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Katie Wright on Biden's Vaccine Temper Tantrum

Source: Skynews

Happy Saturday! Grab a cup of coffee and maybe sit down for this one. Katie Wright unleashes the frustration so many of us feel.  Thanks to Katie for knowing that we are the only website that would dare to run this. We don't shy away from controversy (we cut our teeth on it) and we can be as belligerent as we need to be - no sponsors feathers to ruffle!  It's a freedom no one else has. I like it.  Kim


As I listened to Biden’s speech I heard my Mom’s voice in my head. “Young lady, I do not like that TONE in your voice!” I received the “tone” remark whenever I responded to her I an obnoxious manner. Biden’s speech about his draconian vaccine mandates was churlish, mean, counter productive and full of “tone.” The president isn’t a king, he works for us. Our country is divided enough right now, the last thing a president should be doing is pitting Americans against each other. In fact, NO politician should speak to the American public in such a nasty, divisive manner.

I don’t need my advanced degrees in psychology to know that that shaming and blaming is the least effective way to get people to change their minds. In fact, shaming and blaming only serve to entrench the belief or behavior another person is seeking to change. Who is the idiot who wrote that nasty mean spirited speech? It completely backfired.

Biden’s simplistic understanding of covid and vaccination is cringe-worthy. It’s not a black and white matter of unvaccinated vs. vaccinated, as he presents. Over 50 million Americans HAD covid and possess the antibodies! They do not need a vaccine, and like any rational person, do not want a medical procedure they do not need. Yet, now, people who possess immunity, and natural immunity vastly superior than vaccine induced immunity, will lose their jobs for declining a vaccine they don’t need? I want to see one doctor defend this idiotic policy. Never mind that, I want one American to defend such a stupid and cruel law.

President Biden, instead of blaming unvaccinated people who have, literally, done nothing wrong, take responsibility for the mess YOU created. At a time when we desperately need fresh, innovative leadership, you kept that 100 year old political hack Dr. Fauci in charge of covid efforts. YOU kept the ineffectual 100 year old Dr. Collins in charge of the NIH. Fauci lied to the American people about origins of covid and illegally granted (laundered)  millions of NIH money to “Eco Health” to perform gain of function research in Wuhan. Fauci says one thing to the public and the exact opposite in his NIH e mails. President Biden, you kept this hack in charge when you know he is a liar who has lost the respect of the American public.

People are dying of covid because your administration because you, via the NIH, will not invest in early treatment. Stop blaming people who can’t be vaccinated for the deaths under your watch. So many of those killed by covid would be alive today if they had been given early treatment. Early treatment, as offered in other countries, prevents hospitalization and death. But in the United States when someone goes to the hospital with moderate covid they are told to come back when they can barely breathe.

Scientific progress regarding covid treatment has been minimal because your administration has allowed widespread censorship of medical point of views. Covid is a new disease. We need open debate and discussion about treatment, not a medical dictatorship. Your administration demands that “misinformation” on the internet must be censored. You dictated that people who theorized that covid escaped from the Wuhan labs, rather than in a wet market, be thrown off social media. Nice move! You only proved why censorship is both dangerous and ineffective. All virologists believe covid definitively that covid originated in a lab but are afraid to say so publicly. The way you have silenced rationale scientific debate is chilling.

 The government is now working in tandem with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to censor and remove people who express covid views different from that of the CDC or NIH. This is a violation of the First Amendment. The CDC allowed the Teachers’ Union to decide when to open schools. If people ever trusted the CDC or the NIH, they don’t now and that is your fault, not the fault of unvaccinated people.

President Biden, my patience with your poorly reasoned arguments is wearing thin. In your speech, you said ten times that the vaccine is great and will keep people protected. Then you engaged in a diatribe about how evil unvaccinated people are and that they will infect vaccinated people with covid. Why the dire need for “protection” if the vaccine is so great? Why do you have no confidence in the vaccine to work properly? If the vaccine isn’t working poorly, isn’t that the fault of the vaccine maker, not people, who have, literally done nothing wrong?

