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Age of Autism Matching Gift Season is Here!

Gratefull Donateful

Thank you to Laura Hayes for her unwavering support for Age of Autism - and yours too.  Her $5000 matching gift is the foundation of our yearly budget and runs through Thanksgiving weekend. Please consider a donation today! Thank you.

Autism Age PO Box 110546
Trumbull, CT 06611 Federal Non-Profit Tax ID: 47-1831987
Donate Here

By budget, I mean what we raise, which goes 100% to keeping the expenses of keeping the site live and a small stipend for me. And what a year this has been. Social Media and big tech have dramatically tamped down our reach. I know that Dan Olmsted would want us to keep publishing. I've thought about packing it in on more than one occasion since his passing in 2017. But even if we reach 1 person with a message of support and hope, we matter. You can send a paper check, or click DONATE to go through our secure system via Merchant Services. If you have a matching gift program, let me know at  Thank you so very much.  Kim

Autism Age
PO Box 110546
Trumbull, CT 06611
Federal Non-Profit Tax ID: 47-1831987
Donate Here

Support Free Speech TODAY…Make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation to AoA!

Dear AoA Readers,

Perhaps more than at any time in its history, the Age of Autism blog is more important than ever. While mainstream media, social media, tech companies, legislatures, the executive branch of our government, regulatory agencies, school boards, colleges, universities, and medical journals continue to escalate their censorship of anything that questions, challenges, or exposes the narratives, political agendas, and drivers of profit they are promoting, Age of Autism continues to be both a bastion and beacon of truth-seeking and truth-telling.

To that end, it is more important than ever that we support this blog and the amazing woman who day in and day out publishes the news we seek to read, news that often can’t be found anywhere in “mainstream” outlets or “major” medical journals. On top of that, she uploads readers’ comments throughout the day and into the night so that we can communicate with one another, share additional pertinent information, and put forth ideas and questions that are no longer permitted elsewhere. The communications that take place in the comments sections are invaluable and an encouragement to many.

Kim Rossi, Managing Editor of AoA, and single mother to 3 young-adult daughters, all of whom struggle with severe Autism, needs our financial support, to keep her family and this blog up and running. Please join me in supporting both Kim and Age of Autism with a donation.

I will be matching all donations that are made today through Thanksgiving Day up to $5,000.

So, please don’t delay, make your donation to AoA TODAY!

With appreciation to all who make this blog one worth reading every morning,

Laura Hayes


Bully Gates

Autism’s not magically sprouting wings, nor disappearing, anytime soon:

Anne Dachel, write a good essay on this.

Laura Hayes

Today marks the halfway point of the matching donation campaign.

If you have yet to make a donation to support Age of Autism, please do so today!

Hoping we not only meet the matching amount, but far exceed it!


Help create AOA chapters in Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, and Texas.

If possible, also overseas, in countries like Spain, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico.


Your match is so generous, thank you. My contribution is enclosed with many thanks to AoA and their readers.

Kathy Sincere

Check in the mail!

Thank you Laura Hayes for your continued generosity to Age of Autism.

Caregivers of autistic children (grandchildren and other loved ones) gravitate to this wonderful site for hope, encouragement, and education. Kim's great wit, Cathy's Sunday posts and music selections, John Stone's sage articles plus everyone's daily comments keep me hooked:)


Will send a check today
Thank you so much, Laura!

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