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A Plague On Both Your Houses

A Plague on Both Your Houses Part 2

Richard Moskowitz MDNote:  Thank you to Dr. Moskowitz for this thoughtful article. Part 1 drew heated comments,  and we encourage lively debate.  I will remind readers that contributors like Dr. M are guests of Age of Autism, and it's important for me to make them feel welcome. Please respond respectfully.  Thank you.  

Part 2

By Richard Moskowitz, MD


The pandemic has thus exposed some sobering truths about our pre-existing state of health.  Its striking predilection for the elderly, infirm, and chronically ill, especially those residing in crowded nursing homes and extended-care facilities, was evident from the start.  By March, 2020, almost 2500 Italians had died with the COVID, and over 99% of them had chronic diseases: 25% with one, 26% with two, 49% with 3 or more, and less than 1% with none; their average age was 79.5.54,55  Already the outbreak was a warning to attend to the underlying state of our health, the terrain that gives it life. 

As I witnessed repeatedly in my practice, making worse what's already there is a regular, built-in consequence of every vaccine,56 suggesting that the COVID illness is itself vaccine-like, and that the adverse effects of vaccines developed against it might travel much the same path.

In the countries hardest hit, the illness has similarly targeted the aged and chronically ill with remarkable consistency.  In the U. S., residents of nursing-homes, assisted-living, rehab, and other extended-care facilities, comprising only 0.6% of the population, accounted for 42% of the deaths linked to COVID-19 in 2020, and 81.4% of those in Minnesota, 77.0% in Rhode Island, and 70.0% in Ohio.57  

Similarly, a large majority of Americans dying with the COVID were already suffering from one or more chronic diseases. In New York State, 86.2% of the deaths involved one or more comorbidities,58 creating a similar confusion as to whether the virus was the primary cause of death, a precipitating factor, or merely a coincidence.

Other major factors are poverty, malnutrition, socioeconomic and political oppression, and the poor health, pollution, and lack of good medical care that so often accompany them, which are also huge systemic causes of chronic disease generally.  These neediest, disproportionately non-white subpopulations comprise the other huge clustering of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths: low-wage workers who can't afford to stay home, the indigent and unemployed needing public assistance that isn't there, and asylum-seekers, detainees, prisoners, and homeless with nowhere else to go.59  Here, too, chronic ill-health and COVID go tragically and predictably hand-in-glove.

These two huge, overlapping reservoirs of chronic ill-health thus empower the COVID phenomenon, with an overall death rate in the neighborhood of a bad seasonal flu, to attain the outsized dimensions of a global pandemic, and to devastate a number of the most populous and powerful first-world countries, especially our own. 

The shocking prevalence of chronic disease in America thus long predated the COVID, set the stage for it, and will doubtless assume even greater importance if and when it ends.  In 2008, the CDC surveyed the incidence of 6 important chronic diseases, namely, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, COPD, asthma, cancer, and arthritis, and found that 60.0% of all adults had been diagnosed with 1 or more of them, as had 78.0% of those 55 and older, and 85.6% of those 65 and older, while 40.0% of adults had been diagnosed with 2 or more, as had 47.0% of those 55 and older, and 56.0%  of those 65 and older.60

            The commonest of the six, and the leading comorbidity in those dying of COVID, is hypertension, a subtype of cardiovascular disease, estimated in 2013 to affect 33.3% of all adults, 54.5%  of those 55-64, 67.4%  of those 65-74, and 76.1% of those 75-84.61  Other major chronic diseases included

            1) obesity, very common in the worst COVID cases, and found in 42.4% of all adults;62

            2) arthritis, diagnosed in 22.7% of all US adults;63 

            3) chronic lung diseases, especially asthma and COPD, in 15% of all adults;64.65

            4) chronic kidney disease, in an estimated 15%;66 

            5) diabetes, diagnosed in 10.5% of the total US population;67

            6) cancer, in an estimated 50% of males and 33% of females at some point in their lifetime;68 and

            7) dementia, diagnosed in 13.9% of US adults 71 and older.69

Even more striking is the burden of chronic disease in children, supposedly our healthiest demographic, and contributing relatively few deaths from COVID so far.  In 2008, a study of 91,000 children found that 43% of them suffered from at least 1 of the 20 chronic diseases surveyed, and that adding obesity and neuropsychiatric disturbances to the list raised the total to 54.1% of all children afflicted with some form of chronic disease.70

But the most dramatic increases that I witnessed in my practice fall under the general heading of brain dysfunction, including ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and various learning, sensory, motor, and developmental disabilities, all of which were distinctly rare when I began practicing in the late 1960's, and still relatively uncommon in the 1970's, but have been increasing rapidly ever since the late '80's, to the point that by 2017 the National Center for Learning Disabilities reported that approximately 20% or one-fifth of all children ages 3-17 struggled with some form of learning disability,71 with those enrolled in Special Ed ranging from 9.2% in Texas to 19.2% in New York, or 13.7% overall.72

The CDC has rarely shown much interest or curiosity about what might be fueling these massive epidemics of chronic disease and brain dysfunction.  Nor is it any great mystery why the U. S. and the whole industrialized world have become so afflicted.  We already know and largely disregard the pesticides, herbicides, fluorohydrocarbons, endocrine disruptors, and innumerable other chemicals that pollute our air, water, soil, and food, not to mention the electromagnetic emissions and ionizing radiations from our machines and devices, the pathophysiology of our fast-paced and stressful way of life, and perhaps most of all, the morbidity and mortality of poverty, war, racism, oppression, incarceration, and homelessness, all of which are more prevalent in the United States than in any other wealthy, industrialized country.

