It's not About "Freedom"
Generational Divide

Where Do We Go Now?

5272D584-FD09-4239-B525-069E65AFD4D8 I read the words below on on a local Facebook group.  The group is very much Hate Has No Home Here - and yet? I showcase this loveliness and respectful engagement with the community because I am disheartened and dismayed by what I see everywhere. Friends turning against friends. Family shunning family. A virus came. And society either changed, or  the masks that so many wore to hide their vitriole toward one another came off. Oh, the irony. Her post is vulgar too, and she is getting high fives and likes and attagirls from townfolk. What the hell are we becoming? ALL HATE, as far as I can see.


I believe that it is your duty as a human being to care about and protect other human beings lives. There are many ways we do this everyday, washing hands, covering sneezes, personal hygiene.  Wearing a mask is no different.  You know what? Wearing a bra isn't comfortable either. But yet women do it everyday so that men aren't triggered by nipples. The horror. 

If I have to wear underwires that frequently try to murder me thru the ribs so some guy doesn't get an inconvenient hard on you can wear a freaking mask to stop someone dying you selfish POS.


Morag Lyons

Grumpy people are never contented or happy ? Overt signs and symptoms of yon" Sky Blue disorder"
You will spot it a mile away in people with this problem ,issue and difficulty . Whatever the sky colour for them, it will never be the right shade of blue ?

"Dress Code" control freaks ? people either wearing too much clothing material or not enough?
Irn-Bru "Push-up bra " Ad cleared despite more than 170 complaints .
It's enough to knock his,hers,and their's, lip-gloss for six sideways with laughter!

Culture Club -Karma Chameleon [Official Video] -YouTube

Re- mask /face coverings, criteria and guidelines /mandates for covid .
Where is the initial Health and Safety Risk Assessment for this ?
Where is the ongoing assessment and review ?
Still not found one anywhere ?
Global Public Health Experts Network ? not done one at all perhaps ?
Too busy? Too lazy ? or Too sloppy ? for evidence based standards ?


Roll Up Your Sleeve and Show Me Your Papers or ELSE: Real Talk

This nurse lays it on the line. Epic.


"I believe that it is your duty as a human being to care about and protect other human beings lives. "

This lady would love to wear JP's t-shirt.....

Meet the Guys That Censor You!


Don't worry.

After the "Covid culling" we will be replaced by this.......


As long as your state still has a religious exemption, the plan would work. The goal is to defund the public schools. Their yearly funding is based on pupils. No pupils, no funding. They are already funded for this year. If you pulled them out now and home schooled through 2023, they might get the message. Plus, after you've home schooled for a year already, you will never want to go back. Legal Home schooling puts THE PARENT in the driver's seat. It is nothing like the garbage "Covid distance" schooling the public schools attempted. You pick the curriculum, you set the pacing and time of day. You pick the extracurricular activities. You pick the social interaction for your kids. You could home school from a Winnebago and see the country if you want. Go to states where there is still freedom. You might even decide to move to one. I would also consider joining Home School Legal Defense, who can advise you of the home school law in your state, and can provide legal representation if you are challenged.

In my state, special needs services must be provided to home schoolers. None of that existed when mine were young, so I did my own home school special ed. We paid for speech therapy and vision therapy out of pocket. ABA did not exist. I used A BEKA curriculum as my base and improvised to suit their needs. My two eldest are independent adults and each earn a six figure salary- even during Covid.


So a mask against respiratory virus with max 2 weeks incubation period...
To force the entire population to wear masks for two years, and then some.
Yeah, that makes perfect sense!

Emmaphiladelphia - Exactly! The best way to defeat the "mandates" is to take Russian approach of total carelessness and ignoring orders. My sister in Moscow tells me that there is no money to invest in lockdowns, masks, vaccine passports, etc. So the "good intentions" dissolve on their own. Maybe that is the way to go?


Boycotting public schools over masks might work, Emma, but in many states (for example, PA) school vaccine requirements are determined by the state, and apply equally to homeschooled, private schooled, and public schooled children. I know because I had to file a religious exemption every year for eight years, and my child never went to public school. Someone with the money for a lawyer will have to have the FAPE fight in court to win that one.


If only Americans could be as smart as these Russians....

Brilliant! How Russians Crushed Moscow’s Vaccine Passports In Just 3 Weeks

"Here’s how they crushed Mayor Sobyanin’s vaccine passport – and it was pretty simple. Moscow residents simply stopped frequenting any business that required a vaccine passport.

