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Jobs_picSafeminds starts an important conversation this week on their site. We ask: 1) Do you have home based services? 2) Can you self-hire? 3) What is your hourly rate of pay?  Safeminds posted:

  • According to a new article in the Tennessee Lookout, families who have a special needs member are having a hard time securing home-based care services. Not only is the state encountering a shortage of workers to fill these positions, but the two different agencies that provide caregivers are experiencing pay disparities. Due to these employment difficulties, the Tennessee Justice Center has filed a lawsuit against the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, alleging that the state has violated two federal acts and discriminated against people with intellectual disabilities.

Here is the article linked

By Anita Wadhwani, Tennessee Lookout

July 29, 2021

MOHAWK, Tenn. — Drama Bryant's entire life has revolved around caring for her little brother, Jay, who — at 32 years old — requires 24/7 assistance as a result of congenital conditions that leave him unable to eat, bathe, go the bathroom, speak or walk unassisted.

Jay Bryant has Down syndrome and autism, suffers seizures, severe reflux disease and eczema and lives with chronic pain. If no one is looking, he will try to eat grass, dirt, rocks or other inedible items. When he's distressed, he hits himself hard enough to leave marks.

His intellectual and physical disabilities qualify him for a program operated by the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities that is supposed to provide Jay with 337 hours of professional care each month in the home he shares with his 69-year-old mom — who herself is disabled and suffering early symptoms of dementia.
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But his family has gotten no outside help. Instead, it has fallen to Drama Bryant, 38, to step in to care for her brother, full-time, while their desperate search for caregivers continue.

Tennessee, much like the rest of the nation, has long experienced a shortage of workers willing to take the low-pay, high stress jobs that are vital to helping people with severe disabilities live with dignity in their own homes and outside of institutions. The caregiver scarcity has reached crisis proportions during the new COVID-era of labor shortages...  Read more here.



Jay would have been born in 1989- just after the roll out of the newly enlarged (more mercury) CDC recommended vaccine schedule. This was also before most of the Down's syndrome children were eliminated by testing during pregnancy and recommending abortion. I imagine they didn't get an "autism" diagnosis until much later because at that time, most doctors didn't know enough to stick the autism label on them. The poor parents were left to sort out TWO assaults on their child. No wonder the mother is in such bad shape. Unfortunately, the daughter will be slammed on both ends because eldercare homes for Alzheimer's sufferers are also getting severely short handed on workers.

Angus Files

Its as if world wide its a stitch up as I believe its the same story in every country care demand outstrips supply exacerbated with the false COVID.So people who picks up the pieces? the parents and someone once said in the Vietnam war they changed the caliber of bullet so that it wouldn't kill just maim that way it took at least 5 people out of fighting to care for the 1 badly injured. Its a war and the young couples looking forward to starting a family do not, will not see it coming until like us its too late.
Spread the word folks vaccines kill and maim it says it on the PIL.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

'Tennessee, much like the rest of the nation, has long experienced a shortage of workers willing to take the low-pay, high stress jobs that are vital to helping people with severe disabilities live with dignity in their own homes and outside of institutions"

Our country .. all 50 States .. has "long experienced" an ever increasing number of severely disabled autistic people .. indeed .. AoA has long reported the fears and anxiety of parents of autistic children requiring 24-7 daily care that soon will reach an age where the "school bus stops coming" for them .. leaving those parents without any recourse to fill the daily care required for their disabled child. And .. this "problem" is only going to get worse as an entire generation suffering 1 in every 35 children ages out of programs no longer accessible.

Yet .. the MADDNESS AND BAND CONTINUES PLAYING ON AND ON … no crisis here … just better recognition and awareness .. yada, yada, yada

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