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Be Not Afraid

PleadBy Cathy Jameson

I love St. John Paul the Great.  Growing up, I knew him simply as Pope John Paul II.  Canonized only a few years ago, I cherish the fact that this modern day saint was alive during my childhood.  When he died, I remember it felt like I lost a beloved family member.  I recalled one of his quotes, pictured above, on his feast day, which was on the 22nd.  That quote has gotten me through hard times in the past. 

While seeing other reminders of this saint all day on Friday, I thought I’d look for some inspiration from him.  He’s got quite a few good quotes, but I kept coming back to this one:  I plead with you – never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged.  Be not afraid. 

With how discouraging the news is lately, it has really been hard to remain hopeful.  Even though many businesses, schools, sport and recreational facilities are back up and running, the planet seems to be in a perpetual lockdown.  Stores are open, but customers must still stay six feet apart.  Schools are in session, but children must be masked up.  Sports are in full swing on the weekends, but once fans leave the jam packed stadiums, it’s no touchy touchy of anything or anyone from Monday through Friday. 

I understand the need to be cautious, mindful, and respectful of a virus that is present.  But I will never support all that have been done regarding that virus, including a vaccine mandate for it.  Many people are contemplating walking off their jobs, or have already done so, because of that illicit mandate.  I applaud those who already have who have stood up and said no to it.  I fully support those who’ve faced their fears head on and who’ve been able to walk away from the tyranny.  The People are still under attack, though, and I have a feeling we haven’t seen all that The Machine thinks it can do.

The People here, and in other communities, have fought The Machine for years.  In years past, they’ve gotten bad vaccine bills to be struck from dockets.  They’ve stood their ground and made an impact.  Their message – that if there is a risk, there must be a choice – has been heard on all sorts of platforms.  Even so, The Machine is gaining ground and quickly, too.  With one medical product, elected and selected government officials, along with pharmaceutical companies and big businesses, are doing everything they can to push that product.  They will not be satisfied, it seems, until every single human being has received it.  The disregard I’ve seen toward individual health and individual choice is unfathomable to me.  I cannot remember a time in my life that I’ve witnessed anything as destructive as what’s occurred these last few months. 

Instead of actually “crushing the virus”, those orchestrating COVID19 have successfully crushed American’s freedoms.  As those freedoms were being stripped, a new level of contempt was created, especially toward the unmasked and the unvaccinated.  Rather than quell that, more mandates were enacted.  The more the government stayed involved, the more everyday people disagreed with what was fact and what was fiction.  Pitting neighbor against neighbor, citizens eagerly looked to find fault in each other.  Then, personal choice ceased to exist.  Now, healthy, smart, talented, hard-working Americans, who are physically able to and who want to work, are being forced to make an awful decision – comply with a mandate, or lose their job.  It is maddening what people are dealing with. 

They are tired. 

They are doubtful.

They are discouraged.

And they are afraid.

They are not alone in their plight, and many are rising up to fight.  I know I’ve said it before, but I hate that some of this turns into a fight.  But when The People find themselves painted into a corner, fighting back must be considered.  Not everyone will be able to fight for their rights before the mandate deadlines, and that has me feeling a level of despair I have never felt before.  When despair creeps in, I know I have to work harder.  I know I must pray harder, and I know I absolutely need to lean on my faith like I’ve never had to before.  If I don’t lean on that faith, I will crumble.  To those in our community and beyond who will soon find themselves facing the impossible…

I plead with you – never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged.  Be not afraid. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 




We live in interesting times for sure. Yes, it is an abusive relationship and they don't like us.
Thanks Morag for Oliver Neal's video..

But there strange things a foot and they just keep coming. .

Epstein remember him! They are suggesting he gave to some science research - just like those rich guys do, and nothing to see here.

Remember that Harvard professor arrested for working with the Chinese ; a lab in Wuhan, China no less! -- yeah that guy; Professor Lieber

Well he was rubbing rubbed elbows with two other fellow professors Church and Nowak; at Harvard, doing the same type of work, same area of expertise.

