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Long Shifts No Sympathy

2036056D-B175-4B4C-9BBD-0E4217E797ABGive me some credit. I tried to stay civil after reading this Tweet on our Age of Autism Twitter feed yesterday.

"A 15 our overnight shift. The worst pandemic of our lifetime...."   Dr.Ama.

15 hours a day is like a part time job to most of us, right?  How many pediatricians have kicked out our kids? How many have disparaged, disbelieved our reports of what is or was happening with our children? How many pediatricians have refused to listen to us, brushed us off? And then gone home after an 8 hour shift with nurses and and administrators who manage the basics of the job, the phones, the records, the billing. With a cleaning staff that comes in late at night while we're still praying our kids might stop jumping or spinning or screaming or pacing. And with a paycheck most of us can never imagine PLUS the oohs and aahs and admiration of everyone at the cocktail party. "Oh! DOCtor Jones? Tell me more!"  My kids never had a single vision test at the pediatrician. They couldn't access the test. My kids never had a single hearing test at the pediatrician. They couldn't access the test. I was labeled a REFUSER on their paperwork.

So excuse me, Dr. Meade, if my tiny violin is out of commission for you. I wonder if she has ever heard of Dr. William Thompson from the CDC - take a look at her cover photo on Twitter. I'm sure she'd be too tired to listen to his information anyway. 15 hours. My stars and garters, what a trooper.



the other Julie

Julie, Kim did not tell Elizabeth Meale that 'she's not allowed to be tired, burned out, overwhelmed or anything else that will diminish her efforts'. She also did not 'single this doctor out'. This doctor puts herself out there as a representative of the medical profession in media. This doctor is part of the problem, pushing vaccines that, as far as I can see, cause far more problems than they prevent and have resulted in the worst pandemic of our lifetime; the autism pandemic. You ask, 'Has Dr Meade been unprofessional or uncaring to you or your daughters?' The answer to that is 'Yes' by refusing to listen to parents who have told them that their child's autism resulted from vaccinations and then refusing to become informed but blindly and steadfastly standing by the ridiculous 'Vaccines don't cause autism' rubbish. They turn a blind eye to the suffering that their profession causes and then expect sympathy for their 'heroic' work (doing their job) in the 'worst pandemic of our lifetime' (0.19% of the US population almost certainly grossly exaggerated death count at that). Kim had every right to take her tiny violin out of commission.


If the covid vaccine worked, why does Dr. Meade need to treat anyone ? She's filling up cemetaries, like all pediatricians.


I don’t understand why you were decent to her on Twitter but not in your newsletter. She’s very likely working with pediatric Covid patients. Yeah, I’m worn out 24/7 with my two autistic kids and my 89 year old frail in every way mother. But that’s MY world. I dare not tell a doctor she's not allowed to be tired, burned out, overwhelmed or anything else that will diminish her efforts. 15 hours is a long time to be front and center and care for multiple patients on multiple levels. Maybe we should encourage our care givers instead of judge or discredit. We walk in our worn shoes and know our lives are hard. They’re lives are no cakewalk during these times.

I also don’t understand why you’ve singled out this young doctor about the things past doctors have said or done to us. Do you not believe the younger docs now understand that autism is a real, growing and direly concerning reality?. Has Dr. Meade been unprofessional or uncaring to you or to your daughters? I must be missing something because unless she specifically has done something to earn your disgust and insults, I don’t understand why her tweet offends you so. And I don’t understand how it’s even remotely newsworthy.


Episode #228 (Sea of Lies) of the High-Wire is a MUST-SEE, especially the interview with Catherine Austin Fitts (start watching at 1:18 for the intro to the interview), in which she explains the Great Reset.

The biggest bombshell is where she says that vaccines are deliberately being used to shorten lives. (The average lifespan for an autistic person is supposedly only 36.)

She says 1995 was a major turning point because it was the final attempt to balance the budget. After it failed, the global bankers, who have the true power decided to take over. Isn't that also the time when USELESS vaccines like the Hep B shot became mandatory?

She says one thing we can do to fight the GR is use CASH more often. And of course, resist the Vaccine Passports.


I’m tired of the woe is me attitude of some docs nowadays. She works a 15 hour shift? So do millions of others for far less money. Someone called her a bitch? Fast food employees hear much worse for less than $8 an hour. She works on the front lines of the pandemic?
Many Americans risk life and limb to put food on the table .

Ralph Nader Wakefield

The pinto blew up and killed your best friend but if you don’t get into a pinto again I am slamming you as anti-car. No sympathy you don’t deserve it you need to shut up to protect the auto industry.
Also don’t worry you won’t get hurt because we will deny it if you do and your insurance will not cover you if you do. You will be left on the side of the road.
Don’t even ask me to study your friends accident it was a coincicence since she was going to die of a smashed brain and crushed pelvis anyhow. People fall they get smashed bodies. Even though that quack Ralph Nader proved the “safety issues” with pintos and her injuries were consistent with them.
You are an antiCar wacko and we will require you to get in a pinto again.

Angus Files

Pity some Dr never gave this autistic lad and his mother some time instead of wasting time and money on the made up COVID joke!

Plymouth killer had clashed with mother and first victim Maxine Davison over his extreme views
Jake Davison's mother is said to have sought NHS help for her son

In one comment, he wrote: "Try being an unemployed autistic poor sexually frustrated male with tons of health issues and no social circle and being stuck in government housing with my disgusting abusive mother for years on end and having missed out on so much in life and then come back and tell me if you're not negative".

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Yup! and there will be a never ending revolving door of $ick people to pay her loans and cocktail partys.

Pharma For Prison


What prompted someone to call Dr. Meade a "b*tch" ?
Is this some sort of script to promote Covid jabs?
According to her bio, she is also a "medical journalist."
She was also formerly president of Washington Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics.

Their current website lists this as a WCAAP Event:
"Increase Family Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines: Build trust with families & ensure consistent messaging
Join WCAAP members across the state for 4 weekly 30-minute sessions sharing COVID-19 vaccine communication practices and tactics...."

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