Instead of throwing a temper tantrum and demonizing unvaccinated people, get your house in order. Appoint an independent, competent and innovative person to take charge of covid efforts. STOP the medical censorship and allow for debate. Immediately invest in early treatment. And, finally, stop insulting, shaming and blaming unvaccinated Americans. Act like a man, not a two year old.

By the way, I am vaccinated and I voted for this jerk.




Johnson and Johnson Employees Admit They Would not Take the COVID-19 Shot Their Employer Makes, nor Give it to Children

"“It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know? Not something that’s so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road, you know?” Schadt said.

“It’s a kid, it’s a f*cking kid, you know? They shouldn’t have to get a f*cking [COVID] vaccine, you know?”"


Good article! Even if you envision a world ruled by money and profit, these days it's so over the top (the Biden speech) that it doesn't make sense any more. I'm starting to think that there must be a different explanation for all this fuss and maybe the following might be true? Go to for an explanation about what is wrong with the government.

I read about some of these issues about 5 years ago on a facebook discussion board involving Andrew Wakefield, vaccines and mandates. It's too much to explain here but see for yourself.

Jill in MI

Katie, I have enjoyed your writing for years and years. I have no idea how you made it through all those IACC meetings. So frustrating that nothing was getting done and no accountability about the rising numbers of kids with autism. I especially remember the piece you wrote about Tom Insel of the NIH, how he kept repeating that the lion’s share of research money for autism, even though it showed 95% going to genetic research, that didn’t include ALL THE RESEARCH IN THE ENTIRE WORKD. Like that was relevant? You ended that piece with the famous Otter speech from Animal House. That was hilarious and I would think of that every time I was in a discussion or a ridiculous meeting about vaccines being “Safe and Effective.” That saved my sanity!
I would’ve chimed in earlier, but we have Covid in the house. This is one nasty you know what. My husband was much worse than I was. We are following the FLCC protocol and we are finally on the mend.
Thank God my daughter did not get this. She has been on homeopathic antivirals for a year and a half twice a day. Maybe that did it.
We are fighting for freedom of choice on this matter and we are stronger together than apart. Rock on Katie. Please keep writing.

Brian James


High Numbers of DEATHS ... Why are they not doing AUTOPSIES? After 10'000's of Deaths? Dr Ryan Cole - a Doctor, that calls the Covid Vaccines what they are: FAKE.


Katie; Your article was right on. You penned it exactly how I felt. You have always been a good writer. You have got me through many a meeting on the TV; that if not for you I would have had a stroke from frustrations. Instead you made me laugh, or at least know I was not alone thinking these guys are evil liars.

This voting stuff is not your fault. I understand that now.
We use to come in, and turn on the TV news; or read the news on the top of the computer and get the news. Not so anymore. I must accept that you just did not know.

I knew though? I wonder how?
Well; I guess that gift of the Holy Spirit that came to me in my Fall garden in Oct of 2016 must have brought to me the gift of prophecy. Hey, I am now the second prophet from Kentucky. LOL.

Sooo, I now know what Cassandra felt like.

Let us know how you are feeling , take lots of supplements. Watch your health. We don't want to lose you, makes me sick right down in the pit of my stomach- and my heart too.


Thank you everyone for your kind words! It means a great deal to me.
I included the info about my vote to demonstrate that I didn't have a political agenda. I wasn't sitting back waiting to attack Biden. Instead, he attacked our civil liberties. Brutally


I was just surprised? Sorry. I voiced it.
Not sorry that I can't say oh, it is all right you voted for Biden.


Hi Donna L.
Thank you very much both for the kind words, and the link.

Donna L.

Hera, as always, I agree with you 100%. If we want medical freedom, we have to respect everyone's medical choice, regardless of whether it's what we would personally choose. And ideally, we would never even know of anyone's personal medical choice/s. (like the good old days, pre-covidmania!)
I did stumble upon this the other day, a link to some post-vaccine guidance for those who've had to take these vaccines for whatever reason.

And Katie, thank you for putting into words what so many of us have felt after hearing Biden's public hissy fits and demands for discrimination and segregation. I'm still trying to figure out why anyone is taking medical advice from a pharma-funded politician, especially one who at this point couldn't even walk and chew gum at the same time.


