Psych Today Asks "Are We Giving Autistic Children PTSD From School?"
National Autism Association Helps Teachers Too!

Nurse Carla


Does anyone think these accounts are real?  If so, can you imagine a "professional" that is as cruel, catty, obnoxious, uninformed and plain old 10th grade mean girl than this. Professional is hardly the word. Bot-fessional is more like it. Rollerderby wasn't this mean in 1973. Bans off our bodies!  Healthcare for all - EXCEPT YOU! What the actual yuckety yuck???  I'm sure her "Hate Has No Home Here" sign is buffed to a high sheen.  Instead of vax passports, maybe we should demand nurses show us their social media, so we know who they are?  Note: I know and love many fine nurses - you need to get these a$$holes out of your profession.








TOB I see.
When you put it that way then JFK Jr. does have a good case.

Thank you both for going through this with me.


Benedetta, a big part of what Emma is drawing attention to is the fact that although the formula (for lack of a better word) for BNT162b2 and Comirnaty are the same, *approved* vaccines are subject to a whole set of inspection and other processes that *did not happen* for BNT162b2. Therefore, although the federal government is running ads saying "your approved vaccine is here," if you went to Publix to get a Pfizer COVID-19 shot, they would give you one of the old stock of BNT162b2, because they have a boatload of it left over, and FDA just extended the expiration from 6 months to 9 months. If you get BNT162b2, and you get hurt, you're stuck with CICP, which has compensated virtually no one. Ever. Emma is right. Practically, no American has access to an approved vaccine at present, because everyone is trying to clear out the BNT162b2 before it expires (again).

Ha ha about Offit and the devil eating his imps. I am glad he's getting quoted in the press on this particular issue, because the way this approval happened was not right. I may disagree with the opinions of many on VRBPAC, but American citizens were entitled to hear them discuss the issue in an open, public forum, on the record.



All the details are clearly laid out by CHD here:
Be sure to also read "Exhibit 1, Citizen Petition" at the bottom of the lawsuit. It has even more details and is also admitted as evidence.

Good news for the upholding of Constitutional Law!

California Church Wins Massive Settlement After Standing Up to Lockdown Democrats

"A church that stood firm against coronavirus lockdown orders has won a major victory against California Democrats.

Grace Community Church of Sun Valley will be paid $800,000 to cover legal fees from its battle against lockdown edicts issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles County."

"“Over the past year, our congregation has seen his hand of blessing in ways like never before, and the Lord’s promise has been realized: ‘I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overpower it,'” Pastor John MacArthur said."
I am praying for victory for the CHD lawsuit. Lord deliver our children from the plague of vaccines!


Then this Comirnaty unlike the EUA Pfizer drug is being properly dated, and frozen and kept properly?

What I know is that Comirnaty when the FDA approved it was with out the usually board meeting- Paul Offit was vocal about his exclusion in the process. Cry me a river; that he did not understand that evil will eat their imps eventually too That is Right? I am having trouble keeping up here.

They are telling us - I think????? That they approved Cominarty but not the other Pfizer vaccine we are all getting, even though they both are suppose to be the exact same thing, just under a different name. Is there any explanation of that one?

From what I am hearing and understanding is that Pfizer has a special bond with the FDA, which the FDA is not suppose to have with any company cause they are looking out for the public. Suppose to. With that honored position Pfizer is maneuvering to use that favored position to shut out other companies. FDA being partial to one company is a crime, right?

Okay; I re read for the fifth time your comment Emma. I think I am beginning to catch on.
It is going to be hard for JFK Jr. to hold on to this slippery eel? They are going to say it is the same only a different brand name.

But some times lawsuits can bring the light of day to other crimes. There are some glaring other crimes here.

Angus Files

If Nurse Carla wonders what her site should be reporting from down reality lane, just have a look at the 90`s pop band Right Said Fred(The Freds) .

Loved the lorry in London with the TV screen asking the health minister about the promise of no vaccine passports- liars the whole lot of them..but its not news, Carla wouldn't want to understand just might affect her bank balance.

And one of The Freds biggest hits ,I think.

Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy (Original Mix - 2006 Version)

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Your most welcome M.Yes fair play to the Daily Mail for allowing antivaxx comments, meaning researched comments of free mind.Welcome to them all, the fastest growing non-fictional never reported group of parents world wide bar none..

Pharma For Prison



In a democracy, people asserting vaccine injury would have a day in court.

PS: F**k Pharma funded nurses & doctors too stupid to understand this.



