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Mike Rowe Offers Straight Talk on Choice

Mike RoweBy Cathy Jameson

After both my sister and my mother asked me if I'd seen Mike Rowe's latest Off the Wall post, I knew I needed to read it. I trust my family's input on several topics. I also tend to like and agree with several things Mike Rowe has shared.

I see many thoughtful take-aways from him, but the one part that stuck with me the longest hours after reading it was Mike Rowe's regrets. How many of us in our community have shared the regret of not listening to our instinct? Of taking a medical professional's biased opinion as actual fact? Of wishing we could've done things differently? I'd say many of us have.

Regrets can be unfortunate, but they can also keep us from making the same mistake again. To Mike Rowe, thank you for sharing your thoughts, your wise words, and those regrets. You'll grow from them. I guarantee it.


Off the Wall - Read the post and bookmark Mike Rowe's blog here.

Mike – I read several months ago that you got the vaccine. I’m glad. But I’m also curious. You have a lot of people on this page who respect your opinion - many of whom I’d wager are unvaccinated. Have you encouraged them to follow your example? If not, what are you waiting for? As you surely know, Delta is raging. The sooner we’re all vaccinated, the sooner we can get back to normal!

Steve Manchin

Hi Steve

The short answer is no - I have not publicly encouraged anyone to get vaccinated. In fact, I have recently declined to participate in several PSA's designed to persuade people to get the jab. That’s not because I’m opposed to vaccines, obviously. Vaccines have saved more lives than any other advancement in the long history of medicine, and to your point, I got the shots the minute I was eligible. But I’m not a doctor, Steve, and even though I occasionally play one on TV, I’m not inclined to dispense medical advice to the people on this page.

True, I did appear in a few PSA’s early on, back when they assured us that locking down was essential to keeping our hospitals from being overrun. “Two weeks to flatten the curve!” Remember that one? That of course, turned out to be untrue, and I regret my role in helping perpetuate that particular falsehood. I also regret what I said during the first Zoom show to air in primetime. It was an episode of After the Catch, where I discussed the lockdowns with a few crab-boat captains. At one point, I looked into the camera lens on my computer and said, with uncharacteristic earnestness, “For the first time in a long time, it appears we’re all in the same boat.”

Well, I was wrong about that, too. We were not in the same boat, not then or now. We were in the same storm, but our boats were very different. Some prospered during the lockdowns and rode out the gale in yachts and pleasure crafts. Others floundered and weathered the storm in rowboats and dinghies. Some had no boat at all and hung on for dear life to whatever flotsam and jetsam they could find. Point is, I said some things I regret back then, and spoke too broadly to too many. Thus, the only thing I’ll say now regarding the vaccine, is that there is risk in everything we do, and there is risk in everything we don’t do. Thus, there is risk in getting vaccinated, and there is risk in not getting vaccinated. Obviously, I made my decision, but again, I’m not a doctor. Thus, I am not equipped to answer questions like, “But Mike, if the vaccine is so safe, why hasn’t the FDA approved it? Or, “But Mike, if the vaccine is so effective, why is the government now treating us all as if we’re unvaccinated?”

These are fair and reasonable questions, and I have no logical reply. Here in California if you’re inside, you must now wear a mask, vaccinated or not. What kind of message does that send?Yes, we have a new variant, and from what I’ve read, it’s highly contagious, but far less virulent – especially if you’re vaccinated. According to the CDC, just one 1 in 27,000 vaccinated people have contracted it. That means if you’re vaccinated, you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than contract COVID. And yet, people are once again calling for more lockdowns, more restrictions, and more compliance from those who already got their shots.

The fact is, millions of reasonable Americans have every right to feel confused and skeptical. Those people you refer to, Steve – the ones now telling us that we can “get back to normal just as soon as everyone is vaccinated” – those are the same people who said, “two weeks to flatten the curve!” Those are the same people who told us that masks were “useless” before they told us they were “critical.” Those are the same people who told us that a return to normalcy would occur just as soon as “the most vulnerable” among us were vaccinated. Then, just as soon as “half the population” was vaccinated. Then, just as soon as we achieved “herd immunity.” Those are the same people who told us they wouldn’t trust ANY vaccine developed under the last administration. Now, those very same people are belittling the skeptics!

