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Katie Wright Op-Ed on Florida MD Press Conference

AofA Op EdBy Katie Wright

Doctors Stage Press Conference to Complain About Patients

Who do these Florida boneheads think they are??

75 DOCTORS abandoned their patients and left the HOSPITAL to throw a tantrum in the parking lot. They are “tired,” they whined. They “don’t want to see people die,” wrong profession. Why didn’t the unvaccinated people “just do what we told them!” To all those self-pitying, unprofessional doctors I say grow up. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and acting like a victim
because you are working hard in your chosen profession. Secondly, I would like to know who made these pompous people believe they are God. Since when is a doctor’s right to choose not to see a person because the doctor doesn’t don’t like his/her life choices???

What a bunch of babies! With absolutely no hard data the doctors claim unvaccinated covid patients are “over running our hospital!” The reader is offered zero statistics about the vaccination status of these patients. Coincidentally today, another Florida hospital admitted that 7 patients had recently died of covid - all of whom were vaccinated!

Unvaccinated patients are portrayed as incredibly selfish stupid people who didn't do what the doctor told them! Not one doctor addressed patients’ vaccine safety concerns, previous severe adverse vaccines reactions, or chronic illness that might prevent people from vaccinating. Oh, no! Way too busy passing judgment!

I am a licensed therapist. In the 1990s I had an internship at a mental health clinic. I saw many patients with AIDS. Thosse were the days when you were diagnosed with HIV and often dead within a year. By the 1990s it was well established that unsafe sex and IV needle sharing was the most common way to contract HIV. All my HIV+ clients developed AIDS because they did not use condoms. Should I have shamed my young male clients and lectured him how “I and tired of treating people like you! You don’t have to have HIV! It was your choice and I am tired and frustrated!”

People in the helping professions are supposed withhold judgment and treat all patients with compassion….certainly not hold press conferences to complain about their choices. What if these young men with AIDS had gone to this Florida hospital? Would a bunch of doctors run into the parking lot, loudly blaming AIDS patients for their own illnesses? Would these same
doctors whine like babies that they are “too tired!” to have to “treat people who didn’t have to be in the hospital.” Should over worked doctors at the hospital refused to provide medical care?

Maybe this crew would have!

What about smokers, addicts and obese people? They are largely responsible for their chronic illnesses. Should the hospital staff shame obese people and then bitch and moan to the media about have to treat these patients?? And what about the vaccinated people who died of Covid?

How can these doctors somehow STILL make it the patient’s fault?

What is going on here? Hysterical anger at people who have literally done nothing. Nothing,
except decline a medical intervention.

If the medical community wants the public to trust them, they must stop the public castigation of
the unvaccinated. Try listening respectfully to their concerns. Take their adverse reactions
seriously. Actually report adverse reactions to VAERS. Be professional and do not act as moral
arbiter or patients’ choices.

And whatever you do, do NOT hold a press conference to complain about your patients.




The EUA is becoming the de facto workaround for low standard, questionable safety and efficacy "vaccine" products with guaranteed Federal liability protection for pharma, but virtually no compensation for the vaccine injured. This is how they have replaced the 1986 act without an act of Congress. I am convinced Pfizer got the outcome it really wanted. They are still targeting the elderly and ages 16+ because anyone can be deemed high risk for Covid or high risk of calling in sick for 2 weeks at the hospital. They didn't mention the real reason for health care worker shortage- they don't want the vaccine. Health care workers have seen first hand the negative outcomes that don't get reported and are blamed on the unvaccinated because they had their reaction BEFORE two weeks after getting the jab. Watch the latest HighWire episode featuring a medical worker whistleblower.

Also, the elephant in the room is the proven long lasting NATURAL IMMUNITY. Pfizer is trying to compete with God. It will not end well.


it will take a change in leadership across the board in healthcare to return to sanity of some sort.
but the opposition, aka voices of reason and ethics, did brilliantly.

seniors and people "at risk" now open game for EUA boosters.
more pressure on healthcare workers, god help them.
no people with bmi over 30 or comorbidities, or age over 55 (except for the 12 healthy ones in phase 1), included in the us study. (no 16, 17 yr olds either).
Dr Offit did make one good point, which seemed to frustrate him, is the lack of data on transmissability.
It is a lot like watching a train wreck, but I am heartened that some will try to slow the momentum.
one presenter said gene therapy products require carcinogenicity studies; given the increase in lymphadenopathy, I think it is imperative.
just my feeling, but i think they should do viral and bacterial panels on trial participants, before, after, and in subsequent periods.
the lymphadenopathy affected women in the trial more frequently.

me too.


Sejomoje I transcribed some, and will do the rest next week. I'm not sure whether YouTube will have a transcript you can view within the next few days.