New Yorkers Rising Up as Mandatory COVID Shot Deadline Looms-
Citywide Walk Out Planned for Same Day
Monday 9/27 2-6pm

Listen to "JoSpeaksTruth" from the Dominican Republic, who fired up the crowds in
NYC yesterday!
"This is the worst psychological operation in history"

This woman speaks nothing but TRUTH!


Hi Katie,
I have had loved ones make the choice to be vaccinated with their back to the wall too. Same prayer for you that I have for them and all the rest of us also; stay well and safe. One of the vaccinated people is a young man at the age when the most myocarditis shows up. Praying desperately he never needs to take a booster shot. Myocarditis has only a 56 to 83% survival rate at 5 years. Please God no, for our kids and young men.
Some of us live lives where social isolation is easier, so we can make a different choice. Also, many of us with heart conditions, pre existing thrombocytopenia etc, are pretty sure our chance of surviving the vaccine is close to nil. ( And yet there is no medical exemption available for basically anything accept an allergic reaction to the first shot.) And many of us with natural immunity know it is all risk and no benefit to us.
People should be allowed to freely make their own choices regarding risks, not be shunned from society as punishment.
We all fight for medical rights and medical freedom in different ways.
All those friends who are vaccinated here are, like you, are speaking up for medical freedom, and medical choice. One points out repeatedly that though he is vaccinated, he is not protecting anyone else, since he can still spread the virus. Thank you also for speaking up so articulately and well.

Some of our friends and acquaintances seem fine post vaccine, but we are also already hearing of post vaccine deaths, and people made sicker by the vaccine. And down the line, if anyone hears of well researched ways to help people post vaccine, please could you post it?

David S Weiner

Great commentary from Katie, though I disagree that we need some kind of innovative leader to commandeer our Covid response.

What we need is freedom. Allowing doctors to use their best judgment. Allowing citizens to use their best judgment in terms of how to protect themselves. Allowing businesses to determine how best to operate under whatever circumstances they are facing. And, most of all, freedom from the constant government disinformation which clouds the thinking of so many.

Not to say that we should not applaud the heroic measures that DeSantis has taken to combat tyranny. But we should not need to rely upon such a rare individual to stand up for us.

Morag Lyons

Upset with petted lip perhaps ? at no invite to last nights Global Citizen Concert on tv BBC .

Global Citizen .org
A Zero Covid and Climate Confusion Cult ?
Big concert last night on tv with big names in UK Politics UK Royal Prince's and Global Citizen Partnerships . Global Health Network ? The money behind The New World Wide Secular Shangrilah ?

Makes Wee Willi Winkie a horror version of the children's nursery rhyme .
Wee Willi Winki YouTube
Slam the gates ,damn the gates ! and protect the young ones from political cults !


My ears are ringing from the mic your surly (deservedly) dropped! So awesome! Such a great piece!!!! Thank you so much Katie Wright!!!!!

Anita Donnelly

Also vixen seemed like this peacemaker.
I was certain they would finally do what we needed. I was wrong.
Trunp betrayed his supporters and Biden betrayed his .
We were all disillusioned and I don’t know what our next step is.

Anita Donnelly

Sorry for the typos at the end.
Katie this article wAs fantastic

Anita Donnelly

The last thing we need is to attack people who support us.

For pity’s sake.

That disheartened me. Do not judge people especially people who have children on the spectrum. And don’t forget trunp sold us down the River even though he actually knew better personally.

For all you know Katie had to choose between seeing a loved one and getting vaxxed. She may have also decided to test it on herself to see if it would affect her vax sensitive son.

These decisions are complex and what matters is Katie’s courage now.

Please people don’t attack our own.
Do Not Attack Our Friends Our fellow truth tellers

Katie you are a hero. I am guessing you were not allowed to visit a loved one without thr vqcccibe or

Katie Wright

Yes……obviously, I blew it with my vote


I understand that’s it very difficult 2 understand why I’m vaccinated. My back was to the wall and I wasn’t going to be allowed to see much of my family. I felt I had no choice. Being unvaccinated also banned from me from lots of stores, museums, restaurants, basically any indoor space in NYC.

I’m sorry I disappointed you, but I felt I had no choice.


