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Kimmel: Rest in Peace, Wheezy.

Horses assTalk about gallows humor. Kimmel is the latest horse's ass to openly promote discrimination against those unvaccinated for Covid, "joking" about a wheezy death after having been properly turned away from care. Kimmels infant son needed heart surgery a couple of years ago. Kimmel wept openly on his show. We sympathized.  Jimmy Kimmel Now Do You Understand Our Pain? We know what it's like to worry to the deepest corner of your soul about your child.  And to fear every moment of every day that something might happen to US - the caretakers . That's why many of us have not chosen the experimental Covid vaccine for ourselves, our kids 12 and older, or the full slate of pediatric vaccines for that matter. Many of us have, again for personal reasons. And I know some folks who have had bad bouts of Covid requiring hospitalization - some feel differently about the vaccine after their experience, others do not.  PERSONAL DECISIONS all around. Something Kimmel doesn't seem to grasp in his narrow world. I don't know anyone who makes this healthcare decision lightly, as least not in our community. We aren't making a political statement. We don't have that luxury. Also, since it's Trump’s Warp Speed vaccine program and Biden is the administrator, how would we choose one over the other? Kimmel is a horse’s ass. He pontificates as if he knows our lives - and to make matters worse - he's part of some Autism Charity that raises a zillion dollars for nonsense. It's disheartening and infuriating. His best buddy Howard Stern is even worse. His show is non-stop Covid fear and vaccination hype. Another blow to me - I'd been a fan for more than 30 years. No more. Here's the Washington Post summary: Jimmy Kimmel suggests hospitals shouldn’t treat unvaccinated patients who prefer ivermectin

In his return to late-night television after what he described as “a weird summer,” Jimmy Kimmel stopped laughing when he reflected on Labor Day weekend in which coronavirus cases were up by about 300 percent compared with the same time last year, when there wasn’t a vaccine.

After noting how Anthony S. Fauci, the chief medical adviser to President Biden, warned that some hospitals might be forced to make “tough choices” on who gets a bed in the intensive care unit, Kimmel quipped Tuesday that the situation was not difficult. The ABC late-night host then turned his attention to unvaccinated people who’ve clamored for ivermectin — a medicine long used to kill parasites in animals and humans that has soared in popularity despite being an unproven covid-19 treatment that health officials have warned against using to prevent or treat the virus.

“That choice doesn’t seem so tough to me,” Kimmel said. “Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes, come right in, we’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo? Rest in peace, wheezy.”

Note, Kimmel has has a history of making fun of vaccination choice. This was from HuffPo in March of 2015:

Jimmy Kimmel is giving anti-vaccination advocates a taste of their own medicine.

After airing a segment with doctors hilariously explaining the reasons to get your kids vaccinated, Kimmel got hate messages on Twitter that put “Mean Tweets“ to shame. So, in the interest of fairness, the talk show host sent his “community activists” out to try and prove that vaccinations are bad (because kids prefer lollipops to needles). And the result is even more ridiculous than it sounds.

Comics throughout history used to make jokes about the enemy. The Germans, the Japanese, The USSR, when the USA had a common "enemy" based on war. Today, the war is against virus, the vaccine is the atom bomb and the enemy is..... many of us.  Kaboom.



Copied from Mercola's website:

Case Study: COVID Vax Exacerbates MS Symptoms
September 14, 2021

Study: Half of Hospitalized ‘COVID’ Patients Were There for Something Else

A steam of multiple sclerosis researchers from Harvard Medical School and MS centers in Massachusetts and New York report an increase in MS symptoms in COVID-vaccinated individuals with MS.

Specifically, the team saw increased demyelination of the central nervous system (CNS) “consistent with active CNS demyelination of the optic nerve, brain and/or spinal cord. Symptoms included visual loss, dysmetria, gait instability, paresthesias, sphincter disturbance and limb weakness,” the researchers said in a case published in the Journal of Neurology.