But one formidable cause of chronic disease that still flies under the radar is vaccination. Vaccines are explicitly targeted to the entire population, especially children, and injected directly into the blood, giving them free and immediate access to our internal organs on a long-term basis.  In practice, I began witnessing their major contribution to our chronic disease burden more than 30 years ago,73 and it has since been amply confirmed in both clinical and basic-science research.74  Yet most of us are still unaware of it, and go to great lengths to deny it when doctors, scientists, and the parents of vaccine-injured children try to point it out.

Many of the kids I saw already had asthma, eczema, allergies, ear infections, ADHD, autism, or learning disabilities; and their original illnesses often began several weeks or even months after their shots, well beyond the narrow limits set by the CDC for an adverse reaction to be acknowledged as vaccine-related.75  At first, all I noticed was that they got worse after their vaccines; and with so many vaccines being given so close together, it was often difficult to make even that connection until they recovered with the help of natural medicine and remained well for some months, but then worsened dramatically after the next shots, when it became obvious to the parents as well.76 

But this pattern was common enough to be the rule, rather than the exception, no matter what disease the children were suffering from, or which vaccine happened to precipitate it, all of which made it clear that, far from being merely aberrations or "side effects" of this or that vaccine, or rare, coincidental tendencies of each hypersensitive child, they are routine, baseline responses to some inherent property of the vaccination process itself.77  The logical inference seemed to be that even the most serious reactions -- autism, brain damage, life-threatening autoimmune diseases, and death -- might turn out to be special cases built upon that same foundation.  This line of reasoning has gained added credence from research studies showing that the risk of adverse reactions has mainly to do with the total number of individual vaccines given both simultaneously at the same visit78 and also cumulatively over the patient's lifetime.79

These findings reminded me that most of the infections we vaccinate against are acute phenomena, involving fever and a massive outpouring of the entire immune system working in concert to expel the invading organism from the blood,80,81,82  so that the resulting natural immunity not only protects against reinfection later in life, but primes the immune mechanism to respond acutely and vigorously to whatever other invading organisms it may encounter in the future.  The incomparable value of this gift to our health is hinted at by further research to the effect that those who recover from measles, mumps, chickenpox, and influenza as children are much less prone to develop chronic autoimmune diseases and cancer later in life than those merely vaccinated against them.83 

Vaccines, by contrast, are injected directly into the blood, with no incubation period, no acute illness, no massive outpouring, and thus no effective way of getting rid of them.  In fact, they are designed to remain inside the body more or less permanently, to continue stimulating antibody synthesis on a long-term basis.  To produce a vigorous and sustained antibody response, the "non-living" vaccines made from bacteria (DTaP, pneumo, HiB) and bioengineered viruses (Hep B, HPV) require chemical adjuvants, notably water-soluble aluminum salts, which are toxic all by themselves, and form complexes of high molecular weight that cannot be excreted in the urine,84 while the live-virus vaccines (MMR, varicella, rotavirus, shingles) are capable of entering host cells and remaining there indefinitely as "episomes" attached to their genetic material.85

In short, vaccination is by definition a chronic phenomenon; and the partial, temporary, and essentially counterfeit immunity it provides does nothing to prime the immune mechanism as a whole, much less protect us from developing chronic diseases in the future.  On the contrary, as we saw, vaccines are an important starting-point for chronic disease, though certainly not the only one, and mainly subclinical at first, but all too often a lot more than that.  It is thus profoundly misleading, if not the exact opposite of the truth, to claim that a vaccine somehow protects us from an acute infection if it gives it to us chronically instead, such that we're incapable of getting rid of it, and are somewhat less capable of responding acutely to it if it reappears in the future, and perhaps to other foreign antigens as well. 

Mostly what we're being told by manufacturers, the CDC, and the medical profession is that vaccines are uniformly and miraculously safe and effective, so that it is entirely acceptable and even desirable to pile on as many and to repeat them as often as we like,86 while the general public and the bulk of the medical and scientific communities cling to the belief, with a fervor reminiscent of born-again religion, that vaccines have saved countless lives and have caused many deadly diseases to disappear from the earth.