If this were a Peanuts cartoon, those people would be Lucy, pulling away the football at the last moment while a nation full of Charlie Browns land flat on their collective back, over and over and over again. Those people you refer to - elected officials, journalists, and most disturbingly, more than a few medical experts - have moved the goalposts time and time again, while ignoring the same rules and restrictions they demand we all live by. They’re always certain, usually wrong, incapable of shame, and utterly void of humility. Is it any wonder millions find them unpersuasive?

I’m sorry, Steve, but even if I were an actual doctor, I wouldn’t know what to say to the skeptics on this page. But as a fake one, I’ll say this. Every single American who wants the vaccine has had the opportunity to get it – for free. Those who have declined will not be persuaded by the likes of me. At this point, I’m afraid the the government has but one course of sensible action - get the FDA on board, stat, and then, provide an honest, daily breakdown of just how quickly the virus is spreading among the unvaccinated, versus the vaccinated. No more threats, no more judgments, no more politics, no more celebrity-driven PSA’s, no more ham-fisted attempts at public shaming. Just a steady flow of verifiable data that definitively proves that the vast, undeniable, overwhelming majority of people who get this disease are unvaccinated.

In other words, give us the facts, admit your mistakes, try on a bit of humility, and stop treating the unvaccinated like the enemy.


PS Dirty Jobs, as the attached photo should prove, is coming back. New episodes probably start in October. The doctor will see you then...



Looks like a worthwhile event taking place online August 12th:


One of the few MDs speaking publicly about autoimmunity as it relates both to infection and to "vaccination." He's not a polemicist, but a scientist who is looking for answers and being honest about what he knows and doesn't know.


Hi Anita Donnelly,
I thought this might be helpful particularly for you and Cathy.
( Maybe there are some other Catholics who would find this useful also?)
The Colorado bishops got together, and explained that Catholics needed to follow their individual consciences about vaccines.

Here is their template for requesting a religious exemption on the basis of conscience.

The template could possibly be used with some adaptations by a number of religious practitioners who also believe in the requirement for an individual to follow their own conscience in religious matters and medical choices.
Hope this is helpful for some.


@Roslyn Ross

Excellent point. I think Rowe felt a necessity to pay homage to the vaccine god in order to escape "cancellation". According to my own family research, the average life expectancy of our Anglo-American ancestors was about early 40's. The main cause of death due to disease was from the constant importation of African slaves. This was especially true for the slave ports of Charleston, Philadelphia, New York, and New England. The various African fevers arrived on the ships and became endemic, often carried by mosquitos in the Southern lowlands where the major crop was rice. The major drop in the communicable diseases was seen after 1865 and the end of African slave importation. Another major factor at this time was improvement in sanitation in the growing cities. According to my own family history, early vaccination methods were always controversial and of dubious benefit.

Roslyn Ross

The great LIE.

Quote: Vaccines have saved more lives than any other advancement in the long history of medicine,

Total bollocks and doctors once knew it.

In 1970, Dr Edward H. Kass, of Harvard, gave a speech to the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, of which he was then President. He warned his colleagues that drawing false conclusions about why mortality rates had declined so much could cause them to focus on the wrong things.

He said:
“…we had accepted some half truths and had stopped searching for the whole truths. The principal half truths were that medical research had stamped out the great killers of the past —tuberculosis, diphtheria, pneumonia, puerperal sepsis, etc. —and that medical research and our superior system of medical care were major factors extending life expectancy, thus providing the American people with the highest level of health available in the world. That these are half truths is known but is perhaps not as well known as it should be.”

In 1977, Boston University epidemiologists John and Sonja McKinlay published a seminal work on the role vaccines (and other medical interventions) played in the massive decline in mortality seen in the twentieth century.

The McKinlay’s study was titled, “The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century.” Their data showed:

“that the introduction of specific medical measures and/or the expansion of medical services are generally not responsible for most of the modern decline in mortality.”


Well, Benedetta would know about District 12.

The off-grid "Wilds" might be more appropriate.

Gerardo D Martinez

To Vax or not to Vax that is the question. It seems the powers that be want us to fight each other. Even in my family there is civil division( civil division as it should be)not in other's families or between the citizens of this great nation. People make us out to be the cause of this plandemic/pandemic becoming worse. I joked with a family member that all of those who have exercised their freedom of choice are now Citizens of District 12:) Stay free and blessings to all!


Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!

"WE CAN WIN! Patrick King is a proud father of 2, Freedom Fighter and Patriot who took on the powerful government in Alberta, and WON!

We can ALL learn from this, and we MUST battle this in every single city, every single county, every single state, every single NATION!

The fight for freedom is a worldwide effort, and WE CAN WIN!"
https://rumble.com/vkorz0-freedom-fighter-court-victory-ends-masking-shots-quarantine-in-alberta.html SEE VIDEO

"Moms Defeat the Vaccine Mafia in Iowa– Interview"

"Two “mama bears” from Iowa combined forces to stand against the negative effects of these restrictions on their children. Congratulations, Kimberly Reicks and Emily Peterson, for getting the “Students First Act” passed! The state of Iowa, thanks to these two moms, has now taken a stand to protect the rights of all Iowans. Watch our interview of how these mom’s battled, below."


Angus Files

RFK meant to say

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

"unvaccinated, versus the vaccinated. " simple isn't it, JFK to collect the data though.

Thanks Cathy great article.

Pharma For Prison



These people are standing up in Michigan...

MSU Student Who Started Petition Against Mandated COVID Vaccines Delivers Powerful Speech To Over 1,000 At Huge Rally In Lansing, MI

"On Friday afternoon, Stand Up Michigan hosted a “Protest Against Mandated Vaccines” rally in Lansing, MI, on the steps of the State Capitol. Over 1,000 people showed up to show their support for frontline workers, students, and hard-working Michigan residents whose employers or school administrators are demanding they received COVID vaccinations as a requirement of employment or to receive higher education."

Be sure to scroll down to the link to the rally speeches. Very encouraging. Good information from their lawyer.


Anita Donnelly,
Beautifully put. Thank you.
Also, has anyone noticed what appears to be almost pride in which hospitals announce how many unvaccinated have died in their care?
No one is talking about sending military hospitals to provide support in areas with more people in hospital, as Trump chose to when New York had it's surge, despite it being a mainly democratic city, and Trump of course being a Republican. Biden is not talking about providing medical support to Florida, or working on treatments to prevent deaths.. No one is talking about investing some of the billions spent on vaccines in actually finding treatments that work.
Some nurses on twitter, are proudly discussing how they would like to ensure the unvaccinated get second class care or no medical care at all. I assume that the monoclonal antibodies, that came from the donated blood of infected and hence mostly unvaccinated folk, should according to these nurses, never be given to the same group of people who provided them?
I am sure there are many overworked medical professionals fighting hard to save every life. But why isn't the lack of effective treatments national news, being discussed every day?
Why aren't some of the billions spent on vaccine pushes being used to pay staff better, hire more staff to give better staffing levels, and provide more support so staff don't burn out? And why, in a massive shortage of nursing staff, are we now forcing a medical injection they don't want, via mandates, on people who were willing to risk their lives for all of us, by caring for patients when there were no vaccines to be had, or forcing them to leave their jobs? If we were fine with them risking their lives in that way back then, surely the least we can do is respect their rights to make choices about what they inject in their own bodies now? They , more than anyone have seen both covid , and vaccine injuries, many have likely have already had covid, and surely they are in a better position than random politicians to make an informed choice about what risks they choose.


1 in 27,000 of the vaccinated will get reinfected with covid.
According to the CDC, in which Mike Rowe quotes.

Okay lighting. There is a spring in a hollow, close to my parents' home that my mother always called a lighting hole. That is probably true cause trees grow tall there, lush and green and in among them are a lot of dead trees. That has been the way of it for the past 65 years. My colt, my foal when it grew up, we kept in that part of the pasture. It got struck by lightening and broke my heart. None of the cattle have every got hit, and they are back there, a lot too.

Dad told me that another mail man delivering mail on his horse (My Dad did too) was coming up the road during a storm to a house to seek refuge and was struck.

That is it that I know personally and really the mail man was not some one I knew personally.

But my brother-in- law was vaccinated with two shots. Right now, this minute he has covid.
My husband's brother. So put that number on top of at least five people I have heard about in the community and perhaps it is a bit higher than being struck by lightening.

CDC is a bunch of liars , so why should I believe any number coming out of this federal agency?