Even though no one with MS was included in the original mRNA vaccine clinical trials, the Harvard team gave seven individuals the vaccine based on an observational study of 555 MS patients who took the shots in late December and early January 2021, who showed relatively few adverse reactions from it.

However, the Harvard team’s seven patients developed new neurological symptoms within a few weeks of either the first or second doses. The patients had “low” neurological disabilities before they were given the shots; three of them had no history at all of demyelinating disease.

While the Harvard team said they couldn’t definitively pin the vaccinations as the cause of the seven patients’ new symptoms since, theoretically, those symptoms could develop at any time in an MS patient, they did say “Our observations suggest that, in some individuals, COVID-19 vaccination may carry a short-term risk of CNS demyelination. This is in contrast with a recent study performed in Israel on 555 individuals with MS who received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.”


Journal of Neurology September 4, 2021

Multiple Sclerosis Journal April 2021


Thank you Hera; that is very kind of you.
They say to get it all lined out before you get covid.

I went to their site a couple of weeks ago to do just that. But since we did not have covid, they told us right up front that they would give us hydroxycholorquine. So I am going to wait till we come down with it.
I got a lot of other stuff all together as well including the hydrogen peroxide breathing treatment,

Mercola had a article on his website right not - soon to be erased that the covid vaccine is causing devastating effects on those with MS. Cia had MS. I hope she is okay.

I hope we all are okay.

Donna L.

LOL, Hera!! "Strange times when hospitals go on the media boasting about how ineffective their treatments are and how many patients they are killing."
Couldn't agree with you more! And yes, AFLDS are true heroes in a world gone absolutely mad.


Hi Benedetta,
The doctors at Frontline doctors will give a teleconsult
From their website
"Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Ivermectin, and other COVID-19 medications can be obtained by prescription in the USA in almost every state. AFLDS-trained and licensed physicians are available via telemedicine for a short consultation. Our physicians know that HCQ and Zinc are effective both prophylactically and when used early. The telemedicine physician will review your history. Almost all patients can safely take these medications."
There is a $90 consult fee.

The CDC protocol being used in the hospital, per the media, seems to be resulting in people dying in droves. Strange times when hospitals go on the media boasting about how ineffective their treatments are and how many patients they are killing. In many states, monoclonal antibodies are no where to be found, even in the middle of a pandemic.

It almost seems like the message is : don't get any medical care early, stay at home untreated until you can't breathe, and then we will either "ration care" or use our "kills most" protocol when you get to the hospital. And they wonder why people are looking for alternatives. God bless the doctors who are willing to actually treat covid patients before they get too sick to save.


VP's stepdaughter channels Clot Shot outfit at Met Gala.....
Spike proteins are attracted to female reproductive organs......


"It's funny that Kimmel thinks he'll get appropriate treatment for covid in a hospital."

Get Out While You Can And Take others With You
A vision of a burning hospital with interpretation.


I wasn't advocating that ivermectin should be self-administered, in case my previous post is misconstrued.


When Cia first mentioned it, I thought cattle medicine. I had a hard time accepting it.
But she was right and I began to think how to get ahold of it as things got worse and worse that human doctors won't even give it to us.

Another med not given to us, and even N acetyl cysteine is being threatened now.

I now have sure enough horse medicine. I got cattle too, not a horse; it died. But it ain't for the cattle in the field.
This whole thing has gotten worse, we have been moved into a zone that is beyond scary.

