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Squid gameWe'd like to wish the children of California Godspeed and an army of angels' protection. 

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday announced the nation’s first coronavirus vaccination mandate for schoolchildren

DisneyLand Measles was the Trojan Horse. Inside it, Covid. When my oldest was 2 years old, I asked her pediatrician to give her the Varicella vaccine for chicken pox. He told me, "No, it's too new."  I was angry with him. I have the notes in her baby book. A book that trailed off to nothing but visits to specialist and grand mal seizure charts. If parents want to choose the CoVax for their children, that is their decision to make with their doctor.  To require a product that is still experimental, with barely a year's worth of data in a completely different population, as the admission to school is not at all surprising, given California is the bellwether state for vaccine mandates.

Have any readers been watching the Korean series called Squid Game? It's relaxing compared to what's happening today.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday announced the nation’s first coronavirus vaccination mandate for schoolchildren, requiring that all elementary through high school students get the shots once the vaccine gains final approval from the U.S. government for different age groups.

The government has fully approved the COVID-19 vaccine for those 16 and over but only granted an emergency authorization for anyone 12 to 15. Once federal regulators fully approve it for that group, the state will require students in seventh through 12th grades to get vaccinated in both public and private schools. Newsom said he expects that requirement to be in place by July 1.

California will require the COVID-19 vaccine for students in kindergarten through sixth grades after it gets final federal approval for children 5 to 11.

“We want to end this pandemic. We are all exhausted by it,” the Democratic governor told reporters at a San Francisco middle school.

The announcement comes as infections in most of California have dropped markedly in the last month. Newsom has been emboldened after easily defeating a recall effort last month following a campaign where he emphasized his commitment to vaccine mandates to end the pandemic.

In Los Angeles County — the nation’s largest, with more than 10 million residents — just 1.7% of people tested for the virus have it and daily infections are down by half in the last month, when most kids went back to school.

“These numbers are amazingly low given that 3,000-plus schools are now open countywide,” county Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Thursday.

She noted that though the number of outbreaks in schools has increased slightly in recent weeks, the overall number is small and largely related to youth sports.

The state’s vaccine mandate for schoolchildren would take effect the semester after the federal government grants final approval. If it comes in January, then the mandate would take effect in July.

Students would be granted religious and medical exemptions, but the rules for how the state would apply them have not been written yet. Any student who refuses to take the vaccine would be forced to complete an independent study course at home.

Until now, Newsom had left the decision on student vaccine mandates to local school districts, leading to a variety of different orders across some of the state’s largest districts. Five districts in California have imposed their own requirements, including Los Angeles, the nation’s second-largest school district, which is set to take effect in January.

Newsom’s plan does not override those districts’ plans, saying school districts can “accelerate” the requirements.

Dr. Peter N. Bretan, president of the California Medical Association, said the organization “strongly supports” the governor’s decision.

“This is not a new idea. We already require vaccines against several known deadly diseases before students can enroll in schools,” he said. “The Newsom administration is simply extending existing public health protections to cover this new disease, which has caused so much pain and suffering across our state, our nation and the entire globe over the last 18 months.”

Newsom has made it a point of pride to be the first in the nation to issue a variety of pandemic-related school mandates.

In August, California became the first state to require all teachers and staff in K-12 public and private schools to get vaccinated or undergo weekly COVID-19 testing. Newsom also issued a school mask mandate earlier in the summer for indoor classes that applies to all teachers and students. Source: AP News.



