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HHS Says Kole Knows


HHS has been Tweeting some pretty dumb info recently. For example, they Tweeted the story of a young Mom who had Covid - telling her scare story of how terrible it was. Fortunately, she recovered after a long hospitalization. The lovely lady was also morbidly obese - and the CDC says obesity is a high risk factor for a tough case of Covid. Below is the Tweet they sent out yesterday, telling us that we should listen to Kole, a husband and father (what are we, chopped liver?) who tells us with certainty that having Covid is most assuredly WORSE than any side effects from the Covid vaccines.  You can read my Tweeted response, which I assume no one saw because we are shrouded by Twitter like naked ladies on the stage in the 1950s. The good stuff isn't visible.  Trained, knowledgeable physicians with decades of experience and success treating Covid are censored and castigated, but Kole?  Ole King Kole is a very smart soul.



Michael S.

Thanks Kim. Brilliant response. Best laugh I've had all week.

Sarah I

Agreed, great response. How absurd/offensive to share this rando POV. Thanks for calling BS.
Kim, I so admire your brilliance, strength, quick wit, biting humor, and tireless patrol. You are amazing.

susan welch

Great response, Kim

Unfortunately I am unable to respond on Twitter as I am one of the growing crowd who tweeted one truth too many on that heavily censored platform.

Many of the refugees from Twitter are now on Telegram, but their days may be numbered as I understand our totally inept (I could think of another word for him) Leader of the Opposition (that title is a joke) has called for it to go.

Bob Moffit

The greatest power of TWITTER .. is their POWER TO IGNORE those who are more informed and experienced than Mr Kole … giving HIM the power to express his callous ignorance of those THOUSANDS WHO HAVE DIED … NOT FROM COVID .. BUT THE COVID VACCINE ITSELF.

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