Goodbye Francis Collins: NIH Director Hails Deliberate Waste of Time, Money and Lives
Athletes Are Called Conspiracy Theorists

Nonspeaking Autism & Vision: A National Autism Association WebiNAAr

NAA ocular
No matter what avenues, treatments, therapies, education models, medical treatments, behavioral programs we pursue, the one thing, maybe the only thing, that has ever united the disparate autism community is a desire to help our kids. From our friends at NAA.


Is nonspeaking autism a cognitive disorder, or could it actually be a motor skill difference? Have nonspeaking kids been inaccurately diagnosed with an intellectual disability just because they don't have the fine motor skills necessary to speak? Join us on Monday for Part 3 of our series on nonspeaking autism.

Our first two webiNAArs have been viewed by thousands of people via Zoom and Facebook. (Replays are available on our Facebook page under Videos or the Autism ATRIUM section of our website.) In our next session, we'll chat with Dr. Dana Johnson about Ocular Motor Control and Apraxia - an incredibly important topic that many of us have never taken into consideration before. Don't miss this! Click the registration link below for more details.

Date/Time: Monday, October 11th at 1pm ET/10am PT.
To register for this free event via Zoom, click here. Attendance is limited!
For those unable to connect through Zoom, we will also be live streaming on the NAA Facebook page.



The final solution: Let's just call it HAVANA SYNDROME.

Yes, our government is at the ready to help the brain injured- sparing no expense and leaving no stone unturned to determine cause and to fund the injured:

"The Helping American Victims Afflicted by Neurological Attacks Act, or Havana Act, passed unanimously in the Senate in June. After multiple delays, the House voted unanimously late last month to send the legislation to Biden’s desk.

“I want to thank Congress for passing it with unanimous bipartisan support, sending the clear message that we take care of our own,” Biden said in a statement. “We are bringing to bear the full resources of the U.S. Government to make available first-class medical care to those affected and to get to the bottom of these incidents, including to determine the cause and who is responsible.”

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), one of the authors of the legislation, has cast it as an attempt to help U.S. personnel who have had to “battle the bureaucracy to receive care for their debilitating injuries.” Collins was among those who attended Friday’s signing ceremony at the White House, which was closed to the press."
Of course, they are referring to American operatives in Havana who were mysteriously brain injured by what is now claimed to be DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS.
Autism? Havana Syndrome? Vaccines? Energy weapons?
At this point, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? The result is the same.

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