In that vein, the CDC, the WHO, and the multinational drug industry that essentially funds and controls these agencies have already injected COVID vaccines into hundreds of millions, and are now promoting and mandating them worldwide, as our last hope of deliverance from the pandemic, and a return to a semblance of our former way of life, without the slightest acknowledgement that, no matter what else they do or fail to do, they will surely contribute their own huge and to some extent irreversible load to the momentous and fast-growing burden of chronic disease that we already bear.

Based on my years of experience caring for vaccine-injured children, I appeal to my readers to hear the voices of thousands upon thousands of parents who personally witnessed the deaths and crippling illnesses and injuries of their children as the result of their vaccinations, and must live every day amid the wreckage of their shattered lives, sufficient to break any heart, that cries out at the very least for caution, restraint, and simple compassion for the viewpoint of those whose lived experience, whatever may have caused it, is so tragically different from that of everyone else privileged enough to be ignorant of or somehow unmoved by their loss. 

The simplest way to say it is that, if vaccines were truly as safe and effective as the CDC and the drug industry would have us believe, the vast majority of these parents would have to be either lying, ignorant, deluded, or stupid, like those "anti-vaxxers" demonized in the media, clinging to a wildly-flawed, anti-scientific ideology.  Having cared for many, many such children, I can say with complete assurance

            1) that their parents are none of these, but simply eyewitnesses to tragedy, who must now bear the burden of that grief and the expense of caring for their loved ones for the rest of their lives;  

            2) that "ex-vaxxers" would be a more accurate term, since their only mistake was to have done exactly what they were told; 

            3) that they are asking for nothing more than a public acknowledgment of their plight, although they surely deserve a great deal more than that; and

            4) that caring parents are far better judges of what happened to their kids than those who make, sell, and profit obscenely from the products that did the damage, and can't even be sued for it.


In any case, regardless of how we got here, we are now in the midst of a global plague and the enormous, interconnected crises arising from it, with no choice but to figure out how to live and thrive as best as we can, and to end the nightmare we all share.

The only answer I think we all can agree on is that we don't know, that the lack of sufficient, accurate information leaves us with a profound uncertainty that feeds our fear, and makes us yearn to put our faith in Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and their vaccine-based agenda, even when both science and common sense point in precisely the opposite direction. 

We still don't know precisely how many of us are sick, how many are infected but not sick, how many are neither infected nor sick, and how many were infected, whether sick or not, but are so no longer.  One thing we can say with assurance is that many, many more people have already been infected than we have any record of.  But with even more contagious variants popping up, we still don't know how long the outbreak will last, or for how long those who've already had it and recovered will be immune to a recurrence. Recent data indicate that they will enjoy a robust immunity,87 longer and stronger, I'm guessing, than what any vaccine can provide.   On the other hand, many patients who seemed to recover have since developed the "long-haul" COVID, with serious, persistent complications whose future remains uncertain.

The test for specific antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus reliably becomes positive within 10-14 days of becoming infected, and is thus valuable proof of having recently contacted the virus.88  But it would be oppressive to quarantine or penalize those who claim to have been ill with the virus in the past, but no longer have the antibodies to prove it.  We shouldn't assume that those with high titers have acquired the desired level of immunity, or that those showing no antibodies are still susceptible and should be revaccinated for that reason.89  

But we make both mistakes routinely, because antibodies are how we define immunity, and vaccines are designed to generate high titers for a long time. The natural response to infection is a massive, co-ordinated process, of which antibodies are only the finishing touch.90  Once we recover, they're no longer needed, because the memory of the virus is encrypted within the B and T cells.91  In other words, we're measuring the wrong thing: the immune process is directed by those cells, which then preserve the immunity we've earned, in ways that we don't seem to know or even care how to measure.

It is now generally accepted that most if not all severe and fatal cases of COVID are associated with hyperimmune, antibody-derived enhancement reactions like "cytokine storm," with unusually high levels of inflammatory cytokines,92 and that long-haul COVID also involves persisting hyperimmune reactions of lower intensity.93  Similar reactions were observed in animal trials against the SARS and other early coronaviruses,94 and more recently during a vaccination campaign against dengue fever in the Philippines.95  In both cases, the subjects developed wonderfully high levels of specific antibodies soon after the vaccines were given, but suffered and often died from severe hyperimmune reactions when they contacted the virus some time later.  Such dramatic misfortunes caused the programs making use of these vaccines to be terminated, and alarmed even pro-vaccine advocates to plead for caution and shy away when the first COVID vaccines were fast-tracked using the same technology.96

So, once again, these bottom-line uncertainties leave us all in a vast no-man's-land, somewhere between all those well-meaning people who fear that the danger of COVID remains extreme, such that the lockdowns must continue, and that large cohort of anti-science libertarians and far-right nut cases who dismiss the pandemic as a hoax, and insist that we no longer need to wear masks or keep up social distancing, and can resume our normal lives.

What I'm looking for is a third way, not just a compromise between these extremes.  The shutdown of our economy and our way of life is so much more destructive than the virus itself that we need to find a path to moving beyond the extreme fear and panic that have driven us to try to prevent every possible case of the disease.  However brand-new and dangerous the virus seems to be, after a year and a half we need to learn how to live with it, as we already do with our annual flu outbreaks, and as the ongoing parade of further variants will eventually force us to do. 

