vaccines for covid.

My cousin's wife died four weeks ago after three weeks in the ICU with a breathing tube down her throat. Her heart rate kept going up really fast too. They finally took her of the breathing tube- thinking that might control the heart rate. Nope it didn't. Yeah she both covid vaccines.

I now despair. A little.
The family acts so dumb and slow - about vaccines causing harm. It is like it never entered their brain that a vaccine can do anything and me - preaching it. I do, guys; I am not shy about it, and have not been for years. .

Bob Moffit

'The “very significant increase” is not a real concern. In fact, Principal MacNamara called the explosion in special ed “a most welcome development in Irish education.”

Welcome to George Owell's "1984" .. where language has been so corrupted in meaning .. anything is now possible ... such as .. "significant increase in autism" now definedas "welcome development in Irish education".


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