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An Oversight or an Overdose?

Medical errorBy  Cathy Jameson

The experimental COVID19 vaccine is only just now available to young children ages 5 to 11.  With an estimated 2.6 million doses administered within the last two weeks, scientists and researchers will have ample case studies to follow should they want to take advantage of that. 

They’ll get to do more than just follow cases with reported medical mistakes happening already across the country.  They’ll be able to track what happens to children when they experience a wrong dose of the Pfizer vaccine or an overdose of it. 

From the west coast  to the east coast, recent dosing mishaps made the headlines.  I do more than cringe when I read stories like those.  Who was prepping the vaccine?  What was overlooked?  What might have been misread or mislabeled?  What prompted the discovery that, oopsie, something terrible just happened?  And, who’s responsible for that medical error and the damage done?  Waivers are signed prior to administering vaccines, experimental or not.  On those legal forms, the patient, in this case the parent, releases the medical provider, or in some of these cases the pharmacy tech, from liability should something go wrong.   The vaccine manufacturers can’t be dragged into any of this as they, too, have been granted a layer of protection.  That means that they can’t be held responsibility for their products or what happens because of them. 

The horror of discovering a mistake as grand as administering the wrong vaccine dose would bring me to my knees, especially a vaccine that’s never been given to children before.  What a slap in the face to a parent who thought they could protect their child by rushing out as soon as these batches became available.  I’d have so many questions and so many concerns if this happened to a child of mine.  The mistakes were only just made, so the news reports have not given too much follow-up information to the public.  Instead of publicly addressing the potential, and quite likely, negative responses a child’s body will endure, the officials involved don’t seem too phased.  Maybe they’re following a ‘keep calm and carry on’ mantra because they’ve offered this simple message:   

Come back.

Come back for a new dose. 

Come back for even more doses after that.

"We apologize for the error, and we are offering another opportunity for the children to be revaccinated," Dr. James Bridgers, acting Montgomery County health officer, said in a statement. 

The manufacturer chimed in about the medical mishap as well. Instead of recognizing the massive mistake made with their medical product, “…Pfizer recommended an additional dose for students as soon as possible.”

Even though a huge mistake has occurred, “…they're advised to get another dose of the vaccine as soon as possible.”

Revaccinate the kids?  As soon as possible?  How about let’s get them seen by a competent doctor as soon as possible.  Let’s do an initial work up and document what’s working now – check every organ and every system with baseline labs and testing.  Then, let’s offer to track the children’s health for the next day, the next week, the next two weeks, the next month, the next six months, and beyond.  With as many children that have been reportedly affected, even if caused by an error of standard care, a small study should be conducted.  No one knows what a COVID19 vaccine will do to the pediatric population because that has never been recommended to them before.  So let’s be proactive.  Let’s attend to the children immediately and then consider turning something awful into something that could possibly by helpful.  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently yes, because when children were given the wrong dose of the experimental Pfizer vaccine, the CDC also chimed in with similar advice:

Based on the CDC guidance and clinical decision making, parents may choose to do one of the following:

- Restart the child’s COVID-19 vaccine series at least 21 days after the incorrect dose was given

- Proceed with the child receiving their second dose as scheduled.

Before even considering follow-on dosages, one would hope that parents, and also the providers, knew to first report the mistake.  They can report the incident to VAERS together, as page 12 of the Fact Sheets directs. https://www.fda.gov/media/153714/download The parents can also consider filing an injury claim.  Filing a claim may not do them any good, though, as those of us who’ve filed on behalf of our children know.  Regardless, that protocol that needs to be shared with anyone contemplating a vaccine. 

The parents in this story knew to seek a lawyer after a different kind of vaccine mistake was made when their children were given the COVID19 vaccine instead of the flu shot they’d requested.  There’s a time and a place to worry, and then there’s a time and a place to fight back.  As hard as it can be to stand up to an entity that cares more about profits than people, I find it admirable when distraught parents decide to fight for their or their child’s rights. 

Someone approached me recently and shared that they believe their child suffered a vaccine injury.  Having been in their shoes many years ago, I immediately brainstormed some ideas for them.  I offered my experience and added that they might consider filing a complaint with their state medical board.  I told them that they can and should also file a report on VAERS As the vaccine in question was from the recommended childhood vaccine schedule, I sent them information on how to file a claim with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), https://www.hrsa.gov/vaccine-compensation/index.html a different program than the one that handles COVID19 claims.