The really beautiful thing about this was that the vaccinated people stood in solidarity with the unvaccinated. Business trickled to near zero at all establishments where the vaccine passport was required.

Moscow residents let their hair grow out, skipped going to bars and restaurants, didn’t go to the movies, didn’t stay in hotels or do anything else that required a vaccine passport."

Parents in school districts requiring masks (and soon Covid jabs) need to pull out their kids now and home school through 2022-23. Use your Constitutional power of free market capitalism to bring them down financially.

Bombshell HHS Documents: CDC Has Never Isolated Any ‘Covid-19 Virus’

BOOM! Head Of WHO Origin Investigation Team Admits Communist China Ordered Them What To Write In Report


Charles Eisenstein wrote a piece called "Mob Morality and the Unvaxxed" that highlights the path our society is on with the shaming that is being done. It is a long read, but worth it. I skimmed some of it just to get through it faster, but I get his point. Here it is:


Wearing a mask "triggers" a bit of narcolepsy in me. Thank goodness I'm not an uber driver! How many others get a bit sleepy with masks on? How well will kids perform at school when they spend the day being sleepy? Is that sleepiness caused by a lack of oxygen? What is that doing to our brains, even if it is only miniscule damage - it's all day for kids in school. I don't have young kids, but if I did, I would want them to avoid even the slight oxygen deprivation of the masks. I am tired of being shamed! And it is most awful when it comes from family and friends!


How ironic that she chose underwire bras as a comparison! I don't think it is universally understood that all women must wear underwires in order not to "trigger men". And there are oncologists and other doctors who believe that constant usage of underwires contributes to the development of breast cancer. I have looked at the research and believe it's a possibility. I use my brain (a person should always do that before they scapegoat another person) and think that it is possibly more of a problem today because of 5G than it was 50 years ago. Would this woman think that a person who believes her mother's breast cancer was influenced by underwires should still be required to wear underwires? I personally believe my child's autism was triggered by vaccines. I have done the research on the current vaccines (with 20 years of background research), and I don't want to risk this vaccine for any of my family members, knowing that they are all likely to have genetic susceptibility. What is selfish about my position?


I work in a company of about 10,000 people, all different races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and ages. About 45% of our workforce of 10,000 chose to live rather than die and therefore they did not take Pfizer's deadly vaccine. These people are definitely not stupid and by the manner in which they give to charities around our community, I don't think they're selfish either. It's simply not the case. No, these are intelligent, independent thinkers who have done enough research to know covid is grossly exaggerated , the vaccine doesn't work, and it kills many of it's recipients. We lost several employees to covid vaccine, they simply disappear and the family reveals no cause of death. Coincidences.....fatal coincidences.

The commenter said some things in the heat of battle and perhaps they'll think this thru over time as friends and family members succumb to ADE assisted covid or are maimed by the covid vaccine.
They're both deadly and drive the statistics. The idea that the unvaccinated are driving anything is as ridiculous as Anthony Fauci telling the truth.


This Facebook post is bizarre. If "not triggering men" is the only reason women wear bras, then we shouldn't wear them. Nor should anyone (least of all, a child!) cover half his face just to make other people psychologically comfortable by sustaining their ludicrous illusion of control.

(And my underwear isn't uncomfortable! Yay for women's underwear, designed by women.)

Bob Moffit

"I believe that it is your duty as a human being to care about and protect other human beings lives."

It is not my duty to subject my children to well-known physical and psychological risks associated with prolonged wearing of face masks every day … under the unproven pretext it will protect other human beings lives.

The height of "selfishness" is to DEMAND others sacrifice their own HEALTH .. to protect THEIRS.

Karen Phipps

Here is what I know:
1. My autistic daughter cannot get the shot, she ended up at the state hospital after the flu shot.
2. I cannot breathe in the mask because of a deviated septum and allergies/asthma.
3. The last time I checked, we live in a democracy that gives me choices.
4. If she sees someone without a mask….. stay away!
5. I just don’t think people hear or understand the uselessness of a mask. I recently saw a video of a man/dad/doctor speak at a school board meeting about masks. He stated that our mouth is the dirtiest part of our bodies. So wearing a mask is like smelling your hind end all day. Not healthy!
I chose not to wear a mask. Why, I have listened to both sides of the argument and as a free American I made the best choice for me and my family!
One more point…. If you have to wear a mask in a restaurant to be seated and the take it off, do you really think Covid is that smart that it will stay right at your table????? Common sense goes along way! Proud to think fir myself!!

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