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PoofWe first ran this video from The Canary Party seven years and one hundred lifetimes ago on September 7, 2013..  It sat on our sidebar when we were still read mostly on a lap or desktop. Mobile viewing has made the sidebars insignificant.  Watch the quick information, and then save it. You can be sure YouTube will be deplatforming it soon. The title alone puts it on the endangered video list.  

This is our raison d’etre.

Why is there still a vaccine/autism controversy? Because families have been blocked from getting into a REAL court to prove that vaccines have caused their child's autism. The Canary Party presents a video on the corrupt Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to show how the federal government and pharmaceutical companies continue to get away with claiming that vaccines don't cause autism in the face of mounting evidence that they are doing just that in a growing number of children.


Bob Moffit

Last night a guest on Foxnews .. sorry but I can't remember his name … but … he was questioning the SCIENCE the public health Taliban is following when it comes to children .. which the science says the vaccine is more dangerous to their health than covid. During conversation he stated that PHFIZER does not MANDATE VACCINE FOR THEIR EMPLOYEES .. I WANT TO KNOW WHICH VACCINE COMPANIES MANDATES VACCINE FOR THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES.



Kids like Eric, Bob's grandson, and my son...never had chance.

Merck's MMR got us too - my poor guy went down hard, and the vaccine court was no help whatsoever.

Were I a kangaroo I would have done better.


Lawsuit seeks to halt Biden’s vaccination mandates for federal workforce

"The lawsuit, filed Sept. 23 in U.S. District Court in Washington, seeks an injunction that would halt vaccination requirements announced recently for millions of workers in federal executive-branch agencies, including contractors, as well as U.S. troops."

"The plaintiffs say they can lawfully refuse to be immunized with a vaccine that has not gained final approval. They also attack the FDA approval process, saying the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that millions of Americans received under the emergency authorization is chemically different from the vaccine approved in August. Federal officials have said the formulation is the same and the two are interchangeable."

The plaintiffs seem to be aware that the only jab they have access to is the EUA experimental jab- not the FDA licensed Comirnaty. They claim the two are "chemically different." THIS IS NEW.

If your employer demands that you get jabbed, ask where you can get the FDA licensed (approved) Comirnaty shot.


I can’t access the article behind the paywall, but the picture of the child, who looks clearly old enough to brush his own teeth, maybe even the Washington Post knows epidemic autism will crush us.

Also, most here probably know, but the NVIC was just deleted from YouTube.


The so called "Vaccine Court" is a division of The United States Court of Federal Claims.

The Federal Claims Court has an interesting history.
Is it actually a Constitutional court? It was set up to hear monetary claims against the U.S. government. The U.S. government does not manufacture vaccines. It merely purchases them from private for profit manufacturers and recommends them to citizens. In certain cases, the vaccines are paid for by the Federal government. If an individual is injured by this privately manufactured product, how is the government responsible? How is the establishment of a "Vaccine Court," representing private industry in the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act, lawful?

It is my opinion that because the same suppliers that make civilian "vaccines" also supply the military (and their research), they have leverage to make demands regarding their liability protection.

Bob Moffit

"Kids like Eric … (and my beloved grandson now 21 years of age .. non-verbal … 24/7 care) .. never had a chance".

What happened to the Canary Party … with vaccine mandates affecting THOUSANDS .. the Canary Party should be a LEADING VOICE for them …

With the "vaccine injury game" stacked against us for DECADES .. watching this video once again re-ignited my anger towards the so-called VACCINE COURT … the people who legislated this travesty on our kids .. and .. if memory serves me right .. SIGNED BY RONALD REAGAN .. an act I will never forgive nor forget .. same for my favorite President Donald Trump .. for ushering in at WARP SPEED … the covid vaccine … which I predict will be WORSE than Reagan's colossal mistake .. and the single act he will forever be … rightly so .. held in contempt.

Does Canary Party nominate political candidates for elective office??? If so .. I haven't heard of it .. especially with TODAY'S VACCINE MADDNESS running rampant.

Angus Files

The same here in the UK when the justice system ditched us in the MMR case Jenny Horne Roberts stepped up and offered to represent any of the families who wished to go forward against the government pro-bono. Never forgotten Jenny Keith and Harry thank you.

Pharma For Prison


MMR fight goes on after £10m setback
PARENTS who claim their children have been damaged by the MMR jab yesterday vowed to continue a court battle for compensation.

Nearly 1,000 families are pressing on with their multi-million pound claim against the makers of the triple jab, despite losing legal aid to fund their fight.

It is claimed the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine causes autism and a bowel disorder. The court case is seen as a crucial test of MMR's safety.

The Legal Services Commission, which has spent £15million on the action, has refused to approve a further £10million, claiming the litigation was likely to fail because there was no conclusive evidence of side-effects.

The High Court yesterday put the families' action on hold while a judicial review into the LSC decision is being sought.

One of the mothers in the case, Jennifer Horne-Roberts, whose 14-year- old son suffers from autism and a painful bowel disorder, vowed to fight on regardless.

Mrs Horne-Roberts, 54, from Islington, North London, told yesterday's hearing: 'I am sure this action is justified. My son was developing normally until he had the MMR jab aged one.'

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