For those who’ve opted for the COVID19 vaccine and who’ve experienced a reaction, they can share that information on V-Safe. Depending on the severity of the reaction, they should learn what the steps are to filing and receiving benefits from the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program (CICP),  too. Parents who file need to keep something very important in mind when choosing this route.  Just like there are no guarantees that the COVID19 vaccine will prevent the transmission of COVID19, there are no guarantees that injuries from that vaccine will be recognized either.  On paper, it looks like a reasonable program and one created to help Americans.  But if the CICP is anything like the VICP, a financial compensation award could be as rare as an honest conversation with someone like Dr. Fauci.      

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



The Devil made him do it.....

Unlike the Governor of New York, who claimed to have heard from Jesus, NYC Mayor de Blasio owns this mandate:

New York City Mandates Vaccines for Religious, Private School Employees

"Announced Thursday, the new directive will require employees at yeshivas, Catholic schools, and other private institutions to have at least one dose of a vaccine by December 20. The order will affect “roughly 930 schools and 56,000 employees, city officials,” according to the New York Times."

False Scientists

Just sickening these bastards


There are some things I agree with the Ivermectin crowd which is a borderline cult with: Ivermectin does saves lives but not from SARS Covid-19. Ivermectin kills parasites and parasitic infections increases your risk of dying from another infection like Covid-19 AIDS, Hepatitis B, Influenza ect. So If a person has there parasites killed with Ivermectin then there risk of dying is a lot lower but it still exist and you Covid dies of Covid-19 by itself and have never had a parasitic infection. This debateis lost thanks to from extremist both sides. UC Davis a prestigious university in La Jolla California has now or had recently a drug trial for Suramin a very strong anti parasite medicine that kills a parasite called Trypanosoma Brucei that causes "sleeping sickness" a literal brain parasite infection with a very high mortality rate. This Suramin drug trial is for children with Autism so it makes you wonder... The real cause of some autism cases
Why do many African countries have low cases of Covid-19 because of low population density and the tropical weather that makes the virus less communicable


He's got dead eyes....

Fauci Says Babies Could Be Eligible for Coronavirus Vaccine Early Next Year



Dr. Martin names names:

Hospital insider: Shocking!

Why is Africa's Covid rate extremely low?
Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster

I hear many regularly take hydroxychloroquine for malaria....
Hydroxychloroquine: from malaria to autoimmunity

Carter Center made sure Africans had cheap supplies of Ivermectin to regularly treat River Blindness and other diseases:
"April 24, 2014
Twice-Yearly Ivermectin for Onchocerciasis: The Time is Now
Published by The Lancet Infectious Diseases.
Authors: Moses Katabarwa, Frank Richards.
The evidence for successful interruption of onchocerciasis transmission from the Americas, and Sudan and Uganda in Africa, provides clear justification for African onchocerciasis programmes to move rapidly from annual to twice-yearly treatment with ivermectin, at least in some areas. At a minimum, twice-yearly dosing should be instituted where annual mass drug administration has not interrupted transmission after 10 years, or in new areas that have never been treated with ivermectin so as to hasten interruption of transmission. These minimum standards are in line with the new policies of the African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control for onchocerciasis elimination with several African countries (including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Sudan) having stated a goal of eliminating the disease by 2020."

Barry Stern

When the preponderance of data show that Covid-19 vaccines kill more children than they save, one must conclude that Dr. Zelenko is right -- administering these vaccines to children amounts to child sacrifice. The question is how does the public hold accountable their manufacturers and the federal agencies that permitted their widespread use?


Great piece Cathy. It is unconscionable that they suggest as an option to simply restart… as if the overdose never even happened…

Bob Moffit

The ongoing problem of MISTAKEN administration of vaccines is nothing new .. in fact … year after year .. one of the leading causes of death in our country .. are examined in this article:


Consider the hospital professionals are highly trained yet mistakes are common .. imagine the mistakes of drug store employees who are now expected to administer vaccines to anyone walking through the door.

It is well known .. ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACES TO BE IS A HOSPITAL .. I would suggest the neighborhood pharmacy is just as dangerous .. if not worse.

Angus Files

Thanks Cathy good points great article.

Interesting exchange from the Health Secretery of the UK Savid Javid on Twitter.

The people WE ELECT to act for US now telling us AGAIN to go do it you serfs it doesnt matter what you think..

Sajid Javid has told a man to “show some respect for the NHS” after he questioned why his booster jab was from a different manufacturer from his first and second.

Writing on Twitter, Dave Atherton - who describes himself as a libertarian who used to contribute to controversial right-wing blog Breitbart - said he had received two doses of Pfizer before receiving a Moderna vaccine for his third.

He appeared to question whether this was a good idea, by putting “world beating NHS” in quotation marks.

“WTF is happening?” he asked, tagging the health secretary, prompting the minister to surprisingly respond:
“So what? How about you show some respect for the NHS.”


Pharma For Prison


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