Athletes Are Called Conspiracy Theorists
Crisis. Rock Bottom. UK Faces Unprecendented Demand for Special Education Services.


Dr peter mcculloughBy Cathy Jameson

A friend shared a link for a video with me last week.  Looking at the length of it, I hesitated to start listening to it.  Already late in the afternoon, a time when I face frequent interruptions from the kids, I was taking a chance of starting it.  With how life goes, I don’t always get to finish things I’ve started.  I had heard of the presenter before and wanted to hear more from him.  Deciding that it was no time like the present to at least start the talk, I clicked play.  It was just over an hour long.  And what a powerful hour of listening it was!

Everything Dr. McCullough shared is nothing new.

Everything Dr. McCullough presented is what we know to be true.

Everything Dr. McCullough explained needs to be heard ‘round the world.

It was such a good talk that I immediately shared the link with several friends and family.  I wish more every-day people, more reporters, and those in the current administration would listen to it also.  Dr. McCullough has been offering sound information for a while now.  I want everyone to listen to the data being presented and do something different, like remove the unethical mandates so many are facing.  When those are removed, and when proven treatment options are more accessible, only then could I begin to think that we will win the war being waged against us. 

The battle to protect medical freedom started years ago when state representatives and lawmakers began removing existing vaccine exemptions.  The fight intensified when politicians and medical groups began denying access to existing treatment and therapies.  The outcome of the ongoing struggle is incredible, even though the truth has already been exposed. 

The truth cannot be silenced.  Even though some people try to hide it, it has a way of coming to light.  To those who stand by the truth and who are risking their lives and reputations to share it, thank you.  Your effort and determination have not gone unnoticed. 

With that, I leave you with the speech Dr. McCullough presented to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.  If you are moved by it like I was, please consider sharing the link within your own circle of friends. 

Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism & Trusted Treatments vs Untested Novel Therapies

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Interesting history of a Merck patented drug from 1912....


Cancel culture comes for us all it seems.


Absolutely, Benedetta. It looks like there are concerns about the new drug's potential to cause cancer. Who wants to find out the hard way?!


"BUT even if it was some kind of chemical group put on ivermectin - it is NEW, and it could turn a safe drug into an unsafe drug."

Spot on. CRISPR technology has been an insta-patent dream come true for pharma.
Will the BEAST be patent number 666? I think Gates has one with zeros in between.


Emma; Re- patenting ivermectin.
Yes, when I heard the name that Merck was giving it, I thought so too. It was ivermectin with some extra group of molecules put on it and thus making it Merck's own invention. BUT OH BUT IT IS NOT at all. Just the last part of the name is all these two drugs have in common.

BUT even if it was some kind of chemical group put on ivermectin - it is NEW, and it could turn a safe drug into an unsafe drug.


My vaccine injured - hubby with acquired mitochondria disease was put on an expensive pharma based niacin and my father too. . The pharma companies had taken a common B vitamin, put some kind of molecule on it- claimed it worked better, had better absorption; and was raking in the money.

My husband took it every night for years. He took it before he went to bed, with his sleep medicine so he would not bothered, tortured with the hot flashes. Both my Dad and husband would be sitting there with red faces all miserable. Both looking like they were about to stroke out. Well natural niacin taken at high levels will do that too, but with this stuff their faces were red a lot longer. .

I finally went searching for any studies on this Frankenstein niacin.
It was so bad in causing STROKES - that midway through these studies they were suspended.

And Yet the doctor was still prescribing it.
I pointed out the study to the doctor, and he had never heard about it.
I told him to look it up and threw the expensive medicine in the trash.

Easy enough, but not with the vaccines. AND that WHO meeting - shows they well know and have known for a long while.

Morag Lyons

Thank you Cathy and Dr Peter McCullough . We realised from the start of it in 23 March 2020,
There is something very wrong with this infection?
It Does Not ,Look right, sound right, smell right , or behave right , Everyone is suspect of C-19 and we must be terrified of our nearest and dearest . " The Nudge Effect" wants us to feel isolation and fear of everything ? even a trip to the local shops?
The Political " Nudge Department !" can go and take a "Far-Cough?" with it's own silly wee selvies !
Dr Peter McCullough's information is "The Real Deal " Versus "POLITICIANS " trying to play "Political Poker Games!" with our personal health and safety !
See America's Frontline Doctors https// .
Article - "Damn you to hell " You will not destroy America and the free world , and you will not
have your New World Order !
Americas Frontline Doctors Breaking News Pages 5
Anonymous Covid-19
Covid -19 The Sparticus Letter Letter goes viral October 5 2021 [PDF]download
Posted by Mordechai Somes.

there is the Golden rule - Wikipedia
Mischief rule =Wikipedia
We will just use "The sneak-ags rule" as and when required !
An Toll Dubh [ extended version] Runrig YouTube
The Lone Piper - "Lord Lovat's Lament 2 Youtube


Dr. Peter McCullough is, hands down, my go-to person when it comes to factual, transparent and honest information.

