The Pandemic of Special Education
FDA Votes To Recommend Magic Grits for Kids 5 - 11

Prime Minister Johnson lets the cat out of the bag: the vaccine does not stop you catching Covid or spreading it

Bill of goodsLast Friday while speaking on Sky News and urging members of the public to get their third Covid vaccination the British Prime Minister let go a remarkable admission:

“…the double vaccination provides a lot of protection against serious illness and death but it doesn’t protect you against catching the disease, and it doesn’t protect you against passing it on.”

This does not explain why the government are taking a wrecking ball to the care-home sector by insisting all its employees are vaccinated, and are placing a National Health Service - already on it knees - under similar threat. Our original Covid lockdown in March 2020 was touted by the government as “Six weeks to save the NHS”  our hospital staff and care home staff hailed as heroes - they were indeed, and many  or most will have by now immunity by exposure to the disease: none of which goes to explain why they are being hung out to dry or trampled under foot by an opportunist political class. Equally, the rationale behind vaccine passports is negated.

On Johnson’s admission there is no scientific basis on which these actions are protecting the public: so who or what are they for? In the words of the excellent former BBC historian/journalist, Neil Oliver, “We are not stupid”.






Excellent article by Whitney Webb:

COVID-19: Moderna Gets Its Miracle
"COVID-19 erased the regulatory and trial-related hurdles that Moderna could never surmount before. Yet, how did Moderna know that COVID-19 would create those conditions months before anyone else, and why did they later claim that their vaccine being tested in NIH trials was different than their commercial candidate?"

Morag Lyons

Thank you John Stone, Guard-de- L'eau or WHO flung crofters dung !
It's enough tae blow the horns of a Creg Dubh's [Black Rock's mascot}, mountain goat , aye right off-it!
Has it been fact checked?
Is it a Freudian slip into "Next slide please!
No 1 does an other spectacular No 2 on No 10's front doorstep ?
1984 did not spot 1985 doing remote consultations, for a food or drinks aspiration ? or a wee dose of single or double dose of pleurisy or pneumonitis ? all easily treated for sure, when spotted early!, but not with only treatment options of a remote prescription of ""Would you prefer a tea spoon of set honey or runny honey for the[ C-19 Pox}, ma dear ?"
Why is us professional coughing dodgers, "Care Plan, from scratch ,still gagged ?"

The Two Ronnies 1985 dr sketch YouTube medicspot -The Two Ronnies Medical Examination
If a Person has been in a coma for the past few months, they will think they have awakened in the twilight zone !


Emmaphiladelphia | October 27, 2021 at 06:19 PM

My friend's husband is stable and the bacterial pneumonia has cleared up. The Lord has sent a nurse practitioner "angel" who had a meeting with my friend. She was shocked at some of the treatment her husband had gotten. They are making changes and this nurse will be his patient advocate. My friend is now able to visit him in his room daily. She is hoping they can bring him out of his induced sleep tomorrow. Pray that the lung scarring will be healed.


"AMA Plots To Ban Ivermectin So That More People Die From COVID"

"Scientist Whose Wife Was Injured by COVID Vaccine Tells FDA: ‘Please Do Not Give This to Kids’
Brian Dressen, Ph.D., who is a chemist with an extensive background in researching and assessing the degree of efficacy in new technologies, told the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Pfizer’s vaccine “failed any reasonable risk-benefit calculus in connection with children.”"


I wonder if Neil is up to his nec in pharma stocks? Maybe it is not MS at all.


Bob Moffitt I too was thinking along those lines.
Neil, with his MS I give him lots of patience,, but he is very trying Thank you.


This is happening now.

My friend's husband's life is hanging in the balance. Please pray for his miraculous healing if you have faith in Jesus. My friend was prevented from getting her spouse early Covid treatment because she had to use telemedicine to order the protocol and it did not arrive in time- disrupted supply chain. I won't go into all the harrowing details regarding just getting him admitted into the hospital as his case worsened and his oxygen levels dropped. The real horror began once he was admitted and eventually ended up on a respirator after 3 doses of Remdesivir. People are currently praying for him around the world, and the Lord has kept him alive after my friend was able to get the doctor to give him Ivermectin in the ICU as a "widows" last request. He revived and the hospital workers said they had never seen a turn around like that. He is not out of the woods and they moved him to another place that's virtually a free standing ICU building while they try to wean him off of the oxygen.

