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Disaster Preparedness

A054EF52-BC5C-4115-86C6-A15329DD7E23Note: A reader asked me what yesterday's post had to do with autism. It's a balance these days, because of Covid, which is on everyone's radar, to manage post flow.  I hope this seems more relevant.


From Safeminds
September 26, 2021
Identifying Needs Prior to a Catastrophe is Incredibly Important

Emergencies and disasters happen in unpredictable ways and in some instances, with no advanced warning. These unexpected situations are challenging for everyone, but can be especially difficult for individuals with special needs and their caregivers. Which is why disaster preparedness is critical for the disability community. The Los Angeles Times recently ran a report on this important topic. Their article advocates for people with disabilities to identify their daily needs and incorporate them into an emergency preparedness plan. This plan should include a detailed list of medications and dosages, names of doctors and how they can be reached, special equipment needed, as well as health insurance information. Also featured in the article was the Americans with Disabilities Act Center’s four step framework for emergency situations, which can be adapted for anyone. These suggestions include:

Find five trusted allies and share your emergency preparedness plan: You should have at least five people who are fully informed about your emergency plan, including what supplies you have and need, your evacuation plan and all of your medical information. Write down their contact information so that you have it as well. Do not rely on just one person or on having contact information stored digitally.
Prioritize your health needs and create lists: Have physical and digital copies of everything: doctors and their contact information; medications and dosages; what kind of equipment you use, where you store it and how you use it. This information should be accessible to your allies and emergency responders.
Create your emergency kits: You should have an emergency kit for your home, your car, on your person and at work. These kits should have the emergency basics, as well as supplies for any specific needs.
Plan how and when to evacuate: Typically an earthquake will not trigger an evacuation, but wildfires do. Plan at least two evacuation routes and practice them. Make sure they’re accessible to you and your needs.



Connecticut is now facing a disaster!

The Governor changes their National Guard to National SCABS

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont Prepares National Guard to Replace Unvaccinated State Employees
"Lamont issued an executive order which directed state workers to receive a vaccine by Monday or undergo weekly tests. Roughly 25 percent of the state’s employees, which amounts to 8,000 individuals, are “non-compliant” with the coming requirements, Business Insider notes."

"The Connecticut National Guard said it is prepared to assist the state in case of staff shortages."


Disaster preparedness is very important for any reason. Alberta will be on lockdown after Thanksgiving I have heard. The powers that be very much want Canada to be in panic mode. God help us all. I have heard in Italy people are burning their v passports as they realize more and more what is in store for people and it is not just about health.


thank you TOB, that was very helpful.
I think our local library has a class occasionally, I will have to keep an eye out for it.


greyone, a full ham radio setup can cost thousands of dollars and involve wires in your trees, but the handheld transceiver, which ought to be able to connect you with emergency services, can be had for about $250. Yaesu is a good brand of handheld device.

My husband became a radio operator when he was young, and you had to learn Morse code to be licensed, but the Morse people are just the folks who like contests. All of the disaster preparedness people use "voice" (how radio folks refer to talking). You can get the basic level of license by memorizing some principles of radio transmission (stuff that will probably seem familiar from physics) and a lot of courtesy stuff (not jamming other people's transmissions, etc.).

ARRL has more information, although it's written by ham radio enthusiasts, so it requires patience to read it ;-)


Regarding the scientific reality of COVID vaccines, YouTube is going to remove any assertions that vaccines cause autism.

For the last twenty years, whenever there was the slightest hint of a negative interpretation of any vaccine ever, we were told that if you believe vaccines have anything to do with autism, you’re a freak. That’s what you should tell your reader Kim…. and don’t forget to point out that Peter Hotez is occupying the airwaves when it comes to COVID.


Parents who's children and young adult have disabilities especially severe developmental disabilities need to prepare for all kinds of emergencies from eloping from a safe place to forest fires. The autism community especially on this website is too political and this does very little in terms of disaster preparedness. Take CPR and other classes like wilderness first aid at the Red Cross or Heart Association look at secular non profits that deal with disaster for more classes and other information. Even some religious sects like the Latter Day Saint are very involved in things related to disaster preparedness and these groups will be of big help. Do not forget disaster proof containers such as expensive safes to store documents and medicines/medical devices children with disabilities need these important things first and foremost more than a darn toy or IPad


Are you ready for the planned economic disaster?

Nancy delivers Jamie Diamond's "threat" to Americans with slurred words. Raise that debt ceiling or else!
See 3:10 - 3:32

Folks, when a nation reaches 3 TRILLION in debt, the party is OVER.
Only those who walk by faith and learn to survive on manna will be saved.


They have satellite phones. You point them to the equator and a satellite will pick it up and send it on.
My understanding is that the military uses these satellites too so there is not much chance that this kind of communication will be interfered with. I don't know the price for such a phone, maybe a ham radio would be easier.

Also with a satellite phone, they (who ever they are) can not pinpoint your location exactly. They know you are in a 50 mile gird, but not exactly where you are in that 50 mile grid.

Emails are nice. Age of Autism has all of our emails, so Kim still has the ability to communicate with us. Bigtree wants all of our emails so they can still send us information, as well.

From past experiences; The power going out is a big stressor; for our children. We think well no big deal, but they - well mine -- was pretty sure it was the end of the world. He does not stim or rocks back and forth, but soooo very nervous. Not much can be done about that, but constant reassurance.


is the equipment needed expensive?

Angus Files

The British pub is always has been the British 4th emergency service ..but they are destroying that now as well.

Pharma For Prison




I agree. Miralax is off label for children. A gastroenterologist prescribed it to my autistic child years ago. It did relieve him of some immediate discomfort, but I got him off of it asap. Later, I find out that many children have had bad reactions to it.

Alternative means of communication are very important in case we have a total economic collapse- which some are predicting. Perhaps we should start a carrier pigeon service as a work from home business. Reuters started as a carrier pigeon service in Germany to quickly get stock market data to investors. They later moved to the City of London where they combined pigeons with wireless telegraph service and Rothschild Bank became their first customer. The military still has a pigeon fleet.


I think the concept of some off-label uses being policed while others are encouraged is relevant to autism. How many parents have had to fight for chelation therapy? People outside the autism community are now seeing the injustice of medical tyranny (this therapy is OK, but that one isn't, for no good reason).

Re: disaster preparedness, as the wife of a ham radio operator, I've heard a million times that redundancy is crucial in an emergency. If phone systems are down, being able to communicate by radio (even a small handheld transceiver) could make contact with rescue personnel possible. The basic level ("technician") of ham license is relatively easy to earn--you don't have to know Morse code.

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