Here's the link to the CHD lawsuit:

I blew the whistle on this the day after the FDA Comirnaty licensing was announced and posted about it here (with some controversy). I was right on the money. One thin that has not been mentioned in the CHD lawsuit is the EUA extension that includes changing the expiration date of Pfizer EUA Covid 19 vaccines from 6 months to 9 months. This was based on Pfizers OWN documents, looked at by the FDA, without outside scrutiny as to the safety of this decision.

The FDA cannot claim that the current stock of EUA Pfizer Covid 19 vaccines, WHICH ARE THE ONLY ONES AVAILABLE, ARE FDA "APPROVED". Only the "Comirnaty" product is licensed and IT IS NOT AVAILABLE. In my opinion, if the EUA jab is administered to the public as "FDA approved", then FRAUD has been committed.

"The lawsuit, filed Aug. 31, alleges the U.S. Food and Drug Administration violated federal law when the agency simultaneously licensed Pfizer’s Comirnaty COVID vaccine and extended Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine."

"CHD argues that the licensure was a classic “bait and switch,” allowing Pfizer, the Biden administration, the U.S. military and employers to exhort people to take “licensed” vaccines when in fact the vaccines available and being administered continued to be the Pfizer-BioNTech Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccines."

Please call your school boards and give them the link. Tell them they cannot mandate students to take an EUA EXPERIMENTAL Covid 19 jab. If they tell the recipient that it is FDA approved, the shot vial MUST BE LABELED "Comirnaty" or they have committed MEDICAL FRAUD and can be sued. So far, I have not seen "Comirnaty" listed as a "taxable vaccine." If it does not have this designation, one can directly sue Pfizer in a regular court of law if you are injured by it. It is my opinion that they do not intend to ship the FDA licensed product until they get this designation. I agree with CHD's lawsuit.


Look I found a new one; trashing Moderna while making Pfizer look good Pfizer is just our hero.
Nurse Carla has had too many vaccines and is a nut.

But what is the excuse for this type of behavior? Same I think Mean girl Carla - but meaner in high positions.

I heard that Fauci's little piece of heaven in the corner of the CDC was really a bullying, mean place to work. They got in trouble, and a slap on the wrist while doing really evil things.

benedetta l

Thoughts on this lawsuit lead by JFK Jr?

My thoughts, although I may not understand it all is that EUA of all vaccines will be cancelled is what they are working toward. How, but Pfizer has got theirs approved, already by the FDA, so we could be stuck with this one. We still have a vaccine/boosters/mandated/every five months.

Trump said that Pfizer is deeply imbedded in the FDA, HE just said that, last week on Hannity ---I think. It is hard to know since I am a floating in, and out and around about, and just catching snatches of stuff.

Trump said that it was terrible what they did to Johnson and Johnson; they really played up the vaccine reactions and deaths of this vaccine. He meant so Pfizer/FDA could get rid of the competition so they could hurt that company.

So maybe Kennedy Jr. is playing into Pfizer's hands and helping them out since they have their product already approved?

Speaking of which on the news when you first log on to the computer there is a big write up about Moderna being all deadly.

SO what we are really seeing is out of the playbook of the Robber Barons at the beginning of the 1900.


Regarding "Superhuman ability to fight off COVID-19"...the Daily Mail is one of few venues left which allow honest comments from readers. They are now up to 1,400+ (I didn't read all of them). Just look at some of those comments!

Thank you, Mr. Files, for showing us this.

Laura Hayes


In answer to your question, I seek to simply share the truth of the matter whenever opportunity presents itself, be it in an article I write, a comment I post, a conversation I have, an email I send, a presentation I prepare and give, or an interview I do. One thing I try not to do is alter the truth so as to make it more palatable, or omit some of the truth to make it less devastating. I don’t hold back, I put the truth out there and let people process it, or reject it, as they will.

I also talk about ways in which people are aiding and abetting the false narrative, tyranny, medical fascism, and evil agenda, including by doing things they don’t agree with, or know are not right, ethical, or wise, by perpetuating the propaganda in any way, and by minimizing what needs to be done, in order to (fill in the blank here with the many reasons people choose to succumb to that which they know is not accurate, right, or sufficient).

The hope is that eyes will be opened, seeds planted, connections made as a result of truth heard, and a willingness ignited to join the fight to immediately eliminate and forever ban medical mandates of any sort, including vaccine mandates, with no exceptions.

Truth resonates, so let’s state it at every opportunity, and pray for our efforts to result in liberty and justice for all.

Laura Hayes

Excellent 15 minute summary of the bioweapons aspect of what is currently transpiring:


Astroturf account most likely

Angus Files

Agree TOB, I think shes real we know one just like her worse in fact and this being a small town 16k people you know everyone just about, and shes bat crazy just like, this one, brought up on likes.

