The Real Anthony Fauci Revealed in New Book from Robert Kennedy Jr
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How We Outsmarted Mark Zuckerberg

Injured by the device that you intended to use to injure others.

The WSJ is paid subscription only. You're able to see the intro and if you click the link, you can listen to the opening of the series. The point is well made below.  Take a bow, everyone.


By Jonathan Rose

Last week the Wall Street Journal published a five-part expose of Facebook, based upon the company's internal reports and documents. Among other things, the WSJ revealed that corporate executives knew well that Instagram could be addictive and psychologically damaging for young people, particularly teenage girls.
But readers of AoA will be especially interested to know that this behemoth corporation, valued at a trillion dollars, bent every effort to suppress any critical examination of vaccines -- and failed. Although Zuckerberg has occasionally offered half-hearted defenses of free expression, he never meant to extend that right to "antivaxxers". But although he commanded a vast army of human and algorithmic censors, technically far more sophisticated than anything George Orwell imagined, Facebook lost to a ragtag guerilla army of amateurs (i.e., us). In the marketplace of ideas, "misinformation" (i.e., timely warnings) attracted nearly four times as many views as "authoritative information" (i.e., misinformation). The executives at Facebook were baffled and infuriated that the machine they devised actually did what it was designed to do: allowed ordinary people around the world to freely communicate with each other.

How Facebook Hobbled Mark Zuckerberg’s Bid to Get America Vaccinated

Company documents show antivaccine activists undermined the CEO’s ambition to support the rollout by flooding the site and using Facebook’s own tools to sow doubt about the Covid-19 vaccine

In mid-March, Mark Zuckerberg used his Facebook page to announce a goal that was both ambitious and personal. He wanted his company to use its formidable resources to push 50 million people toward Covid-19 vaccines.

In a post and a press release, the chief executive discussed Facebook Inc.’s initiatives to promote vaccines. He unveiled collaborations with global health organizations. And he touted that his company had “already connected more than 2 billion people to authoritative



@Gary Ogden: Thanks, belatedly, for the clarification. It makes sense.

Morag Lyons

What the Wonkie Woke- ies look like ,sound like and behave like in their Organisational Institutionalised Playgrounds at break Time ?
Dansje doen @ Awakefest 2013 [Benny Hill] YouTube

If the Peter Pan Syndrome wants tae throw their dummies out of their prams ?,they will be getting left tae pick up their own dummies, and trauma teddies?

Christian Concern UK
Free-speech defender capitulates in face of Oxford student protest
22 September 2021 -Issued by Christian Concern Uk

Glaswegians will give that tosh a gentle shove straight intae the middle of last week?

Billy Connolly getting angry with Politically correct mob !Funny ! YouTube
Swear words alert! not suitable for 12-15 year olds ? alongside covid vaccine consent and Gillick competence evaluation!



Reuters claims to have debunked that Zuckerberg theory:

But Reuters has a cozy historic relationship with City of London Rothschild bankers:

Gary Ogden

John: This story may be apocryphal (which wouldn’t surprise me), but here are links to the claim:

John Stone

At least according to Wiki Zuckerberg is the child of two Jewish professional people - a psychiatrist and a dentist. Mother’s birth name given as Kempner. It doesn’t mention David Rockefeller and it seems on the whole unlikely.


@Gary Ogden

I have heard that. Do you have a genealogy link to verify? Individuals don't usually rise to these positions without connections. Bill Gates Sr. and George Soros are in this club. So is Fauci...... Scroll down to see a labeled photo with them all in it.


Gary some says he is and some says it ain't.
But an interesting thing my son brought to my attention today that I think is kind of neat.
Fauci means the angel of death in a round about way.
My son showed me that when he looked it up on the internet that it means sickle in southern Italian, Sicilian .
Then again there was other stuff like it means the jaw of a carnivore.
He sure has been a sickle that is for sure. .


I still can't get to the entire article, but I get the jest of it.

Gary Ogden

M: Zuckerberg is a Rockefeller; grandson of David, and great great grandson of John D. There is much that is good about modern medicine, but the poisoning part (pharmaceuticals) comes straight from the Rockefellers. His dimwittedness surely made him a leading candidate for his role, but the technology was developed elsewhere, and stolen. The social media companies, whether witting or not, work on behalf of the "intelligence community." Zuckerberg is a useful idiot.