This clearly means learning how to tolerate a certain number of cases in those at lowest risk, like schoolchildren, adolescents, and young adults, and treating them effectively when they do occur, while doing our utmost to protect our elderly, chronically ill, and otherwise most vulnerable.  This is the time-honored way for developing natural herd immunity as rapidly as possible; and if we had done that in the beginning, the outbreak would most likely have ended last year, with many, many fewer casualties.  Still more lives would have been saved had we deigned to treat the illness, rather than simply waiting for the vaccine that we were misled into believing would prevent it.

Unfortunately, that eminently sensible and humane recommendation, made by reputable epidemiologists and clinicians throughout the world,97 was disregarded; and now, with the delta variant and others resurgent around the world, the threat of further lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and vaccine "passports" to force people into compliance are all conspiring to push the society in precisely the opposite direction.

One seemingly minor but important step toward recovery would be to skip the annual flu vaccine for the duration, because reputable studies have shown that a recent flu shot increases the risk of respiratory infections with coronaviruses and others.98  Further research is needed to determine if, as seems likely, it makes the illness more severe, and, if so, to ascertain the extent to which other vaccines accumulated over the lifespan might also be contributing.  My educated guess is that patients severely ill, hospitalized, and dying from COVID will also prove more likely to have received more vaccines over their lifetime than those who test positive but are less severely ill or not ill at all.


Apart from the health risks of the COVID vaccines themselves, the most astonishing, disturbing, and infuriating aspect of the rollout is the official line of the CDC and other public health officials that the unvaccinated are responsible for prolonging the outbreak, and that vaccination is our last, best, and indeed our only hope for ending it, despite knowing full well that flattening the curve has already kept it alive much too long, offering no effective treatment for the illness once it appears, and ignoring or opposing reliable, inexpensive treatments that physicians and health professionals have nevertheless been using on their own.

A good example is Chinese herbal medicine, with thousands of years of history and experience behind it, and many studies in accredited journals attesting to its value in treating COVID,99 which may help explain why the Chinese have dealt with the outbreak so much more effectively than we have. 

A number of American physicians have reported consistently excellent success in both preventing and treating the COVID with nutritional supplements, such as Dr. David Brownstein's high-dose regimen of oral Vitamin A, C, D, and iodine, plus intravenous infusions of the same for those most seriously ill.100  In his series of 520 confirmed, symptomatic cases, there have been only 9 hospitalizations and no deaths.101  In China, another group of physicians documented shorter hospital stays for seriously ill COVID inpatients using high doses of vitamin C intravenously.102

Hydroxychloroquine, a widely-used antimalarial and anti-inflammatory drug, has shown considerable effectiveness in numerous anecdotal reports and several reputable studies, as has Colchicine, another plant-based drug still used in the treatment of gout.103 Most recently, Ivermectin, a well-known and relatively nontoxic antiparasitic drug, has generated the most excitement of all for its record in treating COVID at every level of severity, and in preventing and relieving the hyperimmune states that represent its leading cause of death.104  But the NIH finds insufficient evidence for recommending any of them, and the CDC remains icily indifferent or hostile to them all.105

Although still in limited supply, monoclonal antibodies purified from convalescent plasma may become an exception, since the FDA granted Emergency Use Authorization for them,106 and several recent studies found them highly effective in hastening improvement and shortening hospital stays in severely-ill patients.107

Finally, although still widely ignored and even ridiculed by the medical profession, homeopathic medicine, my own subspecialty for the past 46 years, has been in continuous use for over two centuries, and enjoyed notable success in treating scarlet fever, cholera, yellow fever, typhoid fever, influenza, and other epidemic diseases in the past.108   

In Kerala, a populous state in South India with only 23 confirmed deaths in the first wave, its success in minimizing the impact of COVID was widely ascribed to the provincial government's policy of distributing homeopathic medicines preventively to all citizens.109   After some months, vaccines were administered on a large scale, and with the arrival of the delta variant the number of cases and deaths rose sharply, to levels more comparable to those in neighboring states.110

Similarly in Cuba, the government's first response to the pandemic was to make the homeopathic medicine Arsenicum album available to everyone, to use both preventively and as needed for treatment; with a population of 11 million, they recorded only 14,600 cases and 150 deaths in all of 2020.111    But then, just as in Kerala, the government rolled out its own massive vaccination program, and their numbers skyrocketed to 540,000 cases of the delta variant, 120,000 in August alone, and 4200 deaths, figures in the same range as those of their neighbors.112

Clinically, a group of 50 symptomatic patients in Italy with confirmed or probable COVID recovered without a single hospitalization or death under homeopathic treatment.113   Under the care of an expert Canadian homeopath, a number of critically-ill COVID patients in a French nursing home recovered and remained in stable condition using the classical method of one homeopathic medicine at a time, as he described in a webinar presented by the American Institute of Homeopathy.114   Compiled by the same Institute, a database of hundreds of cases treated by our members thus far, and ranging from mild to severe, has demonstrated a high rate of cure using many of the same medicines most commonly employed during the usual flu season, as well as others individualized to severe cases with more distinctive symptomatology.115

