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James Lyons-Weiler PhD Why Is Off-Label Off Limits for COVID-19

6B99BB63-4F7F-45E6-8EA7-C5867244C8CDNote: Can you think of any other serious diagnosis where ZERO mainstream treatments are approved? Where any effective treatment is jettisoned? Where doctors face a witch hunt and patients face ridicule and scorn for wanting to get better? Naaah, neither can we.

Who Are the World's Leading Authorities in COVID-19 Treatment? Public Health's "Medicine" is to go home and wait until you get sick (No Treatment Protocol). That is utterly unethical.

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD - 9/27/2021

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mantra was “flatten the curve”. I had already done simulations showing that given the epidemiological parameters of COVID-19, its R0 in particular, that a multimodal approach would be necessary to bring the number of new cases down to a non-scary level. “A low buzz”, I called it, and one of the things I modeled was treatment.

I did this when we were told that the mortality rate among people with co-morbid conditions, like diabetes, was around 20%. It was also before the number of cases were polluted with data including false positives, and “presumed COVID” cases, in which doctors overrule negative tests, or give a diagnosis of COVID-19 without any confirming test. This was before CDC made the fatal error of conflating “PCR positive” with “COVID-19” and the likewise unscientific “Died with = Died From”. Given our intended success in moving a grand jury investigation forward in Oregon on CDC's failure to follow protocols for changing diagnostic and reporting criteria, there will almost certainly be a reckoning on that point.

By now, 9/27/2021, everyone has heard of Ivermectin, in large part due to Joe Rogan’s use of the FDA-approved drug, and of Hydroxychloroquine, in large part due to its support by Donald Trumps support of the FDA-approved drug and its subsequent politicization. The fact is, these treatments were found to be effective, as have others, by the first step in science - observation. In the US, off-label use is permitted for a potentially fatal condition when no standard of care exists. So people like Dr. Peter McCollough, and Dr. Pierre Kory, and Dr. Paul Marik, used observation to conclude that perhaps certain approaches to treatment might save lives, they acted. There was no standard of care; they recognized that there was no approved drug for treatment of COVID-19, so they appropriately reported their own, and others’ finding.   Read the extensive article here.


Gary Ogden

Benedetta: It is sheer incompetence, with a sprinkling of vanity and greed, along with a large dose of ignorance and stupidity which characterizes our institutions today. Government works for industry; media works for government. And at the head of it all, a demented fool, who says what he is told, and signs whatever papers are put in front of him. There are competent, intelligent, ethical people in this world, lots of them, but they have little power or authority. I just read an interesting explanation (on Zero Hedge) of why children will miss Christmas this year, and the supply chains are so messed up. It's not the 'Rona; it is two new California laws which banned independent truckers from operating in our rapidly-sinking state. So hundreds of container ships are marooned of the major ports, with no way to haul them around the nation. Al in the name of "climate change." I still can't believe 65% of our voters think our idiot governor is worth keeping. A vast herd of sheep it is.


This week; Gupta came in to sit down and be interviewed by Joe Rogan.
Since it was mentioned in this article.
Joe Rogan called Gupta out about CNN saying Joe was given Horse Worming medicine. He said he could afford human form of the medicine.
He wanted to know if it bothered Gupta that CNN lied. He said it did. It was even snarky of them calling it horse medicine.

What is going on? I am tired of it all.
We have all these thought running through our heads of why are these guys acting so clueless, or many with such malice.

Still this insanity continues, in the middle of October 2021.
I sure thought Fauci would be appearing in front of a judge or something by now asking them to set a bail .

Morag Lyons

Alliance For Natural Health; Home
Read -What's happening now
Slick communicators with the skill knowledge and experience discussing - Unbreaking Science breaks apart the broken science on Covid
29 September 2021
Dr James Lyons-Weiler and Dr Rob Verkerk in conversation .
Excellent conversation , SOS = Salvage our Science and Salvage our Standards!


Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter!

Looks like Merck decided to celebrate by announcing "Ivermectin 1/2" today.
A newly patented Covid fighting pill half as effective as Ivermectin and over 200X's the cost.

"Merck touts expensive new COVID drug while dismissing cheap ivermectin
Congressman accuses pharmaceutical giant of 'crime against humanity'"


President Jimmy Carter will turn 97 on Friday, October 1.