Actor Anthony Heald played Judge Wallace Cooper on TVs "The Practice". He had this way of enunciating Massa-CHUUU-setts which would get under the skin of the defense attorneys. Well, I hated the way Trump enunciated Chii-na. I cannot stand any word that Biden enunciates especially any word that begins in "v". I will do anything to not hear or see his face again. Yes his tone is despicable like the behavior of the party he represents.

Bob Moffit

@ Jill in MI

In addition to your pertinent question: "“Just what problem is this third dose aiming to solve"

Del Bigtree had guest asking same question … adding his concern of multiple doses causing what he described as "immune exhaustion" .. which occurs when an individual's unique immune system becomes EXHAUSTED trying to accommodate dose after dose.

First time I ever heard of "immune exhaustion" … I suspect we already have a generation "exhausted" from 17 vaccines before 18 years of age … when is this MADDNESS GOING TO END???? FOUR DOSES … ANNUAL FLU AND COVID DOSES?????

Jill in MI

Thank you Katie. Good thing Biden has cue cards. I always look carefully to see if I can see the strings attached to his arms and legs. I wonder who is really in charge of those strings?

From the Highwire -

VRBAC Committee Meeting Friday, September 18, 2021 (VRBAC is FDA’s advisory committee which makes recommendations to the FDA). Boosters were voted down 16-2. They reformulated the question and voted to recommend it for 65 and over and also immune-compromised people. In public comment following the meeting, Peter Doshi (Associate Editor of the British Medical Journal and also a member of the faculty of the University of Maryland) had this to say:

“Just what problem is this third dose aiming to solve? If we have a pandemic of the unvaccinated as the public health officials have repeatedly stated, why would a ‘fully vaccinated’ person need a third dose? The briefing documents suggest the rationale for boosters is waning immunity, but the lowest vaccine efficacy figure mentioned is 83.7%. And last month, FDA approved Pfizer’s vaccine stating that efficacy against symptomatic CoVid is 91%. Sure, a third dose might nudge up efficacy numbers, but so too might a fourth dose, and a fifth dose. Before contemplating the licensure of dose three, shouldn’t FDA first require evidence that the two dose regimen no longer meets the efficacy bar the agency just weeks ago said it met. If vaccine efficacy is now below 50%, let’s see the data. Let’s discuss safety.

When discussions about a third dose began in July, CDC Deputy Director Dr. Jay Butler, said it was vital to find out if the third dose increased adverse reactions, particularly severe ones. Unfortunately, we’re still in the dark. Pfizer’s booster application reports on just 329 people with no control data. First, the trial is too small and the enrollment is limited to healthy participants. Second, we really need to know how safe boosters are in people who already had bad reactions to dose one or two, but such people are obviously less likely to volunteer to participate in this trial. So we won’t have the data to answer the question. Yet if the booster if approved, such people will surely be mandated to receive a third dose.

I’ll end with a question. Last week, three medical licensing boards said that they could revoke doctor’s medical licenses for providing CoVid vaccine misinformation. I’m worried about the chilling effect here. There are clearly many remaining unknowns and science is all about probing unknowns. But in the present supercharged climate, and I’ll point out that multiple members of this committee are certified by these boards, I want to ask FDA - What is FDA doing to ensure that those advising it are able to speak freely without fear of reprisal?”

September 24, 2021
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky overruled a panel of advisers and approved a booster shot for people ages 18 to 64 years who are health care workers or have another essential job that puts them at increased risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

Shoot first (pun intended) and ask questions later. Who needs data? The same person must be in charge of pulling Walensky's strings as well.


Gary (and everybody), I found the following pieces to be reasons for hope for the rest of this country. Some of the media, at least, are calling a spade a spade and stating flat-out that Walensky single-handedly recommended a third Pfizer dose for virtually every American 18 and up, against the advice of ACIP and in the face of near-zero evidence to support what she and Biden (or whoever controls Biden) wanted. They're saying it out loud now. It can only get louder.

"The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday defended unilaterally overruling a panel of experts on which populations should be allowed to receive COVID-19 vaccine booster shots.