Whether because or in spite of its apparent helplessness and/or disinterest in actually treating the COVID, organized medicine in the United States has never invited leading homeopaths, naturopaths, or integrative physicians to help with this crisis that we all share. Yet the obvious and well-documented benefits of both traditional and complementary medicine in preventing and treating the illness give ample reason to hope and expect that the COVID phenomenon will eventually, and indeed sooner rather than later, go the way of other flu-like illnesses, with substantial, long-lasting immunity, and maybe periodic recycling in the future, whether because or in spite of the spate of vaccines that are sure to follow.

I hope that our embattled sense of humor can still appreciate the fact that all three COVID vaccines authorized for emergency use by the FDA no longer even claim to prevent infection or transmission of the virus, as vaccines are meant to do, and that ironically, after waiting so long for them, all they do seem to be capable of doing is precisely to treat the illness, to relieve its symptoms, soften its impact, and lessen its severity, palliative effects which stretch our concept of "vaccine" as a preventive well beyond what it can reasonably bear.

As a clinician, I vote for treating the illness with the tools that we already have and know about, rather than trying to prevent it with vaccines, which they fail to do in any case,116 or to use them merely for symptom relief, because they carry such formidable risks of their own.  I need go no further than the virtual certainty that the natural immunity acquired by recovering from the COVID, however long it lasts, will prove itself superior to the poor semblance of it that vaccines can provide, as well as protecting us against variants arising in the future.117

According to Luc de Montagnier, the Nobel Prize-winning virologist, a second big reason for avoiding the COVID vaccines in the midst of the pandemic is that they already have and will undoubtedly continue to generate new variants increasingly resistant to them, and that the risk of hyperimmune reactions when contacting the virus will be higher in the vaccinated, in direct proportion to the level of specific antibodies in the blood.118

A third reason is that, at the very least, they will do what all vaccines do, as I've said, namely, making worse what's already there, reactivating, exacerbating, and making more chronic whatever chronic tendencies are already latent or manifest in each individual recipient, which will also mean, in this particular case, making worse the baseline pathology of the COVID illness itself.  Presumably most of these reactions will still develop insidiously and subclinically at first, and be just as difficult to recognize as they have always been, but augmented by the substantial risk of death or crippling injury occurring acutely in highly-sensitized individuals. 

The official VAERS statistics, underreported though they are, already amount to 571,831 adverse events, 77,490 serious injuries, and 12,791 deaths between December 14, 2020, and August 6, 2021, numbers far in excess of those that scandalized and ended the swine flu vaccine campaign in 1976.119

A fourth, brand-new reason to avoid the COVID vaccines is the bioengineered fragment of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which is both the main source of the antibody-producing information conveyed in the mRNA vaccines and decisive in the pathogenesis of the COVID sickness.  Professor Byram Bridle and other Canadian virologists have shown that the spike protein is quite toxic all by itself, and does not simply disintegrate at or near the injection site, as the manufacturers claim, but circulates widely through the blood after vaccination, and poses a significant risk of damaging the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, bone marrow, adrenals, ovaries, and other organs.120

If that much is true, it seems very likely that these toxic reactions will prove to be autoimmune in nature, just like the COVID itself, as well as the microscopically similar ADE reactions like "cytokine storm," whether widely-disseminated or localized to particular organs or tissues, and of varying degrees of severity and chronicity, as in the "long COVID" cases that complicate the original illness.

In any case, fear and uncertainty are a huge part of what this pandemic is all about, as we saw; and the financial investment, global scale, and economic and political fallout of the vaccination rollout probably mean that, regardless of whether or to what extent it was deliberately intended and planned for in advance, many more deaths and crippling injuries will have to happen before the full magnitude of the artificial, manipulated component of this disaster is even acknowledged; rectified it can never be.


At this point, most educated and public-spirited people in this country have already been vaccinated, genuinely feel relieved and protected by having done so, and openly regard those of us who haven't as seriously misguided, ideologically rigid, at high risk for refusing it, and selfishly threatening everyone else in so doing.  These reactions are all very much in line with the official narrative provided by the CDC and the drug industry, conveyed through the media, and enforced by anonymous "Fact-Checkers" whose job it has become to remove any and all anti-vaccine content from public view, including social media, even if it consists of nothing more than raising doubts and asking questions, just as I'm doing.

