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Why I H-A-T-E the ACLU

White House Prescribes Shots Its Own FDA Has Not Approved

RFk Real Anthony FauciPlease remember to pre-order your copy of Robert Kennedy's new book The Real Anthony Fauci: In my new book, I show that Dr. Fauci has done little to earn the sobriquet "America’s Doctor.”

Instead, he has survived 50 years as the J. Edgar Hoover of public health by consistently prioritizing Big Pharma profits over the welfare of his countrymen, and through mercenary homage to the chemical and agricultural industry, the military industrial complex, the intelligence apparatus and all the other pushers of pills, potions, powders, poisons, pricks and the police state.  Robert Kennedy, Jr.

From Children's Health Defense:

White House Tells Governors to Get Ready to Vaccinate Young Kids, Even Though FDA Hasn’t Approved It. Pediatrician Says, Not so Fast.

The White House on Tuesday told states to prepare to vaccinate children as young as 5 by early November, even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasn’t yet authorized Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for children under 12, and despite safety concerns expressed by scientists and pediatricians.

In a private phone call Tuesday with the nation’s governors, the White House told states to prepare to vaccinate children as young as 5 by early November. A White House official said the call was made in anticipation of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine being cleared for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the coming weeks for children ages 5 to 11.

According to NBC News, the Biden administration purchased 65 million pediatric doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine — enough to vaccinate an estimated 28 million children who would be eligible should the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve Pfizer’s request to vaccinate the younger age group.

In anticipation of a green light from the FDA, the administration began planning vaccination efforts with states, pharmacies and medical groups. The administration told providers in a planning document last week the vaccine for children will be delivered to thousands of sites within one week of FDA authorization.

The pediatric Pfizer vaccine will be distributed in 100-dose packs. Each dose is one-third of what is given to adults, and will be free through sites enrolled in a federal program that guarantees the shots are provided at no cost. Some states are planning to provide the vaccine through schools.  Read more at Children's Health Defense.



USA maimed, brainwashed, and displaced its native tribes, now it maims, brainwashes, and displaces (group homes/mental hospitals) its own domestic citizens of all races with neurodegenerative diseases caused by aluminum and vaccines.

USA headed down exact same road as the CCP if we do nothing to PREVENT ASD.


On October 26th, Pfizer seeks to extend its “Emergency Use Authorization” to permit the use of its so-called COVID “vaccine” (mRNA gene therapy) … TO CHILDREN 5 through 11 years of age!

You may submit your public comment to OPPOSE this request, from this page:

Some background articles to inform your comments are posted here:

Thank you for speaking up to oppose this outrageous and dangerous request by Pfizer, which, if allowed by FDA, will harm our young children.


'Results Speak For Themselves': DeSantis Credits Monoclonal Antibodies For Decline In COVID-19 Death
DeSantis actually helped his constituents.

'We Are Going To Contest That Immediately': DeSantis Fires Back At Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Gov. DeSantis vows to sue Biden over vaccine mandates


Living on an Amish Paradise the middle of the swamp!

Covid? What Covid? That is so last year. No electricity, no masks, no Covid jabs, no work shutdowns....nothing new in an Amish Paradise. Weird Al is green with envy!

Amish Covid | Full Measure

Greg Hill

I am eagerly waiting to hear news that a number of state governors, probably starting with Florida's DeSantis, have drawn a clear red line and are forbidding the administration of these kill shots to children in their states, with or without parental permission. The evidence that they do far more harm than good (for any age group, actually) is already abundant and becoming widely known, despite the incessant lies being told by the medical-industrial establishment and their bought-and-paid-for shills in the mainstream media and both federal and local governments.

Let's go, Brandon!

"Prepare to vaccinate kids as young as 5 by early November." Hmmm...should make for an interesting holiday season, eh? Do Biden and Fauci actually think nobody's gonna notice when half the kids are missing from the kiddie table at Thanksgiving? Or are people so far gone into this lunacy that they'll think dead kids are worth it, to save Grandma? And how exactly does that play out in a conversation? "Where's little Jimmy this year?"
"Oh, he died after getting the vaccine."
"Ah, I see. Well, at least he did his part to protect others. Speaking of others, where's Grandma this year?"
"Oh, she died of Covid after getting the Covid vaccine."
"Huh, I thought you couldn't get Covid after you got the vaccine?"
"Oh no, you still can."

Angus Files

The non-freedom of coercion nothing to beat it..

An Ohio woman was denied a life-saving liver transplant after refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Michelle Vitullo can't get her planned liver transplant since she and her donor won't get vaccinated.
Vitullo has end-stage liver disease, which is fatal without transplantation.
Hospitals say COVID-19 vaccination is necessary for the safety of both donor and recipient.

Pharma For Prison



Finding freedom in the midst of the SWAMP....

Strange bedfellows:
A Marxist archaeologist, self-emancipated African American maroons, and a Dismal Swamp....
This article resonates with today's current events. Calls for building a parallel emancipation culture in the midst of current encroaching national enslavement has a historic the middle of the Washington D.C. swamp! Must read!