Laura Hayes

Regarding ivermectin, check out this article from 2017 when it was hailed as a wonder drug, before it became politicized:


The latest instance [of fishy stories] happened over Labor Day weekend. KFOR, a local NBC affiliate in Oklahoma, reported that ivermectin overdoses were 'backing up rural Oklahoma hospitals [and] ambulances' and that the backlog was so severe that even 'gunshot victims were having hard times getting to facilities.' That would be very bad if it were true....This story was quickly picked up by other outlets, including Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Insider, and Newsweek. Rachel Maddow, the popular MSNBC host, tweeted it to her millions of followers.....Given the severity of what was being alleged, you would expect to hear from an official from the hospital itself. If gunshot victims were actually being turned away—itself a blaring siren—one would expect to hear from local politicians, as well....But no one bothered to check or, even, to call. Concerns about the story were raised online shortly after it began to go viral, and yet faithful, uncritical write-ups and tweets started popping up all over the internet. Speed is the name of the game in aggregation, but in this case, the aggregators were missing the bigger story: That the viral report about ivermectin overdoses wasn’t actually true....There was a troubling slowness to correct many of these false stories....Maddow has essentially suggested there’s nothing to correct, since one Oklahoma hospital has treated patients for ivermectin use...."

I was surprised to find that there are actually many journal articles available via Google Scholar about ivermectin's promise as an antiviral--specifically against Covid--so maybe more light and less heat, Rachel? Or maybe you can't hear with your ears stuffed with money.

Greg Hill

Here's a link to the entire 60 minute interview of Dr. Ardis by Reiner Fuellmich that Laura mentioned.
A very good watch, and scarey as hell. Those of us who still have at least 2 neurons left to rub together, which I gather is maybe about a third of the entire American population, are certainly going to have our work cut out for us restoring the world to some semblance of normality after the criminals who are behind all this murder and mayhem have been taken down and put behind bars. The entire medical-industrial complex that is playing a central role in all of this attempted "Great Reset" is certain to come crashing down in the relatively near future. Fortunately we have people like Dr Ardis and the functional medicine movement in general who can replace it with something far, far better.

Laura Hayes

Jimmy might want to think ahead to when his son will be required to be injected with these new injections in order to do or participate in anything…injections that are causing serious heart problems, to the point of being fatal, in healthy boys and young men…males who have not had previous heart surgery.

And, nope, there will be no medical exemptions, including for those with previous and potential heart issues. No doctor will be willing to write one, and no entity, establishment, or institution willing to honor one. CA’s SB276 and its aftermath should suffice as evidence.

Yep, Jimmy might want to learn to think before he speaks. His son needs him to wise up, and fast.


Why does this moron even still have a show? When he first started, he did a highly offensive show called The Man Show. Can’t believe no one has dug that up and canceled him for it. People get canceled these days for alot less.



Did you see/hear Howard Stern's comments to anti-vaxxers? For a guy who is so comically gifted he's really dumb when it comes to QuackXXines.

I would have commented on your post there but I'm banned from Twitter for mentioning Ivermectin.

Also, did you know when using or Google www.ageofautism doesn't show up? I had to go to Twitter & find your article to get here.


Should Kimmel end up in the hospital, lets hope he gets plenty of Remdesvir so he can appreciate his tax dollars at work.

He who laughs last...

It's funny that Kimmel thinks he'll get appropriate treatment for covid in a hospital.
It's funny that Kimmel thinks the Ivermectin being used to effectively treat covid is the 'horse goo' type and not the little white tablets made for humans and used throughout the world for decades now.
It's funny that Kimmel thinks covid vaccines actually protect/prevent anyone from getting covid, or that they do more good than harm.
It's funny that Kimmel thinks that the unvaccinated who catch covid and are well-informed enough to choose to use Ivermectin tablets at home in order to avoid even having to go into a hospital to begin with are the ignorant and dangerous ones.

Enkis Advocate

I've never been a Kimmel fan. I trust my intuition, which has told me he was a horse's ass from the very first time I became aware of his "humor." So-called "celebrities" have no place telling anyone what their medical decisions should or shouldn't be. Neither do "health experts" working for corporate vaccine companies posing as government institutions. As for discrimination against medical treatment for those of us with common sense, I'd prefer to take my chances with a private physician and skip the hospital killing fields. My body, my choice.