Organisms resembling “immortal” HYDRA VULGARIS discovered in multiple VAX samples by DR CARRIE MADEJ …they were moving

This isn't Stephen King fiction, it's SCIENCE:

" How Do Germlines Achieve Immortality?
Are simple animals really potentially immortal? Proving this requires rather long-term experiments! A study of Hydra vulgaris showed no evidence of aging over 4 years; rates of rapid cell proliferation were maintained, and it was argued that this period of time was sufficient to detect aging in such a small animal if it showed normal mortality (Martinez, 1998). Another study did show “degeneration” in Hydra oligactis when it reproduced sexually at high rates (Yoshida, Fujisawa, Hwang, Ikeo, & Gojobori, 2006), but it has been argued that this is a consequence of the load associated with high rates of gamete production, and it is not seen in other species (Bosch, 2009). Indeed, if animals in this group are maintained in the absence of sexual reproduction, aging is absent (discussed by Martinez and Bridge, 2012). Life times of thousands of years have been estimated in sponges (McMurray, Blum, & Pawlik, 2008), even more than 10,000 years (Gatti, 2002; Jochum, Wang, Vennemann, Sinha, & Mueller, 2012)."

"The University of California at Davis received a 1.5 million dollar grant in 2018 from the National Science Foundation’s EDGE (Enabling Discovery Through Genomic Tools) program to further study the Hydra Vulgaris and probe its gene sequences and neural networks (the creature has no brain but has neural networks) while studying its unique regeneration of neurons.

Dr. Madej also mentions that she found that the hydra vulgaris is being studied in cancer research in mRNA usage for drug delivery along with gold nanorobots and DNA-coated gold nanoparticles, as in this article: DNA – Coated gold nanoparticles for the detection of mRNA in live Hydra vulgaris animals."


Ron DeSantis announces wife's breast-cancer diagnosis: 'She will never, never, never give up'

I will be praying for Casey DeSantis to have faith that Jesus can heal her.
A commenter in the article said this:

"Mrs. DeSantis received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine almost 6 months ago to the day.

Breast tumors generally take 2 to 5 years to develop, with the rare exception of IBC taking as little as a few months.

All of these vaccines are known to affect both male and female hormones, and hormones can affect the growth of tumors.

It is doubtful we will ever know the details of the diagnosis, so it is impossible to speculate..."


Cali school boards were warned:

California mom and medical analyst that researches a wide variety of things in the medical world. She’s an expert in getting new drugs and medical devices approved and pass regulatory hurdles. Karen Kingston gives a 58 minute interview and lays out all the government docs to back up her analysis of the dangers of Covid jabs- especially for children. She herself has children in the San Diego school system. She also clarifies that the shots being given are EUA and NOT the FDA licensed Comirnaty which isn't available. This woman is a fountain of knowledge who documents what she says. This interview was given two days before Newsom's Friday announcement of mandatory vaccines for school children.

Unvaxed at Risk from Vaxed in Coming Dark Winter – Karen Kingston

CV19 Vaccines are Poison – Karen Kingston

"Kingston, who has read and studied hundreds of pages of CV19 vaccine patents, says, “They are not vaccines. They are only intended to poison, mutate, cause genetic mutations, and kill adults and children. They contain advanced medical technologies called lipid nanoparticles that are made of hydrogel, which contains graphene oxide (poison to humans). . . . There are strong immunosuppressants, different types of chemotherapies that could suppress your immune system while being injected by something that is going to highjack your immune system . . . . and actually produce this disease causing genetic material that can cause cancers, inflammatory diseases, genetic disorders, infertility and etc. That’s when I cried, not for myself or my family, but for God’s children basically.”"


Someone needs to send this man to California as a final prophet of doom:


Donna L.

Yes, I think you are right. I don't know why I keep thinking that any day now, people are going to finally wake up and fight back. You'd think after 22 years of fighting this battle, I'd have figured that out! I guess the alternative -- people lining up begging for themselves and their children to be poisoned to death -- is just too hard to imagine. But here we are.


The Dollar Store shelves are empty! No laundry soap, bleach, paper plates, paper towels, paper products. .

At the grocery store there has been a run on peas for some strange reason. I found just three bags of frozen peas left - no can peas at all. My fall garden of lettuce has come in and I like to make a seven layer salad that calls for frozen peas -- well I got them , but just three bags left?

I asked a few clerks what is the problem -truckers. Where are the trucker, I asked? Oh they can't find anyone. Now I know that it is not true, there were plenty out there on I 75 a couple of weeks ago -- Where did they go? The final answer was, Biden. Who I asked cause I do not hear very well. The president they said -- you know the one that every one voted for.