Dr. Church was involved in the area of applying advanced techniques (lab based and computational) to engineer organisms to make them resistant to viruses (and potentially vice-versa, to engineer viruses), and is involved in the efforts to combat the risks involved.

And a Dr. Nowak

Interestingly enough, Dr. Church was one of the scientists most involved with Jeffrey Epstein. He received funding from Epstein for the purposes of ‘cutting edge science & education’ from 2005 to 2007 (the funding was apparently unrestricted). Epstein was convicted of soliciting an underage prostitute in 2008. Following his conviction, Dr. Church and Epstein continued to meet. According to an NBC report, "he had six phone calls and meetings with Epstein in 2014, as shown in Church’s online calendar (he has posted one every year since 1999). Sample entry: “Jun 21, 2014 Lunch w/ Jeffrey Epstein, 12-1:30, Martin Nowak’s Institute.” (Nowak, a Harvard biologist/mathematician, is also a Brockman client and Edge participant.) He also met with Epstein “several times” each year since, Church said."

So, Epstein gave or pledged to give 30 million which the article goes on to say - is an unheard of amount of money - science most research projects only get 2 or 3 million from the federal agencies.

What to think? I did not think the plot could thicken more -- and yet it still manages to shock and surprise me.

Was Epstein funneling money from the Chinese to these - research projects? And then to what else?
And yet the government - Biden wants to look at my little 600 dollar bank transactions, when there are things like this a going on .

Laura Hayes

Two important reads to share:

Laura Hayes


Pertinent to what you wrote about the criminal code, here is an excerpt from my 2016 presentation titled “Vaccines: What Is There to Be ‘Pro’ About?”:

“Now that we have discussed what is actually in vaccines, let’s talk once more about how parental instincts have been demeaned, grossly manipulated, and obliterated, specifically, about how parents have been grievously lied to and misled, to the point where parents are now allowing things that simply do not make sense. Imagine looking from the outside in, and seeing a tiny newborn, small infant, or trusting toddler, being held down, painfully stuck with a needle multiple times, screaming so that its face is beet red with tears, all while the child’s parents not only watch, but due to being lied to and coerced, they participate in this atrocity! What must this do to the psyche and stress hormones of a child to have this happen, time and again, while the person he trusts most is not only allowing it, but participating in it?

What would you say if you walked by the window to my house, peered in, and saw my husband and me holding down our tiny baby on the dining room table, then roughly jabbing and injecting it multiple times with toxic cocktails and true witches’ brews of ingredients…all while our baby, or child of any age, screamed bloody murder, trying to escape our grip and savagery? I imagine you would whip out your cell phone, call the police, then try to barge into our home to stop the abuse! How is what I just described any different than what goes on every minute of every day in doctors’ offices and hospitals in our country and across the world? To be very clear, it isn’t.

To state it very plainly, vaccination is child abuse in the form of medical assault and battery. With regard to adults, when vaccination is carried out against one’s will or wishes, say for school admittance, job requirements, elder care and housing, or military admission, or when carried out with one who is hesitant, or with one who is unsuccessful in resisting and refusing, it also meets the legal definition for assault and battery. We must begin to label these vaccine atrocities for what they are: blatant and inexcusable child abuse; medical assault and battery; and when death is the result for the vaccine recipient, involuntary manslaughter. These vaccine-induced injuries, illnesses, and deaths are iatrogenic in nature, meaning they are caused by doctors and nurses. Vaccinations are crimes against humanity, and there is no time to mince words about this fact.“

Should anyone want to read or watch this presentation in full, here is the link:

Additionally, my second presentation, from 2018, titled “Why Is This Legal?”, is also more pertinent than ever. Here is the link for it, which includes both the transcript and video:

Morag Lyons

Thank you Cathy good article, Psalm 91 is good as well how many times in the bible does it say don't be afraid ,ach just about 365 times ? enough of a nudge for every day of the year!
We are not afraid , Communism is very afraid of Christianity not vice versa !
Nurse Mary Onuola is not afraid either!
Dr Li-Meng Yan is not afraid . article Chinese Defector Reveals Covid Origins .
Article October 24 2021 .