"Deep in the Swamps, Archaeologists Are Finding How Fugitive Slaves Kept Their Freedom
The Great Dismal Swamp was once a thriving refuge for runaways"

Angus Files

and they ban guns ?at least if someone shoots you you can sue them and the shooter gets locked up. Madness from the top in a corporate mad world.

Pharma For Prison


David Foster

Our public health "experts" are the least scientifically aware people on the planet, they have truly lost their minds and none of their policies are based on science.

I recently posted about vaccinating children on Facebook:

For anyone with children who are navigating either current or impending mandates for Covid vaccination, I offer two suggestions.

First, spend at least some time looking into whether or not it makes sense to vaccinate children. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Are you familiar with what those are (as opposed to what you have been told they are)?

My second suggestion is to find out which exemptions are available to you, in the event you are not comfortable with vaccinating your child at this time. When governments, health agencies, school districts etc. communicate about vaccine mandates with the public, they rarely ever mention exemptions, so often you simply need to ask. As an example, in CA our Governor has mandated Covid vaccines for all children just as soon as one of the vaccines becomes approved for each age group. But since this comes from the executive branch and not the legislature, by law in CA parents can use either the religious OR philosophical exemption to opt out of the vaccine for their child.

A complicating factor might come into play if your local school district decides to implement their own mandate, in which case they might decide to disallow religious and philosophical exemptions. If you are not happy with that then it is time to file a lawsuit, since school districts do not have the authority to supersede state law:

Can California School Districts Independently Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines For Students?

- California law allows the state Legislature and the department of public health to set vaccination requirements for schoolchildren but does not include a process for local school boards.
- Legal scholars expect that the mandates will be challenged in court.

When assessing the risks and benefits, you might find the following interesting:

Adolescent Boys at Higher Risk of Hospitalization From Pfizer Vaccine Than From COVID

According to a new pre-print study, boys between the ages of 12 and 15, with no underlying medical conditions, were four to six times more likely to be diagnosed with vaccine-related myocarditis than they were to be hospitalized with COVID.

SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination-Associated Myocarditis in Children Ages 12-17: A Stratified National Database Analysis

"For boys 12-15 without medical comorbidities receiving their second mRNA vaccination dose, the rate of CAE is 3.7 to 6.1 times higher than their 120-day COVID-19 hospitalization risk as of August 21, 2021 (7-day hospitalizations 1.5/100k population) and 2.6-4.3-fold higher at times of high weekly hospitalization risk (7-day hospitalizations 2.1/100k), such as during January 2021. For boys 16-17 without medical comorbidities, the rate of CAE is currently 2.1 to 3.5 times higher than their 120-day COVID-19 hospitalization risk, and 1.5 to 2.5 times higher at times of high weekly COVID-19 hospitalization."

To Spread or Not to Spread SARS-CoV-2 - Is That the Question?

Think Twice Before Giving the COVID Vax to Healthy Kids
Based on the data to date, there's no compelling case for it right now

"The extremely low chance of any benefit for healthy children is exactly why pediatricians like Richard Malley, MD, of Harvard, and Adam Finn, MD, PhD, of the University of Bristol, have passionately written to not "use precious coronavirus vaccines on healthy children."

What about children who are confirmed to have had COVID-19 infection in the past? I would recommend avoiding COVID-19 vaccination. Looking at natural immunity in adults as a point of comparison, the observational and empirical data are overwhelming: natural immunity is real and it works."

93 Israeli Doctors: Do Not Use Covid-19 Vaccine On Children
"We believe that not even a handful of children should be endangered through mass vaccination against a disease not dangerous to them."


@Bob Moffit

Cost of draining the (Dismal) Swamp in 1729:

" [William Byrd] and others, Petition [for the Dismal Swamp], together with (1) A Description of the Dismal; (2) Advantage of draining the Dismal; (3) Conditions of draining the Dismal; (4) Proposals for draining the Dismal; (5) An Estimate of the first expense: Written to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty; estimate for the first expense came to 4000 pounds using the labor of "negroes" over an eight year period"

Cost of draining the present Swamp....PRICELESS!


Then again it could be that we the public: that are only third dimensional thinkers while our leaders are some kind of 4th dimensional leaders?

Maybe that was what it is all about cause there have been some leaders in the past that were all about time travel. Back to a time when there was population reduction, and all about bringing back things like the extinct wild cows (The aurochs) to Europe.


Maybe it is because that old Biden is a very vulnerable old man and he wants every body vaccinated so he won't get it?
Which means he is like all first dimensional thinkers - the goal is right ahead and he totally does not understand webs.

That must be it.
Now how did he get into the White House?

Bob Moffit

'In anticipation of a green light from the FDA, the administration began planning vaccination efforts with states, pharmacies and medical groups.'

These would be the primary STAKEHOLDERS .. "states, pharmacies and medical groups" … not to be confused with the corrupt perpetual SWAMP that rules over us

We are no longer the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA … vaccines have caused a division in our country we have not seen since those ugly days slavery .. which caused a Civil war among us. On one side are the STAKEHOLDERS AND SWAMP .. on the other the people who refuse MEDICAL TYRANNY with the same resolution as those who fought against the TYRANNY OF SLAVERY.

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