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We awoke to a craven new world. The President of the United States told millions of Americans that he is "disappointed" in them, because they have not taken the Covid vaccine.  This is patronizing in the extreme. He is not our Daddy - NO President is - he works for us. All of us, whether we voted for him or not. During his candidacy he said he would not mandate the vaccine, and he wanted to unite the nation.  So much for that. Tomorrow is September 11th and many of us can not visit New York City because we don't have the right "credentials." Anyone know if the Taliban has let more Americans come home? And  before you accuse us of being partisan, don't forget who never drained the swamp, who never put RFK Jr on the vaccine safety commission that he never got off the ground, and who launched Operation Warp Speed and who has also told us to get the jab.  CHOICE. We believe in CHOICE. That's our core tenet.  Always will be. From Autism Action Network - CALL THE WHITE HOUSE and eblast your Congressmen and Senators. Today.


US Take Action: Biden orders almost everyone to get shots. He has no authority to do this.

     Last night President Joe Biden outlined a six-point plan to respond to Covid in a speech seething with anger at the 80 million adult Americans who refuse to participate in the Covid shot mass experiment, and rage directed at the governors who reject the ever-changing and mostly science-free federal Covid policies.

     Biden began by congratulating himself on what a good job he has done on Covid, and excoriating Americans who aren't buying his malarkey. He lied about the safety and efficacy of the shots. He lied about the FDA approving the shots available in the US. He had nothing to say about people who have recovered from Covid, and gave no indication that he has anything in mind for addressing Covid other than vaccinating everybody by wildly expanding the powers of the President.

     The first and major part of the plan is forcing more people to get shots. After months of denying he has the authority to impose mandates, Biden asserted that he will have the Labor Department issue a directive that will require all businesses with more than 100 employees to force their workers to get the shot or  submit to weekly testing.  And he announced that he signed an executive order requiring all federal contractors to get the shot. Following on an existing order that requires all nursing home employees at facilities that accept Medicare or Medicaid dollars, the requirement will be expanded to cover workers in hospitals, home healthcare facilities, and other medical facilities. He never asks why healthcare workers, the heroes of 2020, must be forced to put this product in their bodies.

     Please call the White House, your two US Senators from your State, and your member of the House of Representatives and let them know that you do not support Biden's pan to force people to get shots, and that you do not believe he has the authority to order people to get shots, or to force businesses to make employees undergo medical procedures.

     Before you do that that if you value the work of the Autism Action Network please support us in our one fundraising drive of the year by donating here.

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     Please call:

The White House (202) 456-1111



@Ronald N. Kostoff

The mandate is an immediate threat. One can't un-take the Covid jab.
Citizens are the first line of defense. They must form a virtual "citizens union" and quit their job en masse when the employers attempt to implement the forced jabs. These nurses have already done that:
A hospital in rural New York state has announced it will stop delivering babies -- at least temporarily -- due to the mass resignation of staff members who are protesting the state's COVID-19 vaccination mandate."

"Six employees of the maternity unit resigned rather than be vaccinated against COVID-19, Cayer said, adding that another seven employees remain undecided."

Those who have already taken the jab or are now tempted to do so are operating out of FEAR.
Florida Governor DeSantis has taken action to help those with Covid by providing EARLY TREATMENT clinics offering Ivermectin protocols and FDA EUA authorized monoclonal antibody treatment. This keeps patients out of the hospital and most get relief from symptoms the same day and are back on their feet within three days. He has made videos with personal testimonies. He is actively demonstrating that the vaccines are not necessary. According to EUA law, the failing vaccines should be removed from the list. These two things would give a Governor the confidence that his citizens are behind him if he refuses to enforce the mandate. Businesses, realizing that they have lost their employees, will pressure the Governor to get them out of this liability. Any one action alone isn't enough, but it must START with the individual citizens.

Ronald N. Kostoff

There are some issues on this mandate topic that no one seems to be discussing.

First, about half the USA is in the position of the Japanese in Summer 1941. At that time, the United States froze Japanese assets in America and began a complete oil embargo against Japan. The British and Dutch did the same, and the cooperative embargo rapidly led to economic warfare. Basically, the Japanese had two options: Capitulation or War.