Neil Oliver ; " Hey Government We Are Not Stupid " YouTube
Neil Oliver is not afraid either !


Recently, several videos recounting prophetic dreams of a tsunami hitting the U.S. east coast have popped up on my research engine. I have been watching the ongoing volcano eruption in the Canary Islands which could eventually be a source of a tsunami. Use your spiritual discernment to see if these warnings are for you:

From 2020:
An extremely great tragedy and disaster to strike the USA (and NYC), WARNING!

22 OCTOBER 2021


Japanese schoolteacher tortures and abuses students with autism and related special needs:


@Laura Hayes

"The Criminal Code contains our country’s Criminal Offences and explains that a person commits an assault by intentionally applying force to someone else without that person’s consent12. The Criminal Code further explains that consent is not obtained from a person who submits, or neglects to resist, on the grounds of authority being exercised over them13. How then can someone give proper consent to a COVID-19 treatment injection when doing so under the threat of losing their job, freedoms, or livelihood? Canadian courts have already ruled that medical treatment without proper informed consent is an assault14."

This is so important. It is true for the U.S. as well. No door to door jabs.


I am thankful for State's Right's and our Founding Father's wisdom in separation of powers, including Federal and State. This division allowed for the founding of our nation, even though some of the states remained slave states. The free states became "cities of refuge" for escaped slaves, while the slave states were the economic engine of America until Tesla and Edison's electric power replaced this inhumane practice. Now we have "health freedom" states to flee to. I live in one, and contrary to Cathy's experience, I am living a mostly normal life and no one in my family has been sick in the last five years. All of my working age family have jobs and no one has been forced to take a Covid jab. We live debt free, so even if someone lost a job, we could easily weather it. I have been storing up food since last year. Even so, it is my faith in Jesus that gives me wisdom and gets us through these challenging times.

"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:6-7

For I the Lord thy God
will hold thy right hand,
saying unto thee, Fear not;
I will help thee.
Isaiah 41:13

The Lord is on my side; I will not fear:
what can man do unto me?
Psalm 118:6

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.
1 John 4:18


the tenor of our times is difficult.
thank you for this powerful message.

Bob Moffit

As Jessie Jackson once said … repeatedly .. over and over again:


We are RIGHT .. we are STRONG .. we are INVINSIBLE


Back in 2,000 I did realize that religion -that there was a great deal of disdain for Christianity
Hollywood that once gave us Ben Hur movies, and such were now giving us movies more about witches, magic (they are fun and make believe) but it was the attitude toward Christianity in off hand remarks and disinterest.

We are going to win this battle. 2,000 years ago it was prophesized that we would.

“I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass” (Rev. 15:2 KJV)

Laura Hayes

In keeping with this post, here is a long, but important, impressive, and impactful letter from the Canadian Mounties to the Commissioner of the RCMP.

Angus Files

Thanks Cathy another great article. We walk not alone either our numbers grow daily and were spoilt for choice to what article we all choose to share. I was going to share the lady below with her head split open after surgery, after having blood clot surgery, after the covid vaccine.I pray she recovers but why is it right to do that to another human being scot free?

Mum needed life-saving surgery after Covid vaccine led to blood clot and stroke

But then I found the article below, UK Sunday article where the drum thumping pharma loyal are gathered to worship vaccination ,or your worse than a heretic or even worse anti-vaxxe. How can people look at that young mum above and not believe Gates is out to get everyone dead or barely alive via vaccines..

Jeremey Corbyn's (leader of the opposition government UK) brother,.Piers below not wholly one of AOA family but gets close.

How much longer can we tolerate anti-vaxxers clogging up the NHS, asks former health minister DAVID MELLOR

Piers Corbyn, for example, seems determined to present himself as more of a loony tune than brother Jeremy.

Here’s the gospel according to Piers: ‘Bill Gates wants vaccinations to control you, and to control women’s fertility to reduce the world population.

‘That’s his game, and he’s going to get loads of money of it. You will pay with your money and your life. We say “No”.’

Meanwhile, he distributes leaflets comparing the UK’s covid vaccine rollout to Auschwitz.

Pharma For Prison


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