"Dr. Rochelle Walensky, a Biden appointee who currently directs the CDC, accepted three recommendations on boosters from the agency’s advisory panel. But she rejected a recommendation not to allow boosters for 18- to 64-year-olds who are at a higher risk of being exposed to COVID-19 because of their job or living situation, even though some panel members said that could be interpreted to mean virtually anybody.

“'I didn’t overrule an advisory committee,' Walensky told reporters during a virtual briefing about 12 hours after she overruled the panel."

“The CDC director, a political appointee, siding with the President, & his pre-ordained plan, against the advice of the ACIP advisors, with 0 [random controlled trials] measuring clinical outcomes & no idea of adverse events is not ‘doing one’s job’ it is politics [over] science, precisely what we feared."

"After news of the decision made the rounds, top biotech analyst Geoffrey Porges sent out a note later Friday morning calling Walensky’s move “all politics.” Porges said, in part, 'This establishes that the traditional vaccine approval and recommendation process is even more politicized in the current administration than it was in the prior one, and is bound to spark a storm of outrage and protest from the vaccination and public health communities. We expect there to be several resignations from the committee, which will add to the turmoil around the vaccine recommendation process, and we view this as fundamentally undermining the integrity of that process.'"

* *

If the medical press knows that America's public health establishment has its thumb on the scale, the mainstream media will have to acknowledge it, too. There is no longer any pretense that the federal government is using science to inform its decisions; quite the opposite.


"Appoint an independent, competent and innovative person to take charge of covid efforts. "

In the Free State of Florida, that is exactly what Governor DeSantis did....

Gov. DeSantis appoints health chief who declares 'we're done with fear'
Vaccination has been 'treated almost like a religion'

Governor DeSantis has led the way in opening up effective Covid early treatment centers in every county, making monoclonal antibody treatments available to all Florida citizens. This has drastically reduced covid hospitalizations and death. It has been so effective that Joe decided to cut Florida's request for 70,000 units to 30,000. Genocide? Undeterred, DeSantis bought the needed doses directly from the manufacturer. This is what leadership looks like.


I think the most shocking part, for me, is that Katie, with all her public advocacy and comments over the years, vaccinated herself and voted for someone like Biden. I agree with what Benedetta says.

Maybe living in the hypocrisy that is NYC confuses a person in some way but I truly just lost all respect.
The reason the situation regarding this entire vaccine mess is the way it is today is due to the fact people bend and don't walk the walk they are out there preaching.

Morag Lyons

Would our dear wee "poverty of policies "politicians pass an exam on how to spot the difference between a disinfectant and an anti-septic? let alone how to spot the difference between a person, a patient, and a human- being ?
The pandemic "Political Puddle Jumpers" lost the battle totally over mask mandates ! let alone injection mandates !

https// >face> -masks- evidence
Swiss Policy Research
Are Face Masks Effective ?
The Evidence - Swiss policy Research
Updated September 2021
First published July 2020

What is the difference between Airborne and Aerosol Covid spread ?

Paul Simon Kodachrome [+ Lyrics ] YouTube
We are professional coughing dodgers !So,
How can we help the politicians tae dry their eyes and grow up !
Did their parents not teach them "If they loose their temper ,they loose their argument ,every single time !"

Book - The Fiery Hierarchy . Revealing the Secret Government of the World - 5 Teaching of the Heart By Zinouya Dushkova .

Covid vaccine is not the best or only "Tweetment" for this virus ?
Covid vaccine is not the best or only "Oinkment" either !


I was at a major chain pharmacy recently, the drive thru was crammed with cars, barely moving. Immediately inside the entrance was an enormous sign advertising for pharma techs. 2 staff members, struggling gracefully with the load, phones ringing, lines inside the pharmacy as well. Biden's America.
Removing competent people from jobs, creating chaos.

And the NY mayor talking of replacing medical staff with foreign workers.
Isn't that special!
Censoring professionals and threatening loss of medical license.
Censoring citizens on social media platforms.
Biden's America.


Katie got the vaccine?
The gal that sits in all these government meetings, shaking her head in frustration, and then writes about them with a sharp wit that would cut a knife.

? ? no wait ????? What?

Katie voted for this jerk?