Presently, the unvaxxed half of the USA are being placed under an effective embargo, which in many ways is at least as devastating as that of 1941, with no end in sight. While Japan in 1941 might have believed that the USA, superior in material resources, was too weak morally and physically to fight an extended war, the present instigators believe the opposite. They believe the establishment behind the embargo is overwhelmingly materially superior, and the opposition is too weak to resist. There is good reason for this belief: many decades of toxic exposures (including EMR), poor diet, sedentary living, indoctrination toward government obedience in the educational institutions, establishment of a 'victim' culture, etc., have weakened the USA public (except for a relatively few highly-trained athletes) substantially. We are no longer the people who dumped boatloads of tea into the Boston Harbor for infractions far less than we are experiencing today, or who routed the Prussians on Christmas Eve under the most brutal conditions.

Much of the present opposition, such as it is, is being played out according to the rules of the establishment. Much of this is focused on the Courts. Jon Rappoport has an excellent column today (appended) on the dependence of much of the opposition on victory in the Courts. He believes, if one reads between the lines, as I believe, that dependence on the Courts is a losing proposition. This is as true for COVID-19 vaccine issues as it is for many other toxic stimuli issues! The Courts are as corrupt as the rest of the establishment. No surprise, since the Federal members are appointed by the politicians. Rappoport believes more stringent opposition is required.

Here is the missing element. The government is requiring that all those in occupations deemed critical be vaxxed. This includes the military, law enforcement, teachers, healthcare workers, local and Federal government employees, transportation providers, etc. In other words, all those required to keep the USA operational, to enforce the mandates, and to fight in a Civil War (if one occurs) will have been vaxxed. And, the vaxxing won't be limited to one or two initial shots. It's appearing that there will need to be 'boosters' against the initial strains and/or variants every few months. Each shot adds to the cumulative damage, so after a period of inoculations, even the most healthy may be susceptible to serious damage.

We have no data on the mid- and long-term effects of the inoculations. We have only very-short term data that we are gathering as we speak. The short-term data we have gathered is horrific, but it may not reflect the worst of the adverse effects. It the worst-case scenarios of the after-effects come to fruition, a significant fraction of the vaxxed may be incapacitated or dead within a few years. The probability of this occurring is completely unknown. If, in fact, it does occur, the 'embargo' will lift itself.


Biden’s vaccinate mandate: open letter to governors who want to fight back
—Governors Abbott, Ducey, Noem, DeSantis, Kemp, McMaster, Ivey, Dunleavy, Hutchinson, Little, Reynolds, Reeves, Parson, Gianforte, Ricketts, Burgum, Stitt, Lee, Cox, Gordon, Holcomb, DeWine, Sununu, have already expressed opposition to the mandate

However, most of these politicians are weak, compromised, or just grandstanding. I want to find ONE who will go the distance in resisting the mandate. ONE who will rally all the people who are awake and can see the tyranny we’re facing

by Jon Rappoport

September 13, 2021

(To join our email list, click here.)

First, an important note to the reader: In the coming days, weeks, and months, you’re going to hear many people saying the Biden vaccine mandate is unconstitutional and illegal. I agree. But that doesn’t mean this argument will fly in court. It certainly doesn’t mean this is the only road to pursue against the mandate. Do not be fooled into sitting back and blithely thinking legal arguments will win the day.

A lawyer or a politician saying there is a good legal case to be made is a far cry from actually filing the case. Filing a case is a far cry from obtaining an approval for the case to be tried in court. A court trial is a far cry from securing the ability to present all the relevant evidence to a judge. Presenting all the evidence to a judge is a far cry from gaining a victory. A victory often means the enemy appeals to higher courts. And one must always suspect judges are incompetent, fearful of siding with the truth, or bought-off…


The Biden edict forces employers across America to mandate the vaccine to their employees.

Many of you immediately responded, saying or implying you’re going to court, to challenge the legality of the mandate.

Fine. Go ahead. Yes. But you know and I know this approach is not nearly enough. Regardless of the Law, there is reason to doubt a successful outcome for you and the people of your state in a lawsuit against the federal government. That’s the reality on the ground. Putting all your eggs in that basket would be a major mistake. DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN THAT BASKET.

Doing so would signal that you’re not completely serious about standing up against the vaccine mandate. It would signal you’re taking the easier way out.

You can go to court, but you also have to take a different and more severe approach. Otherwise, you fail. And you fail the people of your state.


You need to use your bully pulpit and hammer home this message to the people EVERY SINGLE DAY. I mean that literally. Every day.

