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Athletes Are Called Conspiracy Theorists

Soccer headerHere's a quick Saturday read from the UK. Footballers are what we call soccer players here in the USA. Athletes here and abroad are being called conspiracy theorists for make their own informed consent decisions regarding the Covid vaccine.  Recipients in their 20s are reported to have higher incidences of heart problems - and these footballers can surely read.   Sweden, Denmark pause Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for younger age groups

If you depended on your body for your career, wouldn't you use your head, and think two or three times before making a decisions that could be career-ending? Of course, the implication is that these men are simply swayed by social media, ergo, dumb. As far as I have seen across Insta, FB, Twitter and TikTok, the push has been wall to wall Covid vaccine praise and pride. It has been quite something to see people wake up, hasn't it?


Footballers ‘more open to conspiracy theories’ over Covid vaccine, Gareth Southgate claims

Gareth Southgate says that the age and social media use of footballers can make them “more open to some of these conspiracy theories” surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine, as he defended an apparent reluctance of players to speak out about the necessity of getting jabbed.

The England manager reasserted his own support for the vaccination programme, and earlier insisted that the take-up within his squad has been higher than perceived, but effectively admitted there had been a greater reticence discussed within the dressing room.

“Most of the players had to wait longer, a lot of them already caught the virus – and this is me theorising – maybe they feel they already have antibodies from that,” Southgate said.

“At their age they are more open to some of these conspiracy theories. Because they are reading social media more, they are perhaps vulnerable to those sorts of views. From what I can see, there is a bit of confusion around.

“And there are several different threads there to why they are choosing to be jabbed or not to speak publicly about it. I recognise why there would be criticism for that. As I’ve said all along, I don’t see a better way of getting through the pandemic than a vaccination programme.



More to conspire about....

Dr. Zelenko shared this:
"WHO runs own database of 2+ million adverse effects for COVID JABS and I found something peculiar there……"

Pfizer Stand Accused of Experimenting on Orphan Babies to Test Their Covid-19 Vaccine


A new conspiracy?

I warned about this....
"Why Did Gates And GAVI Say Marburg Will Be
The Next Virus We Will All Have To Deal With?
'They' Already Have Made A PCR Test For It And
The (Killer) Ricin Vax Is Already Set To Use!"

Angus Files

When the goody two shoes all have to go and get their 3rd will the coin drop or will they drop.. hopefully its the coin..

A college football player who refuses to get a COVID-19 shot says he's quitting Rutgers because of the school's vaccine mandate

Pharma For Prison



Here's a very disturbing compilation of deaths from the shots:

Also, an excellent video+interview about the motive for the COVID-19 hoax. Economic winter is coming so everyone should prepare :(

Barry Stern

Ditto re. Bob Moffit's comment. People with advanced knowledge of biology and whose careers depend on their health will go the extra mile to investigate the tradeoffs of an experimental vaccine, especially when the number of deaths and injuries following administration of Covid-19 vaccines dwarf the number of adverse events after getting other vaccines. When a vaccine candidate concludes that the potential harm exceeds the possible benefit, waiting for more research is a logical response if not outright rejection.

Still with Trump

Ivermectin for covid, NOT A conspiracy theory, ER Dr. Daniel Nagase


It seems like Pharmafia is in the process of failing now. They applied the child model of forced vaccinations to adults. Yet adults have voices and use them when they are permanently injured by a vaccine. Children have no voice and cannot complain or stop seeing their formerly trusted doctor, but adults can. And they are.

I would love to see a vaxxed, unvaxxed covid study. Oh wait, Pfizer did one last year and swore to the FDA their vaccine was 95% effective and perfectly safe. They're backing down to 60% or less now, with more injuries than they can censor effectively. Many people have been hurt...their loud voices and votes will end this plandemic.


I think you are right, he sounds conflicted, something has influenced him, he seems to be entertaining both sides of the argument, but that’s what he says out loud to the media, he may now be more on our side than the other.

Bob Moffit

"If you depended on your body for your career, wouldn't you use your head, and think two or three times before making a decisions that could be career-ending?"

I suspect THOUSANDS of health care professionals .. nurses, doctors especially .. have thought "two or three times" before surrendering their careers by refusing covid vaccine .. in any event .. it is odd to label THEIR PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS ON WEIGHING VACCINE RISKS AGAINST VACCINE BENEFITS … as "conspiracy theorists" reading false information on social media.

Nah .. these health care professionals have obviously WITNESSED too many serious vaccine injuries following covid vaccines … to them .. COMMON SENSE …. NOT COVID VACCINE … is God's gift to mankind.

John Stone


Yes, Southgate is an idiot and a fall guy. I was on Chris Whitty’s Twitter page a 3 weeks ago - it said listen to Gareth Southgate. There’s an abdication. Perhaps he realises he’s been used.


It sounds like Gareth Southgate is also a ‘conspiracy theorist’ now, he’s worked out that if he promotes the experimental Covid vaccines, he could end up in a new Nuremberg-style trial.

Gareth Southgate - "If you're receiving messages when you support the programme that say 'You could be up in front of a Nuremberg-type trial in 10 years' and people are quite vicious with comments, it does make you think twice about speaking out.”

"Because what if you are on the wrong side? At the moment I couldn't be sure I am on the right side. I am comfortable that I've had the vaccine.”

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