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Autism: You See a Mess. We See Progress.

551B0344-3569-447E-B001-48146488D2D1I walked into the bathroom yesterday to this sight.

I don't have a dog.  I don't have a cat. I have three adult daughters with autism.

I squealed with delight.


Progress. I saw progress. An adult with autism was trying to be independent. A female adult. Think of the safety benefit when she masters this skill that most parents take for granted once their kids start school.

I see self-care. Self-defense. Progress. 




Well done! First steps in a new skill.


Congrats! Progress, not perfection. Great news!

Angus Files

Yup recognise that picture usually in the inside of our bowl. With our boy we have the hand/Face towels with a popper snapped along the ends so its like a continuous towel on a towel rail or said person will take the towel and use it to wipe his behind. Of course you only find out about the alternative use of a towel when you go to dry your hands face etc not pleasant. But the pop snappers on the towel over the rail stopped that. We then went to using a whole roll of paper and blocking the toilet into the bargain. So now my wife has drawing a picture of himself named in it and then a picture of 6 pieces of toilet paper-which he pays attention to a lot of the time.

Not bad after 22 years of teaching getting there..

Pharma For Prison



Well, whichever girl broke the handle off the dispenser also knew enough to put the handle there to be fixed, and kept the intact portion of the roll off the floor (dry and clean). Frankly, getting those rolls started requires more fine motor control every time the manufacturer ups the glue on the first square. It's messy, but not dirty, which is a big distinction in my book.

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