No matter what courts decide at your state level or the federal level, no matter what tyrannical laws your state legislature enacts, over your veto, you WILL NOT ENFORCE THE FEDERAL VACCINE MANDATE.

If you’re really serious, and not just pretending to be, that is what you have to say.

No matter what.

You have to speak to the people of your state every day, bluntly and forcefully, and gain their trust and their support. In order to keep your state open and free.

What will be the consequences of your actions?

Will the federal government send in the FBI to arrest you? Or troops to arrest you, to put the state under federal martial law?

Does the federal government really want to do that? Will that really aid their cause? Think it through. If the federal government dares to invade your state, in any fashion, their actions will backfire. The people of this country will see the true face of the federal government tyranny.

We’re in an extreme crisis here. Your solution has to go the distance. It can’t be a symbolic gesture. It can’t only be, “The Constitution is on our side.” That’s a true statement, but it’s not enough.

You have to come to know that. Quickly.

A medical-fronting dictatorship has taken over America.

Your path is clear:


Now, Governors, let’s get down to a few details.

How does the federal government plan to enforce this vaccine mandate? In other words, how will they collect the fines they impose on employers who refuse to order their employees to get vaccinated?

Ultimately, if employers won’t hand over the fines, it’s obvious the feds will eventually go into the employers’ company bank accounts and extract those fines. In the same way the IRS can collect supposedly delinquent taxes or garnish wages, when it decides it’s necessary, the federal government will set up a mechanism to grab the fines.

This means the federal government can ignore you, the Governors, and lay their hands on the money.

Therefore, the crisis deepens.

Nevertheless, you must continue to use your bully pulpit as I’ve described above. You’re voicing an idea to the people of your state: RESIST. DON’T COMPLY. STAY FREE. This is your job. This is not like selling shoes or mattresses. You’re communicating the best and greatest political principle ever devised. FREEDOM.

The results of your ceaseless campaign? Some people will be inspired and rally to your side. Others won’t. The results will be uneven and unpredictable. No one can guarantee an ultimate outcome.

You’re essentially promoting civil disobedience, to use the polite term. You’re promoting LIBERTY and RESISTANCE. We’re in a new 1776.

If you pull your punches, if you bloviate on and on about going to court, if that becomes your main message, you will lose, and the people of your state will lose.

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

Thomas Paine’s words ring true again. You must exemplify them and serve our country.

You must find the passion within yourselves to rally the people to your side and the side of freedom.


Will ONE of you go all the way?

Patricia Tursi, Ph.D.

Disease is not caused by a germ. It is caused by an imbalance in body ecology. When we do not eat correctly, take supplements, and avoid practices which cause ill health we develop illness and disease. I am 85. I do not follow allopathic medicine and I believe it is up to me to keep myself healthy and to heal myself when I have dis-ease. I even avoid aspirin and spend my meager income on organic foods which, hopefully, means I have less glyphosate which causes bowel disease and illness. The USA is at the bottom of health rankings for industrialized nations. This is NOT due to a lack of physicians, a lack of chemicals, and/or a lack of medications. I have Medicare and being under the care of an MD is mostly, or completely, paid for. Why should I use something that makes me more out of balance and in dis-ease? I have not seen an MD in years. Pasteur was wrong when he proposed the germ theory. If germs made us sick, we would all be sick when exposed to them. This is true with Covid-19. Some people stay well and some people become ill. That's what we should be teaching. Stop mandating treatments such as vaccines which make children and adults ill. Come into the 21st century with Epigenetics. We are ecological systems and half of the gene pool in our bodies isn't human. We are drowning in a sea of ignorance which is promoted by Public Health.


@TOB and RHK

Well said.


RNK, you point out correctly that many people involved in creating our current situation have varied motives. I don't know who is truly driving the bus.

One thought, though, based on my own limited sample of personal contacts, is that these new "vaccines" depress the immune system in a way that renders the user more vulnerable to reemergence of dormant viruses, e.g., herpes zoster. This could lead to a national campaign to hit everyone with a shingles vaccine. (This is just a sample of the many articles on the topic:

A near (Boomer) relative of mine got shingles a few months after his 2nd Pfizer shot. His wife immediately ran out and got Shingrix, and told the rest of the family that they should, too. GSK has not missed this opportunity:

"GlaxoSmithKline, set to unshackle itself from its consumer health business next year, plans to make vaccines a major focus for the so-called 'New GSK.' Blockbuster shingles vaccine Shingrix will play a key role.
"Over the next decade, GSK aims to position itself as the world's 'leading vaccines company,' Roger Connor, president of Glaxo's global vaccines business, said on a call with investors Wednesday. Its 'crown jewel' Shingrix will do much of the heavy lifting in the near-term, buoyed by the company's meningitis franchise as well, he said."