Well, "unvaccinated guy who gobbled a medicine with promising anti-viral properties, rest in peace" just isn't funny. "Horse goo," now that's hilarious.

I typed in "ivermectin" at Google Scholar. Here's just one of the many results: Ivermectin and COVID-19: Keeping Rigor in Times of Urgency, Chaccour et al., 2020.

"The discovery of ivermectin’s activity against SARS-CoV-2 gives reason for hope, but off-label and compassionate use requires careful risk–benefit considerations, especially in critically ill patients."

I chose this one with its cautious endorsement because it's published on the NIH website. Who do we know who's associated with NIH? Hm, it'll come to me....


Maybe if Joshua Coleman had worn his Star Wars Storm Trooper costume to the book signing, it would have burned into Jimmy's memory banks a bit more. A deeper impression

Joshua Coleman is a brave, even heroic figure in that costume.

Laura Hayes

Another 15-minute video that is worth the watch:

Laura Hayes

Why anyone would listen to this ignorant, venom-spewing man is beyond me.

Now, for someone who is worth listening to, here is Dr. Ardis exposing Dr. Fauci for the evil man he is, and the NIH and FDA for the evil entities they are. He warns of being killed by the use of Remdesivir in the hospital for “Covid”, and tells how people can get legal help to stop the forced use of this drug should a loved one be in the hospital, and also how to get effective treatments prescribed via telemedicine.

Video is 15 minutes long, and is essentially a shorter version of his recent interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.

A real must-watch, needs-to-be-shared video!


Is his comedy show supported by Pfizer advertising dollars ? Of course it is.

Jimmy Kimmel has a conflict of interest, his show and network receive large amounts of money from the very people who profit from the covid vaccine. Essentially, he receives his W-2 from Pfizer and one cannot take his word.

There's no money in generic drugs like ivermectin and they know it. Ivermectin scares them and it should. Civil unrest scares them too, for theirs is a house of cards, and it may topple from it's fictional nature.

Bob Moffit

I remember a few of us showed up in front of radio studio of then popular radio show host .. a guy named Savage … after he went on a rant scolding autistic children who were "non-verbal" .. Savage scolded "what do you mean you can't speak .. you little putz .. speak up when someone talks to you"

So .. supposedly popular "entertainers" have been using their "celebrity" to scold, intimidate, ridicule, shame our AoA community for DECADES … and it sickens me to see these mis-informed, deliberately stupid "celebrities" pontificating on issues still today … now it is COVID VACCINE … which they know absolutely NOTHING BUT WHAT THEY ARE TOLD BY THEIR MASTERS IN MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT.

Yes Kim .. I am sure there are …"some folks who have had bad bouts of Covid requiring hospitalization - some feel differently about the vaccine after their experience, others do not"

I also know from various cites .. Del Bigtree for one … RFK's Children Health Defense for another .. of those who got vaccinated and had their entire lives destroyed from the adverse events following .. Del showed videos of some victims and it was heartbreaking to watch.

Unfortunately the clock has only begun to understanding what .. if any .. are the long term effects of this vaccine .. which once accepted remains for the rest of your life. The Covid vaccine is the perfect example of medical procedure that remains an INDIVIDUAL'S RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT … PERIOD.

Angus Files

Kimmel (what nano particle of him is a comedian?)talking to audiences who are easily influenced or might take meaning- its ok to abuse people dying or sick..just like the bully cop below who thought its ok to abuse an autistic lad.

Boy with severe autism left crawling in fear as ex-policeman launches horrific assault
The boy, aged just 10, can be seen scrambling in terror on the floor of the school corridor as former Merseyside Police PC Christopher Cruise lifts his leg as though about to kick the victim.

Pharma For Prison



I remember when Joshua Coleman spoke to Jimmy at a book signing. Jimmy promised to be “more sensitive” on the vaccine issue. So much for that…

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