IT is the vaccine mandates - Guys!!!!!
I have friends, and family that are truck drivers. They are very smart people, The have to be to drive a big rig up I75 through several states and not kill anyone.


Nothing has changed.

This would be an EUA authorization, NOT an FDA licensed vaccine. EUA is INFORMED CONSENT ONLY. Children under age 18 cannot sign a legal document to reject the vaccine. Parents cannot sign for them. The schools cannot keep you out of class if they don't have a signed document showing your non-consent. Californians failed to oust their dictator governor. They get what they deserve. If you care for your children, leave the state.


@Laura Hayes,

THANK you so much for the link to the Spartacus blog. I just read thru it, but will have to re-read it to embrace the full scope of the medical information, which is quite extensive. This is one of the best blogs I have ever read on this entire covid issue.

Am passing this blog along to all those I know.

Laura Hayes

Donna L,

I wish I could agree with you…that there is something that will wake people up…but based on the ignoring, dismissing, and denying of the “Autism” epidemic, and other new vaccine-induced epidemics of childhood, I don’t hold out much hope. Anne Dachel’s regular reporting would back that up, sadly.

When 5-7 year olds start dying post-Covid injections, it will be ignored, dismissed, concealed, written off, and denied…just like vaccine-induced “Autism”.

Just think how many smoking guns there have been which should have stopped the vaccine program, in its entirety, in its tracks…yet didn’t.

Onward, in any event. The battle must be fought.

Donna L.

Sadly, Jill, I think this -- vaccinating kids -- is what is going to finally burst the "vaccinate" bubble. When 5, 6, 7 yr olds start dying post covid-vax, the you-know-what is gonna hit the fan. How pathetic, though, that it will take such a tragedy to finally wake up the brainwashed masses.

Jill in MI

My niece is a teacher in California. Her and her husband are fully vaccinated. They have two children - kindergarten and third grade. They recently all came down with CoVid. So now the two kids have already had CoVid and STILL have to get the shot? They had very light symptoms and were over it in a few days. The "vaccinate" "vaccinate" "vaccinate" mantra is just insanity. How did this come to be the ONLY way to health? I keep hoping that something big is going to explode and burst that particular bubble. God please heal us all.


(2) Vaccine
The term "vaccine" means any substance designed to be administered to a human being for the prevention of 1 or more diseases.

This is the Federal legal definition of "vaccine."
Ivermectin, taken for prophylaxis, would fit the above description of a "vaccine."
I saw a video of the Fauci whistleblower (forget her name) and she was able to use this to keep her elderly mother (in a care home) from getting the Covid jab. Worth looking in to. I think she had a lawyer.

susan welch

Thankyou, Laura, for that article. A lot of the medical information was over my head but I got the gist of all of it. I have passed in on to my daughter in law as she will understand it more thoroughly.

It is truly frightening what is going on, but I do get the feeling there is a very gradual shift and hopefully people will be more open minded to truth before too long.


Living on manna.....

Californians will need to get out of the system to save their children.
This family has already done that:



Wow Laura! Thanks for the link. It is everything I have been thinking, but I couldn't have brought in the biological science the way Spartacus did. It confirms all of my suspicions.

Laura Hayes

I wrote this article 6 1/2 years ago. More relevant than ever.

"Vaccine Trafficking" by Laura Hayes


Great article this morning, thank you so much, found the Donate button.
Perhaps that will help California's children in a small way.

Angus Files

.I wonder what the care workers saw that made them so scared to vaccinate body bags ,body bags, body bags

‘Get out and get another job,’ Sajid Javid tells unvaccinated care workers
Health secretary says new staff ‘will come forward’ if thousands quit

Care home workers who are not willing to get the Covid jab should “get out and get another job”, the health secretary Sajid Javid has said in a stinging attack on vaccine refuseniks.