Moderna has done quite well with its Warp Speed taxpayer handout, changing from a company that never produced a single product to a company with multiple mRNA deals in the works. I don't know that they're a major player in the behind-the-scenes game to hit everyone, down to the smallest infant.

Pfizer, on the other hand, would benefit from hitting everyone before it's obvious that its product is only making the situation worse (wearing off and requiring endless boosters, creating ADE among healthy recipients, creating immune pressure leading to more virulent variants... take your pick).

If these products make everybody weaker and sicker, though, any pharma that makes vaccines stands to gain, as Western public health groups know only one way to "manage" infectious disease, which is endless shots. Good for GSK, good for Merck, good for all the flu shot peddlers who have never gotten more than 47 percent of American adults.

It is possible two groups are trying to steer the bus, one the pharma folks who want endless sales of their products to an increasingly debilitated Western population, and the other the globalist totalitarian folks who want to introduce social credit schemes. I realized yesterday in reflecting on my own 9/11 story that I literally cannot recreate one bit of my social life from 2001 because I would not be allowed into any of the bars or clubs I frequented, nor could I kiss anyone with a mask on. The folks pushing for this kind of societal destruction are totally cool with massive welfare payments, so if McConnell and his pals in Congress start writing checks (instead of passing legislation to affirm workers' freedom from shot mandates), it'll be some support for the theory that the Soros (etc.) crowd are the biggest thumb on the scale.

As far as fighting this stuff, one thing I have tried to emphasize in my conversations with friends is that mandates and social credit will not stop with a "vaccine" that 70 percent of adults are OK with. If we give up control of our bodies, mandatory PrEP, mandatory birth control, cholesterol screenings, etc., will all be conditions of employment. People like to refer to *1984,* but my guess is that few have read it. The mandatory gym classes are particularly chilling--and I say this as a person who runs daily. And of course the fact that one of the most essentially human activities is something that Winston and Julia can only do by sneaking into a place they think is unmonitored. People should not be thinking about these mandates (whether Biden can actually get an executive department to issue these unconstitutional rules, or just guilts/bribes businesses into doing his dirty work) in terms of coronavirus, but in terms of whether they want to get a permission slip from their boss to have sex or eat a cheeseburger. Everyone's ox will be gored.

Ronald N. Kostoff

"One possible explanation is to get enough data for clinical trials on the Covid 19 vaccines"

What is being done has no relation to Clinical Trials. Those types of trials require stringent protocols and careful monitoring, and careful selection of a representative sample.

I have a hard time seeing any non-dark motivations. If the Hoffe-Bhakdi model is correct, and/or the Fleming model (outlined in today's Mercola article (, the children (and adults) will suffer irreversible injury after each shot, especially to the immune, neural, and circulatory/cardiovascular systems. With the prospects of at least two boosters per year for the foreseeable future, at some point the cumulative damage will cripple even the healthiest child! How is that good in any way for a demographic essentially at no risk for serious COVID-19 effects?


100+ Ontario Youth Sent to Hospital for Vaccine-Related Heart Problems, Report Shows

Nurse Whistleblower: Vaccines & Remdesivir are Killing and Maiming, Not Fake Variant [VIDEO]



Why did Biden fudge the word "approved" so it sounded more like "FDA approval" which would be poor grammar. According to the vaccine information sheet provided at the FDA website, "FDA approved" appears to be used interchangeably with "FDA licensed." Does he want the public to think that they will be getting an FDA licensed vaccine, but can claim plausible deniability ("I misspoke")?. Looks like CHD lawsuit is correct in calling it a "bait and switch."

VIDEO :32 to :35


Slowjoe is seeing RED......


"There is no logical reason for the urgency to inoculate the children, yet that is what is being pushed."

One possible explanation is to get enough data for clinical trials on the Covid 19 vaccines so that they can get liability protection through ACIP/CDC "recommended" and "taxable vaccine" labeling. As I have said, an FDA license only gives them the ability to sell their product without Federal liabilty protection. The FDA did NOT license Comirnaty for children under 16. They are required to get more safety data for that age group. Once they get a "taxable vaccine" and CDC "recommended" status, the Covid 19 jab can be added to the children's "recommended" list for schools. This assures a guaranteed and HIGHLY PROFITABLE market. Of course, there are other much darker reasons I could speculate on....