As I've said, that narrative is based on assumptions that are false; but I certainly can't blame the general public for believing it, since they have every right to expect and trust that the government's official reports and statistics are accurate.  So even though we disagree, I'm far from blaming or putting them down; quite the contrary, on the whole I find their reasons entirely understandable, persuasive, and in many cases even admirable.  So it seems fitting for me to conclude this essay with trying to find the right words to say to them that they might now or eventually be willing and able to hear.  I'll begin with a disclaimer,

            1) that we don't know where we're really at with the outbreak, or where we're going;

            2) that my thoughts about the virus being bioengineered and released are beliefs, opinions, hypotheses and speculations, merely the most probable I've come up with so far, or at least worth considering, and I truly hope they're wrong;

            3) that our shared uncertainty lies at the core of our experience living through it all; and

            4) that the fear that follows from it is what drives us to act in ways that may well prove to be either unwise and counterproductive, or prudent and lifesaving, or perhaps both.

That much at least we do know. 

I haven't taken any vaccines myself for more than 60 years, for all the reasons I've already cited.  The COVID vaccines are quite different, in that they're given not to prevent the infection in the future, but rather in the midst of an actual outbreak, originally to prevent its spread, which the CDC now admits it fails to do, but now mainly, it turns out, to treat the illness if it does appear, and thus reduce the likelihood of severe illness, hospitalization, and death, which it does seem to be doing somewhat effectively so far. 

Many of the people I know don't trust everything the CDC says, or even deny the possibility that the vaccine may create chronic problems in the future.  The only reason they've agreed to get a COVID shot and feel genuinely protected by it is that they're depressed by and fed up with the lockdown, and just want to live a decent life in the here and now, to visit family and friends, and to travel and engage with the outside world as before, without having to hide their faces and keep their distance.  Downgrading the COVID from a life-threatening illness to a mild one like the flu makes that goal seem achievable.

Nor would I disagree that a legitimate government must have the authority to impose certain restrictions temporarily in the event of a genuine public health emergency, such as an imminent terrorist attack, provided it is carefully thought out and used judiciously, in response to a truly grave threat, backed up by a clear scientific consensus, and ended as soon as the threat is over. 

But although the COVID phenomenon is indeed a serious threat, it is far from meeting that standard.  To begin with, it cannot be understood in a vacuum, apart from the recent history of active research into coronaviruses that began with SARS-CoV-1, as we saw, and the worldwide campaign funded by the drug industry and proclaimed by the CDC and WHO, to achieve their long-standing goal of vaccinating everybody against everything.  In the United States, largely in response to several relatively modest measles outbreaks in recent years, the CDC began pressuring state governments to eliminate personal-belief exemptions to existing vaccine mandates, and to further restrict even medical exemptions, which were always difficult to obtain. When several states changed their laws accordingly, members of Congress directed Facebook and other social media to remove all anti-vaccine content, in clear and flagrant violation of the First Amendment, as a result of which nameless "fact-checkers" were duly appointed and installed to enforce the censorship, in flagrant violation of the First Amendment, and without even the semblance of an emergency to justify it.

In that setting, the COVID provided the perfect opportunity for the government, the airlines, and a number of private businesses to require vaccine "passports" for foreign and domestic travel and other purposes, even without formally declaring a State of Emergency, not only to force the unvaccinated into compliance, but also to justify the surveillance of our personal information on a permanent basis.

So the question remains: is the COVID a bona-fide emergency that warrants imposing such requirements by force?  Agreed, it's very contagious; but even I, though at higher risk for being seriously ill if I develop it, still stand an excellent chance of recovering from it, and indeed, for all I know, might already have done so without ever knowing I had it.  Nor it is true, despite what we're being told on a daily basis, that the unvaccinated are mainly if not solely responsible for spreading the virus and prolonging the outbreak.121  For all of the reasons cited above, there's plenty of evidence that quite the opposite is true, as it was for the CDC's similar claim for those measles outbreaks the year before.

What of the more than 600,000 deaths so far, in the US alone? Doesn't that qualify as an emergency? Well, it might, except for the fact that those figures have been inflated to an unknown but clearly massive extent by the preponderance of deaths among patients in nursing homes, extended-care facilities, hospitals, prisons, and so forth, who merely tested positive for the virus but died of their pre-existing comorbidities, while patient deaths occurring shortly after receiving their COVID vaccines are routinely signed off as due to their comorbidities.  In short, these figures have been and are still being manipulated in both directions as we speak, and are therefore unreliable to a very large albeit unknown extent.

So the bottom line is that we unvaccinated are being pressured, bullied, and pleaded with to be injected with a bioengineered foreign antigen into our blood that is designed to alter our chemistry more or less permanently, even if the agent itself is quickly inactivated and can no longer be detected chemically, simply to prevent us from dying or becoming seriously ill from an illness that we would very probably recover from on our own, with or without treatment, and that doing so would provide a more robust and long-lasting immunity against reinfection than any vaccine could conceivably provide.

To that choice, I must still say, no thank you, so long as I have a choice; to resist with all my power if I am required by law or mandate to receive it; and to hope that everyone else will escape unscathed from having made a choice which, however sincere and well-intentioned, they didn't need and will surely do them harm.  So I hope that they will come to understand and forgive me for what I've decided, that my speculations about the virus and the vaccines are mistaken, that the vaccination campaign will prove a great success, with no more variants appearing, and that the outbreak will soon end, leaving us alive and free to live happily ever after. 