The Carter Center helped promote use of Ivermectin to treat River Blindness in Africa. Perhaps he would be willing to give it a plug if they interview him on his special day.

From 2015:
William C. Campbell - Nobel Lecture: Ivermectin: A reflection on simplicity
Merck's drug has quite an interesting history. I would like to know how Ivermectin works against Sars Cov2. Would it work against the vaccine as well?

Angus Files

Alert for the double vaxxed. You all, will soon have the same status of the non-vaxxed if you don`t have your third Covid...

Pfizer booster shot: Six side effects to expect following your third shot - CDC new report
MILLIONS of people across the UK are currently being offered a third shot of the Pfizer Covid vaccine to top up protection against coronavirus ahead of winter. Early data released by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests there are six side effects to expect the day after receiving the jab.

Pharma For Prison


Morag Lyons

Thank You ,very good article .
Off-Label Off-Limits ,Off The Run with it ! Aye Right Off-It !

NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
Covid -19 Rapid guideline ;
Managing Covid -19 NICE guideline [ Ng 191] Published 23 March 2021
Last updated 02 September 2021 [PDF]

Guideline suggests first treatment suggestion for suspected C-19 is ,
Offer the person a teaspoon of honey ? Damn guidelines don't even specify whether it should be a teaspoon of runny honey or set honey ? Off tae hell in a handbasket with the damn guidelines ?

Assessment /Evaluation of Respiration capacity of " The Clinical Guidelines ?"
During a political Power Failure !
The rate of breathing is counted in all acute cases . The normal rate is from fifteen to twenty times in a minute ,that is ,one respiration to every four beats of the pulse .
Taking the political policy respirations?
It is important that the political policies should not be aware that the respiration capacity is being taken ,otherwise they will involuntarily quicken them?
Guideline respiration rate ? Rapid or slow, shallow or deep, noisy or quiet , whether there is any irregularity?
Note Varieties of Breathing of the guidelines in their sickness?
Rapid breathing -indicates there is some obstruction excess mucus as in bronchitis ,or congestion as in pneumonia -rate of breathing sometimes runs 50/60 per minute .
Slow breathing ,is met with in most head cases ,especially in congestion of the brain .
Shallow breathing occurs in pleurisy -pain avoidance breathing
Stertorous breathing snoring breathing usually unconscious with apoplexy .
Dyspnoea - difficulty breathing
Orthopnoea [ Upright breathing ]
Stridor-- Hissing breathing some obstruction in the air passages .
Sighing breathing [ air hunger ] sign of haemorrhage
Cheyne -Stokes breathing cycle is completed in one to two mins .
We intend to scope their Charts and Charting methods ? using a nose to tail toolkit !
Involuntary nonvoluntary euthanaisia is still called murder ! whether guidelines want to accept that as a description as such or not?

Maureen Fischer

It is encouraging to see that so many are finding ways to fight this awful virus. When I hear over and over again that "the vaccines may not prevent you from getting Covid, but you will have a milder case and won't end up in the hospital", I want someone that is interviewing the "expert" to challenge that. Ask them what is the evidence that supports their claim. Perhaps if statistically there are fewer serious cases, it may be that health care workers are getting better at treating Covid.


Right wing extremist have harmed the reputation of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Just because Ivermectin helped some people does not mean it will work in most cases. During the 1918-1920 Flu pandemic most people also had Tuberculosis or some other secondary infection usually a bacterial one that greatly contributed to their death and if antibiotic has existed back then many more would have survived. Many with Covid-19 also have infections that HGQ and Ivermectin actually can treat some increasing their survival because of the secondary infection now longer being an issue. Anyone who say that HCG or Ivermectin is the one and only drug needed to treat Covid-19 they are fools it will not work.


Only got a few hours to watch Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher.


The first I heard that this virus was man- made lab - right out of the gate; before it even got to the US of A; Back in December; STILL 2019, and that was from Dr. James Lyon-Weiler PhD.

Soon after French scientist Dieder Rioult said this virus was the easiest to treat with HCQ. They even found back in 2005; Fauci said HCQ, Then on to ivermectin and the same thing .

It is intentional, Intent; They don't want a cure.