Mr. Biden which stands for BID for ME. Who took well over 100,000s of thousands of dollars from the credit card companies --- one 1000 dollar check at a time, so he would pass laws to protect credit card companies as the harvest little grains of wheat (little people) from the big o'le field - America. Bid for Me that took money from Russia, Ukraine, China through his proxy - his son?
Biden that is still taking money from foreign governments through his meth/straw blowing painting - artist son. His son - gets more money for one of his painting than Van Gogh, who is paying for these paintings? We don't know cause Mr Bid for Me said he was going to be on the up and up and these payments are to stay anonymous. Really?

Oh but it was because of Never Trump because he - never held office before. Because the trusted Democrat party - we know after they allowed the health insurance companies to own us, Climate change polices to harvest us wheat grains -

This is perhaps the most frustrating to me. Not that we have evil people. WE always have. But we have a population of good people, decent people, intelligent, thinking people - many, many friends of mine and they can't see it.

Still with Trump

The US of A has basically been a PHARMA corporation for a number of years now.

Any member of Congress who does not agree with the vaccine / Pharma doctrine will have a very well funded opponent in a primary or in the general election supported with millions of “free Pharma dollars” for their media campaign. The incumbent candidate will have to try to raise funds the old fashioned way to oppose Pharma which is not easy.

Not sure how the military vaccinations will work out, I assume Joe will buy a batch of Covid vaccines made in China, especially for our American soldiers. Pray that our Nation wakes up soon.

Jules  Boise

Awesome article with Excellent points !! Agree with everything … except the last sentence. I will definitely N.E.V.E.R. willingly get this experimental jab (nor will anyone in my immediate family, including my 2 adult sons on the autism spectrum) and I actually voted for the “other guy”. Questioning and having a hard time believing whoever voted for Biden expected anything different from him ?!? ✌🏻🇺🇸

Gary Ogden

This, from Reuters, about the ACIP meeting and Wallensky:

Gary Ogden

According to TrialSite News, ACIP met on Thursday about the poison death "booster" shots, and took somewhat of a cautious approach, but were over-ruled by Wallensky. It is behind a paywall, so I don't have details. Anyone know?

Bob Moffit

Hopefully Katie, you are not the only one who now admits voting for this "jerk".

Biden is correct … his Covid vaccine does work .. unfortunately it does not work as it is intended to work .. such as .. prevent one from becoming ill or that same vaccinated person from transmitting Covid to others .. but .. look on the bright side .. the vaccine DOES PREVENT YOU FROM HAVING A JOB, JOINING OUR MILITARY OR EATING INSIDE A McDONALD'S restaurant.

Yesterday NY Post ran a full page screed .. written by Maureen Callahan .. titled "BOBBY JR. - THE DUMBEST KENNEDY' .. in which Maureen viciously attacked RFK and his entire family … because .. according to her .. "he is the left's most prominent anti-vaxxer" who was banned from Instagram in February "for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about coronavirus or vaccines". This truly was a column straight out of Sol Alinsky's RULES FOR RADICALS .. (* RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)

In any event .. I responded to Maureen with an email that referred her to RFK's Children Defense Fund ..

"VAERS data released Friday by the CDC included a total of 726,965 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including15,386 deaths and 99,410 serious injuries between Dec 14, 2020 and Sept 17,2021."

Asking her if she believes RFK is spreading "misinformation" by quoting the CDC itself … and … if she feels any professional obligation or responsibility to NY Post readers to contact the highest levels of public health at CDC to challenge THEIR VAERS REPORT? Because if RFK's information that VAERS has received 726.965 reports of adverse events .. including 15,386 deaths and 99,410 serious injuries is CORRECT .. SHE HAS AN OBLIGATION TO ALERT NY POST READERS OF SUCH INFO.

As of today .. no surprise .. no response


I try to not to watch him anymore, and it's more than covid. It's the manner in which he mishandles foreign policy, immigration, speaking with families of fallen service members, or darn near anything he sets out to do. His staff knows he's not up to processing complex issues and set up a bubble around him so he doesn't have to respond unscripted to anything. I don't see him as a leader at all, I view him as a pharmaceutical salesman with a quota to meet. He works for Pfizer, not the American worker.

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