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Ten Years Later: Change In Time


Angus Files

Obtuse to the end Bill aren't we, Corporate manslaughter via biological weapons of mass destruction-namely vaccines. You have brought in players who have killed at will and who they killed it didnt matter. Their atrocities are unforgivable. You hop, skip, and jump past Pharma murder Inc. In comparison to pharma`s killing the names you introduce have killed little. The daily manslaughter of kids via vaccines that pharma is responsible for boils me to the core The suppression of cures by Pharma kills millions such as Royal Raymond Rife`s cure for cancer and all viruses in 1931 but then you probably have a monetary interest in Pharma,so lets change the subject : not even a nice try Bill.

Pharma For Prison



Angus you have a point mass child killer sand mass murder are terrorist including European and Asian descent ones people like Dylon Ruff, Erick Klibold, Charles Ing, Sun Yee Choi, and groups like the IRA, ETA, Japanese Red Army, KKK and hundreds if not thousands of other people and groups. How hypocritical it is for the society to forget about NON-Islamic terrorist and mass murder especially those that targeted disabled victims. If you want to protest draconian masking laws and vaccine in the U.K then be my guest but keep terrorism related issues and the memory of the victims of such atrocities out of it.

Angus Files

This talk of 9-11 has little to do with "autism".

Apart from the mass murder Inc, same players with the same shareholders real time serial killers..

You could also chuck in child abuse ..same players, same shareholders, same child killers.

Protesters form human chain against COVID-19 vaccines on Westminster Bridge, London

The footage, which was filmed today (September 11), shows protesters forming a human chain on Westminster Bridge, London. Demonstrators hold yellow banners reading messages against COVID-19 vaccines, including: "Giving children this experimental jab is child abuse".

Pharma For Prison



My grandmother knew a man that died on one of the flights on 9-11. The N-95 mask and similar
masking products saved lives on 9-11 as the dust was dangerous and the fire fighter warn respirator were bulky and expensive. I agree the mask mandates have gotten absurd but do not bring 9-11 into the conversation. Why cannot disabled people have a voice of their own when it comes to tragedy. We are victims of violent crimes like murder that happened in Corona in 2019 and terrorist attacks like Kanagawa Japan in 2016 and Temecula in 2016. People with disabilites were also Holocaust victims a tragedy that a certain group has forgotten the other victims . Disabled includes autism. This talk of 9-11 has little to do with "autism".

Angus Files

Every one remembers where they were Tom as it was screened round the world even to here in Scotland.
So sorry you don`t have your health.

and yet, be doubled vaccinated, or your not ill

Jabbed Brits celebrate as anti-vaxxers plan to boycott Morrisons after unvaccinated sick pay cuts

Pharma For Prison


Paul Picha

Great tweet, Kim.


I'm so sorry you got sick Tom and hope you're on the path to recovery. I wanted to visit Freedom Tower but now I think that's off the plate. One time I went running around Central Park and went to a deli afterwards, it was awesome.

We need to explain the vaccine paradox: covid deaths are increasing as more people get vaccinated. Perhaps the troll from yesterday can address that. Perhaps Doctor Fauci can address that. Hank Aaron is unable to address that since he died of the covid vaccine. Children with severe autism cannot address that because they were robbed of their voice by Merck's MMR vaccine. Pediatricians openly lied about the side effects and innocent children were hurt or killed. Just like the doctors are lying about the risk of covid versus the risk of the covid vaccine. Kids are being hurt every day and it's being censored by the government, supported by big pharma, doctors, and the like.

Bob Moffit

AoA asks "Do you need a vax passport to visit the Freedom Tower" … I want to know if we will need a vax passport to VOTE?

@ Tom … thanks for your service


As a 9/11 first responder who became ill, I find the requirement of a mask at the memorial to be peak irony.

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