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Thank you very much; Angus, you have come at it from all sides.
I am not sure how I am going to get a hyperbolic chamber. The sauna, though, I can do.

Angus Files

Hi Benedetta,

Oxygen repairs so the more the better usually but if your not absorbing it and detoxin you can get free radicals from the oxygen but I would imagine very rare.
sweating is one of the pathways that will help get rid of metals also urine, bile, and stool.Before all that you need to eliminate the mercury in your body Amalgams r.e. Boyd Hayley,and if your cooking with aluminium dont. .Then look to ways to loosen up the metals a healthy diet etc.

Fast forward and we have high silica water Volvic as recommended as Dr Exley and thats as good as anything I think.aJust drink it as you would normally.He also has a protocol of i.5ltr of silica water in an hour for to weeks -my that makes your blood thin and cold.Must be the way the Pharma folk feel all of the time.

I think below might be Andy Cutler but not sure.

Optimize your gut function. Eliminate the common food allergens (dairy, gluten, corn, eggs, etc.), taking probiotics and enzymes for one to two months before detoxifying.
Optimize your nutritional status for detoxification. Use healthy fats (omega-3 fats, olive oil, and flax oil), amino acids (which boost all your liver’s detoxification capacity), and minerals, particularly zinc and selenium (which help your body detoxify metals).
Enhance your liver’s detoxification pathways. Take folate and vitamins B12 and B6 and eating sulfur-containing foods such as broccoli, collards, kale, daikon radish, garlic, onions, and omega-3 eggs.
Start sauna therapy. Make sure you take adequate electrolyte and mineral replacements to prevent dehydration and mineral loss from the sweat.
Optimize elimination routes for metals including your urine, stool, and sweat. Use fluids, fiber, and saunas.
Step 2: Integrate Additional Steps to Support Detoxification

At this stage you can integrate the following to support your liver detoxification pathways even more:

Alginate from seaweed (this binds to metal in the gut)
Selenium, zinc, n-acetylcysteine, lipoic acid, milk thistle, and garlic

Pharma For Prison



Thank you Gary,
Thank you Angus. about the information on the hyperbalic chamber. They are saying it is good for mitochondria disorders. It is hard to know if it is every body here that has some mitochondria damage or it is just a subset.

Sweating I read is great for the lymph system to get the aluminum out of the body.
I wonder if it would do the same for mercury too?

Angus Files

Hyperbaric is good Benedetta. Your best to pick up a soft walled chamber one with an oxygen concentrator attached to make the oxygen. These will go to about 5 atmospheres which is enough for most people to absorb extra oxygen.

In the UK your allowed hard wall chambers (3/4-inch steel walled) which go to much higher atmospheres hence forcing more oxygen into the blood in normal people.

I have done more than 2000 sessions in the tank with my son but you know what, after a while we never seen much change. My best guess was that due to the amount of mercury he has in his blood it stopped the uptake of oxygen. We did the Andy Cuttler as well along with GCMaf..etc etc

When he was around 10 years old he hadn’t slept for 6 years apart from the odd 90 minute snooze, believe me during the day we kept him awake all the time it made no difference. We got him in the tank and after a week he was starting to sleep an hour increase approx. every night. We eventually got 8 hrs sleep after about two weeks of hyperbaric sessions. Before this change I would have chopped my arm off for a night’s sleep my wife the same. We had a big soft arm chair and would take it in turns to stay in his room trying to keep him in his bed to get him to sleep with the blue lights, aroma therapy, calm music, soft lighting, Electromagnetic free zone etc etc.. Sorry to say none of it worked and that’s not me saying it doesn’t work, it does work, but not for someone like my son who is so messed up it never scratched the surface. But you have to try and try we did.

Some people have greater results some less but getting him to sleep at night along with toilet training is what managed us to keep on going with him.

We don’t have our own chamber just now as we moved house 10 years ago and had nowhere to put the chamber so had to sell it (wish i had kept it).

I’m a trained hyperbaric operator via the local Multiple Sclerosis chamber but not qualified to give medical advice.

Pharma For Prison


Gary Ogden

Benedetta: The Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber is a very useful therapeutic tool for a wide variety of applications. Dr. Ken Stoller has written about his use of it with patients, and in "Tripping Over the Truth," Travis Kristofferson describes its use in cancer therapy. I think it's a great idea for you to biuid your own Sunbeam toaster. Dr. Mercola has written about the benefits of Infrared Sauna.


Amazon warehouse deals has some of these for 20% off the already reduced price as part of a Black Friday promotion. If you click through many of them will say additional discount at checkout.


I thought about building one. I have a wonderful basement that we got fully plumbed when we built it almost 20 years. I am pretty handy. I know it is hard to believe that a woman can build stuff, but I can. They have patterns and ideas on the internet for DIY.

I was wondering if a Hyperbolic chamber would be worth it?


We got one years ago from Heavenly Heat and it was expensive, but we felt worth it. Our son had lead, DDT, etc. It was one piece of the overall plan that was helpful for him.

Angus Files

We've got one had himself in it he likes it fine.They do seem to detox and if you`ve a spare 45 minutes to spare you could worse with your time.

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