To me, the most significant takeaways were: (1) VRBPAC members were p*ssed that they were asked to make a decision, but CDC denied them access to legit data and (2) Israeli data (Pfizer wears off after six months! third jab needed!) and US data (awesomazing protection against hospitalization and death, even with Delta variant!) were irreconcilable. People like Hayley Gans and James Hildreth voiced these problems over and over. Hildreth asked why the heck they didn't have correlates of protection, and what kind of decision they were being asked to make in the absence of this data. And these people, broadly, believe in vaccines. They were basically railroaded by Marks into their BS EUA expansion (boosters for Boomers and people "at risk of severe disease") to save Rochelle Walensky and the president from embarrassment.

They voted 16-2 against the BLA for a third dose six months after the "completion of the primary series" and 18-0 for this EUA, but that means it's still experimental, and people still have the right to refuse.

One of the public commenters noted that Rubin's presence on VRBPAC was a conflict of interest, and that's probably true, but even he saw that what is happening is wrong. This was one of my favorite moments:

RUBIN: I think it would be great if we could give less restrictive language and offer it to people who are “at higher risk of disease.”
That’s quite a bit different from saying that everyone should get a third dose. Because**then the government would mandate it,** [emphasis mine] and I don’t think many of us are ready for that.


Watching the thrilling conclusion of VRBPAC now, greyone. 16-2 "No" on the BLA for 3rd dose. Now looking at EUA for 3rd dose for smaller group...


Offit's speaking right now on the Pfizer booster panel meeting. It's basically a Pfizer sales pitch. From the Israeli gov doctors opening it w 'statistics'-torturing, to literal shills like Offit and Oren Levy(get a jab into every 'vulnerable person' and working w gov to do so, google this guy) I could only stomach a few minutes at a time. I wonder if anyone did transcripts.


the public presentations at VRBPAC were rock and roll.
my Catholic background made me want to nominate Peter Doshi for sainthood for confronting the FDA about medical organizations threats to doctors.
Jessica Rose, Resef Levi, and so many others, gives me hope that the scientific processes may survive the political processes at some pivot point in the future.


I know I suffer from PTSD from all the years of attempting to get the treatments and support my son needed. The worst part was all the negative judgments (you just need to set better limits--kids need limits) and put-downs from friends and family, even my nuclear family. Time has passed, and I have forgiven everyone I care about, but it can not be forgotten. (I have tried.) The only apology or recognition of the push-back I got for all my efforts has been a few people acknowledging that "you were so ahead of your time with the GF diet". This current Covid vaccine/ivermectin/pandemic controversy has brought me right back to those times to re-experience the same judgments and put-downs. It's harder this time, but I knew I was right back then, and I know I am right now. This vaccine should be avoided by my family. I have researched the issue, and no pious doctor, with religious fervor for the vaccine, will convince me otherwise. I keep researching to support my opinion or see any cracks in my evaluation, but I am done with that type of doctor!

Gary Ogden

Bob: This, also from Trial Site News, is excellent:


Gee Bill. Do you also blame the young people who become addicted to Oxycontin for the opioid epidemic? And the overweight for their chronic health issues? And probably the poor for their bad nutrition leading to health issues. Taken to extreme, society is not responsible for anything. Doctors shouldn't have to treat anyone except lightening strikes - unless the victims were being stupid and walking out in a storm. Then, let those overworked doctors complain about treating all the stupid people who walk about in storms!

Angus Files

Where's your links Bill 99%? Forgot your one of the many trolls that cant copy and paste Urls how convenient ..99% vaccine damage rate Yup!

Pharma For Prison



Biden continues to wage war against Florida......

Outrage Builds as Biden Denies Life-Saving Coronavirus Meds in Feud with GOP Governors

"The treatment for the Chinese coronavirus is in high demand in Southern states where some residents are still not vaccinated, as well as for those who are vaccinated but still contracted the virus.
But the Department of Health and Human services has restricted shipments of the treatment to Florida and other southern states.
In Florida, HHS provided less than 31,000 doses this week — half of the 70,000 doses requested by the state.
That prompted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to publicly condemn the Biden administration.
“We are very, very concerned with the Biden administration and the HHS’s recent, abrupt, sudden announcement that they are going to dramatically cut the number of monoclonal antibodies that are going to be sent to the state of Florida,” DeSantis said Thursday."

If you have faith in Jesus, there is a cure that no government can take from you....

"14Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: 15And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. 16Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed."

susan welch

Good heavens, Bill. Not even the pharmaceutical companies claim 99% effective. Where on earth did you get that figure from?


booster meeting tomorrow.

Katie Wright

Thank you so much for your comments! The doctors picketing their patients made me angry but the Biden vaccine speech made me furious, I am writing a post now on the topic. The President attacking people who have. literally, done nothing wrong, was so low.


