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Removing Virtual Learning Negatively Affects Special Education Students

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By Cathy Jameson

I remember hearing a few weeks ago that YouTube was going to remove videos that linked vaccines and autism.  Since those two topics are never to be mentioned in the same sentence on social media platforms, I was not surprised by that announcement.  YouTube, like Pinterest, said enough was enough Curious to see if some of my go-to autism video resources were truly gone, I opened a new window.  Had all of that helpful and truthful information truly disappeared?

I was happily surprised to see some familiar faces, including our very own Kim Rossi!  She’s featured in an interview on The Autism File Magazine’s channel. 

Autism File Complete Channel

I didn’t want to do too many searches that would tip off Big Brother, but other videos and channels I could still access were:

Generation Rescue

Generation Rescue's Complete Channel

Autism One’s Ed Arranga

Some of the videos I could still find were interviews:

LJ Goes on MSNBC


Robert DeNiro plugging VAXXED

…and then he also gave a shout out to Trace Amounts

Trace Amounts Complete Channel

Back to VAXXED – you can rent it or buy it…from YouTube?  That’s great news! 

Vaxxed Channel


I kept searching for other names and videos I remembered watching over the years. 

Rob Schneider – love me some Rob Schneider for speaking up for our community!



Long-time advocate Barbara Loe Fischer is no stranger to the camera.


The best treat, though, was seeing JB Handley on The Doctors, which aired 12 years ago.  I love that these videos are still viewable!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oEtF8FdqpA (part 1)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGAkW_tlcEY (part 2)

Check it out for yourself.  Which channels were your favorites?  Are they still there?  If the people you listened to or if the groups you watched have been banned, can you find them on other platforms?  Share where we can find your favorites now. 

The media’s effort to silence those who do find a link to autism and vaccines doesn’t make that association completely disappear.  To repeat what Rob Schneider said in that interview with Larry King, “…the freedom that everybody looks to for America is freedom of speech.  You cannot constrict that one.”  No matter how hard platforms like YouTube work to delete the truth, the truth will always exist.  It just may be published on a different webpage. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.




We need much more vaccine truth websites and a whole video streaming site called VaxTruthTube.


Nothing has changed.

California parents protest Covid jab mandate for students:

Parents pull kids out of class as a protest over Gov. Newsom imposed vaccine mandate

Parents Protest California COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Kids

San Diego parents participate in statewide 'sit-out' to protest school vaccine mandate

California parents to keep kids home from school to protest vaccine mandate

Parents protest California's new COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students

The sad thing is many of these parents give the obligatory, "I'm not against vaccines" and have fully vaxxed children with the '60's science attenuated, adjuvanted, CDC recommended liability free "taxable vaccines."
I guess the original 1986 1/ 10,000 autism rate up to the current 1/35 autism rate didn't cross their radar even though the spike coincided with the launch of the new expanded childhood vaccine schedule with no product liability.


I too had never seen the Lisa Goes interview. Worth seeing. Thanks.

Dr. Mercola was off for a while yesterday; I could not find his site for the longest time. I panic when that happens - I think this is it.


you have to be cautious of putting all your known links in one area...big brother and big pharma are lazy and will nab what they can find without working too hard for it. I can always see the true identity of a pharma troll when they ask me to post links to my research for their proof...


that Lisa Goes interview.
She was brilliant...what composure!
thank you, Cathy for these.


Hello! Does anyone know where the original >800 VAXXED BUS TOUR videos can be viewed?

HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found

via https://childrenshealthdefense.org/webinar/vaxxed2-resources/

Thank you.


Wonderful (but sad) trip down memory lane! Thanks!

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