Trade unions and care home providers have warned that the sector faces a staffing crisis if thousands of workers lose their jobs for failing a legal requirement to get the vaccine.

The National Care Association has called for a pause in compulsory vaccinations, arguing that the policy could lead to substandard care or see some homes having to shut their doors.

Asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme if he would consider a pause, Mr Javid said: “No, I won’t. What I don’t accept is slowing down the requirement to vaccinate.”

The health secretary said: “Look, if you want to work in care home, you are working with some of the most vulnerable people in our country. And if you can’t be bothered to go and get vaccinated, then get out and go and get another job.”

Mr Javid added: “If you want to look after [vulnerable people], if you want to feed them, if you want to put them to bed, then you should get vaccinated. If you’re not going to get vaccinated then why are working in care?”

Asked how the country would cope with staff shortages if tens of thousands of care workers quit the sector, Mr Javid said: “There are other people … who will come forward.”

Mr Javid also said he was disappointed by reports that at least five members of the men’s England football squad are refusing to be vaccinated against Covid.

“It is disappointing, of course it is ... They are role models in society,” he told Times Radio. “People, especially young people, I think will look up to them and they should recognise that and the difference that can make in terms of encouraging others.”

Watch More
This video file cannot be played.
(Error Code: 102404)
Nadra Ahmed, executive chairman of the National Care Association, has estimated that 70,000 people could be forced to leave the sector because of mandatory vaccination.

She told the BMJ some the departure of staff was already having a serious impact. “We’ve heard of providers shutting the doors, they just can’t go on any more.”

Care home workers in England were told to have their first Covid jab by the end of 16 September to meet the government’s deadline for full vaccination of 11 November.

Mr Javid also said he was disappointed by reports that at least five members of the men’s England football squad are refusing to be vaccinated against Covid.

Last month the Department of Health and Social Care said that more than 90 per cent of eligible social care staff had received a first dose by the deadline, and around 84 per cent had already been given a second dose.

Mr Javid also waded into a row over the push to get GPs doing more face-to-face appointments – insisting that the return to pre-pandemic normality “needs to move much faster”.

Leading professional bodies has pushed back against calls for face-to-face appointments to become the default again, warned that Covid infection levels were still too high for practices to return to packed waiting rooms.

Professor Martin Marshall, chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, told MPs last month: “There’s no point in having a right if it’s undeliverable at the moment because of the workload pressures.”

The health secretary told Today: “We are in discussion with GP leaders. We need to work together to make sure we can give patients more of the choice they are asking for.”

Mr Javid added: “There are patients who might prefer remote consultation. But there are others who prefer face to face. To get where we need to be there has to be a partnership with GPs, working together to alleviate some of the pressures they face.”

Pharma For Prison



I have always talked about Mississippi.
But my husband'.s mother with three sisters was raised in California.

My husband has a brother in California now with grown children and school aged grandchildren.
He lost his wife to ALS at a very young age - 50 something, she had juvenile diabetes, so she was in trouble with autoimmune disease starting out as a child.
After a while he remarried to a nurse. This year she had blood clots form in her lungs. Wonder why? She has been pretty sick. One of his grandchildren I am sure has mild autism. .

Sot there is stress there already for them. Too bad Newsom was not defeated. But really after the police found a car load of ballets, from some drunk sleeping in his car out side a quick stop grocery/gas station - I thought it was probably over, before it began anyway.

Bob Moffit

Some questions for California's HEALTH TALIBAN:

SCIENCE reasons a child is more at risk from vaccine injury than covid. TRUE OR FALSE

Can every child tolerate the 17 vaccines in 72 doses in childhood without injury? TRUE FALSE'

When does a child's unique, individual immune system run risk of IMMUNE EXHAUSTION?

Do you believe there is no limit to number and doses of vaccines a child can tolerate?

Do vaccine companies like Pfizer mandate vaccines for their employees and families?

If not … why not???



Laura Hayes

Fascinating and important read. Excellent, unique, and thorough summary of things “Covid”-related. Worth reading in its entirety.

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