"vaccine are 99% effective"

Which vaccine? 99% effective at what?
Prove it.


This is obviously a staged pushback by pharma against Governor DeSantis who is actively SAVING his citizens from Covid 19 by opening outpatient clinics offering Ivermectin protocol as well as the FDA EUA monoclonal antibodies. Citizens are reporting recoveries within 3 days and NO hospitalization. This is destroying their "vaccine only" narrative and cutting into hospitalization profits. THIS IS ALSO A COUNTERMEASURE to government medical workers who are threatening to quit en masse if forced to take the jab to keep their job. Because of Governor DeSantis' action, the Covid cases are rapidly dropping. All those saved with the TREATMENT now have very strong antibody protection and add to the herd immunity level. Taxpayers don't have to keep funding failed vaccine "boosters" which increase risk of adverse events.

A STATE IN INDIA has gone the Ivermectin route will HUGE success:

The Blaze reported that "Last year, the northern state of Uttar Pradesh began dispensing ivermectin liberally and encouraging people to take it early on and even preventively. As Trial Site News reported earlier this year, "By the end of 2020, Uttar Pradesh — which distributed free ivermectin for home care — had the second-lowest fatality rate in India at 0.26 per 100,000 residents in December. Only the state of Bihar, with 128 million residents, was lower, and it, too, recommends ivermectin.""


I hate the opinions of some doctors on there extreme pro vaccine views and I do personally blame some AIDS patients who were highly sexual and did IV drugs. It does not matter vaccine are 99% effective and they have a much higher benefit over risk

Bob Moffit

@ Gary

Just posted your recommended article on vaccine safety-efficiency-fraud on Brietbart News comment section ...article should be MUST READ for all of us.

Who knew CDC counts vaccinated "breakthough" deaths as UNVACCINATED if the patient received vaccine within two weeks prior to death.

Gary Ogden

This, from Trial Site News, about the jab, is enough to scare the hell out of anyone:

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Katie. While I still hold doctors (and nurses) in high esteem (except most pediatricians), medicine, along with science, is broken, captured entirely by commercial interests, and many hospitals are now fully captured, their revenue streams dependent upon keeping the narrative alive, promoting fear. These doctors must have taken an extra semester of Arrogance 101 in medical school.

Jill in MI

Where are the cameras when the doctors complain about good treatment options being withheld from their patients?? The doctors that are following the "narrative" must have lost their critical thinking along the way. It is so much easier (and totally supported by media and tech) to BLAME someone. And Biden is leading the way and pointing the finger at the group that is just not listening to "Dad." His patience is wearing thin???? How about 28 years of fighting against vaccines that injured my daughter?? This is the Milgram experiment taken to the highest level. My sister is immune compromised and her doctor has advised her NOT to get the jab. He is afraid to write a medical exemption for her as he may lose his license. Oh, and by the way, she has been on the front line this entire time and has ALREADY had CoVid. Thank you for your service! I feel like we are all cattle and they are herding us into the slaughter pens and those pesky, troublesome and "dirty" anti-vaxxers just aren't doing their patriotic duty and moving through the corral chutes. As Biden would say, "C'mon guys. Mooove along!"

Maurine Meleck

Hi Katie,
Love your Op Ed. I guess you missed the Pharma reps standing off to the left, hundred dollar bills falling out of their pockets.


Liars Club

Suppose you had 75 overpaid cyborgs in a room
And whenever one spoke the truth, they were forced to leave the room
And there was an endless supply of replacements
Somewhere short of 3pm we're left with a room full of liars

Bob Moffit

"With absolutely no hard data the doctors claim unvaccinated covid patients are “over running our hospital!” The reader is offered zero statistics about the vaccination status of these patients. Coincidentally today, another Florida hospital admitted that 7 patients had recently died of covid - all of whom were vaccinated!"

If these doctors were truly concerned about treating covid patients … THEY should be demanding to know why VACCINATED patients are dying in their hospitals? THEY should be demanding to know why the Covid vaccine does not prevent Covid and why Covid vaccine apparently does not prevent transmission of Covid? You don't have to be a well educated doctor .. all you need is simple COMMON SENSE … to ask why the Covid vaccine is neither SAFE NOR EFFECTIVE?

"Try listening respectfully to their concerns. Take their adverse reactions
seriously. Actually report adverse reactions to VAERS. Be professional and do not act as moral
arbiter or patients’ choices.?


Perhaps if these doctors did these things … their patients may trust their professional opinions then they do … and .. I suspect .. until they do PRACTICE THESE SIMPLE OBSERVATIONS .. THEIR PATIENTS WILL REFUSE THEIR ADVICE … RIGHTLY SO.

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