Ronald N. Kostoff

There are a number of people who have to deal with the consequences of these inoculations. They include first responders, nurses, doctors, pathologists, caretakers, undertakers, etc. Their hands-on experiences, as they relate them, are a world apart from the pronouncements of the bureaucrats in Atlanta and the politicians in Washington.

Dr. Gaunt,

There are many stakeholders in this inoculation, restriction, and mandate game, including industry, politicians/bureaucrats, media, doctors, academia. I don't discount the possibility that the objectives of some, if not all, of the stakeholders differ. Some may believe the inoculations are beneficial. Some may focus on the profits available from endless inoculations and the drugs to treat the side-effects. Some may be following a depopulation agenda. Many others are possible.

What concerns me is that the actions we have seen so far are essentially a Trojan Horse for getting at the children. There is no logical reason for the urgency to inoculate the children, yet that is what is being pushed. Do they want to complete the inoculations before the serious mid-term effects begin to emerge?




@Ronald N. Kostoff

All should check out 14:00 to 14:23

Ronald N. Kostoff

Here is a perspective on the COVID-19 vaccines from an undertaker who has to deal with the consequences on a daily basis.

Dr William Gaunt

Is the agenda actually depopulation? It is getting more difficult to dismiss this possibility. Also concerned that these vaccines will cause infertility.

Ronald N. Kostoff


"If one doesn't get you the other will. They'll clear out the nursing homes in no time."

What is the end point of all these mandates and restrictions? Until we understand the ultimate goals and objectives of the decision-makers, we really can't judge whether the outcomes reflect intended or unintended consequences.

Maurine Meleck

Dear R Duffield,
The best insight into the autism epidemic is a thorough knowledge of vaccines, including the barely tested and ineffective covid genetic changing jab. You see, vaccines can and so cause autism. I doubt anyone here will miss you.
Sincerely, a grandmother who raised a vaccine injured, autistic child.

Bob Moffit

Wouldn't surprise me if our Tyrant President rules we must be vaxxed to vote.


Didn't we predict this?

Moderna developing combination COVID-19 booster, flu vaccine shot
If one doesn't get you the other will. They'll clear out the nursing homes in no time.


The human race is able to dismiss the “age of Covid” because it has been so successfully conditioned to dismiss the age of autism.

What is injected into humans matters. Enlightening human societies maintain the ability to discuss & study……prior free!


"This is Your Brain on Drugs"

This is your brain on Covid 19 vaccines:
6:50 to 7:14


Here's how you can protect yourself right now. If your boss is mandating a Covid vaccine, tell them that you will ONLY take the FDA licensed BioNTech Comirnity 2 dose vaccine for ages 16+. Tell them you will NOT take the experimental EUA vaccines. Then tell them that the Comirnaty vaccine is not currently available in the U.S. This will buy you time. Then show them the FDA lawsuit filed by Children's Health Defense found at:
CHD website announcing lawsuit:


Jill Redman, No. They walk things back all the time when enough people write/call their representatives etc about them. But if we let them think it is ok, then what we do know is that it won't stop here.
By the way, can the individual board members and head of the CDC be sued, if their recommendations that people will all kinds of pre existing conditions cannot get medical exemptions, result in injury or death?
I would like to also see a push to make the CDC liable for all injuries caused by their recommendations.
No more writing off people with pre existing conditions when the CDC policy causes them to be injured.


Comment line open Tuesday to Thursday. Interesting.

susan welch

R Duffield. Presumably your attention span is so limited that you didn't bother to look at previous posts, or use the search bar for autism.

Your post is really extremely offensive to those of us with affected children/grandchildren who support and love this website.

I am sure there is nobody who will be sorry that you have said 'Goodbye'

jill redman

They will push this through no matter what. The agenda was set a long time ago. I don't want to be negative and I will sign petitions and write, etc. But This is about a lot more than a virus.

Bob Moffit

@ R Duffield … don't let the door hit you … yada, yada, yada


I have never seen you around much any way R Duffield so good riddance to you at the time that the President of the United States threatens all of us.

You sure picked a time.

R Duffield

Age of Autism provides daily insights into the autism epidemic.

REALLY??? It's been nothing but anti-vaccine and covid.


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