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Source: Dictionary.com

By Cathy Jameson

If I did a quick internet news search for the word regardless, I am sure I’d have thousands of hits that included this statement:

…regardless of vaccination status

Masks are required for outdoor events regardless of vaccination status.

Masks are required for indoor events regardless of vaccination status.

All visitors to the building are to social distance regardless of vaccination status.

Weekly COVID testing will be required regardless of vaccination status.

Public meetings are back on schedule. We invite all to join regardless of vaccination status.

The definition of regardless, per Oxford Languages, is without paying attention to the present situation; despite the prevailing circumstances.

Declaring one’s vaccine status was not a requirement for more contagious illnesses for indoor venues in previous years let alone outdoor ones.  Proving one’s health status with a nasal swab was never required to attend work or college, even though other viruses are prevalent year round.  Regardless, and more importantly, because of prevailing circumstances, the present situation many are now living because of one virus is dire. 

Cj jab or jobIt’s dire.  And now, in some places, it does matter what one’s vaccination status is. 

Vaccination status will determine if nurses keep their job at the hospital regardless of their qualifications. Cj teachers choice

Teachers https://apnews.com/article/health-religion-coronavirus-pandemic-c58f8577203b8316299f9fa90ebf7578 are facing the same dilemma.  They are being told they must get the jab despite their years of dedication in their field.  Will they take the jab and all the risks that come with it just to keep their job? 

Another important question, can school districts handle losing their staff or recover from a massive teacher walk out?  The NYC school system stands to lose compassionate, highly qualified professionals and their many years of experience.  Losing them will jeopardize the continuity of education that all students require to be successful in the classroom.

CJ uberOthers who faced vaccine mandates in the Chicago area left their positions as the school year began.  I feel for the families who were left in the lurches, but how better to make a statement than to stop a company in its tracks. 

Unfortunately, hitting someone where it hurts works both ways. 

Despite being on the United Network for Organ Sharing list, organ transplant patients are being denied necessary medical Cj waitlistintervention they’ve waited years to receive.  Not until they opt for the COVID vaccine, like a heart patient was recently told, will they be considered for the procedure.  These individuals are fighting for their lives!  They’re now having to fight medical boards over ethics policies that didn’t mention this sort of stipulation when they were put on the list. 

Withholding patients’ life-saving medical care is a new level of cruel. 

More cruel and unusual punishment  has begun and is looming for other groups. https://thehill.com/policy/defense/568996-pentagon-to-mandate-covid-19-vaccine-for-military As college students and our brave military face these mandates, I did find some good news last week. 

The goal?  To protect the peoples’ rights.  

Cj TN LawmakerGreen, a physician and decorated combat veteran wrote in the letter, “The law of the United States is clear. Mandatory vaccination is illegal for military personnel prior to complete approval (Doe v. Rumsfeld, 341 F. Supp. 2d 1 (D.D.C. 2004). This has not occurred and could be another several months away.”

As challenging and scary as it is to speak up, I applaud the two service members who’ve done just that. I am impressed that a judge put a pause on some of the vaccine madness for a small group of student-athletes also.

"When law forces an individual to choose between following her religious beliefs or forfeiting benefits, the law places a substantial burden on the individual's free exercise of religion," wrote the judge… 

The news can be so depressing.  Regardless, I still read it. 

While reading it, I’ll reference as many sources as I can think of, including this little book.  I carry it with me almost on a daily Cj constitution basis now.  The longer the restrictions drag on, the more illogical mandates that we as a nation face, the more important the fight becomes.  I don’t want to fight.  I want to live freely as we once did.  But no longer can we say that we live in the freest nation.  Not when those in seats of power disregard the tenets our nation was founded.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


Morag Lyons

Thank you Cathy ,
Regardless of people slaughter, from the reported adverse events, from Covid injections experiments ,
Product safety regulators, and government science advisors, adopting the three monkeys set in stone
see,hear, speak only worship for the vaccine cult behaviour ?

GP Pulse 9 September 2021
MHRA green-lights Pfizer and Astrazenica Covid Vaccines for Booster Use .

Gov.Uk -update 9 September 2021 States
Vaccines covered by Conditional Marketing Authorisation [ CMAs] Can also be used via "OFF LABEL!" use under a prescribers direction -"aye right off-it!"

Astra zenica product name change ? same product or similar but not identical ?
Flip and switch trick same as USA /FDA just used for Phiser ? promotion?
Waddel's sausages are the Best ,
In yer tummy ,they will rest ,
All the others are the Wurst,
In yer tummy ,they may Burst!

susan welch

Thank you, Cathy, for this inspiring and informative post.

It is so easy to become tired and fed up with the whole awful situation, especially when the majority of people cannot see what is happening - but we do have to carry on fighting, as you say, 'regardless'.

Jerry Martinez

So sad what this country is becoming and is happening so fast over a "novel" virus that for most people has a high survival rate of 99% or slightly higher. The U.S constitution should not be suspended during a crisis. On the contrary, it should become even more important. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Blessings to all!

Angus Files

Sorry for the two consecutive posts but forgot to put Godfrey Bloom`s very helpful video on Workers in England being forced medicated against the Nuremberg laws.


Pharma For Prison



Regardless of God's warning through the prophet Jeremiah, Judah did not repent of her sins and was violently overthrown by the Babylonians. (Jer. Ch. 5) America is on the same path.

Angus Files

The Beautiful Souths song Carry on Regardless.. sums it up ..


People are scared stiff of loosing their jobs and are taking whatever vaccine is thrown at them now as they are terrified of being vaccine hesitater.. sheeple do as sheeple do.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

"Despite being on the United Network for Organ Sharing list, organ transplant patients are being denied necessary medical treatment they’ve waited years to receive. Not until they opt for the COVID vaccine, like a heart patient was recently told..."

This is MADNESS .. something is going on that we do not know … there is SOMETHING causing this VACCINE MADNESS besides Covid … whatever IT is … it's not just the BILLIONS of dollars being awarded to the product itself … population control???? Why is contracting covid sometime in the future for this heart transplant patient requires him to be vaccinated at time of transplant????? Have transplant patient's always been required to be FULLY VACCINATED AS AN ADULT .. or is this NEW REQUIREMENT STRICTLY BECAUSE COVID IS SO DANGEROUS??? How about HIV, HEP A,B,C or any similar disease???? Just Covid???? Really????

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