James, things are even worse in Australia. Early on in the 'pandemic' doctors were ordered not to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to patients either as a prophylactic or as a treatment. Doctors were threatened with fines and in one state even jail time. Recently, less than a handful of doctors in Australia were prescribing ivermectin to patients. The filling of these prescriptions was difficult. Pharmacists warned patients with scripts that it was not helpful as a treatment or a preventative and supplies of the drug at most pharmacies were scant. Warnings were also put out that because of people wanting it for Covid 19 (as few as there were in Australia), shortages of ivermectin for those patients whose conditions 'really needed it' for on label conditions were occurring. A couple of weeks ago, a total ban was placed on doctors providing prescriptions for ivermectin for Covid 19. It is no longer able to be prescribed or dispensed at any pharmacy for that purpose. Criminal, isn't it!!! Incidentally, there now appears to be a shortage of quercetin in all the health food stores near me. They just cannot get the stock.


Top doc: Pull COVID-19 vaccines off the market now
Dr. Peter McCullough presents evidence behind his controversial stance

Jill in MI

CoVid came to visit our house last week. My husband was the only one to get CoVid, although both of us had the same exposure (from two fully vaccinated friends - my sister was with us and also got CoVid and she is also fully vaccinated). We were ready. We followed the FLCCC protocol. My husband looked like the thousand year old man. He plays hockey three times a week. He is on one low dose water pill for blood pressure. He body was so achy, he said he felt like he went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. He had absolutely no energy. Just exhausted. His head hurt to even touch. So, we believe the Ivermectin kept his lungs clear. We had to wait a day to get the monoclonal infusion because they were booked solid. He never had trouble breathing. Lungs were clear and his oxygen was 97%. The doctor administering the infusion said that it would be like a switch. Within 48 hours my husband would be good to go. He was right. 48 hours later my husband was mowing the lawn. Not that we have a big lawn, but you get the picture.

It is interesting that even though the government is paying for these infusions, it is very hard to find places were you can get this. It's like a secret club. I found out from my hairdresser who went through CoVid a month ago. God bless her! The doctor said that they have a 99% success rate with the infusion. They figured out a protocol and staffed this procedure on their own. A little urgent care clinic. This doctor was there on his day off because he said that people were so sick and he didn't have staff to cover the weekend. He also said that in the past, he had ordered the infusion supply from a third party and it worked great - you order and get a package the next day. Now that the government is getting their hands in it - not so much. They want proof that this works. I do understand that part. The infusion is $2,000 a pop. So, the clinic does a 48 hour follow up call. They then send in that paperwork to the government along with an order and then they have to wait and see what comes back. If they continue to hold up supplies, this clinic will have to shut down. How do you schedule people to come in for an infusion if you don't have supplies?
The doctors, nurses and techs were wonderful - very compassionate. We are so lucky and so grateful that they were here for us! If this little urgent care clinic can figure out a way to do this and keep 99% of their patients not only out of the hospital, but get them back on their feet, where is the hesitation?

P.S. Some of the people that found out that my husband got CoVid were very quick to point out that had he been vaccinated he would not have been so sick. WOW! Now he has natural immunity and doesn't have any crap from Moderna, Pfizer, or J&J in his body. The anger at the unvaccinated is misdirected. How about putting all that nastiness toward the Bat Lady, Peter Daszak, Fauci and good 'ol arrogant Baric from North Carolina. These are the people that decided to play God and screw up the world. Karma - do your thing!

Bob Moffit

'So who are the world’s leading experts in the care of COVID-19 patients? Bureaucrats at the FDA? Public health personnel at the CDC? Fauci? Not by a long shot. They have so negatively influenced the COVID-19 pathway in the US they must be removed from office - immediately - and replaced with true medical authorities."

Not only "removed from office - immediately" … they must be PROSECUTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY …

By the way …. There should be a dramatic increase in VAERS statistics regarding the already listed potential side-effects of Covid vaccine … such as … myocarditis in young healthy males … yet … we hear absolutely NOTHING of reported vaccine injuries .. how does that happen?

How about a DAILY report on VACCINE INJURIES .. accompanied by the DAILY report of COVID CASES??? This would allow individuals to decide for THEMSELVES if the RISKS of the vaccine far outweigh potential BENEFITS. As long as we remain IGNORANT OF THE RISKS … any decisions we make are NOT INFORMED AS IS OUR UNIVERSAL HUMANITARIAN RIGHT.

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