Autism: You See a Mess. We See Progress.
The Virus Was Made in a Lab

I'm A Leper! You're A Leper! Wouldn't You Like to be a Leper Too?

0908A3AA-7CA6-4654-B35B-55DF1118EF12The spoonful of sugar approach has always been more palatable than preaching facts. Sad but true. Fortunately, there are those of us who are unafraid to tap and cross boundaries.  Most folks don’t know how thirsty they are for information.  We''re happy to pour a glass of truth here and on Twitter.  Maybe five of our 36,000 followers will get to see it.  We're approaching the close of our $5,000 matching gift campaign. If you can make a donation, we'd appreciate your help. Thanks.


Angus Files

Peppered with needle marks only dis advantage nothing else,no canoes can be made from our skin when we die..i digress..

The Only News and teaching is pharma news and teachings..

MPs ramp up pressure to make schools anti-vaxxer no-go zones amid fears protesters are spreading dangerous conspiracies among children
Sir Keir Starmer highlighted Daily Mail's exposé of protesters targeting children
Urgent calls came after an anti-vax group picketed more than 100 schools
The demonstrators falsely tell youngsters and parents the jab is 'deadly'

Pharma For Prison


Bully Gates

I saw a YouTube “autism family” channel called “The LANDing Crew” and it made me sad. They banned their son from watching anime - not just one bad show or certain episodes, THE ENTIRE GENRE - because he began to say cuss words. There’s also videos of the parents having to physically restrain the kids. The kids do little more than art activities as “occupational therapy”. It’s sad as hell. Nothing against art. The point of OT is to learn DAILY LIVING SKILLS, not just stuff you’d see in art class or playtime.

Bet they’re the same people who’d rather have to physically restrain kids for violent behavior, than avoid causing violent behaviors and neurological disorders (via avoiding vaccination).


With the way the economy is going........

I'm a prepper, you're a prepper, soon you'll be a prepper too!
Stock up while you can.

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Bob Moffit

Wake up .. turn on the news … tragedy at a Christmas parade .. horrible details emerging .. the beginning of another week in our divided country … however I had to smile watching "I'M A LEPER, YOUR A LEPER, WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO BE A LEPER TOO?

Finding reason to smile somedays are good for the soul

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