If I come down with the COVID, and all my vitamins, homeopathic medicines, and whatever else don't help me recover, such that I die of it, so be it; but I'd still rather take my chances with it than willingly subject my body and soul to what I truly believe is something at best only partially and temporarily effective, as well as profoundly dangerous both now and for the future.  And if I'm right, I hope that the truth about the COVID will emerge before more damage is done, and that those who planned for it, are keeping it going by flattening the curve and manipulating the statistics, and thus make almost everyone on the planet long for these GMO toxins will be exposed, discredited, and brought to justice. 


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Ronald Diebel As if you really are going to do that.
Don't start that bunch of bull.

And the only reason David gets on here cause we got a bunch of pharma trolls ' watching in the wings, just to see if they can find a small crack and them get a bit more wedge in it.

Ronald Diebel

It is frustrating that the article has no hyperlinks. It makes fact-checking the citations cumbersome. Is the entire article (not divided into two parts) with proper hyperlinks available elsewhere?


Richard Moskowitz, M. D. SAID: "But one formidable cause of chronic disease that still flies under the radar is vaccination!"

I predict this will be a quote that will famously stand for this era.

Dr. Moskowitz goes on to say he had not taken a vaccine in 60 years. When we look back on the lives of our love ones-- that is my family- and how our elderly faired --- we so wish we did the same. We have been tricked here from the cradle to the grave.

Like Dr. Moskowitz: Our whole family has decided that: " If (we) come down with the COVID, and all my vitamins, homeopathic medicines, and whatever else don't help me recover, such that I die of it, so be it; but I'd still rather take my chances with it than willingly subject my body and soul to " to the medical mafia.

For those that bravely return their boots as they give up their job, carry their boots up a long flight of beautiful stone stairs: up , up to a lofty tyrannical castle (police officers out in Washington State) and all the rest that dig in their heels as they lose their ability to make a living; I love you, admire you, salute you, honor you as I would any War veteran in the United States, because it is war.

Thank you Dr.Moskowitz for an article well written.


Thank you, Dr. Moskowitz, for your essays and for your long record of helping patients. I still have your booklet entitled "The Case against Immunizations", as I've been reading and studying the case against immunizations since the early 1980s. I subscribed to Dr. Mendelsohn's newsletter "The Peoples' Doctor" way back then, and donated to The NVIC, learning why vaccines can be dangerous and lead to chronic illness. I've read this site and others, who have addressed the manipulation of studies trying to disprove an autism connection to vaccination. The biggest fraud harming children today, and yet so much of the public is unaware.

I too feel alienated from the democratic party (which I belong to and support when it speaks up for the unrepresented working poor, and opposes the take over of the corporate state and giving tax cuts for the richest citizens)--but now, it embraces unquestioningly the propaganda put out by the CDC and the NIH. The Covid-19 vaccine mandates may be this Big Pharma undoing in the end. At least I hope and pray that it is.

David S Weiner

Dr. Moskowitz,

I have no desire to engage in ad hominin attacks. I respect the intelligence and character of the writers and commenters on this website, even when I strongly disagree with their viewpoints. I think our movement would be a lot better off if we could have civil debate on matters of political strategy.

Barry Stern

Let me add my voice to those who congratulate Dr. Moskovitz' for his "Tour De Force" on the subject of vaccines generally and the Covid-19 vaccines in particular. His Part 2 is absolutely the best thing I've read on the subject and should be required reading for every member of Congress. In fact, Congress might authorize funds to conduct a study comparing the outcomes of 5-6 states who follow for a year or two Moskovitz' recommendations re. Covid-19 vaccines and treatments and the remaining states that continue what they've been doing. Somehow Congress would have to find or create a federal agency other than CDC, FDA or NIH to oversee such a study, since these agencies have been in the Big Pharma camp for years.


Governor DeSantis gets it right:

DeSantis Shares ‘Don’t Tread on Florida’ Meme After Calling Special Session to Ban Vaccine Mandates

"The Florida-themed Gadsen flag was readily apparent on Thursday when DeSantis held a press conference speaking out against vaccine mandates, during which he called on the Florida legislature to hold a special session with the aim of banning vaccine mandates in his state, as reported by Fox News.

During his press conference on Thursday, DeSantis said that people should not “be discriminated against” over a personal medical decision:

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be discriminated against based on your health decisions. We want to provide protection for people, we want to make it clear that, in Florida, your right to earn a living is not contingent upon whatever choices you’re making in terms of these injections.

DeSantis also said businesses forcing employees to get vaccinated could potentially be held liable if someone has an adverse reaction to the injection."


