Crisis. Rock Bottom. UK Faces Unprecendented Demand for Special Education Services.
A COVID Politics

See Me. Feel Me. Touch Me. Heal Me.

Do you remember the rock opera Tommy, by The Who? Tommy was a boy no one could figure out. Deaf. Dumb. Blind. But a pinball wizard. His Mom tried to help him.  There was a really bizarre movie made from the album. Here in the autism community, our goal has been to DECREASE the numbers of children who struggle with autism. But now we have to wonder, are we creating it ON PURPOSE. Take a look at the parallels between autism and what's happening to schoolchildren who've been wearing masks, some for their entire school career, at an age when they are still developing. If there's a Tommy remake, maybe Anthony Fauci can play Uncle Ernie.....


From The Atlantic: How Schools Can Help Kids Make Friends Through Masks

After the third day of kindergarten, my son Huxley reported that another kid had kicked him on the playground. It wasn’t a big deal; this kind of thing happens. But on the fourth day, he had a new frustration: He couldn’t figure out who had kicked him. The kid had been wearing a purple mask at the time of the incident, but the next day, no one in Huxley’s class was wearing a purple mask.

With all the things to worry about in 2021, it hadn’t occurred to me to fret about the social impact that masks might have on my son; I’d been so relieved that his public elementary school, in San Francisco, would require them. But here we were. Huxley couldn’t tell his new classmates apart; he had trouble hearing them; he wasn’t sure whether they could hear him; and he became especially disoriented around lunchtime, he said, because that was when all the kids took their masks off. Suddenly they looked like entirely new people. Normally he’s pretty good at making friends, but the confusion was giving him anxiety.

“Even for adults, it is difficult to recognize faces in masks,” says Changhong Liu, a psychologist at Bournemouth University, in the U.K., who studies face recognition. People process faces holistically, he told me, taking in all the features in combination—which is impossible when some of those features are obstructed by a mask, or even sunglasses. And until about age 14, children are still developing their facial-recognition skills.

Some psychologists and educators worry that such impairment in facial processing can lead to a spate of challenges with socialization and communication. Kids may find reading people’s emotions through masks particularly difficult. And for children who are meeting new classmates for the first time while masked, recognition difficulties can slow down the getting-to-know-you process and, in the long run, hinder the development of trust. England opted not to require children to wear masks in elementary school, at least for the time being; according to The New York Times, both the Conservative and Labour Parties are concerned that masks make communication harder for kids. The World Health Organization also recommended that schools weigh potential “psychosocial development” concerns when deciding mask requirements for children ages 6 through 12....  Read the rest at The Atlantic.



Bob Moffit

Liberals are insane. There is no other explanation. This is sold as for the Greater Good. But to your child's detriment. Were is the parental instinct to protect your child. Covid is not the threat. I know AoA is apolitical but what we are witnessing from the political left is pure insanity. This charade continues just to get shots into kids' arms as we know the Biden administration is already working with governors to get this done ASAP in children as young as 5.


I am with you, Bob. I think of the heaven and earth the autism moms I know have moved over decades to get their kids the best possible education, medical care, etc., and I then see my peers--parents of neurotypical kids blessed with good health--just throwing in the towel, and it depresses the hell out of me. We made a massive change in our family to get away from the BS where we lived, and my kid is thriving. When my daughter's friends came to visit a few months ago, it was as if they were dead inside. No emotion. No excitement about anything--the beach, homemade ice cream, shopping. And their well-meaning, well-paid parents have let it happen, because they didn't feel like rocking the boat. Non-human primates would do a better job by their offspring.

Angus Files

Thanks Emmaphiladelphia,
I am also old enough to have had an older brother who had the cassette Yellow Brick Road which was played until it was eventually unplayable. At the time i never understood how this disabled person was so good at pinball and as you know was all the rage back then.To this day i still enjoy a good pinball machine if i can find one. I certainly do understand now partly the fixation this kid had on pinball machines and nothing else. I would give my hind teeth for my autistic son to have the comprehension to be able to play a pinball machine.

Via music were they re-programming us for what was to come ,deafness is a known admitted to pharma reaction to vaccines. Were they at an early age introducing this disabled deaf kid as if the numbers were always there, but we only never knew it and celebrate it,I think so.

Pharma For Prison



High school student arrested for defying mask mandate
A brave patriotic young lady!

Just as I have said: FDA licensed (approved) Comirnaty jabs are NOT AVAILABLE IN THE U.S.A. per recorded phone call to Pfizer. The White house deliberately misled us. ONLY EUA experimental jabs (some with 3 month extended expiration date) are available to school age children.

"Multiple Sources Confirm “Vaxxed” Pilot Died In The Air – Airline Covering It Up Along With Numerous Other Health Issues For Pilots & Flight Attendants"


My 14yr old daughter was in a classroom where everyone took their masks off for a brief moment and said it was so weird.

I would have loved to have the strength & the courage to encourage her to raise her mask above her head and scream, “These are filling up our oceans”!!!! But I know Amy Goodman, Rachel Maddow, Krystal Ball, Briana Joy Gray & Katie Halper would have promptly made fun of her, and I don’t have the bandwith, intelligence, or strength to take on any of those people.


@Angus Files

I'm old enough to have grown up with the original track by the Who:

It was one song in their "rock opera" entitled "Tommy." I vividly remember that my summer camp councilors put on the opera for all the campers (with lip sync). I was totally captivated, even though I had no clue as to the meaning of it. I loved the music. In a way, the song was prophetic for me. One of mine (with autistic behaviors/health issues) has genius level skills in computer programming.

I'm also old enough to have attended an Elton John concert in my home town. Bennie and the Jets was one of his top hits at the time:

Angus Files

Its for the better good, La Di Da Di Da!

They could end up a wizard at pinball..

Elton John - Pinball Wizard - 1975

That deaf, dumb and blind kid Sure plays a mean pinball! I thought I was The Bally table king But I just handed my pinball crown to him Even on my favorite table He can beat my best His disciples lead him in And he just does the rest He's got crazy flipper fingers Never seen him fall That deaf, dumb and blind kid Sure plays a mean pinball!

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

The scariest thing about this article is the author's casual acceptance of children wearing a mask throughout school day. Knowing all the challenges of wearing a mask 24/7 and still thinks it a good idea. Have I missed something here?

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