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National Autism Association Helps Teachers Too!

Teacher-toolkit-image-lrBack to our roots today. We launched Age of Autism in 2007 at the NAA Conference in Atlanta. The National Autism Association started as a kitchen table organization by Moms who wanted more of everything for their kids. TACA is a kitchen table org, as was Generation Rescue at its start.  Autism Speaks was always a Board Room organization.  

Teachers who work with our kids have always needed parental support and help. No one knows our kids the way we do - and it's difficult to get up to speed with a student with autism.  Safety is always our biggest worry. And NAA is the Fairy Godmother of safety.  Please tell your child's teachers or SPED directors about the Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit today!  And thank you NAA.  From our kitchen..... to yours. XOX  Kim

NAA’s Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit® includes:

  • Printed educational materials and tools in our BeREDy booklet for teachers
  • Two (2) Door/Window Alarms including batteries
  • Five (5) Laminated Adhesive Stop Sign Visual Prompts for doors and windows

Please note:

  • If you need additional stop signs, alarms, or other safety-related items, they can be purchased separately in our Big Red Safety Shop.
  • All printed materials can be downloaded for free here.
  • NAA Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit® grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to all qualifying applicants while supplies last. You are not required to make a donation to receive one.

NAA’s Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkits® have a retail value of over $25.00. If you would like to help NAA continue this program, we ask you to please consider Paying it Forward by making an optional donation when requesting your free NAA Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit®.

Regardless of any tools already in place, if an individual’s medical condition interferes with their ability to recognize danger or stay safe, it is critical to maintain close supervision and security in all settings. For more information and ways to prevent wandering-related incidents, please visit



You should add this educational PRIMARY SOURCE cartoon video to the tool kit.
Common Core Corona.....

Kids, if you see this man....RUN!

Angus Files

The UKs way of showing appreciation to the most worthy...(medically exempt? until thats removed also) we know!!!!its all been done before.

Consultation launched on mandatory vaccination for health and care staff

Consultation has begun on plans to mandate Covid-19 and flu vaccinations for frontline health and care staff, the Government has announced.

The six-week consultation process will take views on whether vaccine requirements should apply for health and wider social care workers – those in contact with patients and people receiving care.

It would mean only those who are fully vaccinated, unless medically exempt, could be deployed to deliver health and care services.

The Government previously said all staff in registered care homes in England must be vaccinated against Covid-19 from November 11, unless medically exempt.

Pharma For Prison


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