My friend and her husband have been through a fiery trial. I just came across this article which EXACTLY describes what they have been through at the hospital. If you do not believe in faith healing, GOOD LUCK.

Read and weep for our country...
"Exposed: Inhumane, lethal COVID Protocol in hospitals
Exclusive: Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., shows link to Obama-era rationing of care for people 50-plus"


A sanctuary state:

“I will not let the heavy hand of government force Floridians to take a shot. That violates their constitutional rights, infringes on their medical freedom, and threatens their livelihoods,” DeSantis said after announcing a special session to create protections for Floridians."

Florida Tied for Lowest Daily Coronavirus Cases Per Capita in the U.S.

Bob Moffit

@@ Benedetta

"At any rate; I see that Neil Cavuto is saying he received threats for telling every one to get their vaccines cause it worked great from him."

This is the very same Neil Cavuto who looked directly into camera and accused former President Trump of MURDERING people by recommending Hydoxychloquine (HDC) as effective early treatment of Covid … having taken it himself with great results.



Neil Cavuto should be among those accused.



"If I was as stupid as they seem to think I am, I wouldn’t notice that Big Media and Big Pharma, are largely owned by vast asset management firms Black Rock and Vanguard. But I’m not that stupid, and I have noticed."


Here is the short article:

"Fox News' Neil Cavuto shares death threat he received after encouraging people to get vaccinated

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto received hate mail — and a seeming death threat — after urging his viewers to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

In a Tuesday afternoon segment on his show, "Your World," Cavuto discussed an email he received from one viewer who commented that he had appeared to lose weight .

"But I'm not happy with less of you," the email stated. "I want 'none' of you. I want you gone. Dead. Caput. Fini. Get it? Now, take your two-bit advice, deep-six it, and you!"

Cavuto, who is currently broadcasting from his home, took the message in stride. "Wow, is he trying out for 'The Sopranos' prequel?" he joked."

Unquote and some one opinion? The person in the email - - it is not clear that they are mad at Cavuto for the vaccine stance - does it?

But at any rate - this person has time on their hands and mad about something


Neil Cavuto that host a financial show on Fox -- has MS.
Neil Cavuto is completely vaccinated against covid.
Neil Cavuto got the actual disease earlier this month.
Yesterday Neil Cavuto - was back n the TV - still at home - still isolated and encouraging every one to get the vaccine because with out it - he was sure that the real covid would have killed him.

How do they know this? What is the science studies that Linsdey Graham and Neil Cavuto are reading that makes them all assured that that vaccine kept them from getting really bad off and dying?

At any rate; I see that Neil Cavuto is saying he received threats for telling every one to get their vaccines cause it worked great from him.

Angus Files

Thanks John for the article.
Big clap for Neil Oliver I watch him on You Tube hes spot on. Other talking heads not so clever and honest and as we know on here,if you've only had two Covid vaccines and they want you to have a third and said person refuses well your back of the bus anti vax status. Yup! you don't get the sickness as bad if you've been vaccinated the old jokes are the best as they say, especially true when it comes from Boris Gump pharma phaithful Ministers shame on them.

Eamonn Holmes struck down with Covid despite being double-jabbedEamonn Holmes revealed he has contracted Covid despite being double-jabbed.

The TV presenter apologised as he confirmed in a Twitter post he would be a “no show” for the coming days while he was in self-isolation.

Speaking candidly, the 61-year-old reassured fans he was “coping with the symptoms and effects well” after contracting the virus.

He wrote: “Covid finally caught me. Thankfully I’m Double jabbed. More than half way through my isolation and coping with the symptoms and effects well.

Pharma For Prison


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