This will make you all smile first thing in the morning well I did..infact a nurse Carla moment ..hahaha!!

Some people have 'superhuman' ability to fight off COVID-19

Pharma For Prison



The pity party articles written by medical professionals have only increased in frequency and intolerance over the past two years. I read a piece last week about "compassion fatigue." You know, because they care so darned much that it burns them out. Say what you will about lawyers; I have never heard one of them complain that he had to work hard, or talk trash about his clients on social media because they (arguably) made his job harder.

A close relative was recently hospitalized (not for this virus). From the first minute, the hospital staff hit her husband with a laser-like focus, encouraging him not to pursue treatment, and aggressively pushing the narrative that she was going to die. A member of staff chose to try out an experimental procedure on a Saturday night when no doctors were available, and only the patient's son's timely intervention saved her life. She is home now, walking and talking and eating, no thanks to the people who are, no doubt, throwing themselves pity parties because they have to put in a full day's work.

I've had good relationships with our family's medical professionals. The dentist we had before we moved was top-notch. No judgment; just treatment recommendations and advice on how to avoid problems in the future. On the other hand, I have met very few hospital employees who took patient care seriously or treated patients without judgment or disrespect. Carla may be real or fake, but there are plenty of real hospital doctors and nurses like her.



Totally agree about generating internal conflict! However, would you provide an example please of how you’ve handled such a situation? Serious question. Not sure how best to go about it myself. Thanks!


Could be real...stating such a position will automatically guarantee thousands of followers , which - from her picture - she obviously covets. Exhibitionist!

Sadly, she's typical of the kinds of nurses (and schoolteachers) who are fast replacing the old style real deal ones so many of us grew up with. Remember all those Tik Tok nurses dancing around, carrying fake coffins and whatever, just a short year ago? Quite a few of them. Whatever we may have thought about the plandemic at that point, nurses who are willing to do that for attention are probably willing to say and do pretty much anything.


Many of her tweets are about (invented) ivermectin overdoses; the same thing Rachel Maddow fell for recently. So to borrow from another popular TV program, "Fake, fake, fake, fake."

sabina de sturler

pic reminds me of that actress in scrubs.

Morag Lyons

That's a possible & highly likely, "a wee hashtag, wind- up merchant!"
As far too sweet to be wholesome !
Did yon do it's own eyebrow equilibrium & sparkling lip gloss co-ordination ?
More like NHS- Beside " Midnight at The Gorbals !"

Benny Hill -The National Health Hospital [ 1979] YouTube


Vaccine mandates are un-American...Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, Sept 6, 2021

Nobody knows the long term side effects of this injection. It may well give everyone that takes it a chronic neurological condition.

It's been out for 6 months, since March. Terrible safety record. Poor efficacy. Good luck chuck, carla....

Laura Hayes

Check out another thought-provoking article by CJ Hopkins in Edda West’s top picks for VCC’s most recent newsletter:

Here is an excerpt from the end of CJ Hopkin’s article. It applies to “Nurse Carlas” everywhere.

“That is the weakness of the system … the New Normal totalitarianism will not work if the masses perceive it as totalitarianism, as a political/ideological program, rather than as “a response to a deadly pandemic.”

So we need to make it visible as totalitarianism.

We need to force the New Normals to see it as what it is. I do not mean that we need to explain it to them. They are beyond the reach of explanations. I mean that we need to make them see it, feel it, tangibly, inescapably, until they recognize what they are collaborating with.

Stop arguing with them on their terms, and instead directly attack their “reality.”

When they start jabbering about the virus, the variants, the “vaccines,” and all the other Covid cult-speak, do not get sucked into their narrative. Do not respond as if they were rational.

Respond as if they were talking about “Xenu,” “body thetans,” “Helter Skelter,” or any other cultoid nonsense, because that it is exactly what it is.

Same goes for their rules and restrictions, the “face coverings,” the “social distancing,” and so on. Stop arguing against them on the grounds that they don’t work. Of course they don’t work, but that is not the point (and arguing that way sucks you into their “reality”).

Oppose them because of what they are, a collection of bizarre compliance rituals performed to cement allegiance to the cult and create a general atmosphere of “deadly pandemic.”

There are many ways to go about doing this, i.e., generating internal conflict. I have been doing it my way, others are doing it theirs. If you’re one of them, thank you. If you’re not, start. Do it however and wherever you can.

Make the New Normals face the monster, the monster they are feeding … the monster they have become.“

That last sentence is spot on.

Bob Moffit

Sad case of TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME … to bad there isn't a vaccine for it.

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