Anita Donnelly

The saddest thing is that z’s wife, a pediatrician, had several miscarriages and finally a daughter. Is it possible they are vaccine sensitive and that they lost little boy fetuses to vaccine injury?


I'm sure Zuckerberg is wicked enough. He just isn't bright enough. I wonder who installed him where he is in the first place.

Before Facebook existed there was MySpace. It was a truly original concept: easy access to a personal web page for everyone. It took off and was growing in popularity...and then suddenly Facebook came along and MySpace all but disappeared. How did that happen? I've always wondered.


They are coming for the kindergarteners!

"According to Pfizer, recent clinical trials show their COVID-19 vaccine is ”safe” and creates strong antibodies in children aged five to 11-year-olds. In a highly-anticipated press release Monday, the medical research company said it would seek FDA emergency use authorization for the vaccine’s in children by the end of the month........This comes as critics argue more data is needed to support the group’s findings."

Looks like they want mandatory EUA vaxx for K-12 for this school year.

Project Veritas releases new Fed nurse whistleblower undercover video:
PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings "Vaccine is Full of Sh*t"


Oh Thanks John Stone, I was wondering how I was going to finish this story== I was hanging on every word!


As someone who has never used Facebook, I give credit to the alternative media of the far reaches of the Internet. The actual researchers are in this domain and have been for years. Thousands of these sites trickle down their research into the rivers of the Mainstream Internet. Because much of the research is based on fact and true science, citizens can tell the difference and the audience grows exponentially. The other component, I believe, is the Global Spiritual Awakening. The brainwashing Globalist algorithms are no longer working for a growing majority. Once people see the truth, they will no longer tolerate the lies.

Angus Files

Even the monied spoilt brats don't get their own way all of the time nice to see, must say...what would you like for Christmas Mark?

Pharma For Prison



I wonder if mainstream media outlets like WSJ recognize that when Big Pharma and the other powers that be are done with them, they'll be thrown away. Who will pay for a paper when there is only one "truth," and it's the "truth" proclaimed by the government-industrial complex? Every time I read WSJ or NYT or WaPo headlines asserting that FDA has "recommended" a vaccine, I die a little bit inside. FDA has never recommended anything. FDA approves (or emergency-use-authorizes, in our brave new world) or declines to approve. CDC/ACIP recommends. That's how it works. It's appalling that salaried members of the Fourth Estate don't know that. After a while, the public will not bother to read mainstream media's claptrap. After all, they can watch Fauci on TV for free.

John Stone

Thank you Jonathan

It looks like you can get the full article in the web-archive without subscription">">

“Misinformation” of course is a euphemism for information which is correct but inconvenient to powerful interests. The WSJ simply alleges that material was “false or misleading” which of course they do no have to prove - often of course it is much easier to prove that official claims about efficacy and safety are false or misleading than the views those who are critical of them. In this case such is the vast gap in medium/long term data compounded with towering and unprecedented quantities of adverse data from VAERS, Yellow Cards, EUDRA etc (and, of course, we have the ruthless suppression of debate: anything might go wrong and for very many it already has) that those who fear the very worst have somewhat more to go on than those who gloss over the dangerous farrago. I was just watching a British Parliamentary debate where even those who did not want their children to be vaccinated (or harassed and bullied over it) were shmoozing about the success of the adult programme. I don’t know whether this was just coded or whether they were really taken in by a programme that was both ineffective and already has stacks of reported injuries. Also, concern was entirely limited to the Conservative benches - only one Labour spokesman showed up to demand the jabbing of everything that moved and not to be left behind other nations (such was her devotion to the science of vaccination).

The official debate is defective for two reasons (1) it promotes untested junk technology as “science” ie propaganda (2) it relegates human experience in attempt to evade real assessment of that technology and its fall out, and the fall-out presently is still potentially a bottomless pit of harm. In such a skewed debate it is much more rational to fear the very worst outcomes than expect the best.

The article is interesting and what of course it is doing is complaining about the failure to suppress completely legitimate debate - punishing Zuckerberg for not being wicked enough - and we are left somehow trying daily to keep the flame of truth alive.

Bob Moffi

Try their best … even the men-behind the curtain .. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsi .. will eventually learn … THE TRUTH WILL ULTIMATELY PREVAIL

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