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Lina Hjalmarsson Lyons Launches for Non-Speakers

Lina Hjalmarsson LyonsAnnouncing

The beautiful apple does not fall far from the tree. Lina Hjalmarsson Lyons, daughter of writer Helena Hjalmarsson and Skyhorse Publisher Tony Lyons has launched a publishing platform for non-speaking teens and young adults. Please join us as we congratulate Lina on her new venture, and share the link across ALL platforms.  Hello, Lina!


Hello, I am Lina. So nice to meet you here. I am a nonspeaking speller. I am really smart and incredibly perceptive. I want to create a really lovely space for people who rarely find the right spoken words.

With Universal Enthusiasm,

Lina Hjalmarsson Lyons, Editor in Chief

Congratulations– you have arrived. We are looking forward to co-creating with you a community of rebels, creative minds, changemakers, pathfinders, nonspeakers, communicators, spellers. Visit the Blog page to peruse our online publication, meet us on the Rebellious Editors page, or become a contributor on the Submit Work/Contact Us page. Contributors are teenagers or young adults who use some form of assisted communication.

We intend for this site to be a place for spellers to publish their work as well as a forum for real social exchange. Let’s make full use of the comments section below each post to enter into a dialogue about our work and ourselves.

You can find here.



Morag Lyons

That's a sensational success getting started right there "Just Fab!"

See - Capability Scotland Promotional
Song - When your voice is but a whisper .
So good to see auld friends getting on so well !
Arguments could happen over this , that, and the next thing.
Right you two Jimmies who said what first ?
Well during an argument he called me a stupid spastic so I just said straight back to him well I would rather be a stupid spastic , Rather than an ugly one ? Oh What ! I had that argument to sort out during lunch break ! Happy Days ! No problem at all !

helena hjalmarsson

To Everyone from Lina:
So Grateful for your support!

Tad Crawford

Dear Lina,

I’m so happy for your growth, ability to express yourself, and desire to help others do what you have done. I wish you and the press the greatest of success in this important mission.

Warm wishes,


thanks for reminding me what extraordinary times we live in, and with such extraordinary people.

Angus Files

Well done Lina, you have a talent for sure.

Pharma For Prison


Improving ASD Lives

Bravo, Linda!

For anyone who thinks that severe, aluminum induced, violent autism is “healthy and normal/a variation of neurology/the next step in human evolution” (according to mainstream Neurodiversity propagandists) please read and write an essay on this article before it gets taken down:

Also this, long time ago, but society just keeps ignoring the ugliest symptoms behind autism:

What could’ve been done - naturally - to help these violent autistic men, before these tragedies occurred? Bentonite clay baths? Organic Vegetable juicing? Cilantro tea?

Nancy Derasmo

I’m privileged to work with this incredible young woman. Smart enthusiastic and also sassy like any typical 19 year old. Linas method of communication is a Letter board that allows her to spell her inner most thoughts and it allows her brilliance to shine.. Through her writing she shows us there are no limitations to what she can do or what she will most certainly become!!


What a wonderful addition to the alternative media FREE PRESS!
Congratulations Lina! I look forward to reading spellers' published work.

Dick Russell

Hi Lina, I am excited about your project and am going to let my son know about it too. Will post more as it moves along.

Bruce Wagner

This is AUSOME!


I love you so much and I’m so proud of you!!

Love Dad

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