Kimmel: Rest in Peace, Wheezy.
Action Alert Tell White House Your Thoughts on the Mandate

Are We Worth 3/5 of a Life? STOP MANDATES!

Urgent call to actionMandates are wrong. So are prohibitions. Even when you are on the "right side" of them.

Visit the  Emergency Campaign to Stop All COVID Vaccination Mandates

School. Work. College. Life. 

We can not become a society of government sanctioned exclusion and punishment.  We ended that in 1861 when men were worth 3/5 of a life. We ended that we we ceased to practice COVERTURE for wives in the mid 1800s. We can't go back because of vaccine status.



Because Beshear, Democrat governor of Kentucky; can be depended on by Biden and the CDC to do as they wish. Beshear tried to be big and bad like New York, Michigan and California but , but was kept down by our Republican attorney General Cameron, and the two legislative bodies that called an emergency meeting and squashed his ability to do excusive orders: Like arrest people as they sit in their cars at the church parking lots on Sunday when this covid began. Grrrr.

See National Guards being sent out to the hospitals in Kentucky comment of mine below.

So Beshear was perfect for the CDC, not as famous as the murdering governors of New York or Michigan. And I just know in my bones that those governors were told by the CDC what to do with covid in their states -- make it look really bad, infect those old folks homes. .

As one doctor told my husband -- as she was all mad -- if you want to know why we don't have hydroxycholorquine, look no further than our governor. It is he that decides and it is the CDC that tells him how to decide.


"....Sound data from the CDC has been especially lacking on natural immunity from prior Covid infection. On Aug. 25, Israel published the most powerful and scientifically rigorous study on the subject to date. In a sample of more than 700,000 people, natural immunity was 27 times more effective than vaccinated immunity in preventing symptomatic infections.

Despite this evidence, U.S. public health officials continue to dismiss natural immunity, insisting that those who have recovered from Covid must still get the vaccine. Policy makers and public health leaders, and the media voices that parrot them, are inexplicably sticking to their original hypothesis that natural immunity is fleeting, even as at least 15 studies show it lasts.

Meanwhile, employers fire workers with natural immunity who won’t get vaccinated. Schools disenroll students who won’t comply.

The CDC did put out a study on natural immunity last month, forcefully concluding that vaccinated immunity was 2.3 times better than natural immunity. The CDC used these results to justify telling those with natural immunity to get vaccinated.

But the rate of infection in each group was less than 0.01%, meaning infections were exceedingly rare in the short two-month time period the agency chose to study. This is odd, given there are more than a year of data available. Moreover, despite having data on all 50 states, the CDC only reported data from Kentucky. Was Kentucky the only state that produced the desired result? Why else exclude the same data from the other 49 states?"


JUST IN: DeSantis Fires Back At Biden, Imposes New Fine On Counties That Impose Vaccine Mandates

MORE GOOD NEWS! Amazing testimonies. Citizens and Governor DeSantis are standing and delivering.

Stand and Deliver by Eric Clapton


French citizens are not waving white flags.....
9th consecutive week!

"...thousands protest over Covid-19 health passes for 9th consecutive weekend"


A breath of sanity....

DeSantis Challenges Biden Over Vaccine Mandates

My neighbors, both husband and wife, came down with Covid last month. I told them to call Frontline Doctors and get the Ivermectin protocol, or see if they could get outpatient monoclonal antibody treatment. They were skeptical of the first and didn't call, but as their symptoms worsened, they called their doctor and asked for the outpatient monoclonal treatment. The doctor was ignorant of this and just said that if they continued to get worse, then go to the emergency room. They both got very weak and were not eating. I put them on our church prayer chain and prayed for their healing. It took about three weeks, but they recovered and never had to go to the hospital. Just recently, the wife told me that their cousin in Florida also got Covid, but went to one of the outpatient clinics set up by Governor DeSantis. They got the Ivermectin protocol as well as the monoclonal antibodies and were back to normal in three days. DeSantis is doing something right. Regardless of what man does, Jesus never fails.


KIM is right though, It is not one man or one party that will be that Sea of Glass.
There are things afoot. Good things afoot.
People are seeing the beast.


Our governor is a Democrat, and mimics everything that Biden said.
He called out 400 national guards, Friday to various hospitals.
One was Hardin County, Elizabethtown hospital where I went to' after I lost my second child in a miscarriage, a few weeks after a DPT vaccine, and where my third child, my son was born.

They Nurses have been protesting for a couple of months now at that hospital n the parking lot; and joining the Kentucky Medical Freedom coalition.

Beshear says there are not enough nurses, so thus the national guard to help.

We did have Bevin that was all about vaccine softy, but he mad all the teachers mad when he tried to balance the budget in that area.. It got pretty rough. There was some ugly stuff said by professional teachers , and they went on strike and came to the capitol to protest. - and he said some things back to them, that would have been best left unsaid.

And so it goes. Now the screws tighten down and there was not school for a year and half.


Next time; if Trump gets another chance; FIRE FAUCI: FIRE FAUCI: FIRE FAUCI Then we will know if elections matter.


A sea of glass mingled with fire; stands beside the sea of darkness and puts down the beast.

Trump let Gates in and Kennedy out.

