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Where Do We Go Now?

It's not About "Freedom"

Autism american flagREDCON1, America's #1 Supplement Brand, Will No Longer Support the Arnold Classic, "Screw Your Freedom"

The division continues.  Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Screw your freedom," comment about those who do not want to get a Covid vaccine has cost him a gig.  Now, he's Arnold, and surely this isn't going to hit his wallet hard. Still, it's a message. I don't know much about this supplement company.  I'm happy to take my Vit D gummies every day.

I don't know a soul who is worried about the effect of masks or the vaccines who is taking a pure "freedom" stance.  I use the quotes on purpose. This isn't a toddler's "you're not the boss of me," moment. It's not an impulsive refusal. The most hesitant? PhDs.  Hardly a group that can be disparaged as anti-science or ignorant. In terms of education levels, people with a high school education or less had the largest decrease in vaccine hesitancy during the study period, while hesitancy held constant among those with a PhD, which was the most hesitant group by May. Who's Most Likely to Refuse a COVID Vaccine? And among AofA readers? So many of us have seen the dark side of vaccination side effects, of being abandoned by medical professionals, and have had our trust shattered.  Now family, friends, employers are lining up to disparage us, take away our jobs, our basic right to earn a living, participate in society.  Our kids have already been "screwed" Arnold, we aren't thinking of our "freedom." We're thinking of how to protect our children for further harm.


REDCON1, America's #1 Supplement Brand, Will No Longer Support the Arnold Classic, "Screw Your Freedom"

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- REDCON1, the fastest-growing sports nutrition brand in the world, announced today with a heavy heart that it has discontinued all support for the Arnold Classic and the other Arnold-related events globally after Arnold Schwarzenegger's Anti-American comments.

With such prodigious influence Arnold beholds, making the public declaration, "screw your freedoms", is dangerous and anti-America. REDCON1 is a patriotic pro-freedom brand and community. We support everyone's individual freedoms.

"Arnold entered America with passion that he, too, could achieve the American dream. Of course, it wasn't easy, and he pushed through language barriers, poverty, and dramatic cultural differences. His dedication to the sport and perseverance helped him not only reach but achieve more than he ever imagined. A guy who had nothing and no advantages, who never made an excuse, and created tremendous success. He became an icon based on his work ethic, his charisma, and his grit. " Aaron Singerman, Founder.

We've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars being a top sponsor of the event, and this year the exclusive sponsor of the webcast, but we can't in good conscience continue to support & be involved with someone who has such diametrically opposed beliefs.

With that, we take a hard stance for the rights and freedoms of all Americans, regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs.

REDCON1 is rooted in the uncompromising unapologetic belief that you are entitled to your opinion and should not be insulted or persecuted for having a varying view.

We choose you and your rights over and above an organization led by Arnold, who isn't aligned with American views.

REDCON1 is a mission-based company founded on a simple principle - create the highest quality supplements for people that need to get the most out of their workout and workday. REDCON1 offers nutritional supplements and apparel that appeal to everyone from beginners to serious athletes. Its strong military branding is highlighted by more than 17,000 Tier Operators around the world, many of which are currently serving with or are retired from the United States Armed Forces. The products feature effective formulas that deliver real results, while building a brand that stands for transparency, hard-work, honesty, and integrity. Additionally, the Company has significant community engagement through REDCON1 Foundation, the primary goal of which is making a positive impact on families of the United States military heroes. For additional information, visit redcon1.com, watch the brand story, and redcon1foundation.com.


Morag Lyons

29 June 2021
New Book By Iain Davis, Pseudopandemic.

It's Not About "Freedom " Ach well then , it's about " Control Freaks! " then ,who want to try to forensically fondle every body's existance, from cradle to grave? Are we the next raw materials ? for the merchantile class to exploit and try to own?
" You will own nothing and you will be happy" World Economic Forum .
Don't let these happy-less and freedom vampires sicken yer happyness or spoil yer day ,cause they ain't spoiling ours!"

David S Weiner

@Bob Moffit

Regarding the homeless, a few possibilities come to mind, where their risk may be mitigated to some degree:

- Not many who are very elderly

- Greater exposure to outdoors supporting Vitamin D levels

- Greater exposure to germs in general supporting overall immunity.

Angus Files

"I'll Be Back" ...dont think so!

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

@ Barry Stern

"Instead of advocating mandates and loss of freedoms, Arnold and the rest of us would have been better served by his advocacy of building up our immune systems through more exercise, sunshine, and better diets"

I remain curious why our already large and ever increasing number of homeless appear unscathed by the covid pandemic .. these unfortunate souls do nothing that I can see to protect themselves as the general public has been shammed into doing .. no vaccinations, wearing face masks, social distancing, personal hygiene like hand washing .. yet I have not heard the homeless are suffering covid at a higher rate than others …. such as … seniors in nursing homes with 24-7 care?

Major city after major city has blocks upon blocks of homeless encampments .. seems like a few thousand at least …. yet …. they don't seem to be suffering more covid than say .. children wearing face masks to school?

Is it me?

Barry Stern

To put not too fine a point on it, one of the dumbest things many governors did during their lockdowns was to designate gyms as “non-essential”. Closing them for so many months drove some into bankruptcy and while others went out of business. Yet there has been little evidence that these facilities spread the Covid-19 virus, as most followed essential hygiene practices and wiped down equipment following most usages. Instead of advocating mandates and loss of freedoms, Arnold and the rest of us would have been better served by his advocacy of building up our immune systems through more exercise, sunshine, and better diets. He might have even mobilized gym owners to follow the best hygiene protocols and even have them certified as good places to go for activities that promote health, fitness and social inclusion. As they say, the best way to prevent something negative is to promote something positive. That’s the American way!


A vaccine alternative:

Ron DeSantis Continues Promoting Monoclonal Antibody Treatments As Delta Cases Surge

This is what Trump had and made available to the public under EUA. My brother-in-law had it as a high risk patient and it turned things around quickly, quite possibly saving his life. If you can't get Ivermectin, etc. , check out the availability of this in your area BEFORE you get sick.

Here's Federal info on it:

Bob Moffit

Arnold just regurgitated what Fauci has been saying .. to paraphrase … "You must consider foregoing your freedoms and get vaccinated to protect not only yourself but your family, community and country".

Arnold just put Fauci's comment more BLUNTLEY … SCREW YOUR FREEDOMS.

To bad Fauci's lucrative financial rewards for "screwing our freedoms" cannot be punished as was Arnold's.

David S Weiner

It is true that there are many excellent reasons to avoid the Covid jab beyond an insistence on bodily autonomy.

That said, ALL of the fallout that has taken place during the so-called pandemic response is ultimately a consequence of the violation of one or more of one or more of our natural rights.

So screw Arnold and anyone else who rejects a principled stand for liberty. You are enemy number one.


I can’t seem to let go of the thought that, “Screw your freedom” is also what Schwarzenegger said to the employee he knocked up.

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