He has been interviewed by Del Bigtree on numerous occasions. He has risked everything to speak out about the various therapies, etc. that are being denied to so many people in favor of the Fauci foisted vaccines and mandates so favored by the mainstream press and medical pundits.

Tune into The Highwire for some of the most riveting of interviews with Bigtree. You can also google him or view numerous of his interviews and lectures on YouTube.


I've followed Dr. McCullough since he first started speaking out about the Covid jabs. I am thankful that he has used his academic brilliance and "privileged" platform to defend citizens against the dangers of the experimental EUA mRNA Covid shots. He is a true leader and sets an outstanding example for all medical doctors. The video is a wonderful summation of all things Covid and how to move forward.

That said, there were two points he made that I would comment on. First, he gives the standard " I am not against (the original) vaccines, and I have been vaccinated." This is still a common stand amongst many of the doctors exposing the dark underbelly of the pharma Plandemic and the role of the jabs. They see the corruption in the current system, yet are blind to 30 YEARS OF EVIDENCE OF HARM (autism, autoimmune disorders, etc.) caused by the adjuvanted, attenuated virus, 60's technology vaccines. After watching this weeks HighWire episode revisiting the W.H.O. vaccine safety convention, I concluded that they recognized that one of the major problems/dangers with the current childhood vaccines is the toxic nature of the adjuvants. Most of the vaccines would not work without them. It is my opinion that the mRNA technology was seen as a workaround since the human body would be producing the antigen rather than it being injected. According to McCullough's clinical observations, we now have worse safety outcomes. It would be awesome if he could apply the same vaccine safety scrutiny to our 30 years of evidence against the current childhood vaccine recommended schedule.

The second point is regarding his mention that he would welcome Merck's new Covid pill waiting in the wings for approval. I would agree IF THERE WAS A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. Hydroxychloroquine/Ivermectin protocols have already proven to be safe, overwhelmingly effective, and CHEAP, yet availability is still being suppressed for Americans. From what I've read about this new "pill", it is still in trials, is half as effective, and is MUCH MORE expensive. On a level playing field, who would buy it over the already proven protocols? Merck had the chance to make its profit off of Ivermectin while still under patent. Now that the patent is up, it is the citizens' turn to get the product at a competitive price. It is almost as if pharma is trying to re-patent it and create an expensive monopoly.

Angry Woman

The Wolf

“Hey honey. I got something for you. If you want to show how much you love your life and your job—hey all civilization —you gotta
let me inject it into you! It’s perfectly safe.
You don’t want it? Too bad. That’s not your right to say! You gotta do what I say. I know best. It’s for your own good .
If you don’t you will lose your job, your life. I will tell them it was something you did wrong. Just shut up and take it. And don’t whine. All the others took it and they did fine. It’s what good people do”

(6 weeks later she appears with pregnancy test. )
“What? I had nothing to do with that “side effect”—correlation is not causation .
“It’s a coincidence you are gaining weight, have the munchies. I have nothing to do with it. You are fired for telling me that!
You are horrible and it’s your fault that extremely rare reaction to an injection happened to you. And anyhow it had nothing to do with that. Why am I “inconsistent”? Because I can be!

It’s an anxiety thing you are lying. You are on your own. Don’t you dare tell anyone I had anything to do with it. Or you will be even worse off than you are now. You will never get another job. Yes sorry-not sorry. You would have lost your job if you didn’t let me inject you. And now you lost your job because you did. And now I will give your job to someone cheaper and cash in. Oh power how I love thee. Thanks , Anthony Fauci. “

G. Martinez

Good afternoon all! I have not seen the video yet but will soon, I trust the AoA, especially its Sunday presenter. It is such a GEM when you hear a Medical Doctor with common sense and a genuine care for his patients. Nonetheless, it baffels me when people are presented with the truth about covid and the covid vaccines and still ignore the truth. They still say I'm getting my third booster and even in Israel they are talking about the 4th shot needed. And the majority still says whatever the whitecoats in authority tell me to do, that is what I will do.
Never again for me! In fact I do the exact opposite and my family and I are just fine.
Blessings to all, Keep up the great work!
G,. Martinez

David S Weiner

This is an absolutely stellar presentation. To say that Dr. McCullough is a hero does not begin to describe what he is doing. I have shared this talk with many. I am attempting to get it to my company's CEO, who seems to believe the standard Covid BS, but at least has not yet mandated the jab for employees. Though my company is starting to give preferences to the jabbed.


This was quite a talk delivered by Peter McCullough MD

From this, I learned that medical assault is just part of a bigger picture of power and control. That Pfizer and Moderna are tools in a much larger game.

There's about a million doctors in the United States, why are the rest silent ?
Are they going to watch their colleagues hunted down, one by one, until the wolf comes for them ?

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