"In the countries hardest hit, the illness has similarly targeted the aged and chronically ill with remarkable consistency. In the U. S., residents of nursing-homes, assisted-living, rehab, and other extended-care facilities, comprising only 0.6% of the population, accounted for 42% of the deaths linked to COVID-19 in 2020, and 81.4% of those in Minnesota, 77.0% in Rhode Island, and 70.0% in Ohio.57 "

Cui bono?
The Federal government- Medicare/Medicade, Social Security, government pension plans
Health insurance companies
Globalists who are wiping out America's history

My father died within 10 days of getting a flu shot ( of flu/pneumonia). My mother ended up with Alzheimer's and had to go to a memory care facility. I have made sure that she has received no flu or Covid shots. In 2020, many in her unit got Covid and some died. My mother has never been sick the entire 3 years she has been in this care home. She will turn 96 in next month.


"organized medicine in the United States has never invited leading homeopaths, naturopaths, or integrative physicians to help with this crisis that we all share"
Thank you for noting this failure. Patents and profits seem to rule, along with a desire for a singular solution for complex problems.

When leadership draws together only businessmen and industry insiders to look for solutions, it is no wonder we end up with lotteries for vaccine participants, a brazen Babylon approach, unprecedented, that I find chilling.

I have also wished for data sets of those with flu and pneumonia vaccines who subsequently were hospitalized with covid, or vaccinated in hospital in comparison to the nonvaxxed to be analyzed. and yes, all vaccines as well.
The manipulation of data by CT counts, methods of death coding, and breakthrough case definition has adulterated conclusions that are drawn.

Thanks for your observations.

Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

Ok, David, you're right about the double standard. Fire away!

Dr William Gaunt

There is a pilot study done by thecontrolgroup.org that clearly shows that unvaccinated children and adults have far less chronic diseases than those who have been vaccinated. Go to that website and find the graphs which visually tell the story. I wrote an article about the control group. Go to jennifermargulis.net and click on articles.

If you have not read Dr. Moskowitz book "Vaccines- A Reappraisal", It is excellent and highly recommended.

Bob Moffit

Dr Moskowitz … thank you for your cogent observations .. based on your personal experience and your life-long experience in the medical profession.

'Even more striking is the burden of chronic disease in children, supposedly our healthiest demographic, and contributing relatively few deaths from COVID so far. In 2008, a study of 91,000 children found that 43% of them suffered from at least 1 of the 20 chronic diseases surveyed, and that adding obesity and neuropsychiatric disturbances to the list raised the total to 54.1% of all children afflicted with some form of chronic disease."

Only recently did I hear of "exhausted immune systems" related to a life-time of vaccinations .. which may explain why 43% of today's generation .. the most vaccinated generation in our country's history .. suffer life-long, life-altering, life-threatening chronic autoimmune disorders that were far less common in all previous .. LESS VACCINATED GENERATIONS.
"So the bottom line is that we unvaccinated are being pressured, bullied, and pleaded with to be injected with a bioengineered foreign antigen into our blood that is designed to alter our chemistry more or less permanently, even if the agent itself is quickly inactivated and can no longer be detected chemically, simply to prevent us from dying or becoming seriously ill from an illness that we would very probably recover from on our own, with or without treatment, and that doing so would provide a more robust and long-lasting immunity against reinfection than any vaccine could conceivably provide.

To that choice, I must still say, no thank you, so long as I have a choice; to resist with all my power if I am required by law or mandate to receive it; and to hope that everyone else will escape unscathed from having made a choice which, however sincere and well-intentioned, they didn't need and will surely do them harm"

I say AMEN to that … "however sincere and well-intentioned" .. I too will resist with all of my power any MANDATE to be vaccinated .. as the saying goes .. FOOL ME ONCE .. SHAME ON YOU … FOOL ME TWICE … SHAME ON ME. Having my own personal experience with vaccine injured children .. no more for me .. thanks.

Maurine Meleck

Thank you, Dr. Moskowitz and bravo. This one stirs no conflict that I can see. It is so well written and precise that I will share it everywhere.. Maurine

David S Weiner


Your intro to this article states the following:

"I will remind readers that contributors lie Dr. M are guests of Age of Autism, and it's important for me to make them feel welcome. Please respond respectfully."

Dr. Moskowitz goes on to smear...

"that large cohort of anti-science libertarians and far-right nut cases who dismiss the pandemic as a hoax, and insist that we no longer need to wear masks or keep up social distancing, and can resume our normal lives."

So it's OK for the author to attack and misrepresent people whom he disagrees with, but the reader is supposed to "respond respectfully"

Why the double standard?

Aimee Doyle

Dr. Moskovitz -

I have thoroughly read all of your columns on this topic. Thank you. As the mother of a vaccine-injured, profoundly autistic son, I appreciate your speaking out. You are a brave man and I wish you had been my son's doctor when he was a child.

I don't understand why more doctors (or others in the health professions) don't speak out on the increasing numbers of children diagnosed with autism. Surely they see such children in their practices. And the vast majority of those on the spectrum will need lifelong care and support. Even if doctors don't mention vaccination ( and I realize what doctors risk when they question vaccination), certainly the medical profession should care - and speak out about - the epidemic of autism and developing effective treatment and therapy to relieve suffering.

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