But I still hope because when on some morning show way before Trump even mentioned he was running he said he knew autism was caused by vaccines.

That is a pretty big statement that now one has ever said before. He was not coerced into it. either.
HE meet with the leaders down in Florida.

IT has got to matter.
And it seems to be that there are getting to more of us.


Citizen collective bargaining begins.....

Hospital no longer can deliver babies after nurses resign in protest over vaccine mandate

"A hospital in rural New York state has announced it will stop delivering babies -- at least temporarily -- due to the mass resignation of staff members who are protesting the state's COVID-19 vaccination mandate."

"Six employees of the maternity unit resigned rather than be vaccinated against COVID-19, Cayer said, adding that another seven employees remain undecided."

God bless these nurses. We must all sacrifice to take back our Constitutional freedoms. If citizens will just say "NO!" to their employers, en mass, then the government will back down from its overreach. The time to stand is now. Don't use your labor to feed the beast.



In Trump's defense, he did not have the support he needed from within to stop this, but he was able to SLOW WALK it and buy us time. He originally made Hydroxychloroquine available under the EUA (Fauci reversed this) as well a the monoclonal antibodies treatment. This was important to show that there were alternative treatments to the vax. He "rushed" the vaccine which made citizens more skeptical of it. He never publicly took the vaccine while in office. The 1986 law does require the Federal government to promote the vaccines, so he was compelled on occasion to say, "take the vaccine". He set up healthcare workers to take it first, demonstrating that most did not trust its safety and a majority refused it. Covid Vaccines were NEVER mandated under Trump. He always followed the EUA law and said they were voluntary. Even nursing home residents could opt out of the vaccine. CHD did not have to sue Trump like they are suing Biden's FDA. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Trump accepted that many citizens did not want the vaccine and DID NOT ORDER MORE VACCINES after the first Warp Speed batch. Right after getting into office, Biden ORDERED ENOUGH VACCINE FOR EVERY CITIZEN. That is why he is mad. It's sitting in the freezers PAST THEIR EXPIRATION DATES. Biden is the mouthpiece for pharma.

Personally, I would like to see Desantis run for President and Trump run for governor of Florida if he wins. Desantis has a proven record for defending the Constitution, especially in matters regarding the vaccines. He doesn't have the baggage the media dumped on trump. He is a good communicator and has won the trust of Floridians.

Gary Ogden

Kim: Right you are. It was the Republicans (and Democrats) who gave us the surveillance state after 9/11. The Democrats are now weaponizing it to enrich pharma beyond anyone's imagination and the Republicans are howling in protest. A true cesspool our national government has become, and they are destroying this fine nation. Only Rand Paul and Thomas Massie are fighting back. Lone voices in the wilderness.


Hi, Lin. Nice to see you here. I think Trump would also be imposing mandates. Bush passed The Patriot Act. No President has taken our very real plight to heart. They are all ruled from above - industry. Love to Sam! Kim


Stop voting for liberals 🙄 That would be a great and effective start to ending vaccine mandates.


The Story of Ivermectin


R Duffield would do well to read the following piece; it's a gem:


R Duffield
Be Well.

Bob Moffit

@ R Duffield

'So spare the responses to my comment. I won't be reading them. I plan to unsubscribe to this "Autism' website as soon as I post this."

No surprise or loss by your departure .. wish you well. By the way .. "The WW2 generation would have rolled up their sleeves in a heartbeat to defeat this enemy the same way the defeated Germany and Japan" … as a proud member of the greatest generation … we never had a President who would have dared MANDATE a vaccine .. remember we are old enough to remember the Nuremburg Trials where our HUMANITARIAN RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT WAS CREATED.


R Duffield

Thank you President Biden. I am vaccinated and I am so tired of the BS excuses from the unvaccinated. Believe me, I have read them all. Here's what I know. The vaccines work. 90% of today's covid ICU patients are unvaccinated. That should be enough to make someone want to get vaccinated. Our healthcare workers are exhausted and plead for the community to get vaccinated.
I'm so tired of hearing the 'constitutional right' and 'no mandate' arguments. We live in a world of mandates in order to make our society a safe and functioning environment. Our kids already need to be vaccinated to attend school.
We have gone from the greatest generation to the greediest generation. The WW2 generation would have rolled up their sleeves in a heartbeat to defeat this enemy the same way the defeated Germany and Japan.
So spare the responses to my comment. I won't be reading them. I plan to unsubscribe to this "Autism' website as soon as I post this. BTW, one of the main reasons that our family got vaccinated was to try to protect our non-verbal autistic son. If he got covid and needed to be hospitalized then one of us parents would have had to be with him. That was a very frightening scenario.
I believe that the only way to get past this epidemic is for everyone who can to get vaccinated.


Oh, I see Biden scared, made mad and upset more than just my family yesterday.

Too bad the vaccines that they took are not working; that they have to worry if I and my family are vaccinated to keep them safe.

Biden better get that triple mask back on and scurry back down in his basement and isolate himself in front of zoom.

Bob Moffit


"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privilege to others, will be to constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic, and have no place in a Republic. The Constitution of this Republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom."

No more powerful organization .. undercover dictatorship … than VACCINE INDUSTRY

Full article:

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