Anita Donnelly

Whoever offered the prayer at the Catholic Church needs to study the Catholic teaching about conscience. You are the final arbiter of conscience and you are responsible for sins you commit due to vincible ignorance. Vincible means you should have known. Like the CDC they have a moral obligation to know some get hurt by vaccines.

If I saw my daughter get harmed by vaccines I have clues I have an obligation to follow up on before giving her another vaccine because of someone else’s prayer.


"If this were a Peanuts cartoon, those people would be Lucy, pulling away the football at the last moment while a nation full of Charlie Browns land flat on their collective back, over and over and over again."
A great visual!

While for us "in the know," Mike doesn't go far enough, I think he threw out enough doubt for the targeted brainwashed audience to pique their interest. That is better than him acquiescing to their propagandist demands. That would be a real DIRTY JOB.

This Cornell Professor doesn't mince words......

"He's A Pathological Liar": Cornell Chemistry Professor Dave Collum Unloads On Dr. Fauci And Covid Hysteria

"The discussion then moves on to vaccines, where Collum is quick to point out non-sequiturs in the "official" narrative: "It's incoherent because they're saying if you get vaccinated you'll be protected and then they're saying the people who are not vaccinated are risking the other people who are vaccinated and I'm like 'which is it?'"

"To vaccinate kids is nuts," he says. "And you know what else is psychotic? The moment where it crossed the dotted line was December 2020. The vaccine had been out for a very brief period. The CDC Tweeted, I can recite it almost verbatim, although there are no studies, there's no reason pregnant women shouldn't get the vaccine."

He continued, exasperated: "You're telling these women who are told don't even drink a fucking glass of wine' to get a god damn MRNA vaccine even though there's no studies?""


If the so called Pfizer vaccine actual works, why is there a pandemic ?

What I mean is, they distributed hundreds of millions of doses of that stuff to every major city in America, injected half the population, yet the so called pandemic rages on ?

It doesn't look like 95% efficacy, it looks like a big lie. vaccinocide

Deb in Illinois

Last week my husband approached me concerned that I'm not vaxxed and I shut that down fast. I pulled up current numbers and showed him the math. He was surprised and backed down. The numbers didn't support the fear the news was spreading.

Mike's correct- freely give the data so we can make our decisions.


He should have stopped before the last paragraph.

Bob Moffit

I have great respect for Mike Rowe .. I believe him to be sincere in all he says .. that being said:

"Vaccines have saved more lives than any other advancement in the long history of medicine …."

I suspect vaccines may also have seriously harmed "more lives than any other advancement" .. last I read the Vaccine Court has awarded over 5 BILLON DOLLARS over recent decades .. to those seriously injured .. including death .. clearly indicating vaccines are responsible for "many lives harmed".

"At this point, I’m afraid the government has but one course of sensible action - get the FDA on board, stat, and then, provide an honest, daily breakdown of just how quickly the virus is spreading among the unvaccinated, versus the vaccinated." ….(unfortunately) .. Those people you refer to - elected officials, journalists, and most disturbingly, more than a few medical experts … are the same people who said, “two weeks to flatten the curve!” Those are the same people who told us that masks were “useless” before they told us they were “critical.” Those are the same people who told us that a return to normalcy would occur just as soon as “the most vulnerable” among us were vaccinated.'

Herein lies the problem .. I suspect half the country no longer has any reason to TRUST "those people" who will be "informing the people on Covid variants" .. them having already proven themselves UNRELIABLE .. from purposely over-counting and greatly exaggerating the numbers who died from Covid while at the very same time FALSLY CLAIMING EFFICIENT AND SAFE TREATMENTS .. HDQ AND IVERMECTIN … WERE DANGEROUS AND HARMFUL.

Not to mention the same untrustworthy people insisted Covid was not MAN-MADE IN WHUHAN CHINA .. the result of "gain of function" research that had been banned in US but none-the-less was funded by United States.

As the man once infamously said .. "The most dangerous ten words are .. I'm from the government and I am here to help you". Words that may soon appear at your front door offering you required covid vaccines.


Nicely done.

By contrast, our (Catholic) church literally prayed during the General Intercessions last night "That everyone who has been offered the gift of the COVID vaccine will accept it." I wouldn't take theological advice from my doctor, so I'm not sure why I'd want to take medical advice from my priest.

Data, transparency, freedom to choose... We shouldn't have to plead for these things.

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