Prime Minister Johnson lets the cat out of the bag: the vaccine does not stop you catching Covid or spreading it
Autism in Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated Children

FDA Votes To Recommend Magic Grits for Kids 5 - 11

Magic gritsA smaller dose of Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine cleared its first regulatory hurdle Tuesday for use in young children, after a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee voted to recommend it for emergency use authorization for those ages 5 to 11. The 17-0 vote, with one abstention, will now go to the FDA, which is expected to make a final ruling in the coming days. If authorized, the move would make nearly the entire U.S. population eligible for a Covid shot. Only children ages 4 and younger would remain ineligible. Source:

This not-so surprising news (the Pfizer market just increased by 28,000,000 customers) brought to mind a conversation I had with my oldest daughter's pediatrician in 1997, when I asked him to give her the Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine.  He flat out told me the vaccine was "too new" and he would not administer it.  The vaccine had been approved by ACIP in 1995, after DECADES in the making and YEARS of testing. Quaint, yes? Recommendations turn into pediatric school schedule mandates in a jiffy.

Do you recall this scene from My Cousin Vinny, when he used grits to establish a timeline? No self respecting Southerner would eat instant grits. Grits, like the Italian counterpart polenta, take time to stir on the stove.  Are there any self-respecting pediatricians or FDA advisors in 2021? No, and they can kiss MY grits.....








The lawsuits have begun....

"Louisiana High School Caught Injecting Children with COVID-19 Shots Without Parental Knowledge – One Mom Sues"

"East Jefferson High School in Kenner, Louisiana, has been caught injecting children with COVID-19 shots without parental knowledge or approval, and one mother has reportedly retained an attorney and is suing after her 16-year-old son was injected in an Ochsner Health System mobile vaccination clinic sponsored by the school.

The Louisiana Department of Health requires a parent’s signature for persons under 18 being vaccinated."


Anita Donnelly That is very interesting family history.
Your doctor knew his biz.. I have heard that a lot of family practice doctors even modern day - knows too, but not the pediatricians. Sure wish I knew that bit of information as I was raising my kids.


the reduced dosage for 5-11 is tacit acknowledgement of a safety risk.

Angus Files

Parents need to be protecting their kids. As a parent we owe it to our children to protect them from preying Pharma no less than a preying animal which has a lesser chance of a kill or a maim than Pharma with a needle.

Pharma For Prison



"....cleared its first regulatory hurdle..." Not even a bump in the road. What hurdle?

Anita Donnelly

My sister in the 1960's was incubating chicken pox, when she got the MMR. She was very sick and almost hospitalized. Our doctor (an Irish Catholic father of 10 fully vaxxed kids ) said "Your family should avoid vaccinations." He did not give us anything except approved polio I did not get small pox, because he saw that I had terrible eczema (otherwise known as evidence of a metal allergy--we were in a steel town). Fast forward 30 years. My child reacts so badly to the hep-B as a newborn he ends up in the ICU. What a mystery. Then, he gets the varicella and MMR and immediately reacts like my sister did long ago. Only she recovered right away. For him with his toxic load of the normal vaccine schedule, he only recovered because I finally learned from my mother about our family history and stopped his remaining shots immediately. And because we were very very lucky that biomedical approaches worked for him.


Forgot the link:

It's the third PDF.


Emma, I don't know whether CICP is the only way to get paid (LOL) if one of these experimental shots is given off-label. If an adult gets an MMR booster that is beyond the ACIP schedule and has an adverse event, is that person limited to VICP, or can he sue the doctor? I wonder if a lawyer would care to weigh in.

During the meeting, Dr. Hayley Gans of Stanford U noted that in the FDA's own briefing document (downloadable here) in section 4.5, 205,046 kids under 12 had already received one dose of Pfizer, and 125,656 had received two doses. She asked in the context of whether data had been gathered on safety and efficacy in this population. (Of course it hadn't! A big part of saying, "Known benefits outweigh known risks" is deliberately not gathering any data.) That is a big enough number to make it clear that parents who really want to give this thing to their young children can do it.

Of course, that doesn't answer Peter Marks's accusation of racism. (Only rich white parents can get it off-label; poor, non-white people have to rely on free school clinics, which necessitates FDA authorization.)


I came across this super easy and tasty grits TACO DIP:

1 cup cooked grits, cooled
1 cup sour cream
1/2 - 1 tablespoon taco mix seasoning

Mix grits and sour cream in blender/food processor until creamy- about 6 minutes. Add Taco mix and blend again. Refrigerate a few hours until ready to serve with nacho chips.
From Diane Pfeifer's GONE WITH THE GRITS cookbook.

The dip has the texture of hummus. It can be layered with salsa, guacamole, and shredded cheese.
Cheap and good!

Matlock would be proud. LOL!


"kids 5 through 11 can get it off-label."

I had also heard that. And of course, the VAERS reports are proof.
This begs the question, "Who is liable for these children's injuries? Does using it off label put liability on the doctor?"

Bob Moffit



TOB Thanks for watching it and telling us what went down at the meeting.


I don't understand this one.
During my Father's funeral - my daughter introduced me to her boss. I told her that I was sorry she lost her father to kidney failure a few months back. From there it turned to other things.
like her 11 year old daughter was sitting out in the car, it was hot at the time, and she was not feeling well, and had not been feeling will ever since her covid vaccine.

It came out of my mouth before I could stop it -- "why are you giving a child a vaccine?" The hurt and the fear on that mother's face. I was sorry. So, I did not have an answer? So they have been - already -- all this summer giving vaccines to not just 15 year olds -- but 11 year olds and probably any child whose parent could be scared into it.


It was a very weird meeting. Most of the questions made me think a lot of "no" votes were coming. But then Peter Marks swooped in at the end, along with Arnold Monto (chairman of the committee), and told them that (1) if they voted "no," then no kid 5-11 could get it, (2) they should ignore the likelihood that states and other entities will mandate the shots, and (3) if they narrowed the authorization (like maybe only for kids with serious risk factors) then only rich white kids could get it. Every time I hear "equity," I cringe. I'm not black, but I'm willing to bet that black Americans have 1,000 things higher on their lists of unfairness than access to experimental vaccines.

Kim Witczak of Woody Matters (non-profit raising awareness of pharma injuries) noted that because the product is approved, kids 5 through 11 can get it off-label. Indeed, there are almost 1,000 VAERS reports from kids 11 and under, so obviously they have been. Monto and Marks did not explicitly contradict this fact, but they acted as if it didn't exist.


Oh Kim exact opposite experience for us. My son was scheduled to get his MMR vax at his 1 year well check. His pediatrician suggested giving him the Varivax that day too. He said that if his son was old enough he'd give it to him. Great salespitch. In my ignorant trust of the white coats I agreed. That was the beginning of the downward spiral. We moved to another state & our new pediatrician was so impressed my kids already got the chicken pox vax because it was so new. She talked me into the Hep B series because my newly diagnosed son was going to be in a play group for kids with developmental disabilities and "he might get bit".
These pediatricians are nothing but vaccine sales people. My biggest regret was blindly trusting them.
God help these little ones that will get this experimental injection. Complete insanity.

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